Advanced Self Awareness Self Exploration Exercise

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

Are you serious about becoming ‘self aware’? Are you serious about ‘Self Exploration’?


A Self Awareness and Self Exploration Exercise and Advice

I’d seriously recommend that you read this entire page all the way through before reading the next one. I’d recommend that after you read this page you use the next page as an exercise and an opportunity to become aware of your inner and outer feelings, reactions and your thinking and attitude to what is presented there. I’d recommend that after you read the next page the first time that you come back every so often and read it and this page again. If you do this then you may notice how much what is presented on these pages was being translated and edited in your head by giving yourself a chance to become aware of how it’s meaning changes in subsequent readings.

If you are seriously interested in what this site is presenting then I’d recommend that you bookmark this and the next page AND make an effort to read them every so often.

Gaining Self Awareness of Subtle Energetic Influences and Distractions

I mention quite often on this site that we are all being managed and affected by subtle energetic, non physical and inconveniently non ‘observable’ crap.

Strangely enough the more you directly STATE THIS then the more subtle energetic crap actually acts to try to prevent you taking notice that this is;


With this in mind . . . The next page rather comprehensively and miserably fails to NOT STATE THIS repeatedly and directly in different ways and with many examples . . . As such; the next page will possibly be the hardest web page on the entire planet for many of you to read. In this respect, the next page offers YOU reading this the GREATEST opportunity to become aware of subtle actions being taken against yourself . . . particularly actions managing what you take in AND how you interpret or understand what you ‘actually’ do manage to take in . . .

Just so you don’t start reading the next page ‘cold’ then here is a list of ‘some’ of what you can expect while trying to read the next page as the contents are translated or mentally edited or converted into;

  • Something you’ll consider wrong, negative or bad to have you react and disappear (An example of subtle technologies in common use that do this is presented HERE).
  • Something that appears more in keeping with your beliefs particularly so you lose the opportunity to question them (An example of subtle technologies in common use that do this is described HERE).
  • Something that feeds you its own interpretative understandings rather than what is actually presented which again is about making sure you don’t question your current understandings. (An example of subtle technologies that attempts to make people believe certain ideas and understandings that is in common use can be found HERE)
  • They’ll be managing your feelings too. For example;
    • They’ll ‘adjust’ your feelings to provide you with ‘confirmation’ of any interpretations they are attempting to spoon feed you with (An example of subtle technologies in common use that do this is described HERE).
    • They’ll also do this to make you feel annoyed or angry or reactive if that will work or in some cases they’ll have you experience bad vibes to put you off and get you to ‘go away’.

How serious are YOU about becoming REALLY Self Aware?

As Kay mentions in one of the comments below . . . If you already re-read pages here then you might have already noticed that what you are being allowed to take in is actually being managed because it becomes more difficult to fool you with each reading. It is likely that each new reading of some pages will take you closer to what I’m TRYING to convey with the added bonus that you might just notice how the ‘fed’ interpretations are changing.

I am serious about advising that if you are seriously interested in what this site is presenting then you should bookmark this and the next page and read them every so often WHILE keeping in mind that you might be subjected to ‘put off’s’, ‘distractions’, ‘reactions’ and ‘mental editing or translations’ .

What are OTHERS Experiences of Trying to take in this Information?

Just to make it clear; The next page IS very probably the hardest page to read here or anywhere else. Below are some comments made about these areas and the next page in particular before I edited it to make it even more likely you’d experience what I’m stating here;

Rose; This page took me forever to read. I got confused, lost track and felt so attacked. I also feel suspiciously put off from reading any more of the articles. There is really serious resistance around this one!

Kay; I have read all of Soul-Healer multiple times now after I found what you had written was being subtly edited in my head while I was reading in order to change the emphasis.

Trish; I had a hard time when I started to read this page just now, my whole energy felt like I had become leaden, felt my energy being really pulled DOWN like suddenly I had been rained on by heavy rain. The phone then rang just as I was beginning to feel it lifting a bit . . .

Maya; I actually love this page, I found it particularly interesting and easy to read, making so much sense and unavoidable in a questioning but non threatening way. It speaks so directly to the reader’s present experience, it feels very effective to me.

Matt; You can tell how much is sabotaging this by the fact that I specifically felt that I got the most ‘perspective’ from exactly these pages (in this series) as they helped me to put together WSW more ‘subtle’ experiences with real world in-your-face experiences and I’d meant to write you just about this. But when I went to write last night I couldn’t even find this article! Somehow I was going through the site and it was like a maze, in looking for this page I ended up on a different set of articles. I think I ended up re-reading almost everything you’d written EXCEPT getting back to this. Right now things are putting me off pretty strong and jamming my thinking as well.