Conscious Subtle Body, Soul Fragments Described In Detail

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"Soul Fragments, Missing & Lost Soul Pieces. Examples; Stolen, Unwanted, Donated, Used in Spells & Vows, for Voodoo, + to Help others +more. Energy Body Depletion Causes, SF Recovery Advice, Difficulties Discussed of; Finding, Cleansing & Integrating these."

What I’m calling Conscious Soul Fragments are ‘substantial’ parts of our energy body that have become estranged from ourselves and now exist separately.

They are large enough that they are in their own right more or less ‘conscious’ and can have a self motivated existence in some form.

Energetic Body Depletion from loss of Conscious Soul Fragments

So, these soul fragments are parts of our energetic body that represent in proportion to a healthy (none depleted) energetic body anything from 0.01% of your energy field up to as much as 10% (which is a staggering loss). As these can hold important energy body functions as well as mental and awareness attributes then understanding these and recovering them can be quite important AND can make quite a difference.

The pages in this section cover various aspects of these conscious soul fragments in detail, including;

How these Soul Fragment types are Created by Ourselves

I describe how we make these ourselves when we have parts of ourselves that we don’t like OR have parts of ourselves that are debilitating us through our responses to extreme circumstances or trauma

Example of Finding and Recovering Soul Fragments

I encountered a couple of dozen or so of these types back within 2-3 years of my spiritual awakening phase which I dealt with as they turned up. The following pages give detailed examples both of dealing with my own and my clients soul fragment issues which will give you some idea of how to approach dealing with your own as well as of understanding how to recover these in more detail. I’ve examples relating to various issues, including extreme negative reactions to others, hating yourself, getting rid of ‘bad’ mental attitudes, a page on loss of sexuality and more.

How you can give Soul Parts or Pieces of yourself to others

You can also lose such energetic body material by giving it to others through willed effort or conscious intent particularly through caring or loving someone close to you. These energies are also sometimes exchanged when vows and pacts are made and spells (if you make them) can at times contain your own energetic material particularly for the more powerful ones.

Details and an Example of having Energetic Material Stolen by Others

In very rare cases others may steal significant parts of your energy body for their own use. I give some details of these and a detailed example from my own experience.

Advice on Recovering & Retrieving Conscious Soul Fragments

There is also a page giving advice on trying to recover both those that that you got rid of from yourself as well as of those that others stole or took from yourself.