Spiritual Hierarchy Edits & Sanitizes Akashic Files

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"Catalogues the Deceptions, Lies, Suppressions & Injustices the Diabolical Policies & resulting Horrors & Atrocities of; 'The Usual 'Light' Suspects'; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, 'Elohim' and assorted sidekicks. For the Spiritually Advanced wanting Initiation into Ancient Truths, Hidden Light Secrets & Higher Divine Activations. WARNING; For the Spiritually Ready ONLY . . . are you READY?"

Have you checked your Akashic records integrity rating recently? Are you worried that your personal Akashic accounts and your past life identities may be hacked and exposed? Do you have ANY embarrassing bits in a past life that you would NEVER EVER want revealed?
What about . . .

>> THAT << Life?

of 50 lives ago? Remember!!! . . . the LIFE you NEVER EVER WANTED TO REMEMBER? Well, no longer do you have to fear!! For the first time EVER we can offer you the same exclusive service once only secretly enjoyed by our SACRED & DIVINE LIGHT membership card holders, their friends and families (and anyone with enough to bribe them) and have your Akashic records seamlessly edited by our trained experts whom can not only ‘disappear’ all those dead bodies BUT creatively adjust anything that just might reveal that you’re really a two faced lying, low life bastard with no morals . . . we’ve had so much experience of doing this over the last millennium for other two faced lying, low life bastards with no morals Spiritual Hierarchy clientèle that we can absolutely guarantee that no one will ever find out your secrets . . . your personal information is of course completely safe in our hands (cough, cough) . . .

The Akashic records are supposed to be accurate recordings of our earth based lives. They were originally made available for people to easily access their past lives and gain deeper insights and understandings through doing this.

The History Writers Control the History & Hence the Akashic Records

On the other hand to say that the Spiritual Hierarchy has put huge efforts into managing our beliefs, understandings, ideas and ideals is an understatement.

This entire web site catalogues many different ways that the Spiritual Hierarchy are NOT being right with us all the way through to down right engineered suppressions while at the same time they use all means at their disposal to present themselves as loving, divine, compassionate and caring while doing everything they can to hide the atrocities and dead bodies . . .

Unfortunately over time as the Spiritual Hierarchy took more and more direct actions to interfere with people here they couldn’t really do anything else BUT edit the Akashic records in desperate attempts to try and prevent anyone from finding out about all the none ‘light’ things they were and are doing.

Spiritual Hierarchy originated Suffering and Atrocities Erased from Akashic Records

So, if for example you were given one of these ‘bash your head against a brick’ wall spiritual missions (As described in detail HERE) and found out that you’d been set up with a FALSE mission during an earth life then the last thing the Spiritual Hierarchy want is for you to access the Akashic records and figure this out in a future life AGAIN. Hence the existence of the Akashic record editing department which has people spending all their time desperately trying to edit out both the atrocities and of people finding out about them. Probably all in the guise of being for the ‘Highest Will and Good for ALL’ . . . I’d imagine . . .

This is ALSO why some Akashic record readers themselves are not in a good state either. At least the ones whom gave readings that made them aware of ‘dodgy fell off the back of a lorry’ past life events too.

So, some whom had spiritual missions to present the Akashic records in previous lives may find themselves experiencing sabotages both within their life in general OR if they attempt to start doing readings for others again.

Every Good, Subtly Perceptive, Caring Person Must be kept busy with a Spiritual Mission

It is the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Spiritual and Divine Mission to ensure that everyone that might ever be a possible threat to themselves in anyway whatsoever is kept busy and occupied with a spiritual mission and or soul purpose DEFINED BY THEMSELVES. To this end they also edit the Akashic records to support encouraging people to take on particular Spiritual Missions.

Are you reading this aware that the Akashic records are edited and changed? Has anyone else mentioned this to you? Has anyone mentioned this but your ‘light’ awareness hasn’t quite been good enough for you to be aware that this HAS actually been mentioned?

A Spiritual Hierarchy’s Intergalactic Command Spokes being States . . .

“Always at the end of a grand cycle, before the great shift into the next age occurs, the records are purged by the Celestial Hierarchy, carefully balanced, and all details considered.” . . . this is presented HERE

MMMmmmmm . . .

Purged . . . !!!
Carefully balanced . . . . . . MMmmm?
All details considered . . . cough . . cough . . & . . cough . . . ?

. . . these couldn’t perhaps be ‘spiritual spin’ euphemisms for ‘edited and sanitized’?

Could THEY?

The same site even mentions the following . . .

‘Everything you think, say, and do is in the Akashic Records’ . . . REALLY?

Completely and entirely true . . . apart from all the creative editing or deletions of any Spiritual Hierarchy ’embarrassing bits’ . . . actually . . .

It’s a bit odd don’t you think that entire and COMPLETELY accurate automatic recordings of our lives that are automatically saved as part of the earth’s holographic simulation’s data handling software routines would ever need to be edited or changed in anyway at all?


They manage to make mere earth based political ‘spin and lies’ look amateurish don’t they?

  • Throw in a bit of vague spiritual ideology . . .
  • Present this with a ‘dash’ of assumed spiritual wisdom . . .
  • Add in the intergalactic ‘warp factor light’ authority . . .

. . . and Bob’s your Uncle’s cousins Aunt . . . no one notices anything . . .

Is this revelation a ‘one off’?

MMMmmmm . . . lets see then . . .

Akashic Record Executive Status Editing Privileges

There is a very good description of someone with ‘executive’ access to the Akashic records (As described on this web page HERE) whom has the dreadfully tedious task of;

“Cross checking (The Akashic) data for – integrity, missing, corrupt, miswritten, misfiled, duplicated and triplicate files . . . “

Which is reaffirmed later down the page with;

” . . . makes it easier to unravel the corrupted, missing, erroneous, obsolete, or / and manipulated data.”

From her detailed descriptions of all the effort that has to go into dealing with all the corrupted, missing, erroneous, obsolete, miswritten, misfiled and manipulated data it’s a wonder that any of these records are worth looking at, at all.

Conflicting and Contradictory ‘Light’ Wisdom Rules . . as long as no one notices!!

While bizarrely ALL the above seems to have been completely missed by some amazing highly evolved Master Teacher beings as described on this Akashic discussing web page HERE that states;

“Highly evolved beings known as Master Teachers who oversee that the (Akashic) records remain pure and never become corrupted”

Perhaps they all need to get their own sacred records of ‘spin and deception’ straightened out before trying to tell sell us anything that doesn’t sink under the weight of conflicting and contradictory ‘light’ wisdom sayings . . .