"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

The previous pages explained in detail how 99.999% of healing energies and solutions ‘actually ‘work AND some of the long term negative outcomes of these healing solutions.

So, if you yourself have been using self healing approaches AND you’ve also been helped by other healers to reduce or disappear the negative emotions you are in because you keep finding yourself spending say decades of a life and many, many lives of decades living in poverty, without money and sometimes being destitute then you will automatically end up accumulating more and more of these healing solutions in your energy field.

If you or others are doing some regular ‘healing’ on yourself then you end up with 1,000’s of sealed off and ‘contained’, smothering and blanketing ‘counteracting’ energies all still attempting to permanently negate the horrible feelings, unwanted behaviours or reactions or ‘something’.

How Past Life Healing Solutions end up being responsible for Healing & Health Issues

In this session when we eventually get access to engage with what is happening in Shirley’s solar plexus then all we can see are what look like highly polished mirrored reflective steel bubbles. These are the end result of 1000’s of healing containments and barriers all originally applied to negate the original issues. Basically you end up with huge numbers of protective barriers one inside another, inside another and so on. In effect you often have 1000’s of these Russian Doll type subtle containing bubbles all now blocking off the natural flow and normal functioning of the subtle energy body. The problems this causes in the subtle energy body end up being presented in the human physical form as feelings of tightness, cramps, constrictions and even pain. These symptoms are a side effect of an energy body being unable to function NORMALLY.

In a previous session with Shirley we already came across the first of what we can only describe as ‘super toxic healing containments’. It literally took a week to figure out how to deal with all of this highly concentrated and ‘toxic’ healing crap ‘properly’ and particularly in ways that wouldn’t cause Shirley more problems.

As she has 1000’s of seriously strong barriers of protection, containment vessels each containing and counteracting ‘toxic feelings and PAIN’ then if you ‘casually’ open these up you’ll find that your client will be hit by what is released from these contained barriers as toxic ‘shit’.

To get around this problem we eventually developed means to ‘penetrate’ through all of these ‘containments’ while leaving them sealed and intact while we drained out as much as possible of what was held within these bubbles. Once this ‘draining’ is done then we opened up all of the containments and remove anything else we missed AND also then dispose of the containments.

How Undoing Past Life Healing Solutions Can Resolve Current Health Issues

As, I’ve personally figured this out and done this then I have personally TRAINED my guides (subtle colleagues) to do this. Which is why in the audio I just ask them to do this and they get on with it. There is just way too many deodorant grade healing solutions and buried subtle shit beneath all of these solutions that it’s simply not feasible to do this by hand each time.


It’s amazing how much time and effort I have to spend undoing what other healers have been doing for 1000’s of years AND of then dealing with the well hidden subtle shit that was actually causing the original problems in the first place. As I’ve said on other pages here, this is why I’ve been training my guides to do everything ‘properly’ while also developing subtle technologies that will automatically clear all varieties of accumulated deodorant grade healing ‘shit’ AND then the ‘real’ subtle ‘shit’ causes of the original issues buried under the healing mess.

How Past Life Healing Solutions Contributed to Heart Aches, Pains, Blocks & Tightness

In many other healing sessions Shirley has felt and we have dealt with similar tightness, blocks, aches and pains focused on her heart area.

Again, these are all caused by herself and other healers repeatedly applying sticky plaster grade healing treatments to ‘help’ her deal with heart break and feelings of emotional distress, loss, let down and sadness due to past life relationship breakups and betrayals. Again all of these emotional feelings were in ALL CASES, ALSO being amplified and made overwhelming by very well hidden subtle shit. All of her distressing heart focused symptoms were repeatedly negated and soothed by contained ‘healing’ energies and the more of these that were applied then the more her heart area became contained and constricted. All of these healing applications gradually had her feeling more pain and tightness making it feel to herself as if her heart was blocked and wasn’t fully functional. It took probably two years of doing repeated clearings every few weeks before Shirley eventually cleared all the healing shit that was impacting her and causing the heart orientated tightness, blocks, aches and pains.

When you understand how most (99.999%) of healing energies actually work then it’s not been surprising that Shirley and other clients have similar ‘not right’ sensations relating to other parts of their body.

The upper, middle and lower back can be impacted when healing energies ‘focused’ to help someone keep going, or to hold themselves up or to help them stand against adversity or to stand up (straight) to others or problematic situations all end up tightening and restricting these parts of the body. As a result specific back areas end up becoming more and more ‘rigid’, stiff and inflexible which can eventually lead to increasing aches and pains as well as of causing the spine to freeze up and ‘lock’ at times.

In another session probably a year after this one Shirley mentioned that her legs and ability to walk was getting so bad that she was having trouble just getting up the few steps to her house entrance. Her legs and particularly her knees were becoming more and more stiff and immobile.

These leg and knee problems were all due to healing energies being applied to herself to ‘help’ her to STAND AGAINST her situations and to stand solidly for herself in situations where others were not treating her right. In having a large number of accumulated sticky plaster grade healing energies ‘supporting’ her to stand solid this is exactly what the healing energies were doing. They were causing her legs and knee joints to become increasingly rigid and immobile causing her to have more and more trouble just walking decently never mind getting up steps. Just imagine your legs and knees wrapped in 1000’s of bandages, it wouldn’t take long for your ability to move to become impacted by these would it?.

How Past Life Healing Solutions Contributed to Leg & Knee Stiffness, Rigidity & Decreased Immobility

On getting rid of all the healing energies wrapped around her legs then within a couple of days she took up jogging (which she herself could hardly believe).

So, deodorant grade ‘quick fix’ style healing energies were responsible for her having difficulty even just walking AND were almost at the point of stopping her from climbing the few stairs to her house entrance. On clearing these accumulated healing solutions from her energy body the difference to her leg mobility was immediate and so dramatic that she took up jogging and within a few days she was jogging a mile or more without problem and enjoying herself.

Just to give you reading this some idea of the healing ‘fantasy’ we are all in here, then here are some seriously worrying facts . . .

Over a 20 month period Shirley had about 200 sessions taking about 223 hours of time. ALL of these sessions were what I’d call ‘research’ sessions in that they are about finding out WHAT IS GOING, what is contributing to negative issue causes and then of figuring out how to deal with them rather than the 100% more popular approaches were healers work to some paint by numbers ‘standardized’ routine while channel healing energies unconsciously to apply solutions that in most cases cause more debilitations over time.

The stiff leg session that I describe above was toward the end of this time and it just took minutes to clear the obscene build up of healing bandages. It just took minutes because there is so much healing crap and so much subtle shit to deal with that you HAVE TO DEVELOP industrial scale subtle technologies designed to deal with EVERYTHING automatically, else you’ll spend your entire life just trying to clear one person just of all the embarrassing healing energies they are buried under.

At that time I did this session I was charging £60 a month (about $100), which in Shirley’s case covered about 11 hours of session time each month. That works out at about £6 a hour ($10). So, how much are YOU reading this being charged for a healing session that if you worked with me I would have to UNDO what was done before anything sensible in healing terms actually happens?

Past Life Healing Solutions Research

If you want to be part of this ‘research’ effort then read this page here . . .

You would imagine that having got access to these sealed off energies that we’d not have any problems clearing all of this past healing ‘shit’.

Unfortunately as I have already made clear these are healing solutions applied lifetime upon lifetime and so there are more being from the past contracted to ‘keep an eye’ on these ‘crazy’ healing solutions. So, only a small amount of these past healings are cleared before once again we are blocked from dealing with the rest.

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