"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

As I have already mentioned, in sessions before this one we had already determined that Shirley has had many lives living in poverty.

Can you appreciate what this might be like?

Can you appreciate how living in permanent poverty might end up having you feel? Particularly if you are living hand to mouth day in, day out never being sure if you will even get anything to eat never mind enough?

The long term effects of having such a basic day in and day out degree of ‘insecurity’ and worry with regards basic life and ‘living’ needs means that you are likely to end up feeling fundamentally insecure, anxious, worried AND afraid. These particular feelings would accumulate and they’d particularly grow in the pit of your stomach because this is where your feelings of security and ‘wellbeing’ originate.

In enduring long term insecure circumstances, then these ‘growing’ feelings of anxiety, insecurity fear and worry would start to become debilitating.

Shirley’s current circumstances are beginning to match up with the above, and in some ways they are worse. She’s been missing payments on her mortgage AND it’s likely the mortgage company will take possession of her house at some point. In other words, living on the street in the future is a possibility particularly as we’ve already become aware of her living on the streets in previous lifetimes.

BUT why are these feelings so concentrated in her solar plexus and why does she feel such a tight knot of discomfort? What is responsible for these specific feelings?

As Shirley is and always has been spiritually ‘aware’ then in most lifetimes she has tried done self healing to help her with whatever has been happening to herself, including trying to combat the gnawing feelings of anxiety, insecurity, worry, fear and so on that reflect her circumstances.

In the lives where she’s been a witch she’s sometimes had whole ‘covens’ of friends helping her out by using healing energies and different healing techniques to try and address whatever is causing her problems.

The Healing Skills & Subtle Awareness Required to Understand How Healing Actually Works

Unfortunately as I’ve explained in many of my main article series the standard ‘sticky plaster’ grade healing efforts are all about attempting to magically disappear ‘negative, unwanted’ symptoms. As in; unwanted physical symptoms, unwanted emotional symptoms, unwanted life circumstances symptoms and or unwanted mental and behavioural symptoms are dealt with by applying a smothering, blanketing and/or counteracting layer of healing energies which are often then also sealed into place with binder energies so they will continue to exert their effects for as long as possible.

I have made an effort to explain that healing energies are entirely ARTIFICIAL and even worse they can be used to MAKE YOU FEEL ANYTHING. For an example of this read this page here: (Healing Energies Used for Negative Dark Ends).

The same ‘advanced’ techniques are visibly, physically used to counteract undesirable physical ‘problems’ such as BODY ODOUR. People counteract and negate these unwanted ‘smells’ by covering them up with artificial nicer ones. Strangely, the cause of the body smells is still there they are just covered and artificially disguised by something else. Interestingly various deodorants (quick fix cover ups) have been linked to various health problems, even more interesting is that even though this link with health problems is known people prefer to not think about these sorts of things AND just keep using what are known to cause health problems. Healers and alternate therapists on the other hand consider themselves aware and informed. In which case I’m sure that they’ll all have been taking serious notice of all that I write on all of my pages here . . .

For articles and research on relevant to what I describe above then try these below:

1. This article here writes of the research done on common household ‘smelly’ products AND there possible ‘unhealthy’ properties.

2. And here is an article specifically on deodorant’s and how they bind to the person being sprayed AND how they are linked to some slightly negative effects (like death) and how these potential negative effects are visibly described (in microscopic sized writing) on the product.

So, all the reiki healings and EVERYTHING else is 99.999% of the time about channelling quick fix, deodorant grade healing energies all designed to work in the same way as modern advanced deodorant. They work to counteract and negate unwanted negative effects which is why Shirley is now burdened with layer upon layer of negating and likely ‘soothing’ deodorant grade healing energies, all held in place with sticky, binding, containing layers, protecting barriers and energetic seals.

How Healing Abilities & Subtle Awareness Skills Help you Understand Healing Solutions

It is these types of healing solutions being done for many years AND over many lifetimes which result in the healing recipient accumulating literally 1000’s of sealed off contained layers each keeping in place ‘state of the art’ deodorant and sticky plaster grade healing energies.

Unfortunately, healers are oblivious to the fact that each applied healing and the accompanying seals and containments used to keep the energies ‘fixed’ actually negatively impacts their clients subtle energy body (in pretty much the same way that modern ‘advanced’ deodorants do).

Each applied subtle energy healing salve layer makes it very slightly more difficult for the persons subtle energy body and energy field to function normally. Imagine putting a herbal mixture salve on a bandage and then wrapping the bandage around someone’s stomach. Then imagine you’re made to forget about the bandage (it’s mysteriously invisible) AND so in the future you apply yet another bandage with the same or a similar healing salve mixture over the first one. How many of these bandages would it take before the multiple layers of bandages around the stomach areas start to cause problems THEMSELVES?

How long?

How long do you think it might take a healer types (that already consider themselves more ‘aware’ than other folk) to realize that each healing received by a client has them applying another ball of ‘salve’ healing energy which is kept in place by ‘sticky, binding, containing energies’?

How long?

How long do you think it will take imagined ‘aware’ people to figure out that this is ACTUALLY what they are doing?

The greater the number of these types of HEALINGS anyone is gifted with the worse the SECONDARY SYMPTOMS of these accumulating HEALING SOLUTION BINDINGS become. In Shirley’s case these symptoms include: tightness, cramps, constrictions and pain.

How Hidden Past Healing Solutions Cause Future Healing Problems

So, the reason why it’s taken us 3 hours to get this far is that the spiritual hierarchy, the peddlers and purveyors of deodorant grade healing energies whom are managing and directing all the ‘unconscious’ healing going on here unsurprisingly don’t want anyone to find out about what I’ve just described in detail above.

Shirley’s solar plexus is presenting the symptoms of tightness, cramps, constrictions and pain because her energy body has been overburdened by AMAZINGLY INCOMPETENT sticky plaster grade healing solutions that have been unconsciously applied lifetime after lifetime.

Shirley’s solar plexus area has over many lifetimes been gifted with a total of about 3000 containments, protecting and sealing subtle bandages trying to keep in place the deodorant grade counteracting soothing, negating salving energies. All applied by those that consider themselves spiritually ‘aware’ likely over 1000’s of lifetimes.

This build up of deodorant grade healing solutions is such an embarrassment that the spiritual hierarchy healing administration long con artists are having to make more and more effort to persuade healers and subtle therapists to not ACTIVATE their natural subtle perceptual abilities else they might ‘shockingly’ actually find out for themselves as to what is REALLY responsible for many peoples health issues and negativity because for 10’s of thousands of years now everyone has been using STATE OF THE ART deodorant grade healing combined with sticky plaster binders in attempts to ‘counteract’ peoples debilitating issues.

So, the reason as to why 99.999% of healing issues are automatically blocked from even being properly investigated is to prevent anyone from becoming aware of the already applied sticky plaster grade healing solutions that have been accumulating for 10,000’s of years and which in many cases ARE NOW THEMSELVES CAUSING NEGATIVE ISSUES.

This is why, rather than do something sensible and train and facilitate all healers to become perceptually COMPETENT and to have them check to see if there is anything ‘subtle and invisible’ contributing to healing issues AND to have them all look for HIDDEN SUBTLE ‘SHIT’, we are all actually determinedly BLOCKED (again by subtle and invisible means) so that we all remain as blissfully unaware as possible of what is actually going on.

On the other hand, ‘IF’ you give the spiritual hierarchy ‘the finger’ and determinedly FORCE your way through all of their misdirections, diversions and blocking strategies AND you’ve also spent the previous 15 years learning to engage with and to develop and refine your own subtle perceptual abilities then it’s amazing what healing ‘horrors’ you are gifted with becoming aware of?

How to be a Competent Expert Healer and How to Resolve Healing Issues Correctly

So, what I am actually doing in this and ALL OF MY HEALING SESSIONS is that I’m not doing ANYTHING AT ALL ‘TO’ my clients energy body or energy field.

What I have been LEARNING to do in the 3 years before this healing session is of how to become aware of and then find means to UNDO previous healing efforts. In then becoming competent and successful at doing this then I’m then trying to identify what was hidden underneath all of this ‘healing’ shit that turns out to be responsible for the original issues that had healers applying deodorant grade healing solutions in the first place. I’m then figuring out and gradually learning how to deal with and get rid of all of the original underlying hidden subtle ‘shit’ that is all STILL THERE.

I am in fact NOT DOING anything at all to any clients energy body or energy field.

What I am doing in these healing sessions is decontaminating a perfectly good subtle energetic body of all of the deodorant grade healing ‘shit’ that has been building up over 1000’s of years after which I am then decontaminating it of very, very well hidden ‘negative’ subtle shit that is ALWAYS buried underneath all of the layers of deodorant grade healing solutions which turns out to ALWAYS be responsible for why people experienced having debilitating issues in the first place.

You could say that in the couple of years before this session I’ve begun to figure out what is hiding behind all the sticky plaster spiritual and healing solutions AND I’ve begun to start to identify all the original subtle ‘shit’ that caused the original negative issues and ‘healing’ problems in the first place.

How Undoing Past Healing Efforts Allows you to Resolve Clients Negative Issues Correctly

UNFORTUNATELY as you’ll become aware if you can stomach reading these healing session example pages then 99.999% of the effort required to heal people PROPERLY:


. . . goes into spending time out maneuvering self labelled ‘spiritual and divine’ long con artists before you can even become aware of the deodorant grade healing ‘shit’ that’s accumulated over 1000’s of years BEFORE you can clear this which you need to do before you can get access to the subtle shit underneath ALL OF THIS which is what was responsible for the original negative issues in the first place.

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