Simulation Hypothesis Evidence 2: Why didn’t ANYONE evaluate Spiritual sayings to see if they would make sense for either a Matrix Reality or Simulation Project?

"Simulation Evidence Compilation Pages: This Article Series Provides a Summary of the Evidence I've Compiled using Knowledge of Operational Simulations to Speculate on the Compromises FORCED on the designers when Simulating Self Aware People"

It is not just the new age spiritual sayings that are suspicious, there are many, many new age beliefs and expectations that ‘worryingly’ would ALSO be possible ‘IF’ they were referring to a simulation project.

For example they believe that you can directly access the saved files of each persons incarnated life (to help support the ‘spiritual’ misdirection they call these database files the Akashic Records).

Is there Simulation Argument Evidence that we are living in a Simulation?

They not only believe they have access to such files BUT they offer workshops to facilitate people to access these for themselves.

There are even akashic database record experts whom seem to have admin database access rights because they can even access these files on others behalf.

Even more bizarre, new age workshops are offered to support people to access between life records AND some even mention FUTURE life records.

All of this is of course decidedly balmy with respect to an assumed real reality. However, for a simulation, having such records AND being able to access them would be entirely feasibly and depending on the objectives of the simulation project perhaps essential.

For more details about the Akashic records then there are some pages here:

Let me enlighten you . . . .

To put such a simulation together would require seriously accurate data to be collected and collated for each person.

It is very likely that in the ORIGINAL population that the collected and stored data accumulated for each person was accessible BY THAT PERSON. It is also then VERY LIKELY that official ‘earth as a simulation’ database access facilitators would facilitate people to access and review the data already stored about themselves.

If you were going to simulate your population through the phase that the simulation was designed and built then to keep any VERY OBVIOUS ‘you are in a simulation’ give away clues hidden from your simulated population you’d likely translate this ‘I want to check my personal simulation collected data’ experience sideways into a pseudo spiritual experience here which will have people here accessing the data of a past life or even a future life. It is even possible that some people in the original population would think of this data as being used by a version of themselves in the future?.

Basically, any simulation designer that wasn’t brain dead would have called the data base used to hold everyone data in the original population the Akashic Records so that in the simulated population no translation into spiritual terms would even be necessary to emulate this experience.

Pre-defining and using specific terms in the original population would help give a more authentic ‘expected’ experience in the simulated population.

Here is Evidence that we are living in a Simulation AND that we are also living through the phase the simulation was designed and built

The Akashic record misdirection not only appears to have been good enough to fool the new age people BUT it also appears to have been good enough to fool professional researchers whom studied the new age population.

Doesn’t IT?

So, not only does what I write here, WAY MORE than suggest that we are in a simulation BUT it also, ‘SHOCK HORROR’ suggests that we are being simulated through the phase that the ‘earth as a simulation’ project was actually designed and built.

A very pertinent question to ask at this point would be:

“Why has no one been able to even THINK of doing the stupidly obvious and highly rational ‘thing’ which would have been to evaluate any and all ‘impossible’ so called spiritual sayings at least with respect to the two well known and commonly discussed alternate reality possibilities to see if any so called ‘spiritual’ sayings would be valid for either of these possibilities (Matrix or Simulation).”

That such an obvious possibility obviously wasn’t even thought of is actually evidence that we are being directly managed by simulation software to NOT even think of stupidly obvious possibilities.

I personally actually did the opposite . . .

Evidence that we are living in a Simulation AND we are being directly managed

I spent 18 months THINKING about earth as an simulation project operational possibilities to such a degree that it became obvious that ‘IF’ we are in a simulation it would be a HUGE project and being huge AND requiring an invasive personal data collection from EVERYONE it would be impossible to hide AND therefore in not being hidden there may be a sub population here that avidly followed the project.

As I had personally involved myself in the new age bizarreness (as any competent researcher scientist would to get the insider experiential viewpoint) then I’d already written here about some of the bizarre and actually very annoying so called spiritual sayings on pages on this site. In remembering writing these pages it then dawned on me what these annoying sayings implied and in realizing the connection this prompted me to use the new age people as the opening for the ‘simulation evidence’ pages as the start of myself presenting coherent and highly visible evidence that we are in a simulation.

The ‘fact’ that no one else has thought to do the stupidly obvious AND particularly the researchers that studied the new age population is also evidence that we are in a simulation because in a simulation where absolutely everything is software defined then it would not only be stupidly easy, it would be dirt cheap to directly manage the population to make sure that NO ONE WOULD EVEN THINK of simple or realistic earth as a simulation possibilities.

Pages leading up to the evaluations of these spiritual sayings, which lay out the foundation reasoning and approach to evaluating any so called spiritual sayings you will find in order below . . .

The page focusing on why no one would THINK to make such evaluations is here:

You would imagine that because of the simulation argument giving us the possibility that we could be in a simulation that someone, ‘somewhere’ simply must have written in detail of what it would be like to be a software defined copied person living out someone else’s life?

Having ‘someone’ doing this would likely happen very quickly on one of those mythical real worlds, however, unfortunately it turns out that locally, real worlds are apparently in short supply and so the obvious and rational just doesn’t get a look in . . . read the next page for more on these areas . . .


  1. ''Her Bert''
    November 29, 2014 @ 4:29 pm

    I’ve heard that apparently, for honesty’s sake and for accuracy the records will be renamed the ACrapShit records hahahaha


  2. Him Bert
    June 25, 2015 @ 4:21 am

    how do you know that nobody else has thought about it?


    • Clive
      June 25, 2015 @ 10:13 am

      Because there are things called search engines (google for example), where you can search for pages on the same topics using specific key words. Have you tried it? Herbert? Christian?

      Then of course ‘IF’ you can ‘think’ then you’d figure out that if someone else did figure this out then just like me they’d wonder if someone else had also thought of the same AND they would very LIKELY try searching for other sites that had the same presentations. Searching is ‘free’, you could try it . . . for example search for:

      new age/spiritual beliefs/truths/sayings simulation

      I still cannot find any other then discussing these specific new age sayings related to a simulated reality possibilities can you?


  3. Annabelle
    December 8, 2015 @ 9:49 pm

    I really wonder if there is some big push in progress to quickly gather and analyze data as to whether each copied person is on their correct track. There seems to be a huge effort going into getting people to sign up for genealogy, ancestry, adoption, DNA collections sites under the guise of locating your long lost family members. I do understand genealogy has been going on a long time as a hobby, but this is really picking up pace. This could obviously be just another database, but this particular activity is getting people to seek out and interact with genetic matches in all parts of the world (perhaps even move or relocate, create new family units). It seems people may not be where they should be and this could just be some extra accuracy check for changes in process or to come?? I always wondered if there even is any correlation between managed soul families and biological families – so why all of the fuss?


    • Clive
      December 8, 2015 @ 10:07 pm

      It’s likely part of the strategies to keep people focused on the ‘physical’ and their physical connections rather than their real origins!!


  4. Diego
    October 15, 2017 @ 3:40 am

    Nice page, you are also seeing the spiritual side from a rational perspective. I’ve also come to the conclusion that this simulation is spiritual in nature, but I don’t think it comes from machines or computers, its something bigger than that. To name a few people that have thought of merging science as a simulation are Tom Campbell and David Icke. Some people are beginning to wake up. But you are right not many people are relating it. They are either dogmatic from a spiritual or scientific perspective. Also the study of the flower of life and sacred geometry are evidence of living in a simulation. Some say the discreteness of quantum physics and planck length as further proof.


    • Clive
      October 22, 2017 @ 12:09 pm

      Hi Deigo, eh, NOPE it’s not spiritual in nature // not in the slightest and particularly with respect to it’s aims. I basically point out OBSERVABLE/DEDUCIBLE things on many pages here (100+) that very logically relate anomalous things/experiences here to very specific artificial/designed i.e. artificial reality system possibilities. What Ton C. and David I. write about/present are distracting/misdirecting/pie in the sky type fantasies!!!


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