Extensive Evidence our World is a Simulation Designed In a VR on a 3D Wireframe Grid/Backdrop

The Earth as a Pre-Defined, Artificial Duplicate ‘World’ with ALL Surface Features Positioned relative to various 3D Wireframe Wraparound Backdrops

“This page presents extensive evidence from many, many different as well as highly predictable (i.e. ‘stupidly obvious’ angles) that the earth and all features of the earth have been entirely pre-defined/designed on/within a computer/VR system!! That its base geological foundation structure was pre-defined and in fact laid out over a very specific grid made up of a combination of base 3D geometric shapes, that the location of most if not all populated areas on its surface and at least the main features/structures of these have been very precisely positioned relative to detectable and precisely mapped 3D grids/lattices/positioning frameworks, inclusive of the position, layout and design of cities as well as the exact positioning, proportions and dimensions of individual buildings & monuments inclusive of some very exacting distances/ratio’s between them!!!”

‘WARNING’ this single page is 32+ pages of A4 in length, hence unlike elsewhere this is also both EVIDENCE based as well as COMPREHENSIVE!!!

Let’s start with some ‘EASY’ very important SIMULATION ARGUMENT related/associated ‘FACTS’ . . .

  1. EASILY VERIFIED/OBVIOUS: FACT 1: The absolute most common ‘simulation’ we ourselves build are designed to accurately emulate a DUPLICATE of ‘something’ i.e. most simulations are designed to accurately emulate a duplicated copy of ‘something’ . . .
  2. READILY ‘OBSERVED’/EASILY VERIFIED: FACT 2: You won’t find the above fact mentioned on any simulation argument/matrix focused web page, nor will you find any ‘actual’ coherent/realistic discussion of the possibilities of ourselves actually being duplicates of another population . . . perhaps living on a duplicated world . . . (except mine)
  3. READILY VERIFIABLE: THE IMPOSSIBLE TO THINK OF MISSING ‘BASIC’ FACTS PHENOMENON: FACT 3: A pre-defined fake, software defined ‘DESIGNED’ reality that ‘coincidentally’ would be MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE and hence coincidentally then has the ‘MOTIVE’ as well as the SOFTWARE MEANS’ to ‘MOMENT BY MOMENT’ directly monitor as well as then manipulate/manage all ‘residents’ within it’s duplicated population project, perhaps specifically with regards their ability to think about and or figure out anything that may be ‘WORRYING’ . . . TO ITSELF . . . such as the possibility of themselves living with a duplicated reality such that each of them in being duplicates of the people from a population that designed what they currently living within would include there being people within their own population whom helped design what you are living within now . . . people whom perhaps ‘could’ with some effort actually be identified (yea I already did that 5/6 years ago) . . .

Earth as a Pre-Defined, Duplicated/Copied ‘System/Simulation’ Representing Another Population Living Elsewhere . . .

I’ve given extensive ‘accumulative’ evidence on many previous pages/articles that we are each an entirely software defined duplicate of someone else from another population, such that each of us is living out an approximation of someone else’s life. As the evidence for this is extensive then it is also exceptionally likely that our planet, as in ‘earth’ will have had every single aspect of itself pre-defined in very precise/exacting detail, AND that all aspects of the ‘earth’ including it’s alleged ‘physical/historical’ origins would have been pre defined as well as designed within a very advanced computer/virtual reality system.

You might have noticed that we have ‘extensive’ speculation around ‘are we living in a ‘Matrix” and ‘the simulation argument’ such that we have millions of web pages on these, ‘HOWEVER’ as I’ve pointed out on previous pages no one is allowed to define what they are writing about, not one person writes out the defining details that are specific to a ‘Matrix’ (and or listing how a Matrix is different to a hypothetical ‘real’ reality) you also don’t even have anyone listing the ‘common/base’ simulation types. In this respect/from my perspective we have 10’s of millions of pages of undefined mindless drivel while equal ‘amazingly’ NO ONE EVEN NOTICES THAT THIS IS THE CASE EITHER!!!

Now, ‘IF’ our reality is not only a designed/fake reality but even more outrageous, it is also a ‘DUPLICATED/COPY’ of somewhere else, then AT THE VERY LEAST, this would mean that our very own planet ‘EARTH’ stands a reasonable chance of being a duplicate of another ‘world’ that’s perhaps also then within a universe that is a duplicate of another universe somewhere else too.

So, if you are designing a simulation project that includes precisely ‘simulating’ a duplicate of a pre-existing world and it’s local solar system then this would ‘obviously’ involve every single facet/aspect of the original ‘Earth/Planet/World’ being examined as part of then being duplicated in all details. A DUPLICATED world and solar system would automatically involve having all aspects of these being duplicated likely in VERY, VERY ‘EXACTING’ DETAIL . . .

In which case, can you have a ‘think’ about what would be involved in terms of the ‘approximate’ original circumstances with respect to the type of work, the organisations, the working conditions and environment plus the systems/technologies that would absolutely be employed/required to accommodate defining, putting together and then exhaustively testing the duplicate version (likely through different historical time periods too) of an already pre-existing world?

Let me help by laying out what would ‘likely’ be involved . . . in ‘DETAIL’ . . . .

A Duplicated EARTH would have ALL Aspects of itself Pre-Defined & Exhaustively Tested within a VR Network/System

Basically, all of those that contributed to the design of any facet of the duplicated ‘earth as a simulation’ (the ‘EAAS’ system) would each be interfaced into a giant multi representational EAAS VR system to achieve this!!! They’d be many different teams and hierarchies of directors and managers supervising and or overseeing many different individual ‘work/project’ teams, each of which would be working together on defining/getting right some specific part/aspect/angle of the entire ‘whole’ as well as of also attempting to have the entire ‘whole’ appear to be ‘WHOLE/FUNCTIONING AS A REAL REALITY.

So, if the earth/all aspects of our earth world/planet have all been entirely pre-defined because it’s a duplicate of another world somewhere else, then it is highly likely/plausible that all aspects of the designed ‘earth’ would have been worked on by many, many hierarchies of designers/supervisors/managers/directors all of whom would be interfaced into different aspects/sub design areas within likely multiple versions of a giant 3 dimensional ‘earth’ model, some of which would not only be of the earth as a planet/world and or presenting/representing individual facets/aspects of the earth (weather systems, the ‘water’ cycle for example, upper atmosphere phenomenon), BUT, some of these VR models/work spaces would also include the entire local solar system and beyond too (to present asteroids, emissions from other systems/stars for example).

For a copied/duplicated system with all aspects of our planet being pre-defined, it is also ‘exceptionally likely’ that all of the pre-defined ‘populated/built up’ areas of the earths surface would also be very precisely PRE-POSITIONED within one or more gently curving giant 3D lattice/grid/framework structures/design VR’s. In this respect, each of those working at any time on any aspect of the duplicated earth world/earth focused ‘model/reality’ would have access to and then spend consistent time working within to one or more 3D lattice/grid/framework structures within which they would each be represented by an avatar ‘body’ form while they helped define and or test some specific aspects of the ‘earth’ world/model (perhaps even within some pre-defined historical era/phase or time scale). While working in this way, they would very likely often be present as a floating/hovering form positioned vertically within a three dimensional latticework/framework backdrop, such that they’d be able to view anything/everything within all 360′ orientations/angles including above and below perspectives, including being able to ‘view/see’ through ‘transparent’ buildings and or into/though the ‘transparent’ ground as they each worked on the design of some specific part/aspect of the earth as a simulation project . . .

Let me Make VERY CLEAR Some Exceptionally ‘Realistic’ Possibilities Available to those Designing a FAKE reality!!!!

Can you recall FACT 3 that I presented at the very start? Did you take much notice of this and then as you’ve read the above have you yourself been able to extend your own understand/perspectives ‘BEYOND’ what I already pointed out? Or, perhaps you’ve forgotten about FACT 3 already, in which case, let me give you some more detail with respect to designing a duplicated copied WORLD & EACH INDIVIDUAL ‘PERSON’!!!!

A pre-defined duplicated reality/world inclusive of a software defined/rendered duplicated populated living on a pre-defined world is ‘coincidentally’ one that doesn’t arise as the result of the interplay of natural processes happening over vast lengths of time . . . a fake reality is one that relies on a vast amount of research and then a vast number of programmers & VR testers to spend a vast amount of time pre-defining every single last detail of every aspect of the reality being designed, including how that fake reality will be pre-defined to unfold through time and specifically as part of achieving some ‘important/EXPENSIVE’ GOAL/OUTCOME!!!

If everyone here, including ‘YOU’ reading this have all been pre-defined such we are all then ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT ON ‘SOFTWARE’ with respect to all aspects/factors of our ‘BASE’ FUNCTIONING while also having this software absolutely pre-defining all aspects of our lives (IN DETAIL) because we are each living out the life of someone else (in the original population) . . . then perhaps you should take a moment to consider the scale of opportunities in terms of yourself relying on software that pre-defines and handles, all aspects of yourself and your life INCLUDING ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR ‘THINKING & MENTAL ABILITIES’, INCLUDING THE SCALE, DEPTH & QUALITY OF YOUR ‘ATTENTION/CONCENTRATION’ AS WELL AS YOUR ABILITY TO RECALL ‘ASSOCIATED/CONNECTED & OR SUPPORTING’ INFORMATION FROM MEMORY WHICH WOULD PERHAPS ‘HELP’ MAKE MORE COHERENT/UNDERSTANDABLE WHAT YOU ARE READING . . . such that you ‘should’ then start to realise some of the CONSEQUENCES of ALL FACTORS RELATED TO EVERY FACET OF YOURSELF/THE ‘HUMAN’ FORM ‘AND’ EVERYTHING AROUND YOU/YOUR ENTIRE LOCAL ENVIRONMENT have all been pre-defined . . . ‘AND’ . . . THIS WOULD INCLUDE . . . ANY ‘PROTECT THE FAKE REALITY PROJECT’ CODING, WHICH COULD EASILY INITIATE ‘DISTRACTIONS/POOR CONCENTRATION’ ETC. ETC. DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU ARE READING . . . IT WOULD BE EASY ‘FOR EXAMPLE’ TO HAVE YOUR ‘HEAD’ ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED OF SOMETHING AMAZINGLY ‘STUPID/WRONG’ ABOUT ABSOLUTELY ‘ANYTHING’ OF WHAT I WRITE/PRESENT HERE . . . . for example,

How much (while reading up to this point) had you ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT/FIGURED OUT about the ‘REAL’ potential of yourself experiencing ‘MENTAL/THINKING’ CONTAINMENTS, CONCENTRATION & RETENTION SABOTAGES/DISTRACTIONS and ‘particularly’ when you/anyone, is SPECIFICALLY at risk of reading and then ‘thinking’ about FAKE/DESIGNED/SOFTWARE DEFINED REALITY possibilities . . . before you read the above?

If your head and thinking/assessing/evaluating/discernment abilities are all absolutely dependent on the quality and or the ‘integrity’ of the software writers/programmers contributing to defining and coding EVERYTHING . . . which COINCIDENTALLY has all been done for a very, VERY expensive project whose agenda/objectives would COINCIDENTALLY absolutely included them making EVERY POSSIBLE EFFORT to ABSOLUTELY ensure that the population in their fake reality ABSOLUTELY DON’T FIND OUT/BECOME AWARE that they are living within an entirely pre-defined duplicated ‘FAKE’ reality . . .

Beyond the above . . . ‘IF’ you were/are FREE TO FREELY THINK ABOUT ANY/ALL REALISTIC POSSIBILITIES RELATED TO WHAT I WRITE HERE then it’s very likely that you’d have already thought of the following . . . .

What might a ‘BORED’ software programmers get up to when their supervisor isn’t looking? What may a programmer with strong ‘ethics’ whom at some point realises that a duplicated version of himself will end up living within what he’s working on . . . which coincidentally would be a MASSIVE project very likely involving MILLIONS of programmers . . . any of which may at some point be tempted to code in something ‘UNTOWARD’ . . . in which case . . . how ‘STUPID’ would such a projects directors have be to NOT realise these risks . . . such that they’d then put ENORMOUS EFFORTS into the ‘MANAGING YOUR FAKE POPULATION HEADS/THINKING’ SOFTWARE . . . ‘PERSONALLY’ IF I WAS IN CHARGE OF THIS PROJECT I’D MAKE SURE (AT THE VERY LEAST) THAT THE POPULATION OF YOUR FAKE WORLD WOULD BE MADE TO WRITE MILLIONS OF WEB PAGES OF MINDLESS DRIVEL/STATIC ON ALL FAKE REALITY POSSIBILITIES . . . ‘coincidentally’ I’ve never found one of these pages mentioning any of the EXTREMELY realistic possibilities I point out on mine/anything above!!!!

So, try and remember to ‘check’ every so often as you read the below with respect to how long your head remains aware of and or ‘ALERT TO’ these head F***ing possibilities, as you attempt to read/assess/evaluate everything written below . . . ‘if’ ‘you’ and your ‘reality’ are actually ‘really’ REAL then you are unlikely to have any significant problems . . . of course ‘IF’ you were living within a real reality then what I’ve pointed out above (in it all being very likely/realistic) would have already been written about on most ‘matrix’ and ‘simulation argument’ speculation sites . . .

Having read the above, . . . then, consider . . . taking a moment or three. . . and spend some time considering the shear scale of opportunities in terms of being able to precisely pre-define/position any/all the solar system ‘objects’ as well as any/all earth surface features/landmarks/buildings locations, AND to be able to do this through time such that it’s then possible, if someone looked closely enough that they might just become aware of ‘weird/impossible’ aspects of our earth worlds features that ‘statistically’ are highly anomalous as well as unbelievably unlikely/impossible relating to basic parameters/measurements/distances/locations of the earth as well as it’s celestial neighbours too!!!

Are ‘YOU’ aware of ANY OF THESE?

If not, then let me point, just ‘some’ of these out to yourself . . .

Highly Improbable ‘Coincidences’ Relating to Dimensions, Units of Measurement and also Scale/Ratio’s of the Earth, Moon & Sun

Did you know that there are 6x6x600 nautical miles making up the meridian circumference of the Earth?

Did you know that the nautical mile was originally defined as being one arc minute of the earth surface and the metric system was originally defined by dividing the arc length from the pole to the equator into 10 million parts called metres. So one degree is 10,000,000 m / 90° = 111,111.111… m and one arc minute is 111,111.111… / 60′ = 1851.85185… m.

The nautical mile was defined as exactly 1852 m by international convention, so they rounded it up to the nearest meter 1852 rather than use 1851. This choice perhaps obfuscates two very interesting patterns.

The repeating numbers use the same digits of the Great Pyramid’s slope angle of 51.85° (51°51′) and the following: 1851.85185 yards = 5555.555 feet = 66,666.666 inches.

There is also an unusual number conversion ‘pattern’ between nautical miles and meters:

666.6 nautical miles = 1234543.2 meters
6666.6 nautical miles = 123456543.2 meters

Probably just more coincidences though eh!!!

  1. Could these ‘actually/really’ just be a coincidence?
  2. Could they have been designed in deliberately as part of some, perhaps piss-taking, hidden in plain sight ‘Symbolic’ joke? . . . or . . .
  3. Perhaps a bored or disgruntled or under paid or unacknowledged designer/software programmer ‘engineered’ these in when no one was looking?

Because if these aren’t coincidences then this means that someone has very precisely predefined the size of the earth and also then pre-defined the base unit of length/scale measurement that ‘humans’ would use so that conversions of these result in the presentation of distinct numerical patterns.

John Michell discovered that the combined Moon & Earth radii measure 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 miles. The arc length around one-quarter of the circle circumscribing the Earth and Moon is 8x9x10x11 miles, which is also curiously equal to the Earth’s diameter.

Did you know that the Sun’s mass is 333,000 times that of the Earth (NASA Sun Fact Sheet)?

Are these ‘just’ coincidences too?

Because if they are not then it appears as if the earth, sun and moon have been precisely designed to present specific patterns regarding ‘size/weight’ with respect to their relationships to each other?

I’ve noticed a propensity for science/academia to ‘roll out’ statistics as well as ‘probabilities’ as part of attempts to convince people of all sorts of ‘nonsense’, strangely you don’t see the same done for consistent as well as ‘ASTOUNDING’ anomalies/oddities!!! You don’t have anyone presenting ‘probabilities’ for the types of oddities I’ve listed above that, coincidentally are so unbelievably IMPROBABLE if anyone did actually figure them out they’d be shown to be super, SUPER anomalous!!!

Unfortunately, these types of highly improbable coincidences just go on and on as there are also many numerical ‘coincidences’ related to distances between specific ‘meaningful’ points on the earth surface.

  1. Did you know that the Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini, Nepal is 333,333 feet from the Buddha’s Cremation Stupa in Kushinagar India.
  2. The Western Wall in Jerusalem formed the foundation of Solomon’s Temple. Solomon’s Temple was 33.33° from Stonehenge.
  3. The Dome of the Rock stands on the site of Solomon’s Temple and is 3333.33 km from the centre of the symbolic Place de la Nation of Paris.
  4. In the 19th century, one of Cleopatra’s Needles was moved exactly 3333.33 km from the harbour wall in Alexandria to where it now stands in London.
  5. Likewise the Ishtar Gate of Babylon was moved 3333 km to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

For ‘rather at lot more’ of the same then check out these posts here!!

Now, seeing as there are some consistent ‘number’ patterns being presented in the above then it might be worth checking these out:

  1. Number 333 Symbolism and Meaning: Transition, Change, Travel. To awake (Physically or Spiritually).
  2. Number 666 Symbolism and Meaning: A ‘Trinity’ of 6’s is apparently Satan’s ‘Mockery’ of God’s Seal, to work with out ‘God’, SIN: Adam & Eve were created on the 6th day, Jesus suffered and died for ‘Sin’ on the 6th day
  3. Number 999 Symbolism and Meaning: A Sign to Move On, A Point of Closure, A Time to Get to Work without Procrastination

OMG!!! He’s mentioned:


. . . well . . . in a ‘real’ reality numerology would be ‘nonsense’ . . . while in a fake reality . . . ALL BETS ARE OFF . . . because you could ‘DESIGN IN’ ANY MEANINGS YOU WANT!!!

I which case in ‘arguments’ focused on the possibility of our reality being entirely software defined then it would in fact be quite ‘RATIONAL’ to discuss astounding coincidences, synchronicities, numerology, symbology etc. etc. as these could all very EASILY be designed into a software defined reality and PARTICULARLY ONE desperately trying to keep ‘REAL’ aspects of the original copied reality HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT (such as the entire subtle environment ‘for example’).

An entirely software defined human whose subconscious is then also entirely software defined could easily be designed to AUTOMATICALLY HAVE PEOPLE BE SUBCONSCIOUSLY IMPACTED by any type of ‘SYMBOLIC’ meanings that had been deliberately PRE-DESIGNED INTO THE SIMULATION by the designers as part of (for example) facilitating movement towards the simulation’s objectives (whatever they are!!!).

For a pre-defined planet/earth then the dimensions of the entire planet as well as the positioning of geological as well as its surface landscape features are unlikely to be either random nor are they likely to ‘really’ be the outcome of ‘natural’ processes happening over long periods of time either!!!

The scales/base units of measurement used by a planet’s software defined population could also ‘EASILY’ be predefined too.

In a basic/fundamental sense, your entire simulated planet/world/earth (and EVERYTHING ON THIS) is in fact exceptionally likely to have pretty much everything associated with your simulated duplicated population pre-defined and likely with a particular emphasis to serve/maximise the agendas/objectives of the simulation project itself (and do this more through all ‘human’ historical time periods) and particularly with respect to its end ‘finishing’ point/objective.

The designers will likely spend time running simulations of all aspects of the simulated ‘earth’ as part of efforts to maximise the project’s goals/objectives/worked towards outcomes which will likely result in have MANY PEOPLE WORKING ON MANY DIFFERENT ANGLES OF ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR EARTH WORLD/MODEL as an outcome of this systematic approach.

In that the above is correct, never mind realistic then you end up with some ‘extra’ problems!!!

Which is that the ‘original’ people working on your wire frame landmass/continent layout as well as country, county/state, parish model in detail including having the location of important/specific places pre-defined will then result in a significant number of people living within your duplicated simulation population ending up simulating someone whom originally worked on details of the design of different aspects of your fake earth/globe/world whom because they likely spent a long time ABSORBED/FOCUSED on ‘specific’ details of its CONSTRUCTION would then have these interests/this work very strongly impressed upon themselves such that their DUPLICATED/COPY version that is now actually living within what they helped ‘DESIGN’ is likely to find themselves having the same INTERESTS/FOCUS.

How would ‘you’ get around this problem?

In designing a system involving a duplicated copied population you are in fact very likely going to have a significant number of people living within the final simulated population that defined, constructed and or tested different combinations of the earth’s main surface features/landscapes and communities as well as likely pre-defining the locations of and perhaps the entire design of many of the structures/buildings and their layout with respect to each other. All of which would be laid out, viewed and evaluated on an ultra high resolution 3D wire frame/lattice/matrix model rendering the entire surface of the earth as a 3D viewable model form. They would likely have different people working on pre-defining the layout of land masses, continents, countries as well as cities, towns, villages as well as perhaps even pre-defining the arrangement/layout/full design details of specific buildings and particularly important ones with respect to the project’s objectives!!!!

It is even possible never mind REALISTIC (as I’ve pointed out for CROP CIRCLES and other oddities) that those that did define the positions of specific places and buildings may have got bored or again disagreed with some aspect of the project such that they deliberately ‘placed’ buildings and or combinations of buildings in spectacularly UNNATURAL WAYS (likely when viewed from above AND over large scales of distance). It would be ‘EASY’ never mind ‘POSSIBLE’ for some of those working on this project to endow certain structures, buildings and or places and or their dimensions/position/orientation and or distance from each other with some sort of numerical and or ‘symbolic’ significance. It is even possible to have very specific buildings UNCONSCIOUSLY/AUTOMATICALLY constructed to very specific mathematically revealing dimensions without the designers themselves perhaps even realising this.

Can you remember that I have already given you some ‘REAL’ examples above of EXACTLY THESE POSSIBILITIES!! The person pointing these out on that site is very likely simulating ‘someone’ that worked on pre-defining the placement of important places, building, people and or in relation to specific events as well as including numerical/symbolic associations.

If you’ve already forgotten them, then here are some more . . .

  1. The centre of the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah is 3,333,333 inches from the word Allah (in Arabic calligraphy) atop the world’s highest and largest clock tower in Mecca, steps from the Kaaba. The Kingdom Tower is also oriented so one leg points at the Kaaba and the Abraj Al-Bait Tower.
  2. The distance from the actual location where Pythia sat on the Delphic Tripod to the Sphinx of Egypt is 666 nautical miles. Note the uraeus on the Sphinx’s third eye chakra. Mark of the beast?

The original person deliberately defining the spatial position of specific/important buildings/monuments/events involving key people would likely have had access to very large scale ‘earth’ surface features model (and a list of key people as well as their estimated incarnation birth place as well as their place of death for specific lives so that they could choose/pre-define where these events would take place/happen so that they would result in very specific numerical/symbolic outcomes. Coincidentally the person finding and writing blog posts of all of these strange ‘coincidences’ is using Google Earth’s distance between two points measurement tool to find these!!!

In other words, rather then pre-defining all of these and marking them down on the 3D spatial location model/individuals event timeline he’s now doing pretty much the same in reverse compared to the person he’s simulating!!!

Now, it’s possible, that some of you reading this will figure out that you ‘would’ try and have these specific ‘dangerous’ people (if possible) working on ‘simulations’ in your simulated population to keep them occupied working on something ‘similar’ while also being CONCEPTUALLY DISTANT from their original ‘designing the earth’ experience. However, as I’ve already pointed out on earlier pages (inclusive of evidence) we are actually living within a technologically slowed down version/copy of the original population then it’s very likely that at least some of these people will be ‘obsessed’ with the layout of different scales of the earth’s features from continents right down to individual buildings before we’ve even started to build personal computers never mind ‘powerful’ ones.

Let me ‘conceptually’, walk you through some aspects of how you’d design a fake 3D world . . .

When you look at a paper or computer screen map it’s laid out/presented as if you are looking at it from above (the map is depicted as a flat surface).

Our maps are also divided up into squares of known dimensions (a kilometre or mile or multiples or divisions of these) so that you’ve some idea of the ‘scale’ of the map landscape, they also show contour lines that represent vertical height positioning.

So, if we are ‘actually’ in a duplicated copied type of simulation AND we are being managed so that people are observably (at least with respect to my own observations) as ‘THICK’ as two of the shortest planks you can possibly imagine and PARTICULARLY with respect to the most STUPIDLY OBVIOUS ‘EVIDENCE’ possibilities then you’d imagine that despite the ‘interest’ in these possibilities it’s then VERY LIKELY that no one would have thought of the technicalities of actually defining and simulating an entire ‘world/planet’!!!

Topography, is the term used for studies involving the surface shape and features of the surface of the earth as well as other planets, moons and asteroids etc. It’s used to define and describe surface shapes and features (especially their depiction on maps and or as part of 3D models).

Now as I already pointed out above, maps are two dimensional/flat representations depicting the aerial view of an area of the earth’s surface which in fact often isn’t actually ‘definitively’ flat per se nor is it ‘regularly/equally’ flat everywhere. The earth isn’t flat, it’s a sphere with an observably ‘rough/variable’ surface presenting all sorts of none flat features (mountains, valleys and houses for example).

So, the ‘squares’ of a map in being ‘exactly’ square are incorrect they ‘should be’ slightly bulbous because they are actually depicting the features of a rough 3D spherical surface onto a 2dimensional surface (your flat ‘map’ version).

Now, as our technical competence has increased and we have more and more powerful computers we have had people working on trying to construct as well as ‘model’ objects and people and or with surface features of the earth as a backdrop as part of depicting/rendering these initially as ‘static’ 3Dimensional objects and then as precisely timed 3D frames generated/rendered to depict dynamic, seamless as well as hopefully realistic views/movement through time.

Now, if we are in a ‘full’ simulation then this means that, not only are you me and ‘WE/EVERYONE’ software defined (which would likely have us being rendered onto a wire frame mesh arrangement (as depicted on the left) but this also means that the earth, continents as well as each house, village, town city, country, continent will also have been wire frame ‘mapped’ onto the surface of an ‘earth’ scale sphere (like the picture on the right above here).

This would also mean that all landmass features of all scales would be mapped onto a wire-frame grid (as illustrated on the right here)

Basically, if we are in a copied duplicated population ‘simulation’ then you can expect to have some people here presenting the earth and its features overlaid as if these are laid out/mapped out onto a wire framework or geometric grid wrapped around a sphere/the ‘world’ (as per the image on the right).

Based on our own design efforts with respect to generating ‘fake’ reality and or alternate worlds for movies and video games you would absolutely expect to have the earth’s major surface features aligned to and or positioned with respect to one or more pre-defined wire framed geometric globes. Perhaps something similar/equivalent to the example I give below here . . .

In fact, all of the designers involved in any/all facets/aspects of the design of the earth will each have their own VR spaces/systems within which they’d layout/model/wire-frame construct specific aspects of the earth world that they were specifically designing/working on. As part of this, it is also very likely that they’d have a VR space depicting the entire earth’s surface, inclusive of buildings and roads etc and particularly as they’d want them to be at specific times within its entirely predefined history.

Now, those people within the original reality perhaps working CONSISTENTLY DAY IN DAY OUT on this ‘surface skin of the planet earth world’ representation VR would then automatically/consistently see all of the grid work placements while in fact also being ORIENTATED by these within the earth model because everything presented within this earth design VR environment would be positioned with respect to a ‘fixed/global’ 3D wire-frame/grid/lattice/matrix.

In effect all combinations of all grids/lattice framework/place holders would be visually present within this VR as a PERMANENTLY VIEWED/SEEN BACKDROP, as they would all be constantly/consistently present as well as automatically seen/referred to with respect to the positioning/placement of absolutely everything on the surface of the earth during different phases of its predefined history.

Now, as the earth is actually depicting two separate ‘stratas/environments/dimensions’ (the ‘physical’ as well as the impossible to ‘physically’ observe subtle environment) then you’d expect that there’d be at least two ‘regular’ grids/lattices, one for each of these.

However, the physical frame/grid/lattice will be the one localised to the surface of the earth while the frame/grid/lattice representing the subtle here which symbolically is being represented by the natural environment as well as the ‘sky/heavens (and perhaps even the underworld’) will likely ‘project’ as if the grid/lattice is comprehensively encompassing the vertical dimension while the physical grid/lattice will be limited to two dimensions only or perhaps three BUT, with the third very much limited to the vertical space very close to the surface of the earth only.

It is also possible that large scale surface geological features/fractures will be laid out/mapped onto a third entirely separate grid/lattice to provide the base frame on which to position the land masses and or major features that are part of these.

Now, if we are all living within a fake copied, duplicated reality then anyone here that is simulating someone that spent time designing any of the base earth surface layout frameworks and or grids of any aspects of it would perhaps then end up (likely indirectly) pointing out some of the underlying wire framework/grid/lattice that all surface features are aligned/mapped onto . . .

Coincidentally in doing some searches I found consistent evidence for all of the above . . . so, let me start by pointing out what likely represents the world’s main surface/geological features ‘framework’.

Now, as the final frame/grid that appears to have been selected/used to provide the framework/grid used to layout the surface features is confusingly composed of multiple 3D geometrical shapes then I’ve also included some of the historical back story of the emergence of these.

I am also doing this because you are also UNLIKELY to be aware of some of our distant ancestors’ sophistication and particularly with respect to being aware of and or understanding some of the basic geometric concepts that would be a necessary pre-requisite for anyone to become familiar with if they wanted to be able to build decent sized ‘physical’ structures . . .

The stones depicted below are on display at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. They were made by Neolithic craftspeople.

They are hand-sized stones of such true geometric proportion and precise carving that they startle the casual viewer.

Keith Critchlow, in his book Time Stands Still, gives convincing evidence linking these leather-thonged stone models to the Neo-lithic peoples of Britain — with a conservative date of construction at least 1000 years (ca. 1400 B.C.) which would be before Plato described his five Platonic solids in the Timaeus. He concluded that their intended use was for the study, comparison, and analysis of spherically determined systems of geometry. Given the apparent use of these stones as “planning models,” and given the apparent “extra wrap” of thongs on the tetrahedron — consider the result if the Neolithic craftsman of these forms had decided to discover the ultimate in delineated spherical geometry models, a single sphere upon which would be combined all the wrappings and points of all five solids.

Plato’s description in the Timaeus of a cosmology based on the five regular volumes (tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, icosahedron, and dodecahedron) echoes Pythagorean teaching regarding the manifestation of the infinite within the finite. Plato postulates a metaphysics in which the four elements of Greek science — earth, air, fire, and water — are associated with four of the five solids.

Strangely, people ‘dowsing’ i.e. people using bits of tree as twigs to detect invisible influences have detected what they are describing as ‘earth energies’ AND in mapping these out they are finding that these straight invisible ‘energy lines’ are in fact shown to be aligned with geological as well as geographical features as well as many ancient/significant monuments.

The earth ‘grid’ (one of them) that they detected seems to be the one which is used to define the base earth’s features both above and below ground matches pretty well with combinations of the above five basic geometric shapes.

This grid was made into a folded paper construct (the Planetary Grid ‘Projection’ (on the left here)) that could be assembled to give a fair depiction of the main earth features ‘grid’.


In other words ‘sensitive’ people are finding that many main as well key features of the earth are actually aligned to a 3Dimensional geometrical / grid system.

Both ley line hunters and dowsers have also wondered/been suspicious of the persistent site line-ups of ancient megaliths and more recent sacred constructions (cathedrals, capital cities, shrines, etc.) with respect to their placement on ley lines.

The diamond-pattern line superimposed on our map (on the left here) shows a transcontinental system of energy ley lines published by Golin Bloy an experienced dowser in Europe.

Most have been confirmed by dowsing.

Unobstructed minor grid energy lines focus into a Basic Triangle corner in the British Isles (drawing on the right here), which have probably the largest clustering of megaliths in northern Europe. Stone circles are indicated by dots.


Now, the above combination of 3D geometric figures ‘framework’ when unrolled out as a flat plane results in what has been named as the ‘planetary grid system’ and is shown below.

So, the above ‘framework’ diagrams, both present the main geometric framework overlaid onto the earth’s major features in terms of landmasses and continents and particularly those that correspond to the most heavily populated areas (the landmasses of the north and south poles seem to be excluded from this framework’s scope/coverage)

However as I already pointed out above if our world was designed such that every aspect of it was entirely modelled/pre-defined on a computer then you would expect there to be at least two ‘grids/lattices/matrices’ overlaying/mapping the surface layer of the earth’s ‘skin’ as well as below and above this. The ‘grid/lattice’ representing the placement of ‘subtle’ reality/environment features should project into the upper atmosphere at least, while the ‘physical’ only ‘grid/lattice’ won’t, it’ll only encompass a 3D space close to the land surface!!!

If you are simulating someone and perhaps many people that either worked on defining/designing and or testing these type of alignment grids/matrices/latices and or worked to help define/design some of the specific topographical features/monuments/buildings the positions/orientations of which will be very specifically aligned with respect to one or more of these grids such that anyone doing this will have spent a significant amount of time as a VR avatar within a ‘no ground’ earth modelling/3D VR space consciously able to move around vertically/horizontally within one or more of the earth surface features/building ‘grids’ such that they would then BE AWARE OF THEM pretty much ALL OF THE TIME.

Perhaps in some cases (because they will likely be designing all of this as subtle beings) actually being ‘seeing/perceiving/feeling’ the grid elements as coloured/energy/light bands/resonances/frequencies (perhaps more like the picture on the right here) because they would be an integral part of the ‘orientating/placement’ layout/framework of the earth world’s ‘design’ VR space . . .

In which case, then ‘wouldn’t’ the same people now living as a COPY within the reality they were ‘designing’ have expectations of being able to detect and or ‘see’ these grids etc. here and particularly under conditions which match whatever you were doing in the original environment?

Coincidentally, geobiology was born in 1930 when new earth meridians were discovered. Ernst Hartman, was a doctor working at the Heidelberg university discovered the Hartman grid. He studied the relation between chronic diseases of his patients and the location of their beds. The results showed that most of his patients with chronic disease were sleeping above detectable by dowsing geopathic phenomenon (i.e. disease could arise from earth ‘radiation’).

The pictures below are from here and some interesting observations from a dowser accessing these can be found here.

The Hartman Grid: Discovered by the physician Ernst Hartmann in 1954. This grid is associated with the Earth’s magnetic field. The grid ‘lines’ are variable and measure between 8 and 12 inches in width approximately. These lines are spaced about 6 feet apart in the north-south direction and about 10 feet apart in the east-west direction (this results in a width-to-length ratio of 4/5), all extending to a total vertical height of 60 – 600 feet. However, these values can vary immensely depending on the specific geographical location.

The magnetic energies of these prisms alternate from positive to negative, which means that they are generally balanced and have no significant effect on people. However, when the Hartmann grid lines or their intersections cross other grids, water veins or fault lines, they can create rays that are just as harmful as the others. They usually cause nervous disorders, frequent illnesses, sleeplessness and general uneasiness.

What I find ‘seriously’ ODD is that I’ve not seen one person of the people whom are personally accessing/measuring this 3D grid/lattice (and whom then are ‘therefore’ intimately aware of it’s ‘consistent’ existence) actually ever ‘question/show suspicion’ of this as a ‘natural’ phenomenon!!!!

Just take a GOOD look at the above diagram, you’ve a regular 3D lattice/matrix seemingly wrapped around the entire surface of the earth that ‘coincidentally’ in ‘vertical/horizontal’ positioning terms just happens to encompass the very, very small area that people/us all live.

It’s not 100 or 650 or 1000 meters below or above ground level it’s consistently AT GROUND LEVEL!!!

The Curry Grid: The energetic grid is named after Dr. Manfred Curry, who was the first to discover/report it. The Curry grid is a global cubic network, but its conduits/rays run diagonally, unlike the Hartmann and Benker grids, which run horizontally around the earth.

The Curry grid flows diagonally, north-west to south-east and south-west to north-east. The distance between two main lines is between 14 and 22 meters, and their width is between 30 and 60 cm. The measured height goes up to 50 kilometers. The lines have a polarity and the crossings between two lines of the same polarity are harmful for living beings.

One document I read described that ‘approximately’ every 100th curry line, the line is stronger/reinforced, it is more substantial than the rest and seem to transmit ‘heavier loads’. At approximately every 100th of these stronger/reinforced ‘road way’ lines main there is an even stronger ‘conduit/transmission’. It was described as going from a footpath to a minor road to a freeway.

It is influenced greatly by the phases of the moon and emits much more radiation at night than during the day, especially when the moon is full. Sleep disorders are attributed to this grid, especially at full moon and sensitive people sometimes find the radiation of this grid particularly troublesome. The intersections of the Curry grid with other grids generate the highest levels of radiation and can cause regular health problems such as migraines, headaches and tooth and jaw pain.

Now, I also read, that people who are clairvoyant are more able to directly/personally ‘see/perceive’ Hartmann Grid lines, but not Curry Grid Lines. I have also read that this is likely due to the Curry Grid’s being identified as being located in the etheric plane (a level more likely associated with the subtle dimension/environment of the original reality we are simulating), while the Hartmann Grid is associated with the astral plane (a level more associated with the physical) which most clairvoyants access. In other words, the ‘Curry’ grid appears to handle/be associated with ‘subtle environment’ phenomenon and hence would have more symbolic connection to nature places, the sky and more so the ‘heavens’ hence its effects have been noted to vary/change with the phases of the moon!!!

The diagram below (which is from here) is of the Curry and Hartman grids overlaid . . .

So, it appears as if the Curry and Hartmann lattices align/inter mesh with each other at least in places within the vertical space where they both simultaneously co-exist!!!

It’s a testament to the success of the ‘corner’ of a postage stamp scale of academic/science education that has resulted in the proliferation of pseudo experts, i.e. experts of ‘Sweet FA’ coupled with the extreme encrypted ‘knowledge’ compartmentalisation adopted by the same such that not one person manages to ‘equate/correlate’ this phenomena with a computer generated VR design space lattice framework/overlay/placeholder!!!!

Benker grid: Was discovered in 1953 by Anton Benker whom was a master carpenter (which coincidentally means that he made exceptionally DIMENSIONALLY PRECISE physical structures from bits of trees (which you may remember actually ‘REPRESENT’ aspects of the subtle environment directly associated with subtle ‘knowledge’ related to the physical i.e. ‘EARTH’).

The Benker grid (unlike the Hartmann grid), is symmetrical (it’s composed of cubes) with a length and breadth measurement of 10 meters (it is also referred to as the 10 Meter System and also the Benker Cubical System).

Each cube is electrically charged and the polarity changes from one cube to the next. A positively charged cube should support and encourage life processes, but it can have the opposite effect if exposure is excessive (they can cause over stimulation, inflammation, nervousness and general restlessness). Similarly, negatively charged cubes usually have a calming effect but can also extract energy from the body if exposure becomes excessive and have a weakening effect, including lowering our immune system’s defences against illness. Lengthy stays near Benker lines or shorter stays at points where grid lines cross faults or water veins and other grids, can result in its interference becoming noticeable, especially when the intersections of more than one grid coincide.

Electromagnetic influences (electro smog) distort and amplify the intensity and spread of the Benker grid. This can, in turn, create areas of ‘irritation’ that are extremely threatening to our health.

Evidence of the Original Designer/Director of the Various Wire Frame Earth ‘Grid’ Networks

Now, in that I’ve already presented page after page of evidence showing that many of the designers/followers of the Earth As A Simulation EAAS project are actually present as COPIES of the original designers, whom now as copies are living within the project that the person they are simulating helped ‘create’. The original designers are easily identified as the ‘newage’ group/collective despite that the abundance of archaic terms that they use are hard to correlate with anything sensible/’earthly’.

They are in contact with ‘alleged’ ascended masters as well as an assortment of higher allegedly ‘wise’ beings whom are all supportive of the ‘earth’ plan. These alleged ascended masters as well as alleged ‘higher’ beings can be thought of as managers and or directors of the original EAAS project, whom would likely have sent directives/work instructions to their ‘workers’ DIRECTLY via neural implants . . . which in our own ‘observably’ as being neural implant ‘free’ earth culture this type of communication within new age circles is called ‘channelling!!!

Here is an example of some ‘newage’ channelling (taken from here) . . . .

“I am KRYON of “magnetic service”, I have created the magnetic grid system of your planet. I come to you from Beyond the Veil, I am Your Link with the Universe”

So, we’ve messages from an invisible being/form basically stating that it conceived of/designed/implemented the earths magnetic GRID system (which is essentially also invisible) . . . below I’m going to present ‘parts’ of what is presented on that page . . .

Have you noticed that I mention ‘regularly’ on my pages that we are ALL BEING AGGRESSIVELY MANAGED so that the vast majority of people cannot take in certain information, cannot ‘process or evaluate it FOR WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS/MEANS’ i.e. your ability to think about very specific types of information is deliberately made to be VERY LIMITED . . . strangely the below is also taken from that page . . .

“You as humans have implants that will never let you understand this side of the veil on a reasoning level.”

Which essentially means that you are very much being kept IN THE DARK about ‘The Earth/the Earth Plan’ which specifically means that we are specifically not allowed to know any actual details of it/what it’s ‘REAL’ aims are!!!!

Basically, this specific new age channelling makes it quite clear that earth was ‘DESIGNED’ and it was specifically designed as part of a project that is DELIBERATELY NOT BEING REVEALED TO THE EARTH RESIDENTS, and that the ‘don’t allow them to find out directive’ was so important that invisible implants have been designed into humans to make it as difficult as possible for them to become aware of ANY OF THE ‘REAL’ PLAN!!!

In myself not being DEAD IN THE WATER in terms of deeply investigating the ‘lightwork & newage’ angle while also being exceptionally competent in accessing the subtle environment and our subtle forms ‘body’ within that environment, then I eventually (after pushing against unbelievably resistance/concerted actions taken against me by the alleged ascended master/monsters and their side kicks) I eventually became aware of a whole collection of implants that were very specific to newage/lightworkers as well as anyone ‘spiritually’ orientated . . . these are all described in detail within this 24 page (80+ pages of A4) series which starts here.

Are you aware that within the original MV within which our fake ‘EARTH’ reality was conceived of and designed, the PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED DESIGN/PLAN’ OF THE ‘EARTH AS A SIMULATION’ PROJECT TO THE ORIGINAL POPULATION was to use the duplicate simulated population/the EARTH POPULATION specifically as ‘tools’ to help get their own population out of it’s increasing problems/health issues!!!!

Which perhaps explains the contents of the following quote from that page . . .

“I have told you many times that I have arrived here by design – that I was called here through the acts of 50 years of humans having changed this planet. I come to readjust your magnetic grid system for your health and enlightenment . . . for your imprint. I come to tell you that intervention is possible now (from Spirit). You may ask for implants to void your karma. You may take your power; you may become beings of light (light referring to the power of the higher self). You may change the vibration of his planet. You may go to “graduate status”, and then communicate with other dimensions. This is the purpose, and why I am here. But it all comes down to you and your higher soul-self (no matter how many support entities are around you)”.

If you are living within a copied duplicated reality then you are living out someone else’s life, which is COMPLETELY PRE-DEFINED . . . strangely we also have the following presented by ‘KRYON’!!! Which is describing exactly this . . .

“Imagine a train track that is constructed in a very large circle. There is a small train on it that represents you. It is always in motion, traveling approximately the same speed. The track is your linear time frame and the train is you, in linear time motion, always moving forward from where you were to where you will be. Since the Universe built the track, and the tracks around it of other linear time events, it knows exactly where it is going, and what events will eventually come along to break your circle. At any time we wish, we can look to the left or right, observing not only what was, but the place the train will be in the future. This is how we can be in the static “now” while you are in motion.”

It’s ‘utterly’ amazing what can be presented/written in plain site while NOT ACTUALLY BEING RECOGNISED FOR WHAT IT’S DESCRIBING . . . .


In other words, those in charge, in high positions within the original population planned for and lied to the original population . . . interestingly that page also presents the following, which gives details about of the person that ‘channelled’ this information and his ‘connections’ . . .

“Through the inspired channeling of Lee Carroll of the entity he calls Kryon, we are advised of the love and recognition felt for all of us from beyond the veil. Mr. Carroll has written a series of books compiled of his many channelings. He brings answers from Kryon to questions submitted by people from all over the world who have read his books and attended his lectures. In 1995, Mr. Carroll lectured at the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.) at the United Nations. S.E.A.T. is called a cultural society, and has been the quiet meditation arm of the United Nations for fifteen years, having its sanction secured by the UN body.”

The above would imply the Mr. Carrol here was simulating someone that was an advisor to ‘high’ up within the original population whom kept them appraised as to various facets of the progress of the Earth As A Simulation project?

AND . . . here is a paragraph from this page specifically describing the use of the magnetic ‘grid’ system in terms of it’s potential to ‘influence’ human health:

“I come to readjust your magnetic grid system for your health and enlightenment . . . for your imprint.”

. . . and below I give yet another ‘quote’ from the same page implying that these ‘magnetic’ fields/influences can and will directly or indirectly impact your healthy and particularly with respect to some already pre-defined scheme (which could easily be translated as their being a hidden agenda/plan that is specific to yourself/each person) such that we each have some specific AGENDA/GOAL pre-defined for each of ourselves that are when applied/carried out that will directly impact our health/ill health status . . .

“Magnetic fields are very significant to your biology! In addition, magnetic fields can (and do) affect your spiritual consciousness. The magnet field of your planet is necessary for your biological health, and is fine tuned to fit within your spiritual scheme”. The magnetic field of your planet was carefully placed for your health.”

Notice that the phrase I’ve underlined above very specifically avoids making it clear as to how these invisible ‘magnetic’ influences ‘COULD, WOULD OR WILL’ impact your/our health ‘status’ and particularly with respect to whether these influences are supportive of good or bad health outcomes . . .

So, it would appear as if one of the functions of the ‘original’ pre-defined/designed earth grid system which is controlled by an invisible entity called Kryon was that it was designed to directly impact human health . . . which is exceptionally interesting, in that we’ve very ‘OBVIOUS & OBSERVABLE’ massively increasing HEALTH PROBLEMS as well as more and more DIFFERENT HEALTH PROBLEMS compared to what we’ve had in the past . . . while we’ve also extensive ‘spooky’ evidence that the ‘invisible’ earth grids are absolutely NOT SUPPORTIVE OF GOOD HEALTH OUTCOMES . . .

>> AT ALL <<

Geopathology, the study of disease caused by ‘earth energies’

How ‘significant’ are ‘grid’ related ‘earth’ energies contributing to health problems (the below I’ve taken from this page here)!!!!

The first notable study was conducted by Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, a German aristocrat, in 1929. Freiherr von Pohl conducted an experiment where he dowsed a whole small town, Vilsbiburg, for Geopathic Stress. He was accompanied by a policeman to insure that he did not ask questions of the town inhabitants. The results were then taken to the town mayor who compared the results with the town doctors’ records of patients with cancer over the previous several years. The results produced a 100% correlation between cancer and Geopathic Stress. The experiment was repeated in larger and smaller towns with always the same results – 100% correlation. Naturally, those involved thought they had found a cure for cancer, but unfortunately, WW2 broke out, and the academics scattered and the knowledge was lost – for some time.

Recent Studies: A seven year study (1988-1995) in Germany conducted by Andreas Kopschina and Ursula & Wolfgang Daun, involving 8200 patients, measured the ability of patients to recover from chronic illness, regardless of the type of conventional or integrative therapy. 34% of patients were exposed to significant levels of Geopathic Stress. The study showed that until a person was taken off the Geopathic structure, their capacity to heal was greatly impaired.

There is an interesting article covering larger scale ‘radiation/geomagnetic’ angles and their effects/health impacts on humans here: Synchronization of autonomic nervous system rhythms with geomagnetic activity found in humans . . . I quote:

“The research suggests that daily autonomic nervous system activity not only responds to changes in solar and geomagnetic activity, but also synchronizes with the time-varying magnetic fields associated with geomatic field-line resonances and Schumann resonances.”

Let me make ‘some’ aspects of what I’ve pointed out above very ‘clear’.

All of these grids were set up as part of the original outlining backdrop/wire frame model used by the designers of our fake reality to pre-define the layout/features of the final ‘REAL/LIVE’ simulated version (the one we are all living within).

So, yes you would expect that these would be presented to very specific people/individuals as ‘personal to THEMSELVES ONLY’ experiences (i.e. as absolutely NOT part of consensus reality) because these particular experiences were an integral part of the experiences of the person they are simulating!!!

So, how is it that ‘someone’ can dowse the circumstances of a small town (current population of Vilsbiburg is 11,000) or dowsers can do the same seemingly ‘ANYWHERE/EVERYWHERE’ and they all find these grids with associated health problems EVERYWHERE!!!!

These specific grids/lattices/framework structures a) should not be present here as part of the ‘consensus’ reality and b) in that they are ‘NOT REAL’ because they represent guide line ‘frameworks/place holder grids/lattices’ within the original design ‘VR’ space then they certainly shouldn’t be associated with any health problems AT ALL!!!

And yet from the studies I’ve pointed out above they offer a 100% ‘spooky detection means’ correlation with respect to human health problems AND that they may be responsible for either contributing to and or preventing the resolution of about a THIRD of all health problems. Strangely I’ve never heard of any doctor offer a ‘geopathic’ stress test for anyone, never mind to do this as a matter of course perhaps just as part of REDUCING COSTS OF HEALTH SERVICES BY:


Have you?

Does it not seem that the inclusion AND association/correlation of specific NONE EXISTENT ‘VR’ ARTEFACT FEATURES with ONE THIRD OF ALL HEALTH problems (while being absolutely ignored) could be construed as being in alignment with an agenda to maximise suffering and trauma?

Because it does to me!!

Remind me again, ‘which’ religion’s ‘god’ has ‘suffering is good for you’ as a consistent ‘CATCH PHRASE’!!!???

Where is the Information on the Subtle Energetic ‘Bodies’ Wire-frame, Grid/Lattice Form?

So, in that there is a progression of the information above with respect to grids/frameworks relating to the external environment made you aware that we’ve at least three ‘grids/frameworks’ for the environment with two of these covering the easily observed surface ‘physical’ structures/landscape while the third represents the framework used to overlay aspect of the ‘subtle’ environment onto the physical which as I also pointed out above would you’d expect to span much lower as well as much higher levels!!!

In that you’ve large scale ‘frameworks’ representing the observable physical as well as the essentially invisible subtle ‘environment’ overlaid over the same ‘space’ then wouldn’t you expect that there would be at least two grids/frameworks representing our two ‘bodies’? In that we are not the human form because the human body is nothing more than a remote proxy vehicle AND if you are not being managed as you’ve read this page then at this point you should have predicted and to a certain extent be EXPECTING to have information presented representing the grid/framework/structure of the subtle body form itself!!!

Wouldn’t you!!!

Coincidentally the same people that present the ‘Kryon’ material also present information on what they describe as the ‘human energy anatomy’ system which coincidentally is also associated with the invisible, cannot be detected by science ‘chakras’ which, you may recall I’ve mentioned on other ‘evidence’ pages as being the structures representing the interfacing you’d expect to have connecting various aspects of the subtle body form to the human physical vehicle forms most closely associated counterparts . . .

Let me take this opportunity to remind you that I’m presenting information/evidence (from just ONE VERY OBVIOUS ANGLE ON THIS SPECIFIC PAGE) that we are all being ‘simulated’. In that extensive observation has forced myself to come to the conclusion that the word ‘simulation’ when on pages speculating as to ‘whether we may be in one’ seems to automatically reduce people IQ’s as well as their cognitive competence down to something approximating ‘zero’ then let me make it clear what being ‘simulated’ would ‘ACTUALLY’ mean in ‘REAL’ terms!!!!

  1. It means that each of us and our environment are entirely generated by software code/logic . . .
  2. Which means that each individual, including YOURSELF READING THIS would be entirely software defined . . .
  3. Which means that such a system will absolutely monitor all aspects of your human physical body form including it’s bodily functions/processes but also it’s precise location/position as well as the physical position/stance of EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY . . . and so on and so on . . . and it has to do this for each simulated person . . .
  4. Can you imagine the scale of data that would be involved that such as system would have to access, assess and evaluate for each interaction between yourself and anyone/everyone else that you are ‘predicted’ as interacting with in the ‘coming’ future and PARTICULARLY with respect to keeping YOURSELF and at least those you regularly INTERACT with absolutely consistent in terms of general behaviour/familiarity/closeness/scale and range or topics/your expressed attitudes/emotions etc. etc . . . ???
  5. ALL OF WHICH has to be recorded and kept track of over longer and longer historical time periods . . .

How would a Copied Duplicated Simulation Handle Data that was Essential in Pre-Defining Peoples Lives/Experience Outcomes?

In a simulation ‘EVERYTHING’ is data, which means that you must have your system set up to be as responsive as possible with respect to:

  1. The complexity of base data and the storage/easy accessibility of this data for each person . . .
  2. Coupled with a real time highly complex data handling/analysis system focused on each ‘individual’ . . .
  3. That has to analyse/define/determine in real time the quality/outcomes as well as the consistency of behaviours/responses for each human and particularly for ALL OF THEIR INTERACTIONS

With respect to what I write immediately above, it is highly likely that both data and analysis systems to keep track of relative positions of pretty much ‘EVERYTHING’ that is in close proximity to any simulated human form will be built into the base human form schematic/model/framework at the very least to provide proximity/anomaly ‘warnings’ to more remote/more larger environmental scale ‘positioning/item interaction’ systems as well as to have ‘interaction and response consistency’ data for for all of those you regularly interact with . . . keep this in mind as you read the below . . .

Below are some quotes, which, coincidentally are describing this ‘exact’ type of ‘framework/data system’ combination (which have been taken from here).

Please also note that the various pictures presented within this section are all taken from web pages that are describing this ‘energy/framework/lattice’ system . . .

“The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) is the aspect of the human energy anatomy that we are directly working with in the EMF Balancing Technique®. Just as the physical anatomy is made up of many different systems (i.e. circulatory system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, etc.), the energy anatomy too, has different systems. Most people have become familiar with the traditional view of the energy anatomy, meaning the chakras, meridians, etc.. Our knowledge of this part of ourselves dates back at least 2000 years, and it is this aspect of us that most, if not all, energetic modalities have been directly targeting and affecting up to this point in our evolution.”

The above basically describes ‘something’ as a ‘framework’ which spans and is tied into all aspects of our ‘subtle energy forms’ system which includes the interfacing into the more easily observed physical human body form. It is also described as a ‘calibration’ system which means that it’s specifically designed to ‘MONITOR’ as well as to then make ‘ADJUSTMENTS’ to various aspects of the invisible subtle/energy form!!!!

“Different areas of the UCL have different functions. Stored electromagnetically within the fibers of the UCL is a record of all that our spirit has ever experienced as well as all of our hereditary patterns. In short, it contains, everything we came into this life with as well as all those things we have experienced during this life. Aside from containing all this the lattice also holds all those things still forming in our future.”

What Would the Copied/Duplicated People That DEFINED such a SYSTEM ‘DO’ while living within what they helped to DEFINE?

Notice the use of some very specific ‘terms/words’ as well as the implications of the descriptions relating to these in the above quote!!! In particular, we are very specifically told that the universal calibration lattice (which you can think of as essentially being a place holder ‘network/framework’) very specifically holds within the fibres within itself in an ‘electromagnetic’ form the data (i.e. it’s composed of ‘things’ as charges/pulses/states which are held within and or are part of a mass of fibres/optical fibres/circuitry, which it is then directly stated holds/stores ALL OF YOUR ‘DATA’), basically the descriptions of the UCL are directly equivalent to a distributed computer system as network of circuits connected by wires/light fibres/optical fibres within which data is stored and transmitted in an electromagnetic pulse/charge form, and that this ‘circuitry’ specifically holds all of the data of yourself and specifically it’s stated to hold all of the data of YOUR SPIRIT and everything it/your spirit has ever experienced, while VERY specifically EMPHASISING THAT THIS DATA IS PARTICULARLY FOCUSED ON YOUR PAST EXPERIENCE PATTERNS, which in that it’s also making a comparison of this level of ‘data’ with respect to being/representing WAY MORE THAN YOUR CURRENT LIFE it is then of course directly implying that the ‘spirit/soul’ form exists for way longer than the temporary remote human vehicle form. I.e. you you are ‘incarnated/interfaced’ to your current body to have a ‘human’ experience!!! The descriptions are also implying that your past data is being used to ‘FORM’ i.e. to DEFINE/PRE-DEFINE YOUR FUTURE . . .

How Would the HUMAN Data Handling/Human Experience DEFINING System KEEP ‘OBSCURED’ Descriptions/Pictures About ITSELF?

Such as the sort of obvious descriptions of itself that are visibly observable/readable on the web????

The below is taken from this page here and specifically describes the attributes of the: ‘Long Informational Fibres’. Please note: the parts (in brackets) I’ve added in myself. . .

The long vertical fibres surrounding our energy anatomy are called Long Informational Fibres. The fibres behind us hold energy information relating to our history (this fits with the information above because this essentially means that these define the base characteristics of yourself and they hold a catalogue of your most consistent patterns/behaviours/characteristics), those in front hold our unique potentials (they define the scale/scope of all of your potential ‘responses’ likely based on your most recent experiences in a time sense (you’d expect this to be done within a simulation (that is defining yourself from data) so that your responses/behaviours remain consistent at least in the short/medium term)), and those on either side reflect our balancing of giving and receiving (in other words they hold the data that defines the content and quality of our current/immediate interactions with others). It is the energy (information) held within these fibres that transmits out into the universe and magnetically attracts experiences back to us that shape our reality (which essentially means that these define what we experience and the ‘quality’ of what we experience ‘as our life’ and particularly through our ‘relationships & interactions’).”

The entire paragraph above basically describes ourselves in terms of all of the ‘data’ that relates to ourselves inclusive of the ‘systems’ that are using this data and the past use of our data (our recent as well as longer term patterns/behaviors/responses/habits) to define whom we interact with and the quality of these interactions over various time scales into the future from the immediate, the short term to longer terms . . .

I should perhaps also point out that many of the images above are somewhat reminiscent of and are hence then ‘strangely equivalent to’ some of the images commonly presented as ‘representing’ the Matrix film series, which was very specifically and deliberately ‘depicting’ a fake software defined external reality by using the same type of ‘wire frame’ style computer generated images . . .

Of course in putting together an intelligent framework/system specific to keeping track of each individual and interactions between individuals and the ‘environment’ then you may also decide that it would be a good idea to ‘extend’ this ‘intelligence’ system to encompass the entire earth such that it would eventually network with all earth sub systems!!!

Can you ‘think’ of the globally common name used to describe this type of ‘earth’ system ‘intelligence’? Coincidentally some of the Kryon ‘focused’ people offer the following:

GAIA REVEALED: Renew Your Relationship With Mother Earth (44-card deck & guidebook)

One of the Kryon Family Authors, Pepper Lewis, ‘channels’ Gaia (Earth), and has been the primary voice for Mother Earth (Gaia) for over 15 years:

“Dear Friends, Family and Companions, for the last 20 years it has been my joy and privilege to share the wise and compassionate messages of our sentient planet earth with you. Because we like to name almost everything, we came to call “her” Gaia, an intimate and accessible name reminiscent of Ancient Greece and other olden times when god-like beings communed with mere mortals like you and me. And this was perfect, because more than anything, Gaia wanted us to feel connected to our life and purpose here – to the elements and kingdoms of which we are a part.”

Can you THINK of More Anomalies/Evidence that a Simulated Copied/Duplicated POPULATION would EXHIBIT?

Apart from all of the obvious pre-defined ‘designed/engineered/laid out’ solar system/planet/earth surface features ‘PROBLEMS’ as I’ve pointed out above, can you think of any other potential anomalies that would arise because you are in a simulation that in all respects is presenting everything, including yourself as a copy from somewhere these?

If we are living within a copied/duplicated population type of simulation then it is very possible that we’d end up simulating copies of these people, those that helped ‘design’ what we are in here? If so, then they would very likely use terms/descriptions to describe our reality in ways that would be suspiciously equivalent to what you’d expect if they were talking about a copied/duplicated reality and population.

I’ve a whole series on these people which can be found starting here. However, as I already pointed out page above, the specific people/population helping to design our ‘copied simulation’ reality, which would have included them rigorously/exhaustively testing different aspects of the software defined duplicated realities ‘functioning’ exclusively within an entirely VR generated workspace would then have to have these very specific ‘weird’ experiences translated into less worrying ones here, perhaps into experiences that could be readily dismissed outright as yet another variety/strain of strangely ‘common’ alleged human frailties!!!

In myself spending consistent time thinking about these ‘odd experiences’ and their potential translations then you’ll find these described in DETAIL in this series starting here, which because I ended up figuring out more and more anomalies relating to these people and their original experiences then I extended it into a third series (which you can start to read here).

In then thinking about and more and more becoming aware of the types of experiences these people would have, then I also spent some time defining some ‘exercises’ specifically designed to facilitate anyone working with these to perhaps gain better and or more direct access to the experiences of the person they are ‘simulating’ that perhaps also helped design aspects of what you/we are living within now and or whom spent consistent time within some strange VR environments either as part of their work and or for recreation!!!

It was the information and detail that accrued within comments on the first exercise page that prompted and helped me write later pages of that series as well as of helping to define other exercises to explore other EAAS (Earth As A Simulation) advanced technology experience angles more directly!!!

The earlier exercises of that series including the following:

  1. VR Experiences Investigation1: Engaging with EAAS VR Seminars, Talks, Healing, Therapy Demonstrations & Knowledge & Skills ‘Attunements/Downloads
  2. VR Experiences Investigation2: Engaging with my VR Avatars, Avatar Design, Clothes Selection & Appearance & Particularly for Different VR Environments & Activities
  3. VR Experiences Investigation3: Engaging with VR Experiences of Sharing Avatars & of Avatar Possession, Entity Attachment Experience Possibilities
  4. VR Experiences Investigation4: Engaging with Specific Details of ANY Copied People Simulation Project VR Accuracy Checking Experiences

The bottom line is that ‘you’ reading this and EVERYONE ELSE here are defined by the experiences of the person you are simulating/you are actually a copy of, hence, if you ‘consciously’ orientate to the experiences of the originating data/form of yourself (and particularly by targeting VERY SPECIFIC TYPES OF EXPERIENCES WE DON’T YET HAVE HERE) then it’s possible that you will start to become aware of some of the original/hidden experiences of these yourself.

Unfortunately, for our OBVIOUSLY fake reality, the extensive comments I got for most of these pages, very definitely revealed all sorts of very interesting things about the project (the comments on the first page are equivalent to 30 pages of A4). In fact, because of the quality and scale of detail of the comments left by those working with these exercises (describing many different aspects of the (Earth as a Simulation) project), they gave me a much better understanding of the overall original working circumstances and conditions as well as the attitudes of those in charge never mind actual ‘design’ details of some aspects of the original simulation design ‘project’ we are all currently living within now.

Now, I’ve also read a science ‘paper’ confirming that at least ‘some’ academics have managed to conceptually ‘think’ about a duplicated reality!!! Unfortunately, they then outright/automatically dismiss this possibility on the grounds that the copied/duplicated population would ending up building exactly the same thing within our simulation here, because this happening would very ‘likely’ cause problems/overload the processor.

However, as simulating COPIES OF THINGS ARE WHAT SIMULATIONS ARE MOST USED FOR then it’s SERIOUSLY UNREALISTIC TO OUTRIGHT DISMISS THIS POSSIBILITY (which seems to be what they’ve done), however, in myself spending consistent time thinking about this ‘building the same’ possibility I eventually realised that you could stop the duplicated population from yet again designing the same thing they are currently living within SIMPLY BY SLOWING DOWN TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES . . . however, if this was done, then technological advances in the duplicated simulation would then be significantly delayed, such that it is then likely that at least some people in the duplicated population will present anomalies specifically because they are simulating someone whom in the original TECHNOLOGICALLY VERY ADVANCED population actually had SOME TYPE OF NEURAL IMPLANT!!!

In other words a side effect of slowing technologies down is that you’ll have anomalies/anomalous experiences/anomalous abilities presented by specific people. So, if we are in a duplicated simulation and it has had technologies slowed down then we will have people here whom are OBSERVABLY ‘presenting’ various, likely highly anomalous ABILITIES/EXPERIENCES, specifically because they are simulating someone that had some type of ‘ADVANCED’ neural implant . . . coincidentally, I’ve a 25+ page article series ‘here‘ giving ‘EXTENSIVE’ evidence that we are simulating ‘many’ people in our own population here that are presenting themselves as having a variety of different as well as eminently ‘invisible’ neural implant types/designs!!

This page here: Do you have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia ‘Effects’ Suggestive of a Diary, Appointments & Events Scheduler Neural Implant Enhancement? for example, presents STARK evidence highly suggestive that some people have an advanced diary/appointments/scheduler implant.

However, in that series ended up presenting an ‘ABUNDANCE’ of evidence for all sorts of neural implants then I wrote pages offering exercises to help people gain more direct access to various types of neural implant including: Human Implants Exploration EXERCISES-1+2: Accessing Eyesight/Vision Enhancement, GUI, Heads Up Displays, Controls & Options.

The comments section of the above page is also ‘somewhat’ worrying with respect to anyone still clinging to the delusion that our reality is ‘REAL’ . . . IT’S NOT!!! Below are some brief extracts from some of these comments:

  1. “I start of seeing myself access a reading implant were I could translate and take in large amounts of words and instantly get there meaning just by looking at all the words in a flash.”
  2. “I felt many overlays/screens of which the ‘visual’ was just one. I also felt that each was a separate vr ‘space’ that i could interact with, jump ‘into’ and work with that and it would pilot my body with those specific ‘sense’ settings.”
  3. “I connected to a pair of sunglasses that serves as a high-tech version of a guide book. It has the following features:
    1. Interactive map — shows me the overview of a particular geographic area (city, town, theme park, etc.)
    2. Navigator — presumably for instructing users on how to arrive at a specific place from their current starting point. It includes warnings on how NOT to conduct myself in a specific area.
    3. Camera with audio-video recording capacities — take snapshots, audio, or video recordings of any scene I find interesting”
  4. “As i read your site and try to do this exercise, i get really tired very fast and want to turn away, i feel like a blanket of cords is on my body slowing pulling away all my energy to read and pay attention.”

Can you think of other problems they’d be if you are ‘REALLY’ a copied/duplicate of someone else essentially living out someone else’s pre-defined life!!!!

If you are a duplicate person living out a predefined life then what implications does this have for ‘memories’ . . .

If you are a duplicated person living out another persons life ‘fairly’ accurately then there are more potential problems and particularly with respect to ‘memories’, because you are simulating someone else and are being made to live out someone else’s life!!!!

I’ve a 4 page potential ‘memory’ problems series which can be found here: How many Different Memories of any Past Event may there be for a Simulated Copied Person?, although it also includes pages discussing ‘memory’ implant possibilities which start here: MEMORY: Eidetic & Photographic Memory Human Enhancement Implant Anomalies Discussed, within which there is yet another worrying exercise page: Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-3: Engaging with Human Sensory & Memory Implant & Enhancements Technologies, the comments of which are not only exceptionally extensive but once again includes some that are ‘troubling’ and particularly with respect to the aggressive payback because of readers wanting/attempting to do this exercise!!!

For example:

  1. “I am going to have to do this exercise again at a later time.. I can only get on your website at specific times and for short times or I get slammed really hard. While reading this I pretty much started to lose my focus, my head started to spin (still is) and its like I am unable to read it for real. Will try again soon.”
  2. “As i proceeded through the focus i am slightly light headed and my vision is ultra detailed which is how i get before any ‘interesting’ visual systems come online and start doing ‘stuff’. Generally the sim does stuff to stop me at this point. I feel more like a floating ‘head’ with a body dangling from it.”
  3. “Then I accessed a room filled with different databases of all the people I’ve ever known and met. If I meet someone who seems familiar to me, my memory implant scans the databases to see if I have really met the person before.”

If you are a duplicated person living out a duplicated and hence predefined life, such that all important events and experiences WILL ABSOLUTELY BE MADE TO HAPPEN then how can you be guided and nudged to MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS & CHOICES/BE MADE TO FOLLOW THE RIGHT ROUTE/REACH THE CORRECT OUTCOME?

Coincidentally, a lot of people describe having ‘synchronistic/coincidental’ happenings and that these are particularly associated with meeting some one ‘special’ usually your life partner!!!

I’ve a page here which discusses this and I give examples of my own experience and I offer a poll on that page too, after writing this page I then realised that for a duplicated reality it will ‘ABSOLUTELY’ guide people to experience an already PRE-DETERMINED ACCIDENT . . . which will ‘likely’ result in circumstances that could only be described as BAD LUCK/MISFORTUNE . . . while conversely massive efforts will also be made to absolutely ensure that people ABSOLUTELY AVOID HAVING AN ACCIDENT specifically because they are not pre-defined as having one as the person they are simulating didn’t experience one . . . the poll on this page here would confirm these ‘accident’ misgivings/coincidences with respect to the appropriate instances of good and bad luck these exhibit for some people . . .



  1. Hasani
    December 20, 2018 @ 7:08 pm

    Hey Clive. This is a very extensive yet mind blowing information. I love where you mentioned about the variety of grid lines which explain the variety of different reasons why we are being manipulated. I feel that the idea of someone supposedly playing the victim consciousness is all bs. We are living a predefined life even to where someone is pushed to make bad decisions and then leads to a bad outcome. I am sure you are familiar with the saying ” Everyone is responsible for themselves “. People in society are quick to cast judgment on others without consideration. Finally, every time I read your new articles, it would take me a while to understand some things to the point where I have to reread the information. This leads me to believe that I am being manipulated to not comprehend some of your information to the point where I would get board. That is the simulation for you.


    • Clive
      December 20, 2018 @ 7:28 pm

      I was beginning to think that this page must be completely invisible or endowed with super/ultra strong management Hasani, as it’s been posted for about 3 weeks now and it’s definitely a ‘spectacular/stunning/unarguable’ fake earth evidence angle . . . the better and the more comprehensive the evidence the worse the management/the less and less feedback/comments you get . . . you cannot win really!!!!


  2. Hasani
    December 20, 2018 @ 8:51 pm

    Ok. Thanks.


  3. Anne
    December 20, 2018 @ 10:10 pm

    I was wondering and how come I missed this article! And also my partner has a page of your site open everyday – We picked up on it on 17th Dec! I read another comment about anomalies regarding ancient sites being representative of civilizations who preferred incarnation. I was inspired to watch youtube videos from BrightInsight including one on the amazing measurements of the sun/moon/earth to be able to cause a total solar eclipse. My background is in architectural art-history and always been fascinated with significant number patterns programmed into buildings. I was wondering about how ‘rigged’ astrology, movement of the planets, numerology, tarot must be in order for people to believe in their life going to ‘plan’ because it says so in the stars! This fits nicely with your article above. For a long time with the spiritual group I was in, we loved hearing channelings from the Earth mother and the consciousness from the animal kingdom. I really believed it all – and I felt of low vibration because I couldn’t perceive the consciousness like others who were ‘gifted’. Then at some point, the Directors told us things were going pear shaped here and that Earth’s consciousness was shattered and was leaving the planet- that left me with a deep foreboding; feeling of not knowing what was really happening and how were we going to get out of this mess. I am still vulnerable to being suckered. Angels are so seductive because the EEAS engineered it to be so horrendous and then pretend to offer the solution – a so-called ascension ticket’ out of here.


    • Clive
      January 12, 2019 @ 3:09 pm

      Reply and ‘UPDATE’/all regulars read . . .

      Anne, yea I knew about the ‘unrealistic’ moon in being way too big compared to all other moons on the solar system while being ‘exactly’ the right size to ‘exactly’ eclipse the sun // plus things like lots of ‘main/key’ cities central layout’s are based on pentagon overlays and or are representing astrological correspondences/signs/associations with specific star systems too . . . all implying that these has been pre defined/designed in too . . .

      NEW focus added 15th Jan . . . EVERYONE ‘interested’ use the below . . . it’ll ‘help’

      Made into an automated/auto responding puppet focus . . .

      “. . . I connect to all items & components and or combinations of these that are directly or indirectly contributing to add to and or maintain and or to access any combination of linked cross referencing multidimensional tables/matrices of data and particularly any helping to link any specific types of memories/elements of memories and or traumas, hurts, pains and or dreams, day dream scenarios and or thoughts and or habitual automatic thinking/responses and or particularly to have these/anything equivalent to these used to support working myself towards ingrained/automatic habits, patterns, behaviours, decisions, responses and or reactions/actions and or to increase and or decrease my ‘sensitivity and in insensitivity’ to anything and or of having myself accumulating and or being maintained in worries, anxieties, stresses and or fears/failures and or over optimism/over blown hopes and or to promote conscious and or unconscious paralysing/disabling/cannot and or won’t/am unable do anything/frozen outcomes and or automated must do something ‘reactions/actions’ . . . and or particularly as part or working towards and or maintaining any predefined ‘optimal’ future version of myself . . . “

      UPDATE/EVERYONE ‘amazingly’ I’d completely forgotten that our EAAS MVOS was designed to have all of it’s base core functioning based on all of the new age ‘nonsense’, unfortunately all of the new age ‘nonsense’ angles we’re all deliberately thought up/used/as well as deliberately badly designed so that each would allow a vast number of backdoors into everyone and everything . . . so, in hacking getting rid of all ‘independent ‘virus’ type’ shit sets within our EAAS we’ve then been confronted with all of this baked-in newage baseline shit which is basically equivalent to a solid wall of malware within which we’ve had to deal with some of the most sophisticated shit sets we’ve encountered although as per usual what’s left of these seem to be focused on just a very small number of ‘key’ people . . . the latest/most sophisticated set yet had us going around in circles for 2 days as it was designed to be utterly transparent/be totally unresponsive to scans/focuses . . . i.e. the usual means of identifying all parts of the current shit set as part of finding/dealing with all aspects of this/it didn’t work . . . in figuring this angle out and getting my head around this then the following focus manages to ‘get it’ . . .

      “. . . I connect to myself + any/all betrayers/key people and to absolutely everything/all items/all components and or all combinations of these that have been, are now and or could in the future contribute/help to define and or generate/originate absolutely any influencing/potentially influencing items and or components and or combinations of these, such that any of the defining/initiating, intermediate and or resulting/final items/components and or combinations of these find themselves directly or indirectly and or even temporarily impervious/neutral/impassive/unresponsive and or are and or have otherwise been made as difficult and or impossible to track/detect, be registered and or noticed/identified by any scan or focus type and or other ‘shit’ detection means and particularly by absolutely any of our past, current and or predicted future scanning/focus approaches/tactics/strategies and or any of our scanning technologies and or adjusted nuances/variations of these. . . I connect to each/any/all items and components and or ALL combinations of these that have been directly or indirectly part of absolutely any specific ‘shit’ design/generation efforts specifically to become/be made to be as difficult and or impossible to track/trace the origins of and or detect/identify and or made as easy as possible to be missed and or overlooked and or otherwise NOT BE identified as or even thought about for WHAT THEY REALLY ARE AND OR FOR WHAT THEY ARE REALLY PART OF AND OR ARE WHAT THEY ARE ‘REALLY’ DESIGNED TO DO AND OR ACHIEVE ON THEIR OWN AND OR WITH OTHERS and particularly by myself and particularly no matter how I attempt to target/try and target/identify these . . . “

      Such that after Tom used the above then some of his update below will give you some idea of how sophisticated and ‘misleading’ it was designed to be BEYOND it’s ability to avoid scans/focus’s . . .

      “I have the sense of something like funnels overlaid onto other funnels which then exist in a sort of “conference of wormholes” overlaid onto another dead space etc etc, and after many more layers of all this I engage with something which feels like a spider at the centre of a web, and it feels like this is attuned to key aspects of reality sort of at the “admin level” and can make things “swing” one way or another by making adjustments to these, it’s like it can do this without any thinking / wanting, or any intent at all really, it just does it automatically without any reason. Then there’s something which feels like an orchestra integrated into the substrate which appears and disappears in different places and radiates specific resonances continuously, which can sabotage or help people in specific ways by “accidentally” setting off chains of events in local components which then lead to specific pre-defined outcomes. So this component in itself seems purposeless, but to, via some sort of “advantages / unexpected outcomes” shit, to influence other components in ways which have already been pre-defined and DO have purpose, which then leads to specific people here being given advantages or disadvantages based on whether they’re helping SNV objectives or are opposed to them.

      Then I have the impression of something which doesn’t exist at all or want anything, it’s as if every aspect of itself has been inverted, but that via a kind of “magnetism” / random chain of non-intentional symbolic association, it inverts other components too, ie new age ones which should function in therapeutic ways, but don’t. I have the sense next of components which exist in many different bits in different points in time and space, and where only some of the bits are ever existent at any one time, and it feels like these are monitoring components which in turn gather other ‘bits’ of data and transmit them back to other components, after fractionating them to avoid this being tracked. Then there’s something like a train track running behind the scenes which seems to lead in and out of nowhere / intense static, it’s as if every part of this train is attuned to nothingness / non-being so that it “runs” on nothingness and is fuelled by it and as such only really seems to have a partial existence. I have the sense of something that you can only see if you look at it sideways, sort of like the holographic pictures which change when you look at them from different angles. Then I have the sense of something like a colander which keeps appearing, but it doesn’t feel like a thing, it feels like a “no-thing”, ie that you cannot get it by targeting it, but only by not targeting it somehow – it’s like a concentrated or localised absence through which other temporary components can function out of temporary sub-realities.

      Then there’s something which feels like a coil of wire which is made out of shadow, and it feels like intent / awareness pass “through” this and can’t exist in the same space as it. There’s also something like many different lights which exist in parallel to and in the same space as darkness, paradoxically, and so they seem to cancel each other out whilst also both acting as part of distributed hyperdimensional networks of similarly unusual components. Then there’s something which feels like a hub with many roads leading out of it, and it feels like a concentrated void with many explosions / detonations existing in it continuously, as if components are being swallowed up from one moment to the next, and it appears to be generating counteracting resonances and applying these to remote components to “disguise” them, ie applying the resonance of component X being destroyed to component X as a sort of overlay, so that there is no remaining resonance left to latch onto / “register”, more just a space of nothingness. Next I become aware of something which feels like a long, barbed pole and it seems to “sweep” through spaces to test / “check” if any components respond to certain focuses / scans, and if they do, it destroys them and any components connected to them. It seems to be made up of the recorded resonances of many different focuses / scans we’ve done in the future, and to be using these to “test hack” the active shit on an ongoing basis, and also to test hack the pre-active shit behind the active shit, ie everything that’s not yet been generated or “released” but is likely to be in the near future / when the current front line shit needs to be replaced.

      Then there’s something which feels like many different hoods hung on hooks and it feels like different resonances working to adjust people’s thinking at a key moment, often just for a second or a few seconds whilst they respond to a new piece of information, eg to make them feel “This is X”, “This is Y”, “This all makes sense now / mystery solved!” I get the impression of these corresponding to “us” / the wsw teams and to specific key moments in our interactions, which this shit seems much more interested in than the rest of the time – it’s like it focuses very strongly on these, all the potentially dangerous moments, all the could-be realisations, all the potential connections between ideas and ways in which something – eg, the fantasy / story that these managing components are “spinning” – might suddenly seem to no longer make sense. I engage with a spinning wheel which seems to be generating a sort of Bayeux Tapestry with pictures of us / the wsw teams in various situations, and it feels like this represents the efforts to choreograph key moments to divert, contain or misdirect all of us and prevent us, as much as possible, from doing anything that would endanger SNV objectives.

      I have the sense of something which feels like a velvet glove with an iron hand now, and it feels like lulling people into a false sense of security by not putting someone in as much shit as it could do, or not putting specific people in shit at specific times. It feels like very precisely controlling people’s shit levels as part of spinning a fantasy / story about what is going on, and adjusting these shit levels at specific times to “support” the fantasy. I have the sense of many different aspects of people’s wellbeing being monitored and the shit working to keep people in as much shit as possible in the short and medium term whilst always having its sights set more on the long-term, ie it seems ready and willing to sacrifice short-term shit for putting people in shit in the long-term and to lose one or more battles to win the war. I have the sense of components scanning ahead along specific timelines and predicting communications between us and working to either hijack these (eg between us and the wsw teams) or set up pre-defined influences for each person so that the interactions don’t lead to any dangerous realisations / actions and allow the fantasy to continue.”

      . . . ‘so’ at the moment I’m assuming that we’re still dealing with remaining/equivalent versions of the above grade of shit . . . as we’re ‘still’ in some ‘desperately pretending to not be’ shit effects/attempted misdirections!!!


  4. Annabelle
    January 14, 2019 @ 2:49 am

    Struggling over the last month to be able to post due to a weird new type of management.
    1. Feel like I am invisible again, don’t exist, people completely forget what I say, or don’t remember me, or say I remind them of someone else, or have a twin.
    2. People don’t seem to understand how to verbally communicate with me and I am talking in circles. I have always been frustrated that there are so many languages on this earth ( what a great way to keep people controlled) and have tried to learn many of them. I simply can not learn them fluently, and when I speak in a foreign language I am told I have an “accent” Of course I will have an accent but at least I am trying.
    3. I have always had a habit of reading backwards or jumping thru books and now see a comment on a misc blog about how reading backwards helps avoid AI interference.
    4. Many new family, financial, home repair, and health scares and I feel like I am jumping thru hoops trying to get them fixed as fast as possible. And I am proud of myself when I get these problems solved. It is almost like an EAAS programmer is sitting there saying “Let’s see how fast she can find a solution to this one!”
    5. Despite the fact that the AAHS wants to monitor my reactions, I am unable to watch new TV or movies and am so frustrated by the obvious programming in all of them. Example – Return to Marwen – fantasy as an escape from the real world to help people return to the real world!
    Thanks, Clive, for the new updates.


  5. Anne
    February 4, 2019 @ 9:20 pm

    Thank you for the short focus you put at the top of your comment: very much sums up exactly how I feel and ‘stuck’. I’ve noticed myself avoiding reading it, and thinking ‘what’s point – ‘I’m that f***d up, what difference will it make’. But I’ve tried a few times and I’m finding it easier to read. In fact I’d say that reading sections of Ex 9 several times over several months, it has gotten easier/fluent over the last 3 months – an indication of the s***t cleared generally I think.

    With regards to the structural design of this planet; I have only just read an article on the flat earth theory. I haven’t read much (late to the party), but I was fascinated that older civilizations believed the earth was flat and the sky/stars were described as being part of a dome. Now if Plato was trying to give us a hint with his cave analogy, I thought it was worth looking at the website below:

    After reading that, it certainly shows how we can completely ignore the really obvious discrepancies in the heliocentric model e.g. if we are hovering stationery above the earth, why isn’t the Earth rotating really fast beneath us. mmm. So although this indicates a kind of flat earth, I haven’t seen mention of any consideration about how this place/sky is actually designed and connect it to a sim reality. I could go and look, but it was enough to realise it’s another indication of not being able to think/realise what this reality is. It’s very disconcerting and it doesn’t ‘sit’ with me to consider a flat earth instead of a globe. Then again, in a sim reality, you could conceivably give people different versions of earth and all the same controls are in place.


  6. Megan
    March 12, 2019 @ 5:13 am

    Talking about important events and experiences, I’ve mentioned in comments before that I had a past life reading done that told me that I had met Jesus Christ back before he started preaching. Well, I think I just lived through the equivalent of that in this life these past couple years (if I remember the reading correctly I am around the right age for that to happen.)

    Back in 2017 I really got into the music by violinist Lindsey Stirling, and I mean obsessively so. I mean I heard her play before and like how upbeat and happy her music was, but this time it beyond anything I experienced. I mean my happiness and energy pretty much skyrocketed overnight. Within a matter of days, I had ordered all the CDs she ever released online. My creativity had skyrocketed, and I was writing more than I even had within the last few years (heck a lot of what I was writing was based off many of the songs she composed.) This lasted for about a month or two before suddenly that sense of joy and acceptance and creativity was gone in an instant. I can only describe it as a panic attack and it was that most traumatic thing I ever experienced since I had signed up for the AAHS. I was suddenly terrified that all of the stories I had written, everything that I had based off her music, was going to get me in trouble, that I had done a bad thing, because it wasn’t really mine, they weren’t original ideas (note these stories were fanfiction and in most of them I wrote the main character playing her songs as an expression of how I felt about or interpreted her music.) I remember emotionally punishing myself severely for my creations and haven’t been able to write anything since then or listen to her music with any amount of joy that I used to (I even feel self-conscious for listening to it.) Even after that I was still obsessed with her to the point of being ridiculous because deep down I felt like she and I were friends, that we really cared for and knew one another (Hell, I spent over $2000 just for the chance to meet her.) But I still felt a great deal of terror, pain and anxiety about her (it was so bad at one point I had to go for a drive to scream and cry, saying over and over, ‘I don’t want her to hate me! I don’t want her to hate me!’) It was a couple months ago, while at work when she popped into my mind again, and I finally asked why is she so important, and the answer that popped into my mind was, ‘Lindsey Stirling is Jesus Christ.’ In that instant a lot of the shame and anxiety I felt for her went away, and it was just today that I threw every CD I had of hers away as well as deleted her music off my computer. And I feel no regret or remorse over it.


    • Clive
      March 24, 2019 @ 6:06 pm

      Yet another orchestra and hence ‘broadcasting’ reference Megan, it’s likely that Lindsey Stirling was part of the same population ‘interfacing’ efforts design team whom perhaps ‘facilitated’ communications/exchange of ideas between all of those involved . . . hence your ‘writing’ efforts during that time!!!!


  7. Alex Swanson
    February 9, 2020 @ 11:56 am

    You have accurately intuited that you are in a simulation, but you are missing the most obvious explanation.

    Your mind is using information from your senses to simulate the world around you. The limitations that you observe exist only in the mind. You are likely much greater than you can perceive.


    • Clive
      February 9, 2020 @ 2:52 pm

      Hi Alex, I suggest you read what you’ve written in your comment AND specifically for both logical fallacies and as well as base gross ‘assumptions’!!!!

      For example if you’d read enough ‘here’ on this web site you’d be aware that:

      A) I didn’t ‘intuit’ that we are in a fake reality, specifically because 1) I got access to the reality outside and then access to a version of myself (whom I am a duplicate of) such that in building up a base of information about the ‘life/experience’ of this other me ‘outside’ I found 2) it/I had been studying the design/building of what we are currently living within . . . hence then unlike literally everyone else here I’m actually providing ‘evidence’ of the base configuration of fake reality design that we are all currently living within . . .

      One of these pages of evidence is this one: Matrix Film, Plato’s Cave, Theory of Forms, Metempsychosis & Platonic Dualism Comparisons, which coincidentally goes into the senses/perceptual ‘RENDERING’ angle in great detail (unlike everywhere else) such that:

      B) Your assertion that “Your mind is using information from your senses to simulate the world around you. The limitations that you observe exist only in the mind.” is 1) not only completely utterly wrong it’s actually also ‘OBVIOUSLY’ completely wrong while 2) what you state is actually completely INVERTED.

      Specifically your senses are ‘fed’ the ‘sensory/perceptual’ details that provide you with your own personal sensory/perceptual view of reality, hence then you/me anyone can be fed personal to themselves/outside of consensus reality perceptions (as I describe on realitywalker.com) and specifically as part of giving some very specific people some very specific BUT consistent experiences related to some/many none physical/none materialistic experiences of the person that they are a duplicate of . . . unfortunately like a lot of other frail minded people here you’ve not factored in that your brain/thinking abilities are also generated by the ‘system/processor/logic’ AND are hence then entirely dependent upon the aims/objectives of the project designers that put together the system we are living within . . . which from your own obviously wrong and hence then stupid comment you can deduce includes systems designed to prevent people like yourself (and a lot of others too) from realising that you are all made to think up and also then write/rewrite what is ‘OBVIOUS’ to anyone that’s spent a bit of time ‘THINKING’ about these things as being nothing more than distracting mindless gibberish!!!!

      Hence then it’s stupidly easy for a lot of people like yourself to regurgitate some mindless as well as logically incorrect ‘catch phrase’ while not realising that this is what it is in the first place!!!!

      If you had one iota of ‘logical functioning ability’ you’d at the very least have actually described/pointed out what you describe as “limitations that you observe’ . . . because on this page I’m actually pointing out at the very start a lot of easily verifiable factual scientific information that YOU CANNOT DISPUTE!!!! For the ‘less robust of mind’ I’ve even presented some easily observed as well as easy to conceptually understand PICTURES/ILLUSTRATIONS of some aspects of what I write about/am trying to point out on this page that are ‘illustrating’ some of the built in, blatantly designed in aspects/features of our very obviously pre-defined and hence then fake reality!!!!

      I.e. these ‘facts’ are actually readily observable via anyone’s ‘eyesight’ focused senses/perceptions within the entire population (hence then they are not an artefact related to my own ‘personal’ senses/perceptions are they?) and hence then they are actually readily verifiable to EVERYONE HERE (I even give a link to the web site I got this information from too), the fact that you are obviously not able to get this is then itself evidence of how easy it’s been for the simulation system to detrimentally mess with the functioning of your head/thinking abilities to make you write this blatant as well as distracting gibberish/bullshit/nonsense!!!!


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