Sign of the times . . . (12th Sept 2022) . . . re the insane global shit that’s been ramping up for 2 to 3 years . . . I’ve had to get rid of all of web sites below and also switch to a more ‘affordable’ hosting company . . . so, I’ve just this site (soul-healer.com in public) and a private site I use for ‘musing’ about ‘this and that’!!!!


With experience, humour and depth RealityWalker invites each of you to consider your own outer edges and what may lie even further beyond these than you have so far dared contemplate . . . . . . the pages presented here blur and challenge the line between reality & myth, consciousness & concrete, spirit & science while weaving though past lives, other realms and spiritual levels . . . . sometimes hinting of deeper things.

A feast of multidimensional adventures of accessing other realms and space. It includes some very entertaining audio’s of healing illustrating multidimensional awareness and accessing and awareness abilities.

There are also some good exercises on this site to help you become more sensitive to subtle energies, help you engage with beings in spirit. It also gives the best presentation around about contacting or meeting nature spirits.


This site presents my book the SelfHealingHandbook which is written for the self healer and self explorer.

It is a for those wanting an effective guide book to help them access and navigate in other realms, explore subtle origins and above all it’s a great starter for those wanting to learn to engage with and resolve their life and personal issues from an energy body and subtle energy angle . . .

Soul Transformation at it’s best.


My HealingExamples web site presents a range of examples of different healing and life issues, challenges and traumas that from my own and clients experiences it is possible to resolve (because they have been).

This site presents an eclectic mixture of examples to show both the range of issues we address as well as to illustrate some issue areas that are ignored by other ‘facilitators’ or that are not even considered issues that actually can be addressed . . . .


About me as a person, illustrating some of my extensive work and life experience . . .

From working as a medical research support scientist, having my own business writing and selling statistical analysis software, designing and part building a house, managing a laboratory and land to making furniture and writing a book . . . .

. . . oooppps and of course pushing the boundaries of our understanding of ‘reality’ and the origins of life issues as well of how to resolve them . . .

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  1. Clive
    September 12, 2022 @ 6:47 pm

    Sign of the times . . . (12th Sept 2022) . . . re the global weirdness’s that have been ramping up over the last 2 to 3 years now (I wasn’t expecting it to go on for this length of time (as a start)!!!) . . . and with my money shrinking, I recently decided to get rid of most of my web sites above and also switch to a more ‘affordable’ web site hosting company for the rest . . . so, I’ve just this site (in public) and a private site I use for ‘musing’ about ‘this and that’ . . . I’ve also been in the worst ‘personal’ sabotages over the last few weeks too, a veritable XYZ shit storm . . . !!!!


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