Modern Medicine, Quality of Research & Health Care Approaches, Practices & Recommendations & the Observable ‘Insane’ Outcomes!!!

What are the historical/environmental/evolutionary origins of humans?

Well, a few 1000’s of years ago the early humans were all forager/hunter omnivores (able to eat both herbage/plants as well as other animals).

As they’d PERMANENTLY (compared to ourselves) live in the ‘outdoors’ and they’d be walking around in the outdoors ALL THE TIME, PLUS they’d ALL, be an ‘expert’ in ‘food’ identification right from the age when they first started walking, then as they walked around, walked from place to place then rather than them constantly eating packets of crisps, sweets while drinking sugared water pretty much ALL THE TIME, they’d be ‘browsing’ and picking and eating ALL THE TIME any edible herbage, leaves, flowers, fruit, seed pods, seeds, plant stalks, bark as well as digging up and snacking on any edible roots and tubers too.

They’d also be expert (not on supermarket ‘offers’) but in all the ‘signs’ of potential food even twigs sticking out from under snow would perhaps signify a ‘tuber’ snack!!!

It’s also very likely that they’d not be ‘FUSSY’ either, in fact, it’s highly likely that they’d have identified and they’d eat 100’s of plant species regularly/constantly while less regularly they’d have some ‘meat’!!! Under most conditions they’d very ‘likely’ be a lot healthier than us!!! Tooth decay, tooth ache for example would likely be unheard of as would dentists (whom wouldn’t be needed anyway)!!!

How many flowers did you eat yesterday?

When was the last time you noticed a bag of fresh/mixed flowers in your local supermarkets ‘veg’ area? ‘Never’!!! Yea me neither!!!!

So, over the last few 1000 years we have VERY LIKELY had our diet reduced from ‘LITERALLY’ encompassing 100’s of edible plant species ‘parts’ (flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, roots, tubers, fruits etc) many of which over a year would be eaten regularly if not DAILY . . . ‘TO’ . . . WAIT FOR IT . . . a recommendation ‘WESTERN’ diet for decades of MEAT & TWO VEG!!!!

It’s not looking good for that ‘evolution’ idea is it or maybe it’s the limited/extremely poor nutritional diet we’re being recommended to eat/consume that’s perhaps partially or completely responsible for the POOR THINKING ABILITIES/POOR EVALUATIONS, leading to the current EPIDEMIC OF POOR DIET RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!

It’s very obvious that ‘something’ is SERIOUSLY ‘FLAWED’ in a fundamental sense with regards ‘recommendations’ relating to our diet!! Perhaps the same could be said (‘seriously flawed’) of those that are evaluating/assessing and then making dietary recommendations!!!

It is a ‘FACT’ that your diet/what you CONSISTENTLY EAT will ABSOLUTELY have a major impact on your health and well being and particularly over the long term. It is also a fact that eating a wide range of the likes of flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, roots, tubers, fruits etc PLUS ‘bits’ from the occasional ‘animal’ will pretty much AUTOMATICALLY result in the eater taking in sufficient carbohydrate and protein to sustain themselves. In other words THE LEAST IMPORTANT food components to emphasise would be carbohydrate and protein as these you’d get directly or indirectly via eating a WIDE VARIETY OF NATURAL FOOD STUFFS ANYWAY.

It is a ‘FACT’ that VITAMINS/MINERALS/’SPECIALIST’ ‘RARE’ human body requirement ‘ITEMS’ (with respect to OVERALL BODY FUNCTIONING) will be way more important with respect to making sure people eat enough of these in SUFFICIENT QUANTITIES compared to the TWO most commonly mentioned ITEMS that are found in most foods ANYWAY!!!

In other words, you’d ‘EXPECT’ that ‘people’ and particularly academics/scientists would emphasise the rarer requirements and say recommend people have access to and eat more things that are RICH IN THESE!!! Things like flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, roots, tubers, fruits etc . . . you would also ‘EXPECT’ that absolutely ALL doctors would be EXPERTS in diet and nutrition because these are ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL to our base ‘health’ STATE . . . however, even a cursory examination of these specific food/nutrition areas shows us that THE OPPOSITE IS IN FACT TRUE!!!

Let’s have a quick look at vitamins and minerals. I’ve been interested in and ‘following’ the vitamin and mineral FARCE for about 2/3 decades now . . . .

BUT, before I get round to these let me point out that I’ve a bookmark folder ‘X’ with about 200 sites that cover all sorts of topic areas from archeology, climate, health, science, ufo’s, history, etc. etc. I’m basically interested in an extremely wide range of topics and ALSO the ‘quality’ of information presented. I read some ‘status quo/science’ sites as well as many ‘alternate’ sites too. I spend an hour sometimes more having a look at/reading anything from these sites pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY (in the morning) last thing at night, often after midnight I check read anything that catches my eye of both ‘popular as well as alternate’ news sites!!!

Basically, my scale of interests/knowledge is the exact opposite of POOR.

So, I started to notice some vitamins and minerals (V&M) studies bizarreness’s, over a decade ago. Basically, there were many extensive studies carried out comparing the outcomes of people taking and not taking V&M’s. These are presumably comparing the outcomes of people taking V&M compared to those that don’t take these (or whom are taking a placebo). The vast majority of these studies are ‘strangely’ making a big effort to point out that actually taking V&M’s make no difference or virtually no difference to outcomes/health.

I was personally very puzzled about these studies, because in that they consistently showed that regularly taking V&M’s made no difference to your health then this ‘directly’ implies that basically pretty much EVERYONE must be getting enough vitamins and minerals in their diet, such that giving them more is irrelevant. That’s pretty much the conclusion you’d have come to with respect to these studies isn’t it!!

However, based on the recommended meat&2veg nutrient poor diet then to myself, the results/conclusions of V&M studies pretty much DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL!!!

Eventually, and it took years before I found this out (coincidentally from some of those ALTERNATE HEALTH SITES (you know the supposedly ‘fake’ information supplying ones)) I became aware that the VAST MAJORITY of what is labelled and sold as VITAMINS & MINERALS turn out to the equivalent of a placebo quite simply because VIRTUALLY ALL V&M multi supplements sold contain V&M’s that are NOT UTILIZABLE/DON’T FUNCTION AS A V/M IN HUMANS. It turns out that they are ‘industrial’ chemicals that coincidentally are in a form that the body CANNOT USE/UTILISE (i.e. they are in a NONE NATURAL FORM).

I’d like to take the opportunity to point out that ‘NONE NATURAL’ could very likely be ‘construed’ as being directly equivalent/equal to: ‘UNNATURAL/ARTIFICIAL/SYNTHETIC/MANUFACTURED’

In other words the vast majority of those V&M STUDIES are all of ‘FAKE/SHAM’ none vitamins & minerals that are completely useless because they are unusable to the human body. In other words the vast majority of vitamin studies are being done by academics whom OBVIOUSLY haven’t actually checked ‘EXACTLY’ what it is that they are using for these studies.

So, the vast majority of these types of studies are not evaluating the body’s response to being provided with extra vitamins and minerals, rather they are actually an indirect measure of the incompetence/ignorance of the academics and scientists carrying out these studies (and those that review / appraise these pseudo science/misleading research papers).

Years ago I found a few alternate health web sites that had actually identified the V&M products that used extracted V&M’s from plants (way more expensive compared to the USELESS industrial chemical versions) BUT, they WERE usable by the human body and the V&M comparison studies that used these plant extracted V&M products DID SHOW IMPROVEMENTS IN PHYSICAL BODY STATES/HEALTH OUTCOMES and in some cases VASTLY.

Just to make this very clear!!! We have a situation where for decades befuddled academics have used ‘off the shelf’ V&M products without checking if ‘chemically’ they ACTUALLY FUNCTION AS V&M IN HUMANS to then perform studies using these BUT, rather than actually be SUSPICIOUS about these V&M not making any difference (because they are essentially nothing more than INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS being passed off as V&M’s) and then ACTUALLY STATE THIS, which would have resulted in a BIG OUTCRY/COMPANIES SELLING THESE WOULD BE ASKED TO WITHDRAW THESE PRODUCTS . . .


We are ‘NOW’ two decades later STILL in exactly the same ‘befuddled’ position, the majority of V&M products are still USELESS, BUT WORSE so are the scientists and academics researching these!!!!

Strangely, the vast majority of MSM ‘news’ reports of multi-V&M studies give a direct or indirect impression that we are getting all the V&M’s we need from what we are eating (which implies that our diets are ‘GOOD’) when in fact the studies these news items are based on, are of the studies that are not evaluating V&M’s that humans can utilise in the first place.

Let me give you some quotes from the above linked page:

“In the historic struggle for food, humans ate primarily whole foods or so-called natural foods, which underwent little processing. The nutrient content of food usually decreases when it is processed”.

“Intensive animal rearing, manipulation of crop production and food processing have altered the qualitative and quantitative balance of nutrients of food consumed by Western society. This change, to which the physiology and biochemistry of man may not be presently adapted to, is thought to be responsible for the chronic diseases that are rampant in the Industrialized Western Countries”

“A study involving 38,772 women in the USA who took synthetic multi-vitamins with ground up rock minerals found that the women died earlier than those who did not take them.”

How could this happen / be happening for a long time (decades now) and THESE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE NOT MADE ‘ABSOLUTELY’ CLEAR!!!

Did you know that your skin can and often does automatically absorb air-born contaminants, never mind that you are breathing ‘ANYTHING’ that is in the air around you into your extremely sensitive and highly absorbent lungs ALL THE TIME such that a lot of air contaminants can get pretty much direct access to your blood AND end up accumulating in all sorts of diverse places within your body.

So, anything ‘NOT NATURAL’ being released into the atmosphere you’d imagine ‘WOULD’ be thoroughly assessed for its direct as well as long term effects on human health?

Are you aware that there are recorded cases of people dying from using LYNX deodorant spray? What sort of evaluations/testing/assessments did they carry out on these deodorants before putting them on the market? Did they even do any ‘health’ assessments? Being a none idiot I don’t use ‘unnatural’ deodorants. It’s likely early humans didn’t use these AT ALL either!!!

A lot of people spend a lot of time in their car . . . so it’s ‘ODD’ that the interior ‘out gassing’ emissions which are now a common feature for new cars in many cases are identified as relating to chemicals that are associated with a wide range of heath problems?:

“A new study suggests that new car smell comes from toxic chemicals off-gassing in a car’s interior, like brominated flame retardants (BFRs), chromium, and lead. In all, researchers identified more than 275 different chemicals in vehicle interiors, including those associated with birth defects, impaired learning, liver problems, and cancer.”

New carpet health problems anyone? What about for new kitchen items? Can you see the ‘obvious’ problem here?

Well, why is it that no one automatically ‘THINKS’, Mmmmm as we are NOT now making cars/furniture/carpets etc. etc. with exclusively natural materials then ‘shouldn’t’ we ‘AUTOMATICALLY’ TEST ALL NEW: UNNATURAL/ARTIFICIAL/SYNTHETIC/MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS for potential health problems FIRST?

NOPE, the rational, objective, logical, ‘SENSIBLE/REASONED’ approaches just don’t happen do they?

I could do ‘exactly’ the same for water too and present item after item of the BALMY UNNATURAL/ARTIFICIAL/SYNTHETIC/MANUFACTURED shit that’s directly added to as well as the massive, STUPENDOUS ‘MULTITUDE’ of toxic/detrimental to humans UNNATURAL/ARTIFICIAL/SYNTHETIC/MANUFACTURED ‘SHIT’ that FINDS ITS OWN WAY into our drinking water supplies.

The ‘FLINT’ WATER FARCE in the USA for example is just the tip of a very, VERY LARGE ICEBERG!!!

Let me also point out that from an academic/science perspective we’ve a massive focus on ‘evolution’ which makes it very clear that ‘humans’ and all other living forms as well as all ‘natural’ systems have all gradually evolved/developed as well as ADAPTED over VERY LONG TIME SPANS to very gradual changes.

Let me also point out that this ‘evolution’ system has been systematically SHOWN to TAKE ‘AGES’ TO ADAPT to changes even to ‘natural’ circumstances involving INHERENTLY ‘NATURAL’ COMPONENTS THAT ARE A NATURAL PART OF THE ‘NATURAL ORDER/SYSTEM’ . . . in this ‘RESPECT’ . . . introducing 100,000’s of UNNATURAL/ARTIFICIAL/SYNTHETIC ‘SHIT’ which are not part of the NATURAL ORDER/SYSTEM i.e. ‘components’ that haven’t arisen NATURALLY/AS PART OF THE ‘NATURAL’ SYSTEM . . . but have been introduced WILLY/NILLY with no or virtually no testing and certainly ‘NONE’ over any time span that could be construed IN THE SLIGHTEST as being equivalent to ‘AGES’ . . .

Are you getting the picture here?

How, UNCONSCIOUS/DISASSOCIATED/INCOMPETENT/IN A FUGUE ‘STATE’ would you have to be to be PARTY TO the WHOLESALE INTRODUCTION of UNNATURAL/ARTIFICIAL/SYNTHETIC ‘SHIT’ over an evolutionary time span that could be summed up as:


While expending an amount of time/effort to check each UNNATURAL/ARTIFICIAL/SYNTHETIC ‘product’ for possible ‘toxicity/adverse health effects’ that could easily be summed up as F**K ALL/GROSSLY INADEQUATE verging on ‘NONE EXISTENT’!!!

Now, ‘all of the above’ has been setting the scene while providing background context for what I’ll be writing below.

I became a healing practitioner/therapist by leaving ‘academia’ specifically to pursue/broaden my understandings as well as to push my own boundaries!!! I had some ‘training’, and I had some ‘initiations’ into a couple of healing systems and I’d also worked regularly with a few people BUT, AS PER USUAL, in that I’m always pushing the edge/boundaries AND, if anything doesn’t add up (which to myself generally seems to be pretty much everything) then I’m consistently going more and more deeply into specific things and more and more so from a personal accessing the ‘SIMULATED’ subtle body/subtle environment directly.

In all it took me about a decade before A) I’m doing this proficiently (in my terms) and B) by this time those that I’ve been associating with/have become close to within these areas (the spiritual/new age ‘realms’) are giving me strange looks, are arguing with me, trying to persuade me that ‘whatever’ I’m saying ISN’T TRUE/IS BULLSHIT/I AM ‘CRAZY’. I literally had quite a few past friends consistently telling me I’m ‘crazy’ . . . and that I need to revert back to what I had been doing (the newage bullshit line) . . .

I ‘should’ point out that becoming aware of never mind deliberately orientating to and regularly accessing/engaging with the subtle ‘realm/strata/dimension’ isn’t appreciated by our entirely software defined reality. To do this well, it takes an extreme level of ‘ATTENTION/FOCUSED CONCENTRATION’ to ‘enter’ and to ‘keep’ your attention orientated to your subtle originated/focused perceptions/awareness’s which are of course originating within your subtle form. Doing this absolutely ‘isn’t’ equivalent to ‘meditation’ (for example).

However, at this point I’m finding myself getting shades of ‘deja vu’ as I’m being subjected to some of the same sort of reactions that I had from friends within science because I was ‘unbelievably’ involving myself in a whole range of ‘things’ that science hasn’t even started to get any handle on at all!!! Overall though, I left the university for the most part to PUSH MY OWN BOUNDARIES. At this point, in my life I have turned my debilitating stammer, speech block around massively and I’m now going to start to regularly talk to groups of people AND occasionally even give public talks as part of EFFORTS to keep pushing these as well as other boundaries of myself.

Diabetes . . .

In that my university department was focused on diabetes and a lot of my own (Hetherington CS) research contributions were related to these areas:

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Then, it wasn’t a surprise that in interacting with the ‘alternate therapists/practitioners/healers/new age’ crowd, that when they found out about my ‘weird’ background I’d find myself having occasional in depth discussions as to what the possible ‘REAL’ CAUSES of diabetes could be!!!!

I can remember in the early internet years doing a search to find out which ‘populations/sub populations’ had the greatest incidence of diabetes. At that time I found that African Americans had the highest % incidence for diabetes (i.e. these are people of a population whom had been kidnapped and made into slaves). In other words, they’d all be traumatized, they’d likely have been continually ‘disappointed’ by life, feel ‘let down’ and maybe even betrayed. I then found that the Native Americans had an even higher incidence of diabetes. So this is a population of many different tribes EACH OF WHICH have had every single treaty they have ever made broken (“white man speaks with forked tongue” – you must remember that!!!?).

In other words in plain sight you have two populations with the highest diabetes incidence both being subjected to the same types of long term on going traumas (Current diabetes web stats: 12.7% of African Americans / 15.1% of American Indians/Alaskan Natives).

So, two and a half decades ago I was vaguely ‘speculating’ that ‘diabetes’ was our SUBTLE BODIES (you know, the invisible body that’s lying on a slab/is in a pod ‘somewhere’!!!!) RESPONSE to being subjected to extremes of betrayal, repeated betrayal as well serious and likely repeated let downs and disappointments being translated/converted into ENTIRELY MADE UP ARBITRARY, BUT ‘CONSISTENT’ PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS for presentation within the easily observed physical body!!!

In this respect, if you reading this actually have a subtle body form that is being simulated as interfaced to the EASILY SEEN/OBSERVED HUMAN FORM then a valid question to ponder upon might be the following:

“How are the subtle bodies ailments, the subtle bodies health/illnesses/abnormal functioning TRANSLATED/EXPRESSED within the remote vehicle ‘human’ physical form?”

The following is a very brief summary/definition of the: insulin dependent, type 1 diabetes taken from wikipedia:

“Diabetes mellitus, commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic disorders in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. Type 1 diabetes results from the pancreas’s failure to produce enough insulin. This form was previously referred to as “insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus”. The cause is unknown.”

So, the pancreas ‘fails’ such that people have to TOP UP ‘INSULIN’ LEVELS with insulin injections!! I was amazed to read that the ‘ACTUAL’ CAUSE OF THIS HAPPENING IS ‘UNKNOWN’, because it’s likely that WORLD WIDE literally many billions of pounds are spent on diabetes as well as diabetes research BUT, ‘UNBELIEVABLY’ they STILL:


While working within the department I’d very, VERY ‘occasionally’ catch some of the senior researchers talking about SPONTANEOUS REMISSIONS of some diabetics.

Now, the interesting thing from my perspective was that discussions of ACTUAL spontaneous remissions actually provoked visible ‘SHOCK’ in those discussing these because ESSENTIALLY/QUITE LITERALLY they are IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

Diabetes type 1 has the pancreas shutting down, limiting the production of insulin which itself regulates/limits the production of glucose. Spontaneous remissions indicate that a COMPLETE REVERSAL OF THE SHUTDOWN OF THE PANCREAS can ‘magically’ happen over just a few days. From a physical body ‘ONLY’ perspective, this happening is absolutely impossible, hence the visible look of SHOCK I noticed because this ‘ACTUALLY’ happening can essentially only be described as HIGHLY ANOMALOUS/IMPOSSIBLE quite simply because it absolutely CANNOT BE EXPLAINED IN ‘PHYSICAL’ BODY ONLY TERMS.

At one point (when I was working as a healer therapist) I met up with a couple whom were both alternate therapists, and, while spending a few days with them the conversation eventually worked its way round to ‘diabetes’, at which point I mentioned my suspicions that diabetes is the ‘SUBTLE BODIES’ response to ‘BETRAYAL, & ‘SERIOUS’ LET DOWNS & DISAPPOINTMENTS‘, at which point one of my friends looks at me ‘SHOCKED’ and tells me that his brother had type 1 insulin dependent diabetes (he had to inject insulin) that SPONTANEOUSLY DISAPPEARED over a couple of days.

NOW, it turned out that he was SHOCKED, because his brother’s attitude towards his mother WHILE HE HAD THE DIABETES was way over the top, he was angry, reactive towards her. In other words, he was basically behaving as if his mother had in some way betrayed him, let him down and or seriously disappointed him. The ‘shock’ was because these reactions/attitudes towards his mother ‘DISAPPEARED’ with the type 1 diabetes spontaneous remission!!!

So, the cause of type 1 insulin dependent diabetes may be a mystery to Diabetologists, BUT it’s not to me!!!

So, my friend’s brother is very likely ‘simulating’ someone whom AS A SUBTLE BEING tried to identify (either they did this themselves or perhaps with a ‘SUBTLE’ therapist) what was responsible for their persistent let down, betrayal, ‘trauma’ originating reactions to either specific people/a group of people/some circumstance etc, that would have resulted in them being subjected to some form of ‘betrayal, serious let down and or disappointment’? In ‘properly’ dealing with how the subtle body had been ‘impacted/changed’ by the original circumstances then the ORIGINATING CIRCUMSTANCES of this entire phase, in being TRANSLATED INTO THE HUMAN PHYSICAL BODY would then appear as type 1 Diabetes BUT, would then seemingly SPONTANEOUSLY DISAPPEAR at the point the subtle body effects of the original circumstances were dealt with!!!

Let me point out something ELSE that is not only ‘OBSERVABLE’ but is also HIGHLY ANOMALOUS about modern medicine’s diagnostic approaches!!!!

Academics as medical doctors working within ‘medical’ fields have nurses take blood samples AS THE PRIMARY MEANS OF INVESTIGATING ‘ANYTHING’!!! So, this essentially means that ALL unhealthy conditions are PRIMARILY investigated because of OBVIOUS physical body symptoms, hence blood samples are taken to check for internal physical body ‘abnormalities’!!!


To make you aware of your ‘full’ health problems circumstances then you should also be aware that it is a FACT, that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HERE, including ‘YOU’ READING THIS NOW, are always being re-incarnated (yet again) into a ‘new’ physical life/human body/fetus/baby. Which essentially ALSO means that the origins of many, MANY health issues, JUST IN A BASIC PHYSICAL LIFE SENSE, are actually HIGHLY LIKELY TO ORIGINATE FROM WITHIN PREVIOUS INCARNATIONS/PAST LIVES!!!

In other words, some and possibly ‘MANY’ health issues actually originate within a PAST LIFE/LIVES.


To begin to appreciate/understand this, then just think of the accumulation ‘POTENTIAL’ of yourself having lived many past lives being subjected to circumstances of betrayal as well as serious let downs and disappointments . . . what do you think will be the progressive accumulated outcome of these in each future life?

In this respect, to state that academics, scientists, health ‘professionals’ as well as medical doctors investigations/appraisals of health issue origins/CAUSES are just ONE ‘DIMENSIONAL’ is likely to be a MASSIVE/GROSS:


Just in case you’re a bit sceptical and or stupidly oblivious of the current ‘STATE OF MEDICINE’ then here are some ‘quotes’ from medical science publishers that sum up science in general and modern medicine/medical research in particular!!!

ONE: Richard Horton, editor-in-chief, The Lancet, in The Lancet, 11 April, 2015, Vol 385, “Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma?”:

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness”

“The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of ‘significance’ pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale…Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent…”

TWO: Marcia Angell, former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, in the NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption”:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

THREE: John PA Ioannidis, Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, University of Ioannina School of Medicine, Ioannina, Greece, and Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies, Department of Medicine, Tufts-New England Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, in PLoS Medicine, August 30, 2005, “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False”:

“There is increasing concern that most current published research findings [in all scientific fields] are false… a research finding is less likely to be true when the studies conducted in a field are smaller; when effect sizes are smaller…when there is greater financial and other interest and prejudice; and when more teams are involved in a scientific field in chase of statistical significance. Simulations show that for most study designs and settings, it is more likely for a research claim to be false than true. Moreover, for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias…There is increasing concern that in modern research, false findings may be the majority or even the vast majority of published research claims. However, this should not be surprising. It can be proven that most claimed research findings are false.”

FOUR: Back to Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet. In the same editorial quoted above, Horton makes reference to a recent symposium he attended at the Wellcome Trust in London. The subject of the meeting was the reliability of published biomedical research. His following quote carries additional force because he and other attendees were told to obey Chatham House rules, meaning no one would reveal who made any given comment during the conference.

“A lot of what is published is incorrect.’ I’m not allowed to say who made this remark [at the conference] because we were asked to observe Chatham House rules. We were also asked not to take photographs of slides. Those who worked for government agencies pleaded that their comments especially remain unquoted, since the forthcoming UK election meant they were living in ‘purdah’ a chilling state where severe restrictions on freedom of speech are placed on anyone on the government’s payroll. Why the paranoid concern for secrecy and non-attribution? Because this symposium, on the reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research, held at the Wellcome Trust in London last week touched on one of the most sensitive issues in science today: the idea that something has gone fundamentally wrong with one of our greatest human creations [biomedical science]”.

The above were found and collated by John Rappoport!!!

There there is this (from here):

“More than 70% of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments, and more than half have failed to reproduce their own experiments. Those are some of the telling figures that emerged from Nature’s survey of 1,576 researchers who took a brief online questionnaire on reproducibility in research.”

If half (as in 50%) couldn’t reproduce their own work, then this means that even those that did the first study and whom therefore at least have the greatest potential to have exacting details of ‘WHAT THEY DID THE FIRST TIME’, still ‘somehow’ get different outcomes 50% of the time specifically when repeating their own work, then doesn’t this at least ‘suggest’ some degree of incompetence?

Conversely, as part of my consistent DAY IN DAY OUT/MOMENT BY MOMENT ORIENTATION TO ‘MYSELF’, which, (as I already mentioned) was part of my stupendously RATIONAL program to ‘understand’ myself, as well as to help facilitate myself to identify/become aware of the sources/origins/past circumstances responsible for and or contributing to my own negative issues/current life ‘NOW’ debilitations, I SUDDENLY/SPONTANEOUSLY got access to a past life/previous incarnation. This happened during a phase where I’d been in seriously disturbing ‘shit’ feelings/emotions/trauma of anguish and despair (as I describe on this page here) that had been building up, getting worse and worse for over a year while coincidentally these feelings didn’t relate IN THE SLIGHTEST (being an EXPERT IN BOTH ‘OBSERVATION’ & ‘MYSELF’) to absolutely ANYTHING OF MY CURRENT LIFE.


Let me re-frame the above with respect to the MASSIVE EFFORT that was made to prevent me/myself (someone whom has been dedicated in ‘ORIENTATING TO & ACCESSING’ THEMSELVES for about a decade and a half (at this point)) from actually becoming aware of the ‘ORIGINS’ of what was ‘RESPONSIBLE’ for some extremely wearing/disturbing emotions/feelings that I’d experienced for maybe a year or longer, feelings which absolutely didn’t make any sense to myself with respect to my current life!!!

In gaining access to my past lives/past ‘incarnations’ I then started to check for potential PAST LIFE INFLUENCES/ORIGINS for every ‘odd’ feeling/sensation/out of context/odd experiences/responses I had from this point on. This had me accessing, ENGAGING WITH and resolving literally 1000’s of events within previous lifetimes, during which I’d been negatively impacted/disturbed/traumatized by all sorts of circumstances such that THESE WERE STILL INFLUENCING/IMPACTING ME IN MY CURRENT LIFE!!!

After about six EXTREMELY INTENSE months, during which I was doing this ALL THE TIME, EVERY DAY, this coincided with me leaving the university and becoming self employed as a healer/practitioner/therapist.

In that on previous/other pages/series here I’ve made a good case that pretty much all of the ‘newage’ people are simulating someone involved in designing what we are living in now and or are ‘following’ the simulation project, then you can ‘glean’ clues/deduce many possibilities with respect to many facets of the simulation project (at least from certain angles) by taking notice of what the new age lot present.

In this respect, if there ‘IS’ some sleight of hand as to the REAL CAUSES of diseases/health issues then the new age crowd will likely have alternate and ‘WORSE’, NONE PHYSICAL views as to the ORIGINS of specific health issues.

Worryingly for academics and scientists THIS ‘IS’ THE CASE, there are at least three books:

Louise L Hay: “Heal Your Body”, then another by Dr, Daniel R. Condron: “Permanent Healing” and another by Kurt Tepperwein: “What the disease means” Although I also found a web site here with a page called: Analyzing the Metaphysical Causes of Disease.

From the first book: “Diabetes: Longing for what might have been, a great need for control, deep sorrow, no ‘sweetness’ left.”

From the 2nd book: “Diabetes: Refusing to give, takes the form of deliberately withholding the self from others, fear of never being able to have enough. Thinking self does not have enough to give, therefore being stingy with how one gives.”

The 3rd book presents pretty accurate descriptions of the simulation software’s PISS TAKING symbolic conversions that result in DIABETES symptoms appearing within the physical body: “Inability to love without compensating, disappointment, feeling unworthy. Invitation to love yourself more, to enjoy life. Sugar has always been a symbol of love and affection. Through the glucosaminas, the grandparents show their affection to their grandchildren and with sweets the obese console themselves of their problems and their solitude. For this reason, sugar is often synonymous with “pleasant sensations, love and or affection”. The diabetic demonstrates with his physical reaction that he can receive affection and love (in the material form of sugar), but that he can not assimilate them. He is unable to digest the affection that surrounds him. Diabetes indicates that we do not accept the “sweet” sides of life, pleasure, love, because we believe we do not deserve affection. We lack the ability to love (often due to a deception not assimilated (i.e. betrayal?)) And now we dare not admit our desires, we are living a mental substitute . . . “

Strangely, if you’ve been subjected to ‘BETRAYAL, SERIOUS LET DOWNS, SERIOUS DISAPPOINTMENTS’ and particularly with respect to your RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS then the above ’causes’ as ‘symptoms’ are what you’d expect of people being subjected to these circumstances. Just think of what African Americans as slaves as well as Native American tribal peoples HAVE been subjected to likely throughout many past life incarnations too!!!

THE ‘IMPORTANT’ SUMMARY/CONCLUSION BIT: I’m presenting this ‘extra’ information on this page ‘NOW’ because despite that I ‘KNOW’ the actual real causes of diabetes, . . . our fake reality is determinedly PREVENTING MYSELF (& LIKELY ALL OTHER ‘COMPETENT’ SUBTLE BODY AWARE HEALERS) FROM ACCESSING AND ‘HENCE’ RESOLVING THE SUBTLE BODY ORIGINATED CAUSES OF THESE . . . this is why I stopped working with people directly and re-orientated to directly confront the inner SHITTY ‘workings’ of our fake reality . . . beyond this, it is a readily observable fact, that our fake reality is also completely focused on increasing the number and or ‘severity’ of health issues . . . while also preventing the real ‘origins’ of health issues from being properly understood never mind actually properly dealt with, as in ‘healed’ and it’s also quite creative as well as effective in it’s sabotaging of ALL medical research efforts including supporting bizarre/completely useless/wrong dietary advice, as well as ensuring that the likes of Vitamin&Mineral products have been and continue to be, of not only useless V&M forms BUT despite that some actual ‘rare/valid’ research has actually shown these to be detrimental to health i.e. even products that one imagines ‘should’ be helping to improve health are in the majority of cases doing the opposite, even worse ‘STILL’ NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT THIS/VIRTUALLY NO ONE EVEN NOTICES . . . IN EFFECT, every single angle you can think of has been stacked against us . . .

. . . hence the utterly depressing world health ‘stats’ that I give below for a wide range of specific health issues . . .

Which brings me to presenting some of the many, MANY ‘INCONVENIENT’ ‘HEATH’ FACTS/TRUTHS . . .

Did you know that over 95% of the world’s population has a health problem (19 people out of 20), while over a third (7 out of 20) have more than FIVE health issues? I quote:

“Just one in 20 people worldwide (4·3%) had no health problems in 2013, with a third of the world’s population (2·3 billion individuals) experiencing more than five ailments, according to a major new analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) 2013, published in The Lancet.”

In other words on modern medicines/modern medical doctors’ ‘WATCH’ pretty much our entire population is ILL/UNWELL/SICK because they’ve been getting progressively SICKER at an alarming rate and particularly when compared to ‘OTHER’ COMMON LIFE/LIVING INDICATORS’!!! ‘IF’ this is ‘correct’ then you’d expect a disproportionate increase in heath care costs compared to things like WAGES/INCOME being visibly OBSERVABLE.

Such as the following graph, which indicates that health care costs have increased way faster in proportion to pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! In other words, you’re not only BEING MADE TO BE ILL & MORE & MORE ILL OVER TIME . . . . BUT YOU ARE ALSO BEING MADE TO PAY MORE & MORE & MORE FOR BEING ‘MADE’ TO BE MORE ILL TOO . . .Within the UK, European and or USA populations (MASSIVE medical research / health costs expenditure) then what % of these populations have a specific health condition?

  1. Diabetes 7% (all types) (in 2015) was about 2.5% in 1990 and about 1% in 1965 (incidence is worse among multiple-race, black, and American Indian or Alaska Native)
  2. Heart Disease in age/% terms: 20-39 11% / 40-59 38% / 60-79 68% / 80+ 85%. In terms of deaths, 32% of deaths in USA attributed to Heart disease (for STARK massive changes in incidence of deaths since the 1900’s see third graph down here).
  3. Anorexia / Eating Disorders (bulimia nervosa, Binge Eating) 4% (at any one time) BUT 20-25% of people at some point within their life develop/have some eating disorder
  4. Asthma 8% (worse among multiple-race, black, and American Indian or Alaska Native)
  5. Eczema 10% (Children) 5.5% (Adults or ‘everyone’ I’m not sure)
  6. Back Pain / Chronic Pain (upright human) approximately 60% to 80% will get at least mild back pain at some time in our lives (55% of all adults, experienced ‘pain’ (not necessarily back pain) in the previous three months), 11% report having back pain at any one time. 12.5% up to 25% U.S. adults have some ‘chronic’ pain condition at any particular time.
  7. Arthritis 22% (or similar: rheumatism, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia)
  8. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 7.8% in 2003 to 9.5% in 2007 and to 11.0% in 2011-12 for children aged 4-17 years of age.
  9. Insomnia/Lack of Sleep 30% impacted, with 55% of these reporting having relationship difficulties, 77% report issues of concentration, 64% are less productive at work, 83% have problems with their mood and 93% with energy levels (lack of sleep is linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and poor mental health among other health problems and impacts between 40% and 60% of people over the age of 60). Did you know that after just one night of only four or five hours’ sleep, your natural cancer killing cells (that appear in your body every day) drop by 70 per cent or that the World Health Organization has classed any form of night-time shift work as a probable carcinogen?
  10. Restless Legs Syndrome: up to 10% (Restless legs syndrome may affect up to 10% of the U.S. population. It affects both sexes, but is more common in women and may begin at any age, even in young children. Most people who are affected severely are middle-aged or older.)
  11. Depression 13.9% in women and 8.5% in men in Europe, 9.1% for American adults

When Doctors Go On Strike Patients Stop Dying (this is here)

Johns Hopkins study suggests medical errors are third-leading cause of death in U.S. (this is here)

Here are some more ‘inconvenient’ possibilities . . .

In that I have ALREADY made a STRONG case that we are simulating MANY people here that were originally interfaced to different hermaphrodite animal forms (on this page here) and in that this means/implies that many people here may be simulating someone that was NOT interfaced to a human, then the following questions are likely extremely relevant/pertinent with respect to some very specific health issues:

  1. What food did these NONE HUMANS eat?
  2. What was the ‘natural’ environment of these none human forms?

In this respect, can you think of any potential problems that may arise/could be ‘EXPECTED’ if you are putting all incarnated people in your simulation into a SINGLE one size fits all species when ORIGINALLY they were of incarnated into very different species with perhaps very different food and or environment requirements/expectations?

The implications for diet never mind allergic reactions are enormous!!!

Allergies/Allergic Reactions:

  1. General Allergy: Worldwide, the rise in prevalence of allergic diseases has continued in the industrialized world for more than 50 years sensitization rates to one or more common allergens among school children are currently approaching 40%-50%. In 2012, 10.6% or 7.8 million children reported respiratory allergies in the past 12 months.
  2. Hay Fever: Roughly 7.8% of people 18 and over in the U.S. have hay fever.
  3. Sinusitis: Roughly 13% of people 18 and over in the U.S. have sinusitis.
  4. Drug Allergy: Worldwide, adverse drug reactions may affect up to 10% of the world’s population and affect up to 20% of all hospitalized patients.
  5. Food Allergy: Children: 8% have a food allergy.
  6. Skin Allergy: Worldwide, urticaria occurs with lifetime prevalence above 20% // In 2010, black children in the U.S. were more likely to have had skin allergies (17%) than white (12%) or Asian (10%) children.

Basically on medical science’s and particularly academics/scientists ‘medical’ researchers’ ‘WATCH’, pretty much EVERY HEALTH CONDITION YOU CAN THINK OF IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH/GETTING STEADILY WORSE!!!

EARLY MAY ADDITION TO THIS PAGE: (sent to me by a site reader)


In November 2017 the American Heart Association changed the guidelines for the definition of ‘high blood pressure’ from above 140/90 to 130/80 with the outcome that almost half the population in the US now have ‘high blood pressure’ (14%/10s of millions more than there we’re before this change, apparently directly impacting more younger people).

Apparently many doctors we’re taken aback by these new guidelines, and some of the more critical ones stated (the obvious), that it is for (the pharmaceutical companies) to sell more drugs!!!

Coincidentally, pretty much all high blood pressure drugs have numerous and also ‘bad’ side effects, such that usually people will have to try out a variety of different blood pressure drugs (i.e. they sell even more), in order to find the product or combinations of products that result in the LEAST ‘SHIT’ SIDE EFFECTS, or at the very least the least SHIT SIDE EFFECTS THEY CAN LIVE WITH (this was stated by a very knowledgeable pharmacy sales woman when I was getting mine).

Also, while reading the side effect lists on the two different products I got, they made for ‘REALLY SCARY’ READING (perhaps possibly even scary enough to put peoples blood pressure up even more!!!! – haha). I also got some of the stated side effects pretty much instantly when feeling forced to take the first pills (which a close friend told me was of the same ‘family of drugs’ as she got, and which were the drugs which set off the ultra extreme allergic reactions she ‘NOW’ suffers from (coincidentally requiring yet more medication)). The same friend got her bp level lowered and under control through things like juice fasting and taking natural products etc (same as I’m trying to do).

Also, everyone with high blood pressure is cajoled and persuaded to by a blood pressure ‘monitor’ I paid about £30 for mine, on UK amazon, (some we’re come cheaper) although in Denmark (for example), they’re often £40-60, and especially if they are from one of the ‘trustworthy’ brands.

Below is a table of ‘official’ statistics for the USA population the ‘violet’ shaded area is specifically of % of high blood pressure which is telling us that the age adjusted figure applies to about 60% of the adult population which would be about 60% of about 300million people which would be 180 million people each being recommended/cajoled into buying a blood pressure monitor which at 180 million x say £40 comes to £72 billion pounds . . . or $93 billion dollars or 83 billion euros . . . and in that you’ve always new models coming out and that things are designed to break if you even look at them in a funny way then they’ll probably be replaced every 2 or 3 or 4 years . . .

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: ‘IF’ what they are doing was in any way ‘correct’ then shouldn’t we have been seeing the reverse happening over the last few decades!!! NEVER MIND, that ‘IF’ they actually are EXPERTS IN “OBSERVATION & OR ‘RATIONAL’ EVALUATIONS” . . . then don’t you think it would be them/many of them writing this AND NOT MYSELF!!!!

Read the green linked page presented below for details of a human body & ‘evolution’ supporting diet that if used will help you to at least ‘limit/reduce/slow down and or maybe even stop’ the slide towards accumulating more and more health issues (which so far has been the case for myself) . . .


  1. Clive
    March 18, 2019 @ 2:38 am

    Interesting article . . . ( so, people with trauma related to betrayal, let down and disappointment to such an extent that they develop diabetes are specifically directly subjected to circumstances as ‘diabetics’ of ‘MORE OF THE SAME’!!!



  2. Tommy
    March 20, 2019 @ 11:38 pm

    There was a comment of 19 march in the preview column thingy on the right about how your site was having trouble that your internet browser deleted all the passwords. But now its gone can’t find the comment so did you deleted it or what?


    • Clive
      March 21, 2019 @ 12:06 am

      Yea Tommy, I deleted it because I sorted the problem out, it all seems to be working finw now!!!


  3. Clive
    March 21, 2019 @ 4:25 pm

    The ‘LATEST’ update/focus is immediately below . . . EAAS core processor ‘newage orientated/magical functioning’ shit has as one of it’s main objectives to keep subtle body attributes/functioning neutralised/negated (to keep everyone fooled into identifying with the limited human form) while also blocking access to what is being ‘stored and or locked down’ within your subtle forms ‘subtle’ body.

    FOCUS TARGETING FUNCTIONS/FUNCTIONING/ATTRIBUTES OF OUR SUBTLE BODY & BLOCKED FEELINGS/INNER STATES: Targeting everything that is being kept inaccessible of ourselves as subtle beings/forms . . .

    ” . . . I connect now to absolutely everything that I/we are not allowed to properly access and or engage with and or even BE AWARE OF/FEEL/SENSE, of myself/ourselves and particularly absolutely any/all base natural functions/functioning/awareness’s and or any/all other attributes of my subtle form/subtle forms complete/entire/absolute scale, scope and depth of attributes and aspects of subtle form/subtle body functioning including feelings/inner feelings/gut feelings/heart feelings/and and all types of intuitions and or all/any other rarer aspects/functions and functionality . . . I want to absolutely gain complete access to and or to sense/feel/intuit never mind absolutely consistently engage with, feel, live and or fully experience absolutely ANY & ALL aspects of absolutely all natural base feelings, gut associated feelings, heart associated/represented feelings and or any and ALL types of senses, perceptions, awareness’s and or absolutely any/all normal/natural and or normal/natural to myself/my own subtle forms full scale of attributes, abilities, functions and or functioning, including of my base subtle form self/my subtle body’s complete and entire scale and depth of natural senses/feelings/perceptions/insights/intuitions/hunches etc. etc. and or anything else/all other attributes/abilities, inclusive of any that are EXTRA with respect to my own subtle bodies base natural functioning, functions, senses, inner sensations, awareness’s, intuitions and absolutely all other natural attributes, signals, sensations, feelings, gut or heart senses/feelings/insights/intuitions and or impulses and or anything/everything else AS THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE/ARE FOR ‘MYSELF’ WHEN MY SUBTLE FORM IS NOT BEING FIREWALLED/BLOCKED/MANAGED . . . I connect to absolutely all that has been, is now and or that would in the future directly or indirectly contribute in the slightest to block and or prevent myself from reclaiming absolutely ALL of my subtle bodies base attributes, awareness’s, abilities, senses, intuitions, gut feelings, sensations and or functioning and particularly ANY/ALL OF THESE & ANY OTHERS THAT I’VE MISSED & OR NOT SPECIFIED, & OR ANY THAT EFFORTS HAVE BEEN/ARE NOW BEING MADE NOW TO BLOCK MYSELF FROM BECOMING AWARE OF & OR FULLY ENGAGING WITH NEVER MIND ABSOLUTELY FULLY/UTTERLY RECLAIMING & LIVING & EXPERIENCING . . . ”


    The new age/magical fantasy shit within our fake realities ‘core processor’ areas which unfortunately define some of the absolute bedrock/base attributes of our anomaly ridden reality just go on and on . . . below is the latest most USEFUL ‘NOW’ FOCUS, which includes a 2nd extended paragraph which approximates what I’ve been using/making up in my head over the last week or so!!!

    (SNV = SHIT’s that designed what we are living within, B’s/TCKP’s = people that the SHIT’s absolutely don’t like/see as a threat:)

    Do, once/twice if you can then leave it for a while/a few days before trying again!!!

    LATEST UPDATED FOCUS VERSION 2: The 2nd paragraph became extended so much that I split it and made a third:

    ” . . . I connect to all none SNV culture originated people that are ‘KEY/IMPORTANT’ to any SNV objectives/projects, I connect to all T’s/E’s/M’s/N’s, all B’s/CKP’s and their splits that the SNV’s directly or indirectly have an interest in and or actually rely upon/are ‘critical’ to SNV objectives/functionality and or particularly with respect to any important ‘projects’ including the EAAS/manage/traumatize other populations projects . . . I connect to absolutely everything designed into the core EAAS setup and or any of these peoples and or the SNV peoples SIS/data packages and or anything equivalent to these that are specifically part of absolutely anything conceived of and or designed to directly or indirectly and or remotely ‘manage/control/puppet/direct’ any of these people and specifically with respect to their interests, focus, dedication and or functionality and with respect to what they are doing/focused on and also with respect to whom they can interact with/get along with/spend quality time with and or how ‘functional/optimal/active and or relaxed’ they are depending what they are doing and or whom they want to interact with (and or are at risk of interacting with them) and or whom they ARE actually interacting with . . .

    . . . I connect to all items and all components and to all combinations of items and components that on their own and or as part of any coherent/loose/alternate logic/magical and or variable logic/magical functioning and or any intuition/imagination based form, system and or network and or as part of any stacked, layered/concatenated and or recursively stacked, layered/concatenated etc. etc. etc. versions of these that have been, are now and or that would in the future directly or indirectly contribute in the slightest to monitor, assess, evaluate and or ‘model/project into the future’ and or particularly as part of contributions to assess/find/identify/use the best/most optimal components/alternating combinations of transforming/self reconfiguring components and or alternate/obscuring routes/passage ways to pass/deliver data, information and or components and particularly with respect to anything trying to achieve the best most optimal/successful/secure/projected future outcome/outcomes . . .

    . . . I connect to all items and all components and to all combinations of items and components that have been are now and or would in the future be part of anything contributing to assessing, defining/divining and or selecting data formats and or data packages and or types of component/components functioning attributes as well as chains of altering/alternating/obscuring difficult to track, trace or identify forms/versions of these and or any components/routes/data pathways and or various/variable and or temporary alternate versions of these and or any diversions/feints/mis directions and or any combinations of these as part of absolutely ensuring delivery of the means to ‘negatively impact/traumatise and or disable/distract/divert/pre-occupy’ anyone deemed ‘dangerous’ to the SNV objectives and or the continued functioning and or security of anything of any of this . . . including to generate/use false/diversionary components/routes/data/pathways etc etc as part of absolutely any diversionary/distracting/time wasting false/fake/bait attempts and particularly as part of trying to protect/keep safe any ‘key’ components/any system/sub system functioning and or their worked for outcomes and or as part of attempting to negate make ineffective absolutely any hacker/hacking systems and or their scans/focuses and or to cause confusion/obscuration/diversion from anything of any of this and or anything not mentioned/defined here and particularly of anything trying to debilitate myself or any others using this/any focus and or to put/maintain us/any B/CKP/ANY OTHERS in any shit/effects/distractions/disabilities and or their/our ‘usual effects/shit’ and particularly with respect to/in contrast to my own or anyone else’s optimal/best/unfucked up/BEST version of ‘THEMSELVES’!!!! . . . “


    In that I’m pretty sure that ‘continuing’ explorations of ‘SHIT’ are about trying to identify additional ‘influence/shit originating’ factors that we’re missed in the past then I’ve been using the following focus to target people in the most shit/extremes!!!

    ” . . . I connect to absolutely all instance of all past hacking/investigation efforts of the current shit that is being investigated . . . I connect to absolutely every single component of the current shit and to absolutely all the past data and or investigations/hacking of this shit set/sets being hacked/explored in the past, I connect to ALL OF THESE INSTANCES NOW and to all details of absolutely all factors/aspects these shit sets as they were in the past . . . and I now connect to absolutely all factors/all specialist functions and or functioning and to all factors/components and or all combinations of factors, components and or functioning/modes of functioning and or all data and data stores and absolutely all means used to obscure/hide/protect the functioning and or origins of absolutely anything of any of this AND particularly anything/any factors and or functioning that ever directly or indirectly contributed to keep obscured and or hidden absolutely anything that is currently contributing to why we’re having to explore and or check for new/other/extra and particularly very well hidden factors and specifically any that contributed to ourselves/those up over being unable to understand the full and complete functioning through time of absolutely all factors/functions and or functioning such that absolutely nothing of this shit set would now remain a mystery . . . I fully and absolutely connect to absolutely anything/everything that now and or in the past managed to avoid and or absolutely avoid being detected and or understood such that the outside people/wsw teams ‘missed’ these and or failed to identify and or understand anything of these and or anything else . . . !!!!


  4. Tommy
    March 24, 2019 @ 3:40 am

    I get nothing useful I hear the words ‘cover up’, things did get a little less shitty after using the last focus but my guess is prolly temporary.


  5. Olivia
    March 24, 2019 @ 1:33 pm

    Thanks for the new focus. The first part – the three paragraphs, I read twice, nothing. The third time I tune in and Im aware of a palpable sense of isolation. Loneliness, deep emptiness, deep sense of loss. There is nothing around me. I’m walking on sand; a desert of some sorts, but not unbearably hot. Not a sound. Just nothingness but sand and constant light / day light. A sense of a never ending cycle. No night time. Just NOTHING. I’m looking around; my senses seem switched off, so I focus harder to bring awareness to them and realise that I’m in a small dome with the illusion of expanse. The sand I’m walking on is as if it’s functioning on a loop so I’m essentially walking but going know where. Like a treadmill. The space is much smaller than it seems. I stop walking, and the treadmill of sand automatically stops also.

    Then I start to “see” and “hear” noise. People; life; the “world” and realise that I’m actually isolated from/separate from the “outside” world. The “world” is continuing with all its illusions and falseness outside of me/the dome.

    I feel overwhelmingly helpless. I shout to my family; my loved ones; my friends; the world. I tell them it’s a trap. But no one hears me. I start to physically sob. I can hear laughing, and “loving life” and chatter; life happening/continuing without me on the other side of the dome. I have to strain so hard to hear it. I start tuning into the emptiness, the loss, the helplessness….but I’m prevented from doing more. My husband and daughter are outside my bedroom window, complaining I’m not outside. So I’m pulled from my mourning and absolving by the talking outside which becomes so loud. Won’t manage to do the second part until this evening, when it’s quiet.


    • Clive
      March 25, 2019 @ 2:51 pm

      Well, unfortunately Olivia, what you describe matches up with the ‘magical/newage’ additions/extensions wired into to the core processor/base functioning logic of the EAAS, i.e. it can generate/have you being subjected to a ‘parallel/entirely alternate’ sort of inner/partitioned ‘CIRCUMSTANCES/LIFE’ that is then overlaid onto and then used to gradually ‘update you’ in your actual real life!!!


  6. Jane
    March 25, 2019 @ 11:48 pm

    One observation, I get really spaced out/distracted while doing a focus, any focus. I generally have to repeat some of the sentences. Funny, with this one, I did the focus the night before and in the morning, my brain fog was improved. I’ll have to try some intermittent fasting for my brain fog.

    Oh yes, February was a shit storm for me and a few around me. I wrote out a comment earlier this month about shitty February and “accidentally” forgot to post it. In general if things are worse than usual, I look for an update. Sigh.


    • jane
      March 25, 2019 @ 11:50 pm

      Part of my comment did not post : “I shake my fist to the matrix” lol


  7. Irene S
    March 26, 2019 @ 9:23 pm

    Looking forward to the most recent info/news. 🙂


  8. Trent
    April 7, 2019 @ 11:45 am

    In the ‘new additional focus’ there is “and specifically any that contributed to ourselves/those up over being unable to understand” – is ‘up over’ meant to be ‘outside’?


    • Clive
      April 11, 2019 @ 7:06 pm

      Yea, sort of immediately outside close by BUT as there are ‘systems’ on many upper including way, ways, way, way up over levels dedicated to ‘maintain/support/protect’ all of the original fake MV agendas/objectives including of what we are in then we’ve ‘made friends’ on many higher levels (either that or they got sick of the projected psychic blast along the lines of . . . ‘I know your up there . . . get your arses in gear and sort this current shit ASAP’!!!) So, we’ve ‘friends/helpers’ on way, way up over levels as we’ve had to hack some of the over protection/maintain original MV experiment objectives ‘shit’ quite often as (due to extreme time differential) most had even forgotten they designed this shit!!!!

      Although we seem to have dealt with all upper shit as we’ve not had anything ‘external’ messing with us for ehhh I think for about 3 or 4 months now!!!!


  9. Shalin Patel
    April 28, 2019 @ 3:56 am

    Clive, here is my update – My situation is so extreme & constant and I am suffering immensely physically. I am very grateful for your help. Seems like B/KP are stuck based on your latest comment – I must be one of them given my crazy situation.

    I am completely blocked/stuck in every way and feel like my liver is the root of all my physical problems and I have PARKINSON’s like symptoms. Its like some set of factors (EXCESSIVE SEXUAL ACTIVITY/WORK STRESS/MENTAL-OVERLOAD/BURN-OUT/MENTAL-IRRITATION-ANNOYANCE-ANGER/EXTREME-DISAPPOINTMENTS?) triggered the liver to produce wind/gas continuously and now that wind/gas is blocking the meridian/channel thus leading to more wind/gas. Its a CYCLE/TRAP/I’M STUCK.

    . . . .


    • Clive
      May 13, 2019 @ 6:05 pm

      Shalin // EVERYONE READ ‘update’ ish

      We’ve been battling with core of the core processor shit which hasn’t been going well . . . until a couple of days ago then we realised that the remaining core processor ‘shit’ had been designed to function in ‘insane/immpossile to fathom ways’ based on our ‘conceptions’ at the time, however because one person I know ‘E’ is permanently in ‘insane’ states we used the below based on what she experiences to try and get a handle on these ‘shit’ sets . . .

      I’d not recommend anyone use this as ‘pay back’ may possibly be extreme . . . I’m giving the below so you can ‘read’ it and get some idea of how we thought it was working/functioning . . .

      ” . . . . I fully and absolutely connect to absolutely anything and or anything/any something else and any/every component and or none component and or combination of components/none components and or these and or anything and or anything else that is/are directly or indirectly functioning in any altered, abnormal, non-normal, insane and or conceptually/logically impossible ways and particularly in terms of existing, relating, interacting and or anything and combination of ‘anything’ that only ‘conceptually and or imaginatively’ exist . . . and or anything which can’t be imagined never mind characterised or described enough to be targeted never mind defined and or revealed and or figured out . . . or anything which doesn’t ‘exist’ and or which exists and or functions in ways that don’t make sense/conceptual/logical sense and or can’t be expressed, defined, named, comprehended and or properly and or adequately referred to and or conceptualised . . . and or anything unlocalised, none localised, anything undefinable, without boundaries, without self or substance, fragmented, absent and or non-existent . . . and or anything embodying and or part of any dichotomies, paradoxes and or allegories and or in multiple and or incompatible existences, states or ways of relating and or simultaneously . . . and or anything which is contributing to or could contribute to me being unsure and or misdirected with respect to how to target itself / anything else / current/this shit . . . and or anything else the same, similar or vaguely equivalent to or even very different to anything of this/anything that I’ve already described here that may directly or indirectly influence myself and PARTICULARLY in ways that I am unable or have not yet been able to directly or indirectly define, characterise and or describe . . . ”

      After writing and using the above I was (and still am in extreme head shutdown f***ing effects) . . . however based on more information from ‘E’ whom we thought was interfaced into a VR to understand and duplicate ‘insane’ states for the EAAS project which she was BUT deeper checking made us aware that she was also having ‘things/shit’ added in from elsewhere to . . . after which she designed the current core processor shit . . .

      While all of this is going on I rralise that ‘Rose’ has been subjected to various of these same extremes and also ‘Shalin’ (and a few others) AND that all of these ‘angles’ of effects are from shit designing suites working in ‘impossible/conceptually’ bizarre ways . . . which then has me remembering a very ‘interesting’ web site focused on PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCES!!!

      I’ve remembered that I was very, very interested/intrigued in some drug induced weird/head fucking experiences years ago, and particularly when I found one very specific web site which in the past I’d check out regularly and then more so one particular page on that site which appeared later on BUT which presents giff’s and video demonstrating various completely, utterly fucking/crazy/weird effects.

      In checking ‘now’ then the people that had these exceptionally weird experiences are actually representing these that were put into VR’s by the SNV’s to experiment/test out any/all types and varieties of alternate ‘basis for reality/conceptual’ experiences!!! In other words, all of this ‘psychonaut’ site experiences (links to this site are below) are the ones that were used as the basis for the design and testing of the current shit we’re now dealing with . . . so this had me doing scans to find and use all of these peoples psycho experiences and all VR designs/testing etc and to convert all of these into AI’s to have them trained to analyse/figure out/get them to conceptually understand and then ‘track’ the workings and the base functioning of current shit . . .

      I found these ‘fascinating’ BUT I was also very, very puzzled as to the vast variety/incredible scale and range of what some people had experienced taking various drugs . . . it seemed to me that the guy presenting that site was one of the main people involved in ‘whatever’ this research/this weird experience line was all about, which I intuitively couldn’t understand/was suspicious about because of the variability and scale of the different types of experiences just don’t relate to any subtle reality type spaces or effects . . . they really didn’t make any sense at all to me!!!!

      On again checking that web site in more detail (I’ve not visited it for ages) it’s got another page listing all of the ‘subjective’ effects which is here which also seems to include some digital/data handling/video ‘frame’ effects too AND on checking for other types of effects pages I found another which is here that is specifically listing more physical body as well as more psychological orientated effects including some that are ‘attitude’ focused which remind me of one of the COPIED brain in the vat guy’s whon seemed incapable of evaluating anything at all in the slightest correctly (while having absolutely no ability to notice this either) . . . . on doing more checks/scans we then found more VR’s of different types subjecting specific people to specific ‘effects’ one with a version of Tom (of both physical effects as well as ‘head/thinking/messing with’ effects) and another that had one of the BIAV guy’s being subjected to specific disassociation and other effects . . .

      So, hacking wasn’t going well because nothing of the hacking tech could handle in the slightest anything of this ‘shit’ until we figured out the above . . . we now seem to be making progress again!!!!


  10. Annabelle
    May 4, 2019 @ 2:30 am

    The “all heck broke loose” in February continued into March and April and I lost all circulation in my left leg. This required major surgery, to clear blood clots, under anesthetic, for 4 hours. It took a long time to recover and I am so frustrated with the medical system. Now I am told I have cataracts in my right eye. I am way too young to be having these issues.
    On the eve of April 14 I woke in a panic / screaming (never happened before) at 3 am. I felt that some major issue was occurring in the world and rushed to the computer to see what was going on. Found nothing, but of course the next day April 15 was the major fire in Paris.
    One week later I had a dream that I was gardening and heard rumblings and swishing under the ground. Giant worms started to wiz by me just under the topsoil. I was scared but also confused and said, “ This is the wrong civilization for these worms!”
    My extended family continues to have major issue with financial emergencies, relationship issues, and health issues. I am scrambling as I continue to try to help.
    I feel like I am hearing continuous bleed thru sounds, pressure, fans buzzing, chirping like crickets, and people talking. I am no longer able to tolerate any music that other people play. One day while working with a friend the pressure “shifted” and everything went quite. I asked my friend if she heard that shift and no one else heard it??


    • Clive
      May 14, 2019 @ 2:19 pm

      Yea, Annabelle core shit has been getting ‘nasty’ as it’s more and more at risk of loosing ground (although from updates it does seem to be easing off over the last 24 hours). . . I’ve been writing some more ‘hidden tech advances slow down’ pages but sabotages to thinking and writing of these is so over the top compared to anything else it’s almost unbelievable!!! All ‘sites’ editor/editing area is being sabotaged (the editing area has been reduced and locked almost to the size of a letter box so I get a tiny ‘window’ where as my head functions/makes connections with a full screen view), the mouse text selection and copy and paste is being sabotaged all the time making it a massive piss take!!!!


  11. Clive
    May 7, 2019 @ 3:05 pm



  12. Tommy
    May 13, 2019 @ 7:01 pm

    Ha that makes sense yesterday I was walking back home and I forced to interact again with someone who was on drugs. I was walking and somehow poofed somewhere different. We had a nice chat I bummed some smokes but afterwards I felt really shitty. I was like eh I wasn’t walking this way. Kinda like when I was riding my bike to my parents and I poofed somewhere else. I did a lot of drugs in my teens but I never recovered from it that Shalin stuff kinda sounds reasonable. My lsd trip a couple of years back was one total mindfuck. Clive what you describe in your new focus sounds a lot like the concept of Shiva the non existent non conprehensible. Have you had a chat with the hindu deities? Maybe saunter over to Shiva Vishnu and Brahma and have a chat like yo you guys have been making things very difficult. I thought you already went to Vishnu since he basically lives in the subtle hearts of the subtle bodies. In the vedas it says that he can control everyone’s subtle bodies. It might be a Ai though. See what you do with it what also would be a good idea is send a bunch of your invisible lot over to Ea to have a chat since that dude made the human animal form. Send a bunch to Prometheus he might have some ideas. And eh maybe check out the sisters of fate I can’t get on the Greek names but a chat with verdandi Urd and Skuld that’s what they were called in norse mythology.


    • Clive
      May 15, 2019 @ 11:39 am

      It’s very possible Tommy that you’re simulating one of the drug ‘like’ effects testing VR people that would fit for you and also for Melissa with the dollhouse angle actually just being a way to make it difficult to figure out that something else was/is going on . . . I’m getting that both of you we’re part of the ‘weird/drug’ head messing effects efforts!!! Also, the ‘Alpha’ Dollhouse guy/actor was likely subjected to some of these weird reality efforts to and I suspect that Heath Ledger (who died because he had seriously bad insomnia) and played the ‘out of his head’ crazy ‘Joker’ character was also subjected to these too!!!


  13. Rose
    May 14, 2019 @ 3:45 pm

    I have some serious ‘psychiatry’ related things happening today. I just watched 1st part of 3 of a Danish program exploring if psychiatric patients, who die seemingly ‘without any reason’, actually die from the medicine, which a large national forensic autopsy-based study (called Survive) concludes that over 12% do. Denmark has one of the highest consumption of psychopharmaka (psychiatric medication) in the world. Because autopsies are very costly here (~£6500/$10.000 a piece) they are not used very often (as opposed to in neighbouring Scandinavian countries where it is used a lot more in those cases), and therefore the necessary examinations aren’t carried out, and it doesn’t get discovered if people have died from side effects.

    All of those 12 % who died from the medicine side effects, had been given more than one antipsychotic drug at the same time, which is against the guidelines from the Danish authorities and psychiatric experts. Something critical doctors say is a camouflaged way of giving the patients far higher doses of the maximum for one product, becasue you can give people several ‘max’ doses. When people died in psychiatry all the drugs are individually checked, and since none of them exceed the max dosage on their own, it doesn’t look ‘alarming’.

    But people get shitloads of pills in the psychiatry. (I was hospitalised (25 years ago) with one guy who got 13 different pills twice a day, and he was still convinced that he was Odin! I got antipsychotic drugs without being psychotic, which is oen of the singe most damaging and long term traumatizing things in my life).

    All the drugs have serious side effects, both physical and others. Like huge weight gain, which is then connected with or causing things like diabetes, cardiovascular disease (blood clots, heart failure), cancer etc. Many of the drugs contain what one critical expert calls ‘heart poisons’ and he said that if you get more than one of those, your heart will get damaged.

    The general life length for psychiatric patients is 20-25 years shorter than ‘normal’, and can be compared to life length in a ‘third world country’ another critical expert/researcher said. A male schizophrenic patient can expect to die at 56, for example.

    The drugs can build up in some of the vital organs, and some of the autopsied people had drug concentrations in the heart tissue 7-8 times higher than in their blood.Which means that even very small amounts of the drugs can have a huge impact on their health (and death). In the Survive study forensic doctors made autopsies on 500 psychiatric patients who had died (they didn’t say anything aobut how they could have access to 500 dead people, that number sounded scary).

    The program focused on two different mothers and their adult children, both of whom hadn’t been ‘ill’ with anything ‘psychiatric’ (but with other things, the doctors coudlnt’ really figure out, one of them soem kind of epilepsy like symptoms for example), when they were suddenly given psychiatric drugs, without any clear diagnosis or any mental illness symptoms in the one case. And the other had made some minor robberies as a young boy and was put in a court ordered psychiatric ward, and given drugs. Both had been highly intelligent and had great memories, great sense of humor etc. And both rapidly degenerated and began exposing the same ‘symptoms’ – like ‘aggression’ (which is also one of the common side effects of many of those drugs). And also a lot of the same physical symptoms like later in the sequence constant vomiting and lots of other things.

    The first one died 15 years ago, 32 years old, after her mother had feared that that would happen for years, while witnessing everything going rapidly downhill for her beloved daughter, who was degenerating more and more (she had gone from completely ‘normal’ to seriously ‘weird’ and unable to use her legs and her mother found her in her own pee on the floor and acting crazy, and discovered that she had suddenly gotten a schizophrenia diagnosis and had been given several different drugs – and was a totally changed person from then on, it almost happened ‘overnight’). And her death was one of those with ‘no cause’. Her mother had been fighting for years to get her out of the medicine or get the doctors to see that it destroyed her and changed her personality completely (which the psychiatrists of course claimed was ‘because of her illness’). And she has fought to get them to acknowledge that the medicine killed her daughter, ever since, and has started as group of people who have experienced the same with someone close to them.

    When they have experts go through the daughters autopsy file now, in connection with the making of the program, it shows 9 different drugs in her blood, four of which are anti-psychotic, and thus she got a four double max dose, which is very/extremely dangerous according to the experts in the program. And they (critical expert doctors) have no doubt that that had killed her.

    In the other case the mother has been filming her son regularly since 2014 to document what is happening with him and what the many different drugs he has been on is doing to him. While getting more and more terrified that he will die from it soon, which it also seemed as if it is rapidly getting closer to. She has also fought like crazy, but has been met with the same extreme ‘denial’ and claims that it is his illness and not the drugs doing this to him.

    It was extremely terrible to watch, also because he has periods where things are suddenly a lot ‘better’, when he gets different combinations of drugs (they always do that, experiment with variations of combinations of drugs, they use people as guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies, no two people with exactly the same diagnosis and symptoms ever get the same combination of drugs). And then he has periods where he is a mixture of a drugged out ‘zombie’ and extremely aggressive (he attacks his mother physically also) and really ‘crazy’.

    It’s one of the worst things I have ever watched. But I’m ‘glad’ I did. I read about the psychopharmaka deaths already back in the 1980’s and the massive denial of it that parents or relatives of those who died were always met with. They are psychopaths in the psychiatric system.

    My whole system is in ‘psychiatric shock’ shit, ‘semi paralysed’ and in extreme pains right now. I know from experience about the accumulation of old drugs in the body tissue, from when I had Rolfing (very deep tissue massage/bodywork) 15 years ago, and the woman I had sessions with told me that if I had ever taken any drugs there could be old accumulations of them in the jaw area getting released and that I could have re-experiences of it due to the treatments. It suddenly (and very surprising) happened two months later, first all the ‘recreational’ drugs and then the psychiatric ones, I moved through all of them over some weeks, some of which was very scary and terrible, same when I got those drugs many years before.

    Right before that program suddenly popping up today, I had checked my mailbox, and there was a book, I had forgotten all aobut. I ordered it some months ago, when I was researching CBD oil, and landed on a very good blog written by a schizophrenic woman in her 30s and several guest writers, all psychiatric patients, and all of them very intelligent, and the posts I read there were very good and terrible psychiatric stories. She herself was court ordered to the closed unit where she is now, after having set the curtains in her room (in a normal ward) on fire in order to try to get some genuine attention from the staff. And as part of her punishment she is not allowed to have either a mobile phone or access to the internet, other than very short time very rarely and under supervision. And she had written and published her story/biography, which I find pretty impressive, given her situation. I ordered the book as a gesture of support and ‘solidarity’, and I can see it is also well written and I will definitely read it.

    I found the Survive study:

    A notable excess mortality is present among the mentally ill. The project “SURVIVE: Let the dead help the living” is a prospective, nationwide autopsy-based study and a collaboration between the Forensic Institutes in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus and large number of other excellent research facilities”.

    It looks very ‘interesting’, they are exploring many different angles of how psychiatric drugs impact the health negatively, one sub-study is about the possible connection between antipsychotics and osteoporosis, and several others about antipsychotics and various heart problems. Text in English here:


  14. Tommy
    May 15, 2019 @ 1:54 am

    @rose that kid who thought he was Odin might have very well been Odin since he has a habit of horsing people is also something Clive should take a look at because how the fuck can they interface to our brilliant human animal form who causes only problems. I’m sorry to hear about your psychiatric problems. I have always dodged normal psychiatric intervention and meds. Somewhat intuitively didn’t change that opinion even after if the incessant voices beeping looping thoughts were/are driving me mad. The psychiatrists told me well you have hppd and tinnitus we can’t fix that. We could give you some antipsychotics to remove the hallucinations well let’s not maybe some nice cognitive behavioral therapy. That still doesn’t fix the I am involuntary speaking with people that aren’t there that I still have to meet. That the weird thing somewhere between all the incessant mental chatter there are sorta warning kinda things.


  15. Tommy
    May 16, 2019 @ 1:37 am

    I’m being selfish here but eh focus to target the drug/dollhouse stuff? I used the don’t use focus two times but all I get is more of the same. I was playing videogames and eh I have a mirror next to me I started seeing all kinds of weird faces outta nowhere after the focus. I have been using a bunch of focuses but I get nothing coherent enough nothing new you know my symptoms. My whole role inside the sim feels like a pisstake. I have been living out pieces of other people their scripts like my script is a mix and match of all scripted stuff of others. Maybe your mates should take a look at the scripts of the people I interacted with in the past. I know I’m asking a lot right here but maybe a list of old and new focuses that I should do so that your lot can figure it out faster. I’m not doing anything useful during the day.


    • Clive
      May 20, 2019 @ 11:57 pm

      Haha Tommy well if you want a focus to play with then this is the one that I wrote and used to target the ‘weird mental states/insane’ shit . . . knock yourself out – haha

      ” . . . . I fully and absolutely connect to absolutely anything and or anything/any something else and any/every component and or none component and or combination of components/none components and or these and or anything and or anything else that is/are directly or indirectly functioning in any altered, abnormal, non-normal, insane and or conceptually/logically impossible ways and particularly in terms of existing, relating, interacting and or anything and combination of ‘anything’ that only ‘conceptually and or imaginatively’ exist . . . and or anything which can’t be imagined never mind characterised or described enough to be targeted never mind defined and or revealed and or figured out . . . or anything which doesn’t ‘exist’ and or which exists and or functions in ways that don’t make perceptual/conceptual and or logical sense and or can’t be expressed, defined, named, comprehended and or properly and or adequately referred to and or conceptualised . . . and or anything unlocalised, none localised, anything undefinable, without boundaries, without self or substance, fragmented, absent and or non-existent . . . and or anything embodying and or part of any dichotomies, paradoxes and or allegories and or in multiple and or incompatible existences, states or ways of relating and or simultaneously . . . and or anything which is contributing to or could contribute to me being unsure and or misdirected with respect to how to target itself / anything else / current/this shit . . . and or anything else the same, similar or vaguely equivalent to or even very different to anything of this/anything that I’ve already described here that may directly or indirectly influence myself and PARTICULARLY in ways that I am unable or have not yet been able to directly or indirectly define, characterise and or describe . . . “


  16. Tommy
    May 24, 2019 @ 2:55 pm

    This new focus is fun. So far the weird effects I had reminded me of being on drugs. The closed eye visuals it’s a lot more of the weird stuff I already saw it’s kinda hard to explain. It’s basically when I close my eyes I see things happening in that weird purple field mostly strange alien reptile faces. A lot of satanic stuff things like upside down pentagrams a lot of pan satyr like creatures. I had a whole collection of weird buff shirtless guys with heads of goats and rams in my room before I slept. It ended with the rod of Hermes. Which didn’t make any sense because Pan was Hermes son. You explained a lot about Pan Hannibal devil like subtle researcher and I remember vaguely Nyssa mentioning some rod of Hermes tech idk if it was Nyssa or Rose. Nyssa explained that gods weren’t real but that they were mission positions. Sorry I have been speculating sorry if it’s a trash comment these things are hard to discribe.


    • Clive
      May 24, 2019 @ 3:52 pm

      Glad you’re having fun with that focus there Tommy, (maybe I should bottle and sell that focus/exercise – haha) I ‘think’ we’ve hacked ‘everything’ BUT in that some ‘shit’ sets are extremely sophisticated such that hacking/eradicating them hasn’t ‘really’ helped understand them very well such that when confronted with the next similar version (which you then ‘still’ don’t understand) you end up also eventually hacking BUT still not understanding it hence your hacking tech ‘still’ cannot cope with it (some recent shit sets have taken 3/4/5 days to hack) . . . so I’m pretty sure we’re spending a bit of time ‘playing’ with some in the past ‘impossible’ to understand shit sets . . . so I’m not surprised they’ve got you doing this focus as this is one of these ‘impossible’ sets . . . another twin of you ‘Tom’ always has problems either organising things and or throwing out/giving away things he no longer needs so he’s in ‘these’ specific angles now and also one person I know whose a ‘Borg’ is having their ‘made into a Borg’ shit angles investigated in greater depths compared to what we’ve managed previously. Ah, certain ‘key’ shit sets/designs have been a problem because we’ve only just found out in the last few days that their ‘core/key functioning’ that was making them sophisticated was always deleted/self destructed when we were getting close to ‘getting it/hacking it all’!!!!


  17. Tommy
    May 24, 2019 @ 9:53 pm

    Lol I think the new focus wouldn’t do much for people who didn’t take drugs in the past. Else you would be sitting on a goldmine hahaha. My mom bought me shoes with borg on it last September I should have known. So eh dollhouse shenanigans borg shenanigans and drug shenanigans wauw no wonder I’m always so angry. That explains a lot. Lemme know if you need anything more. Please Clive though let your invisible mates give me a heads up when I’m going into another temper tantrum state. There is so much anger and frustration that’s not fun tbh. I have something new some weird ear spasm stuff on the right. If I have some communication tech can you guys switch it off. I’m sick of the jabbering voices.


  18. Shalin
    May 28, 2019 @ 11:45 pm

    Tommy, I think the dollhouse shenanigans have also fucked me too given my experiences of what seemed like invisible beings speaking to me at various points in my life making me think I was crazy. As well as sensations as if something was trying to enter my body while I was asleep. I even had an experience as a 3 year old where I walked into my moms room and there was this *thing* covered in a bed sheet standing there and it spoke to me. Combine that with drug shenanigans (in my case pharmaceuticals) i.e. antidepressants, antipsyhotics, the acne drug ACCUTANE (ISOTRETINOIN) and alcohol use – sometimes while I was on those medications have royally messed me up. Have had lots of blackouts after drinking when I was in my 20s and I always wondered in fear what misdeeds I may have done in my intoxicated state as there were a few (extreme rage). But that was only part of the problem – I get that I must have been working on the sim without any leisure (all work and no play) as I’ve done the same as a work-a-holic combined with shenanigans that gave me an extremely high sex drive from childhood (depleted a lot of kidney *jing* as they say in Chinese medicine) but also had shenanigans that made people, especially women ignore me / stay away from me (although certain family/friends also ignored me and eventually disengaged from me altogether). Even had manipulations that caused extreme boats of fears (sexual traumas) repeatedly despite knowing cognitively that there was nothing to fear but it was uncontrollable. Still have loads of anger festering especially targeted towards authority figures like politicians/governments/religious-figure/western-medicine-docs/my-dad and what not.

    I recently ripped up pictures of buddhist/hindu deities my mom had up in our house (ganesh, shiva, krishna, buddha and various others) and cursed them in a fit of rage as I was tired of all the hell symptoms despite the healing pujas (which I now know is bullshit) my family paid temples in India to do for us a few years ago- hopefully the deities or the AI’s don’t retaliate – haha.


  19. Megan
    May 29, 2019 @ 2:20 am

    I read the ‘Millennium’ series a while back, and two things caught my interest. One was Lisbeth’s relationship to her twin sister, Camilla. How Camilla was the golden child, being smart and perfect while Lisbeth was pretty much a disgrace. My mother often compared me to other classmates of mine who were going to go onto college and get into successful careers and make a lot of money. And it seemed no matter what I did, I could never compete and never keep up. Another is just how relatable Lisbeth Salander was as a character in how the doctors and government officials called her crazy and tried to subvert and disgrace her. I have gone to great lengths to repress myself emotionally to stop people from putting me down or to keep them from calling me crazy, even to the point of isolating myself from society (for the most part) since it caused more pain than good to deal with people. Yet, even after finishing the series (I only read the first three books) I still felt like something was missing.

    A few months later I was watching a walkthrough of the videogame Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, where the main character suffers from psychosis, and I could really relate to a lot of the stuff Senua had to deal with mentally and emotionally (granted I don’t physically hallucinate or hear voices like she does in the game. They are more like thoughts and impressions. I call them ghosts.) While watching this the thought hit me, ‘It wasn’t enough to call me crazy. They actually made me crazy.’ While this was eye opening, the question of how popped into my mind, and even in thinking of Clive’s pages and what they revealed, it didn’t feel quite right.

    It wasn’t until watching the Hannibal episode ‘Buffet Froid’ (season1, episode 10) when Hannibal convinced the neurologist to ignore Will’s condition for the sake of science did it finally hit me, ‘It’s not that they made me crazy. They knew something was wrong and used it against me.’ By the time the episode was over I was left feeling that the field of psychology is nothing more than a sham.


  20. Shalin
    May 29, 2019 @ 10:08 pm

    When I do the *insane* state focus I get some weird sense – something to do with a helicopter kind of vehicle that is emitting *shit* or executing *subroutines* using a random number generator – perhaps its a random number generator that is being used to select which subroutines get executed/run and that determines what shit is being emitted into me/others. Its hard to describe as that vehicle like structure also goes in and out of existence if this makes any sense.

    There is a concept in Chinese Medicine of *wild qi* and usually occurs with a separation of yin and yang – which occurs when one becomes extremely deficient in either the yin or the yang of any organ system. Then the qi begins to behave wildly causing insane mental/emtional states and this in turn is also associated with various physical disease patterns (MS, Parkinson’s etc). Somehow I am getting that this state is actually some how related to this insanely behaving *shit*.

    I will keep trying this focus to see if I can describe it better of it things become more clearer. I’m sorry that this wasn’t any clearer.

    I’m also getting what seems to be a pin ball game of sorts – where metal balls whose movements are influenced by what they touch/hit, which also then triggers different subroutines based on what they are touching/hitting/activating – which is kind of consistent with the random number generator concept I reported earlier.

    Also get some kind of game like the Plinko game in Price is right – where the chips move about randomly in the pegs and based on where they land different subroutines are being triggered.

    Here is a youtube of the Plinko game:

    Now I could be being *mislead/misguided* by what I am seeing when I close my eyes but this is the kind of thing I am sensing.

    Will keep playing with it and report back if I see something entirely different than the sort of random generator type of thing I am sensing.


    • Clive
      June 4, 2019 @ 6:33 pm

      All regulars/read use this focus . . . Shalin that’s a very good description of some of that shit sets strategies/efforts to ‘avoid’ being pinned down/being found and or dealt with!!!!

      FINDING ALL VARIATIONS OF PERSONAL DATA/SHIT STORES: We’ve been making an effort recently to focus on finding all personal data stores as if we find and then edit these we can then at times reduce the shit effects impacting people, at least for a while, sometimes a long while before some over checking tech/system kicks in and realises the shit effects/trauma data set currently in use isn’t complete . . . so, ‘EVERYONE’ use the latest focus below (do once or twice then leave for a few days before doing it again):

      ” . . . I fully and absolutely connect to absolutely all data stores and or caches and or as or in any fragmented/fractionated/dispersed/encoded and or any non-data and or non-cache forms that are directly or indirectly storing and or indirectly/obliquely and or in deliberately confusingly ways ‘referencing’ any/ALL types of mind/spirit/subtle/emotional/feelings/mental/physical body impacting and or any life aspect impacting/degrading and or shit maintaining circumstances and or trauma/shit effects/health symptoms/ailments and or psychological/behavioural problems and or shit ‘life circumstances’ and or shit/debilitating decision outcomes and or all delivery and or conversion parameters and particularly to allow people/anyone to be directly or indirectly impacted in many different/alternate internal and or external ways and or via any/many different circumstances/situations/types of impacts and particularly as part of achieving the same ‘trauma/debilitating/maintaining and or increasing’ effect/outcome and or particularly any negative physical body and or internal aspect impacting and or external relationship and or life circumstances/situation impacting’ and or any other negative/debilitating outcome/outcomes AT ALL and or as part of any long term strategy/efforts/combinations of effects/efforts . . . and I connect to absolutely all designers, absolutely all designing VR’s and absolutely all testing VR’s ‘ANYWHERE’ that we’re specifically focused on and or where part of any efforts to keep any all personal data absolutely completely hidden and impossible to find and or identify/decode and or get access to . . . “”

      Shit ‘maintaining’ versions over the last few weeks have all been in a super ultra compressed form that are then decompressed/unpacked within some ‘system’ memory space. . . so, we’ve been chasing down designers and initial designs efforts as well as VR testing and ‘integrating/playing nicely’ with other shit versions spaces/places . . . so there appears to be ‘nothing’ left BUT that’s because it’s relying on having remaining shit sets hidden in these super/ultra compressed forms that once unpacked/decompressed in memory these disperse and ‘do their thing’ while also then trying very hard not to be hacked!!!!


  21. Shalin
    June 7, 2019 @ 1:01 am

    2 rounds of new focus – I can’t seem to access my *shit* stores/caches.

    What I do see when I close my eyes is:

    -the 1980’s Nintendo video game Legend of Zelda – particularly the secrets/hidden stuff in the game and how you access them (here is an example where you burn down a tree to reveal a secret stairway for instance

    -I also see fragments of what appear to be shapes of *data* with different colours like in the 1980s Nintendo video game Tetrus ( The unfragmented/decoded form is put together by connecting/fitting together *like* colours of the shapes or something of that nature.

    -Another 1980s Nintendo video game *Simon’s Quest* came to mind as well as it too had loads of hidden/secrets.

    I also sense some kind of RAM table and scripts running on something like a linux server that decrypt/untar/unzip files and run scripts after which they delete the files (while the encrypted/tar’d/zipped forms remain to be decrypted/untar’d/unzipped again in the next interval of execution). I personally run python scripts for my *work* but don’t know if that is at all connected. As well, my colleague at work is designing all sorts of data structures to assist me in my work (which I’m currently taking a break from) so I thought of all the data he is loading up in RAM to support our data mining activities but can’t see how that is in anyway connected. Or is it…

    That all said, I can’t seem to identify where whatever I see is located. At the current time I am unable to identify the location of my data stores and unable to decipher how the maintaining stuff is operating.

    Just a brief feedback for you. Will continue to play with focus and circle back if/once I see something more meaningful.


  22. Flynn
    June 7, 2019 @ 8:16 pm

    Whoa haha this one’s wild too. It’s like the movie with that mate Jeff Goldblum, The Fly, where the scientist gets merged with a fly but doesn’t know it. But more like you’re a spider-dude (but not Spider-Man). I see you like you’re a tiny head that’s surrounded in a ceramic bubble and a cone around your neck like a dog’s cone after a trip to the vet, and behind you you’re connected to a spider’s butt of a big storehouse of data. There’s tiny robot spiders surrounding you making decisions about what people experience, weaving it and they send it out from the butt that’s connected to your head, down spider web threads to mess with peoples lives.

    The cone ahahah man that’s what we call a cone of shame when the dog comes home with one, and he can’t lick himself when it’s on. I guess it would keep you from seeing the data coming out your spiders butt ahaha. Sorry man looks like that sucks


  23. Rose
    June 11, 2019 @ 12:06 pm

    Since 1965 WHO have published a register of all known physical and mental diseases and illnesses, The International Classification of Diseases, ICD.

    The current version describes 380(!) different types of ‘mental illness’!

    It describes which symptoms and which behaviour belongs to which disorder, and is used for diagnosing internationally.

    The next part of the psychiatry programme I wrote about in a comment above were equally terrible. One had as theme the, to the psychiatrists and the National Health Department, well known side effect and risk that young people can get suicidal from SSRI antidepressants (‘happy pills’), when they start taking them. And they showed a 17 years old young man, who had never been suicidal until his doctor gave him those SSRI – to help him sleep better at night(!) – who had then suddenly committed suicide 2 weeks later, leaving a letter to his parent about how the pills were making him feel totally weird and wrong. And his parents desperate attempt to get someone to take responsibility for that and acknowledge that it happens.

    One psychiatry professor said: “The diagnose is completely dependent on establishing contact and talk with the patient”, talking as if they actually do that. Which they absolutely don’t do. They only ‘interact’ through a standard set of ‘questions’ about whether you hear voices, see ‘signs’, believe you have superpowers, feel that you know what other people thing and feel etc etc, and never ask you about what you yourself feel is going on or how you are doing (other than meaning “how is the medicine working”).

    The critical psychiatrists talked about that we have a psychiatric system that won’t allow/where it is impossible to ever be declared cured. Technically seen it is also not possible to demand that anything gets changed in your journal, since it is seen as a “historical document” (and saved in the national archives!). So if you once got a diagnosis it will have consequences for the rest of your life, regardless of whether the diagnosis was correct or not (something that I and many others have experienced in various far out ways, first hand).

    In spring 2019 the parliament here turned down a proposition that psychiatric patients in the future can be declared ‘cured’ if they haven’t had any symptoms and and been without medicinal treatment in a long period.

    And they talked about if you get a physical disease, you won’t get the treatment you need (I have known people who had that happen, in one instance it was near fatal). And how you will get discriminated in many different ways. (There are for example several (Western) countries you can’t get visa for if you answer the application questions honestly, USA and Australia among others).

    According to the statistics the number of psychiatric patients have tripled in Denmark in the last 20 years and every third(!) Dane will now come in contact with the psychiatric system and get a diagnosis (at least one) in their lifetime. (Earlier they used to say it was 20%, which is already scarily many).

    While Denmark has at the same time for several years in a row been determined “the happiest country in the world”, judged by some absurd parameters (which I suspect are mostly economic and work hours related), absurd because at least 10% of the population here are on antidepressants.

    @Tommy – it’s really great you managed to avoid the psychiatry, Tommy! I unfortunately didn’t have a choice. I was ‘forced’ hospitalised, because I had suicidal thoughts. Something that was never once discussed in the multitudes of inquisition like ‘interrogations’ I went through with a large number of doctors. But it is a ‘stamp’ that has followed me ever since.

    I had ‘kundalini run amok’ after a large dosis of yoga, meditation, rebirthing and bad therapy, and was in some quite extreme ‘transpersonal’ states, but not ‘psychotic’ in the normal use of the word. A large percentage of the people in the psychiatric hospitals obviously (if you know about it) have ‘kundalini’ shit. Something that is definitely not described in the ICD register, or acknowledged by the psychiatrists. Even though they must have encountered the same ‘symptoms’ loads of times, and then just chosen to ignore that fact and force people into their rigid set of ‘diagnoses’.


    • Clive
      June 11, 2019 @ 1:25 pm

      I check out/read articles on this site for these angles every so often Rose: MADinAmerica, it’s always got some interesting none ‘main stream’ perspectives/articles!!!


  24. Rose
    June 11, 2019 @ 12:16 pm

    This is from WHO’s website, about the ICD – it sounds like taken from an EAAS Department ‘Manifesto’:

    “ICD-11: Classifying disease to map the way we live and die.
    Coding disease and death.

    There are few truer snapshots of a country’s wellbeing than its health statistics. While broad economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product may skew impressions of individual prosperity, data on disease and death reveal how a population is truly faring.

    The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) is the bedrock for health statistics. It maps the human condition from birth to death: any injury or disease we encounter in life − and anything we might die of − is coded.

    Not only that, the ICD also captures factors influencing health, or external causes of mortality and morbidity, providing a holistic look at every aspect of life that can affect health.

    These health statistics form the basis for almost every decision made in health care today − understanding what people get sick from, and what eventually kills them, is at the core of mapping disease trends and epidemics, deciding how to programme health services, allocate health care spending, and invest in R&D.

    ICD codes can have enormous financial importance, since they are used to determine where best to invest increasingly scant resources. In countries such as the USA, meanwhile, ICD codes are the foundation of health insurance billing, and thus critically tied up with health care finances.

    Crucially, in a world of 7.4 billion people speaking nearly 7000 languages, the ICD provides a common vocabulary for recording, reporting and monitoring health problems. Fifty years ago, it would be unlikely that a disease such as schizophrenia would be diagnosed similarly in Japan, Kenya and Brazil. Now, however, if a doctor in another country cannot read a person’s medical records, they will know what the ICD code means.

    Without the ICD’s ability to provide standardized, consistent data, each country or region would have its own classifications that would most likely only be relevant where it is used. Standardization is the key that unlocks global health data analysis.”

    You can see a few examples of the ‘codings’ on the page:

    Gender Incongruence Code HA47
    Gaming disorder Code 6C51
    Post-Traumatic Stress disorder Code 6B40


  25. Shalin
    June 11, 2019 @ 1:40 pm

    Interesting comment by Rose — I can attest to the *kundalini* shit as for the past 4 years I’ve had uncontrollable energy rushing to the head like my heads going to explode. Chinese medicine says its liver yang rising and its fucking up my mental state. I can barely do anything and constantly feel on edge/agitated/irritated and get all sorts of nutty crazy thoughts (violent) – I can totally see how people do crazy things when they are in this state as the agitation is at a maximum. You just cant sit still and settle down. I cant watch action films or even high paced sports like hockey, basketball as the stimulation is too much for my nervous system to handle.


  26. Tommy
    March 25, 2021 @ 9:08 pm

    I was a idiot that Ukrainian that was staying gifted me some lsd did it yesterday ow boy what a mess. I was thinking what could go wrong ahahahahahahahaha well a lot apparently

    It was very weird things got of out hand super fast. All kinds of weird “satanic” and alien stuff also a fuckton of weird homosexual sex stuff I was not having a good time.

    I had some weird underwater greek deity style stuff. I had some weird Mayan/Incan stuff. Something that looked like a death god. It was a fucking field day. I tried to do some of the focusses on it bad idea I’m also questioning myself if it even was lsd

    All in bad idea but guess it was necessary for me to finally stop being curious compared to the second time I did it this was completely different no super instant inner knowing no ow this is what’s going to happen the next few weeks months years. Three times lsd and this time was more like my horrible first time.

    Ow well idk what went wrong I do know I’m really stuck in old behavior patterns not wanting to go out not wanting to exercise I’m super fearful and idk what’s up with my stomach or abdomen but it feels completely locked off.

    Didn’t dare to do focusses I might do some in a couple of days


  27. Melissa
    June 8, 2021 @ 12:55 pm

    Issues with swallowing and breathing through my nose

    Feels like there are tons of different people in my throat and in my nose and all are fighting over the ability to swallow and breathe. I can barely breathe in my nose and it feels cut off from my lungs. I feel cut off from my lungs and it doesn’t feel like they work.

    Someone says when I breathe through my mouth that they can breathe through me that way. My mouth feels like it has to stay open and is my normal way of breathing. Feels like there is stuff stuffed in my body. It feels tight and smashed I just had the sensation of breathing through my mouth to my lungs but it was very shallow and the lungs felt lower and small. It doesn’t feel like my lungs.

    Something won’t let me swallow or close the back of my mouth / throat. It feels like people are using my body to function and live. I feel connected to tons of people that have issues with their swallowing and breathing.

    Also I have issues with burping and passing gas. Everything feels so tight and like it won’t move. Swallowing is still a problem. I also feel that these other people I am connected to experience eating through me and swallow my food. I feel people coming in and biting down in my teeth. It causes bites in my mouth. It’s like people are eating food through me.

    I remember my lungs being higher up and deeper breathes. My chest would rise and fall. I used to be able to take deep breathes and it would be connected to my nose and throat. As I try to breathe I feel things blocking off my nose and throat. When I stop trying to breathe through my mouth and bite on my teeth it feels like it is cutting someone else off of breathing.

    Also it feels like the back of my throat comes back but once I move my mouth open it slides a way. To swallow in the back of my throat is labored and I have to try to do it, it doesn’t come natural. It’s like I am trying to overcome a block in swallowing.

    Voices saying they can’t let me swallow or won’t let me swallow. Voices in my chest heart area sending energy saying they want me to come back. I don’t know what they mean by this. I am being blocked from swallowing and healing and living a normal life. The back of my throat felt like it lost the back and voices in the back of my throat say they can’t let this come back. When I try to swallow they say they can’t let this come back. They just won’t let me swallow. I just tried to swallow and it’s blocked again. Someone won’t let me swallow. My throat feels blocked. The back of it won’t close and swallow.


    • Clive
      June 8, 2021 @ 3:22 pm

      Hi Melissa, if you remember despite that we are all ‘human’ here we are actually duplicates of people whom in many cases interfaced to many different (none human) physical animal forms. What you describe could be representing you interfaced (for example) to an underwater species or to a species that lived in a very different atmosphere compared to what we have here.

      My browser went back to normal (after about 24 hours of sabotages) i.e. this happening seemed to me to be part of a stress/worry focused windup/campaign FU sabotage of my web browsers, accessing and engaging with the internet effort although I’m still having general sabotages with respect to my computers (causing ‘functionality’ problems for a while). I even got to the point of I trying to install a Linux OS (Q4OS (a generally unbelievably easy Linux version to install)) on my laptop (trying to have a duel boot into linux or windows) to have ongoing and unbelievable problems, I eventually lost my entire windows install?!?! This happening seems ‘typical’ during this ‘extra’ FU phase!!!

      I’ve also been doing remote scans for Absent Healing signed up people ‘BUT’ given that we seems to be in a general ‘experimental’ phase with respect to the agenda of our fake realities ‘owners’ then they’ll be doing ‘whatever’ suits their agenda which I suspect will include ‘blocking’ healing efforts that will very specifically ‘mess’ with what they are doing/trying to achieve (for themselves)!!!


  28. Tommy
    July 30, 2021 @ 2:40 pm

    Hey Clive multiple people told me they can’t put comments up so I’m trying to see if mine goes through. Xin and Nina told me they couldn’t get anything through. Idk how far wsw are with figuring out addictions but once you guys are that far maybe some assistance please.

    I’m living your worst nightmare right now people with drugs flock to me like moths to a candle. I’m trying to nice and kind and help them but maybe I shouldn’t sleep with them anymore ow well what’s done is done.

    Idk who did this part of my script but really? Witches? First that weird Ukrainian. Then Swedish tantric masseuse who I assisted in getting clean with borderline? Autistic transgender sexworker who did porn with crack and heroin addiction? I’m trying to assist with getting her clean but jeez It’s pretty piss taking to be honest. Am kinda frightened what they send next my way.

    Ow well sorry for ranting I know I live in Amsterdam but holy hell this wasn’t what I expected ow well hope your invisible lot will do some damage control

    Did hacker Tom or any of the other people who signed up had such a bizar script?


    • Clive
      August 12, 2021 @ 4:07 pm

      Hi Tommy, I’ve been having a long rest (and tracking reading about the current cough i.e. ‘vi and va’ responses/insanities), although this site/all my sites ‘shit’ levels are through the roof, all my e-mail accounts are also suffering from what seems to me to be completely ‘made up’ problems too i.e. when I reply/send e-mails I get server errors (when there is nothing wrong with the server), basically all my replied to/sent e-mails just return a server error/unable to send message?!?!

      So, I’m now having to use a separate e-mail account which was setup by a friend (on his server), to post out/reply to e-mails now!!!

      I’m also ‘still’ in my ongoing stress/tension release efforts, despite that I feel there is virtually nothing left of these, although they gradually gone from having me in teeth chattering ‘release’ effects going on for hours, most days (9+ months ago), these are now down to background i.e. very slight ‘teeth chattering’ releases usually on going just for a few minutes which rather than daily are just happening maybe once or twice a week now.

      Since the start of C19 thing (setup by EAAS system objective software as far as I can tell//checking out with way up over ‘monitoring’ systems) everything going on here seems to have been put into some sort of ‘lock down’ mode i.e. I’ve been doing scans for this sites people but it feels to me that these ‘aren’t’ allowed i.e. they are deemed as interfering with upper agenda’s i.e. they feel to me as if they’re being counteracted/negated!!!


  29. Megan
    August 13, 2021 @ 12:45 am

    Tommy, I know I can’t make you listen to me or do anything I say; I also don’t know what your living situation is, but please hear me out! You need to say ‘no’ to these people! That is how part of your issues is being perpetuated! I get it that you see these people in need or are suffering, and want to help them, but that is how it is set up! It is how good people are buried under mountains of shit, plus their own, and are unable to dig themselves out! I’m taking a shot in the dark here, but I know you may feel bad for doing what I suggest, you may feel guilty for abandoning them in a time of need, you might even be afraid of them getting angry at you or lashing out or even being alone. But you need to do it for you. The reason this keeps happening may also be a part of a deeper trauma that hasn’t been resolved yet. Taking another shot in the dark here, but your addiction issue may also be something other than ‘addiction.’ Have you tried sitting with these feelings whenever you get a craving? I’m also interested in joining the discord server you and Xin created, but I’m more interested in discussing personal issues that are experienced and perpetuated, and what could be understood to resolve them. I tried to DM Xin and Nina, but it required sending a friend request to do so, and when I tried sending a DM after sending the friend request I was unable to send my message because it said I was blocked. I couldn’t even find you Tommy. My handle on discord is flyDragonfly289#2220.

    Re Clive: I’m still working on these things the best I can. I am still struggling with issues regarding standing up to and talking back at my ‘family.’ I got a mother who doesn’t want to deal with or talk about anything ‘too deeply,’ and a cousin(ex-Navy, has been aware 20+ years) who I stood up to after calling me rude (he called me during a movie in a panic after my mother didn’t pick up the phone, and I hung up on him shortly there after telling him I sent him a text.) He said it was disrespectful and that we are all ‘family,’ and I kind of jumped down his throat after that about how he has treated me when I called him, and how he has never been a part of my life. I blocked him on my phone and on Facebook, and I honestly don’t feel bad or sorry for what I did. This ‘family’ is a bunch of fucking hypocrites anyway.

    One thing that was going on, on the day I posted my latest comment while I was at work, was fucking Jesus showed up pushing me to talk to my old roommate (I moved in with a new set of roommates who work at the same place I do, but my old roommate’s name would pop into my mind from time to time.) I wonder if this has anything to do with the Christian ‘prayer-network’ and that ‘Divine Call-Center’ you’ve talked about. She is a pretty devote Christian, and there are times I have conveniently shown up at places were people needed ‘help or support’ who were Christian (or had a thing for God.) Thing is, I have half a notion to contact her say, ‘Fucking Jesus has shown up here pushing me to contact you..’ but it is another one of those ‘things’ that is kind of a red flag where a lot of good and decent people have been fucked over. Sorry for the long rant.


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