"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

On the previous page I wrote:

“As such it wouldn’t be outrageous to expect/imagine that ‘rational/science/crime scene grade facts/evidence’ orientated folks would be asking questions about all manner of details specifically focused around the time that the anomalous experience actually happened. You’d imagine that they’d AT THE VERY LEAST be PARTICULARLY interested in knowing/becoming aware of the last previous time that the specific Mandela Effect ‘item’ in question was ‘KNOWINGLY’ seen/heard/smelt/tasted in the form/presented as they expected it to be before it ‘changed’, wouldn’t you?”

After which I posed the question:

“What else would you imagine they’d be wanting better detail of as part of carrying out a rational/coherent never mind ‘comprehensive’ investigation?”

Well, you’d imagine that they’d be wanting in-depth details inclusive of the following:

  1. They’d want to know ‘HOW OFTEN’ that item/object/thing/person was generally encountered by yourself (i.e. the frequency of encounters/contact with this item) . . .
  2. They’d also want an estimate of the potential varying lengths of time/duration that you’d be potentially aware/conscious of the item in question (i.e. the duration of encounter/contact with this item) . . .
  3. They’d also want to know how ‘AWARE/CONSCIOUSLY/DIRECTLY ENGAGED you ‘generally’ were with the item/object/thing/person (i.e. how aware of/much notice you took of the item/how much of your attention was on the item) . . .
  4. They’d also want an estimate/idea of the very last time that this item was last seen/heard/smelt/tasted and or invoked emotions as it is EXPECTED TO BE/IS RECORDED AS ‘BEING’ (i.e. how long ago this happened/an estimate of when this item actually changed) . . .
  5. They’d then want to know/have some of the details of the actual circumstances/situation of when you first noticed that your memory of this was ‘different/faulty’ (i.e. they’d want details of the ‘factors’ associated with the ‘time/place/circumstances’ that the memory fault/memory change actually happened as these details would give them a chance to build up a profile of these factors which my over time reveal interesting/possible associations) . . .
  6. For specific items that would invoke the most multi-sensory memories as well as feelings, you’d expect EVEN MORE QUESTIONS!!!!
  7. You’d ABSOLUTELY expect that they’d want such details for any/all COMMON/REGULARLY seen/heard/smelt/tasted Mandela Effect items!!!

You would actually expect that they’d do the above specifically so that they can categorise any specific Mandela Effect item for each specific person with respect how that item would be saved/stored in memory. For example as: Episodic, Procedural, Semantic and or other memory types.

Doing this would give an indication of how the Mandela effect item was stored in ‘memory’ terms for that person, including if it’s likely to be stored in ways that are more or less permanent!!!! You’d ‘NEED’ this type of information before you’d be able to REALLY MAKE ANY TYPE OF REALISTIC/ACCURATE ASSESSMENT EVEN JUST FOR ONE SINGLE MANDELA EFFECT!!!

I’m actually staggered/amazed that in our web/internet age where we are offered plenty of means to setup online web surveys, such that it would be relatively EASY for an academic/science institute to actually DO THIS and actually gather REALISTIC DATA SPANNING ALL RELATIVE FACTORS for one or more ‘specific’ Mandela Effects rather than of the surveys that are actually available which are all focused on identifying the incidence of these types of memories only (this one here for example which asks questions related to specific ‘known’ Mandela Effect items/objects/things BUT doesn’t go into any details of any specific Mandela Effect experience itself).

It’s not a surprise to me that no one goes into any detail with respect to each individuals experience of a specific Mandela Effect (or any other anomalous experience), because, as I keep pointing out on many pages here, because we are living within a fake reality, then we are all being directly ‘managed’ to keep ourselves as disengaged as possible not only from this ‘fake reality’ possibility itself, but more so with respect ‘ALL’ of the abundance of anomalous experiences/general anomalies here that are actually ‘EVIDENCE OF IT’S FAKENESS’!!!!

Any Evidence Orientated/Fact Based Analysis of Mandela Effects would require Detailed Experience Accounts

You would also expect science/evidence focused types to PARTICULARLY want to know, the exact circumstances/conditions of when ‘someone’ first noticed that their memory of some very specific COMMONLY ENCOUNTERED/REGULARLY SEEN/HEARD/SMELT/TASTED ITEM/ITEMS had suddenly changed, such that how they remembered it, as being different compared to WHEN THEY LAST SAW IT/HOW REGULARLY THEY SAW THIS ITEM!!!

They’d specifically be very interested in these details because the Mandela Effect memory ‘anomaly’ happening, actually directly implies that the MEMORY OF THE SENSES OF (in most cases) A ‘SINGLE/SPECIFIC’ COMMONLY SEEN/HEARD/SMELT/TASTED ITEM ‘ONLY’ has ‘somehow’ become faulty and or been ‘altered’ in some way such that these specific memories (or perhaps just a sub set of their full spectrum memories) are no longer saved/registered/stored/recalled with respect to AS THEY HAD BEEN IN THE PAST.

You’d imagine that they’d also be particularly interested in such details for some very specific ‘common’ items because they have actually been around FOR MANY YEARS OR EVEN DECADES (AT LEAST FOR SOME VERY SPECIFIC MANDELA EFFECT ITEMS)!!!

You would also expect that they’d want to know details of how often this person generally ‘experienced/encountered’ the same Mandela Effect ‘item/thing’ over various time intervals and or over how many months/years at least recently never mind over the long term as well as perhaps for how long they generally saw/experienced any Mandela Effect item for!!!

Let me give you an example of the typical quantity/scale of detail presented on many web sites for some common Mandela Effects:

  1. Berenstain Bears: There is a book and a TV series ‘now’ called the “Berenstain Bears” while many people remember it as “Berenstein Bears”
  2. Pokemon’s Pikachu: A large number of people recall the tip of Pikachu’s tail (from Pokemon) as being black when all instances of the same ‘now’ show that there is no black at all on its tail.

Pretty much all you get is a brief description (often with a picture) of the item/object/thing, you very rarely get anything more than the above. In this respect, we’ve very often no idea of the ‘context’ related to the ‘occurrence/happening’ of the original experience/when the item/object/thing was perceived/noted as being different to how it’s now recorded/remembered by others!!!

Let me remind you of the specific Mandela Effect ‘ITEM’ that was part of my own personal experience and some additional details related to this experience!!!

It’s of specific Walkers crisp packet flavours, which are items that I see/am REMINDED OF, at least 2/3 times a week, and have seen and been reminded of and ‘THEREFORE’ have an EMBEDDED MEMORY OF because I’ve likely seen/been ‘DIRECTLY’ reminded of the same item/items at least 2 or 3 or more times EACH WEEK FOR OVER A DECADE . . .

Only DETAILED Mandela Effect Accounts Would Potentially Reveal Important Factors/Characteristics

In that the above is correct, then let me point out (based on my own ME experience) what is likely to be typically happening to at least some and perhaps many of those that have experienced the Walkers Crisp Packet Mandela Effect memory alteration experience specifically. For years, more likely decades they’ve likely REGULARLY seen/been reminded of these specific crisp packet flavours literally 1000’s of times!! For example, they’ll likely walk past them each time they go to their local supermarket, each time they open the door to their kitchens crisp packet cupboard, every time they watch a walkers crisps advert, never mind the number of times that they are themselves having this item as a snack or while having lunch in the work canteen were some others are visibly eating these or while having dinner at home never mind the times they see someone else eating a packet of these crisps as a snack while they’re walking!!!!

For the specific ‘crisp’ flavours/coloured packets specifically involved in this specific Mandela Effect we are in fact discussing some very, VERY specific items that because of their popularity are very, VERY likely to actually be what I’ve call an embedded/reinforced/engrained memory because these specific items are likely to have been REGULARLY SEEN both consciously as well as sub-consciously over a period of time literally spanning decades.

In that the same patterns that I describe above would ‘generally’ be typical of many other Mandela Effect ‘items’ except perhaps for specific ones such as the Pokemon Pikachu’s tail being remembered as being STARK BLACK as opposed to it being historically recorded/visibly seen within our reality as being the same colour as the rest of Pikachu which is a continuous YELLOW/ORANGE which as I’ve pointed out on a previous page, this item would have often been seen continuously while playing the original game perhaps for many hours at a time, such that these ALTERED MEMORY EXPERIENCES can only be described as HIGHLY ANOMALOUS, however, it seems to me that:

Mandela Effects Discussions are Anomalous for Not Listing/Stating all of the Different Ways Mandela Effects are Highly Anomalous

Has anyone else noticed that it’s rare for anyone to actually write out/state point by point, each of the specific things that are actually very anomalous not only for many/most Mandela Effects but also for the discussions/information presentations of these?

Let me point out/make clear some of these from three different angles below:

1. NO DECENT DETAILED/FULL SCALE BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF ‘SOME’ INDIVIDUALS PERSONAL MANDELA EXPERIENCE: Why is it that the Mandela Effect anomalous experience specifically impact/alter a very, very specific memory of some very, very specific and often COMMONLY ENCOUNTERED item in some very, very, very, very specific way, which would be seriously/utterly bizarre if this just happened to ONE INDIVIDUAL but is beyond bizarre, it is super/stupendously/exceptionally bizarre/anomalous to have the EXACT same Mandela Effect ‘memory transformation’ ANOMALY of the EXACT SAME MEMORY ITEM happen to more than one person and in some cases apparently (relatively speaking possibly ‘MANY’ people, in some cases maybe 1000’s or 10,000’s or even more) . . . AND . . . this type of anomalous memory alteration/transformation phenomenon has only come to ‘light’ because this is CONSISTENTLY HAPPENING TO MANY, MANY, MANY PEOPLE FOR MANY DIFFERENT COMMONLY SEEN/HEARD/SMELT/TASTED ITEMS!!!!

2. NO BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT MEMORIES COVERING THE 5 SENSES/FEELINGS: Why is it that despite there being many Mandela Effect focused web pages, it’s exceptionally hard to find even one that actually ever mentions ANYTHING AT ALL about even just the basics of memory functioning/storage and or memory recall and particularly with respect to the memories of ‘JUST’ the five basic senses, never mind that no one discusses possibilities related to how the interactions of various combinations of senses for specific items could positively or negatively impact memory recall as would any ‘FEELINGS’ that were associated with any particular item!!!!

If you don’t have descent basic information about the topic being discussed, including in depth details of each actual Mandela Effect experience itself with decent personal information covering the angles I describe (even just on this page above) then it’s not a surprise that you can have poorly educated readers of these types of web pages/sites in some cases leaving outraged comments dismissing ‘seemingly’ all Mandela Effect’s, AS EXAMPLES OF MISS-REMEMBERING!!!!

The above happens despite that you can find (as I have done) comments left by people whom can remember news announcement of Nelson Mandela’s death IN DETAIL, whom were also watching these news announcements with others AT THE SAME TIME TOGETHER WITH THEMSELVES, WHOM CAN ALSO REMEMBER THE SAME DETAILS!!!!

Possible Dysfunctional/Degraded Mental Functioning & Awareness Associated with ALL Discussions of Anomalous Experiences

Beyond that the most important factors CENTRAL to any rational investigation/evaluation of any anomalous experience are usually NOT mentioned never mind discussed (and certainly are not for the Mandela Effect anomalous memory experiences, there is YET ANOTHER consistent as well as consistently observable pattern associated with all discussions of anomalous experiences . . .

How good are your A) ‘Observational Abilities’ such that you’d ‘notice’ some obvious/stark differences between a while pile of equivalent ‘grouped’ items such that you’d B) very quickly ‘notice/spot’ any outliers within such a GROUP such that you’d identify those that were significantly different to ALL OF THE REST IN VERY IMPORTANT WAYS?

I’m going to ask a question now to make a point about how SERIOUSLY/UTTERLY dysfunctional/disengaged/decrepit everyone’s ‘basic’ observation, awareness abilities as well as thinking and evaluation abilities actually are, and particularly with respect to how disengaged THEY/AS WELL AS YOU READING THIS ACTUALLY ARE . . . here is the question:

“What is the STUPIDLY OBVIOUS AS WELL AS ‘STARK’ DIFFERENCE between pretty much any specific Mandela Effect memory anomaly relating to ‘ANY’ item (say the KitKat one) compared ‘specifically’ to the Walker Crisps Mandela Effect?”

Did you notice that the specific Mandela Effect example that I experienced is starkly different compared to perhaps ALL OTHERS?

Basically, for this specific Mandela Effect memory alteration you have the memories of colours of two different crisp packet products/flavours SWAPPED AROUND/ALTERED VERY SPECIFICALLY WITH RESPECT TO EACH OTHER such that your memory of each of these has you experiencing yourself AUTOMATICALLY ‘EXPECTING’ each crisp packet flavour/product of to be of the OTHER FLAVOUR/PRODUCTS COLOUR!!!!

In other words, this specific Mandela Effect is very different from most others in that it is not of one single memory item suddenly ‘changing’ in memory recall terms from ‘something to something else’. This specific Mandela Effect is of two similar BUT INDEPENDENT memory items changing SIMULTANEOUSLY/IN THE SAME INSTANT such that the person this happens to (including me) now thinks that each packet flavour colour has been swapped/changed from the other flavours past colours.

I should also perhaps point out that these two specific ‘flavours’ each sell the most compared to all other Walkers packets flavours and so will be the most seen/observed of ALL OF THEIR VARIETIES OF CRISPS.

In that this makes them the most seen/observed of all of the Walkers crisp packets flavours, then this essentially means that the colours of these two specific flavours will be the most IMPRINTED/IMPRESSED into peoples memories compared to all of the others!!!!

While reading the previous page/this page, within which I’ve already described the two Walker’s crisp packet flavours that were part of my Mandela Effect experience, were you able to TAKE IN/CONSCIOUSLY NOTICE that this specific example is uniquely different to perhaps all other Mandela Effect examples?

‘DID’ you manage to notice this?


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