Androgynous, Asexual Subtle Forms Interfaced to a Two Gendered Physical Body Will Present Anomalies Related to Gender & Explains & Validates Transgender Experiences

The previous page presented just a limited selection of the ‘consistent’ anomalous experiences that you can deduce / figure out would be eminently ‘realistic’ to have presented within a ‘Matrix’ type Reality and particularly for a configuration that is of ‘subtle’ people living within a subtle environment whom are interfaced to a physical body living within a separate physical environment.

The abundance of observable ‘evidence’ for the ‘Matrix’ Reality style arrangement on it’s own makes it very clear that the chances of ourselves living in a real reality are:


However, given that everyone missed the obvious ‘IN YOUR FACE’ anomalous experience correlations that you’d expect to have presented ‘IF’ you are living in a two bodies interfaced together, subtle form incarnated as a physical animal Matrix style reality . . . then what else might we also be missing?

How would you explore beyond what I have already pointed out?

Well, as the evidence that I presented on the previous page was derived from having two bodies in two different environments with a subtle body interfaced to a physical body. In spending time ‘thinking’ around possibilities with respect to this arrangement I eventually became aware of how such an arrangement would potentially result in ‘anomalous’ presentations/experiences for the physical body form.

For example, one of the consistent factors that will result in the presentation of anomalous experiences correlates to how different the real body is in it’s parameters and attributes compared to the physical proxy body. The more these bodies differ then the greater the chance there is of anomalous experiences being presented within the physical form.

I’ll remind you that doing this allowed me to point out the anomalies that are due to the ‘extra’ senses that the subtle form has which the physical form doesn’t have, that people making an effort to consistently engage with themselves and particularly their internal states will likely become aware of a greater range of perceptions that don’t correlate with the physical.

The previous page also showed that ‘spiritual’ knowledge is actually describing details of both the original population, and the interfacing arrangement of the subtle forms to humans as well as describing incarnations and so forth.

So, a good place to start would be for ourselves to ‘think’ about what other ‘spiritual’ knowledge there is of the subtle form that either ‘suggests’ or even better that is perhaps ‘consistently’ clear that the subtle form is ‘somehow’ different to the physical form in specific ways?

For example, I’ve read that subtle forms are androgynous, in other words, they are neither male nor female, they are all of one body type. Are there other clues from ‘spiritual’ information sources that would support and or confirm that the subtle population is androgynous?

How Androgynous Asexual Soul ‘Twins’ Interfaced to a Two Gendered Physical Form will result in Many Anomalous ‘Human’ Experiences

So, what can we learn by spending time just thinking about this ‘androgynous’ possibility?

As a start, let me give you some realistic basic questions that it would be useful to ponder on:

  1. If these ‘weird’ subtle forms don’t have two genders then ‘exactly’ how do they produce offspring?
  2. If they don’t have two genders then would they even ‘mate’?
  3. If they are androgynous then isn’t it likely that they will ‘divide’ much like a bacteria or amoeba to propagate themselves?

Are your subtle forms mental processes and thinking abilities ‘evolved’ enough for you to be able to figure what ‘spiritual information’ clues you would ‘LIKELY’ have presented here ‘IF’ the subtle body form is ‘gender-less’ and does actually propagate by asexual division?

Once again, these clues are obvious and once again it requires you to figure out what would be the OBVIOUS visible day in day out, for ever and ever differences between a population that propagates asexually and whom therefore doesn’t require the involvement of another person in the slightest to produce offspring compared to a population that can only produce offspring if two people of different genders copulate?

What do ‘spiritual’ sources have to say about how ‘souls’ as subtle beings propagate?

How Do Souls, Subtle Forms Reproduce? How would PROPAGATING Soul Forms result in ‘Twin Souls’?

Interestingly none of the following searches return pages presenting details of how souls ‘actually’ end up having soul offspring.

‘how do souls, soul forms have offspring, have soul children?’
‘how do souls conceive offspring?’
‘how do souls have soul children?’
‘how do souls have sex?’
‘how do souls give birth to offspring?’
‘soul reproduction’

Absolutely nowhere are any details of any of the above presented. Rather than describe how a new subtle form is conceived and or then ‘birthed’, virtually all pages actually revert to describing how and or when a soul enters or engages with the human form. In other words there are many pages describing or speculating about when the subtle form is interfaced to the physical form.

There are a few things about this which I’d like to point out . . .

  • When, specifically the subtle form is interfaced to the physical form is muddled, there are some descriptions stating that this happens either just after conception others during later times as a fetus and also others that describe the subtle form as the ‘soul’ being ‘joined’ to the human form just as it is born.
  • Despite that we have 10,000’s of pages describing and discussing when the ‘soul’ joins the young physical human form, it is unbelievable that not one of the descriptions actually manages to EXPLICITLY STATE that they are in fact describing an independent subtle body form being interfaced to a physical human form. In other words not one person actually manages to state that they are actually describing the circumstances were an independent second body is being interfaced to the human physical body vehicle form.
  • This disengaged awareness is bad enough, but then not one person manages to become aware that what they are describing actually 100% matches up with the MATRIX reality two bodies being interfaced together circumstances!!! In other words it appears as if we have evolved to a point where we present a 100% success rate of being absolutely unable to conceptually make OBVIOUS connections to highly visible, highly discussed, well known material that directly corresponds with the circumstances that are being described.
  • Even more interesting is that there are absolutely no descriptions anywhere of how souls ‘mate’, copulate and or sexually reproduce. Given the preoccupation with sex and details of copulations visibly presented within our physical society here these omissions are exceptionally bizarre. However, I did find one very muddled page that described what was called a ‘soul mother’ reproducing a soul child by DIVIDING HERSELF and of her dividing many times while even more bizarrely dying herself as a result of such divisions (I should point out that this last assertion doesn’t make any logical sense in the slightest).
  • Despite that we have someone describing a ‘soul’ mother as ‘dividing’ herself to ‘create’ a new form, there is no awareness that they are describing a process of asexual division, nor that the end result will be a copy, a DUPLICATE of the original being. If you divide yourself then you will end up with two duplicates of yourself, you will have two copies of you. You would in fact end up with two identical ‘mothers’ as ‘TWINS’ (unless the division is asymmetrical).

The bottom line is that, if each individual subtle form ‘divides’ itself to create a new form then it should be obvious that you actually won’t ‘really’ have any soul parent or soul parents because all soul parents will be either an identical or none identical twin of yourself and any dividing that you or any other twin of yourself does will result in yet another twin!!!

Why Do Spiritual Sources & our Spiritual Knowledge Consistently Refer to Soul Twins?

If the above is ‘correct’ then ‘spiritual’ information sources will be sparse on details about soul parents while likely having a lot of details about soul twins.

So, to check out how likely what I describe above is then all you need to do is to carry out google searches of different combinations of defined phrases to become aware of the ‘relative’ interest associated with these phrases.

Below I give the number of pages returned for a search for different specific phrases:

“soul parent(s) / soul ancestor(s)” =/= 14,710
“soul children” = 319,000
“soul twin(s) soul(s) / flame / mirror soul” =/= 967,200

Incidence of soul twin(s) combinations are about 65 times more prevalent compared to soul parent(s)

In searching for twin souls soul twin combinations I kept finding ‘twin flame’ mentioned regularly too. So, ‘exactly’ what is a Twin Flame? Well, “Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul”. Strangely, asexual division will temporarily result in two halves of the original soul form and both of these ‘halves’ will be completely ‘whole’ beings.

The ‘disconnect’ between what ‘spiritual’ people ‘actually’ describe and explain and their actual understanding of and the IMPLICATIONS of what they describe and explain is pretty absolute. No one writing about ‘twin flames’ actually ‘REALISES’ that the description of ‘twin flame’ as being two halves of a soul is actually describing a single soul that in asexually dividing to ‘create’ two subtle beings that are twins or duplicates of the original. Both they and likely ‘you’ reading this now completely fail to realise the ‘larger’ implications of this . . .

Searches of ‘human’ twins and parents returned the following . . .

“twin(s)” = 496,000,000
“parent(s)” = 1525,300,000

Incidence of human twin(s) combinations are about third LESS prevalent compared to parent(s).

From the above, it is clear that pages discussing soul parents are VERY sparse, while terms equating to soul twin / twins are amazingly abundant. The ratio of the incidence of ‘twin’ terms relating to the subtle form is the EXTREME opposite of what would be expected for a two gendered population requiring two parents to propagate as opposed to one.

So, just with respect to that I have written on this page so far there are some very obvious thinking line possibilities that lead to corroborating evidence that we are not only subtle beings interfaced to a physical animal form (coincidentally very similar to the Matrix film arrangement) BUT that the subtle being we are each representing here is also androgynous, AND in being androgynous these beings divide asexually and in dividing asexually all subtle forms then all AUTOMATICALLY propagate twins of themselves. In other words, this form of reproduction absolutely won’t involve ‘parents’ and in not involving parents the term ‘parent / parents’ will rarely be used either by subtle forms or in descriptions of these subtle forms.

You would imagine that ‘applying’ some ‘basic’ reasoned thinking to these ‘androgynous’ spiritual being and soul twin possibilities would have been done in the last few centuries by some academic ‘somewhere’?

Why are Spiritual Beings Described as Androgynous?

This is particularly the case when it is actually common for ‘angels’ to be described as ‘spiritual beings’ (i.e. they are ‘implied’ as being SUBTLE BEINGS rather than physical beings), interestingly it is also common to read of angels being described as androgynous. Coincidentally androgynous beings in being asexual and whom would require no partner to ‘propagate’ would result in angels having offspring without the involvement of sexual intercourse i.e. no male / female copulation would be necessary, coincidentally the term ‘immaculate conception’ which means ‘not conceived by normal biological means’ is used to describe propagation that doesn’t involve any contribution from a male.

In other words there are ‘rather a lot’ of obvious clues that ‘fit’ with what I am ‘directly’ pointing out here.

So, it does seem as if the subtle population are all of one androgynous body type and that they are asexual and as such divide asexually.

In that this subtle form and it’s means of propagation appear to be MASSIVELY different compared to that of humans then it may be useful to ponder on the implications of interfacing an entire population of identical, single body form androgynous beings/people that divide/propagate asexually to a human physical body form vehicle that is not only separated into two distinctly different genders BUT which also requires male and female humans as ‘parents’ to copulate to produce offspring?

In other words, as there appear to be obvious as well as ‘extreme’ differences between these two populations then it may be worth spending time thinking about these possibilities and particularly to see if we can become aware of whether this arrangement will result in visible ‘artefacts’ being presented within the human population due to these differences.

As a start, perhaps it would be useful to spend time becoming familiar with the possibilities relating to an entire culture where ‘everyone’ produces offspring asexually without the involvement of any other and where this arrangement is entirely normal and will result in embedded behaviours, attitudes as well as ‘expectations’ relating to how life, interactions and relationships ‘naturally’ are in an androgynous culture.

Why do Humans Present so many Issues & Divisions Directly Associated with Gender?

Would interfacing an asexual individual from an androgynous culture into a human male or female form to live within a two gender divided and orientated human culture result in deducible as well as ‘visible’ clues being presented within the interfaced physical human population?

How would individuals and also the entire culture react and or ‘handle’ being incarnated into two distinctly separate as well as ‘DIFFERENT’ human body forms?

To help you ‘think’ about these possibilities you may find it useful to ponder on the following . . .

  1. Can you imagine how individuals and an entire population would ‘BE’ whom didn’t have male and female pairings and whom wouldn’t even think or conceptualise in these terms and whom for each individual and the population as a whole, for their entire history they will have accumulated embedded experiences and behaviours relating to:
    • Absolutely everyone being absolutely EQUAL in body form terms?
    • Absolutely everyone propagating asexually without the involvement of any others.
    • Absolutely everyone being a copy or twin likely from a line of many copies of twins.
  2. Can you imagine how it would be to have absolutely any two ‘people’ in an entire population interacting with, attracted to and pairing with each other without there being ANY ‘opposite’ sex gender characteristics, roles and or attractions involved AT ALL?
  3. Can you then imagine how this population and particularly specific individuals would consciously or sub-consciously respond to finding themselves in a population that now had EVERYONE separated out into two distinctly different body types, body types that ‘obvious’ present different characteristics, different behaviours, different roles as well as different designations of ‘status’ within what would ‘now’ be a polarized society?

Based on the ‘scene settings and scenarios’ I describe above, can you figure out some of the likely and ‘observable’ consequences of interfacing/incarnating an androgynous sexless population of individuals each originally in an identical, and hence ‘equal to each other’ as well as ‘sexless’ body form then being interfaced to a physical animal form species that is split into two DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT male and female gender body forms?

What would be the observable (as well as deducible) consequences of interfacing an entire population whom are ALL of one single uniform body type into a population that separates out absolutely everyone into two very different bodies based on gender with each gender having distinctly different body characteristics as well as body functioning and behavioural differences as well as very different personal, community and culture level roles and ‘status/positions’?

What are the causes of Gender Inequality Issues?

It ‘really’ shouldn’t take you very long before you start to become aware that incarnating an androgynous single no ‘sexual differentiation’ body form species into a physical form that has two distinctly different genders will result in some exceptionally ‘obvious’ anomalous experiences, behaviours as well as embedded EXPECTATIONS, which in some cases will become more and more pronounced and or prevalent over time.

Can you figure out any of the potential ‘visible’ problems / anomalies before reading any of the below? Can you?

What can you ‘deduce’ will be some of the likely outcomes and particularly in terms of anomalous behaviours, experiences and embedded expectations that are very ‘LIKELY’ to be exhibited if you interface and incarnate identical sexless androgynous forms all on equal terms with each other into a gender differentiated physical male or female human?

As a start, how would a well respected high status androgynous subtle person interfaced to a human female body react to finding themselves as a human ‘female’ living in a society that has UNEQUAL roles based on the gender of the human body?

How would an androgynous subtle person that will likely have a very long history as a subtle form being EQUAL to and BEING TREATED AS EQUAL TO EVERYONE ELSE ‘feel’ and or ‘react’ on finding themselves, say as a FEMALE HUMAN living in a society that treats females unequally such that they have less say, less opportunities and less influence?

Isn’t it obvious that this built in split gender human animal form ‘unequal’ arrangement will result in visible stresses, stances and perhaps even ‘reactive’ demonstrations against the inequalities based on gender?

Why would any two gendered animal form that is allegedly the product of millions of years of evolution present visible stresses and stances between the two genders?

What would the ‘survival of the fittest’ explanation be for the reactions to the ‘inequalities’ between the sexes? Inequalities that we are led to believe are the natural outcome of millions of years of ‘evolution’ such that one would imagine the resulting gender ‘roles and divisions’ would end up naturally feeling ‘right / correct’ for each gender because they’d have been ‘built in’ by evolution?

“1. Do we have ANYONE unhappy about the divisions, roles and or inequalities between the ‘sexes / genders’ here?”

What ‘evolutionary’ advantage would there be to have stresses, stances and ‘problems’ between the genders and specifically because some/many females and some males feel that the roles / etc of the genders are UNEQUAL, are ‘limiting’, or ‘not right’ and or are not BALANCED?

What other ‘problems’, anomalous experiences and or anomalous expectations or behaviours do we have ‘visibly’ presented here that after some ‘modest’ thinking one can ‘logically’ deduce would be a side effect of incarnating an androgynous sexless subtle form into one of two distinctly separate gender forms?

Any ideas? How many more ‘gender’ related problems, anomalous behaviours and or unfulfilled expectations can you think of NOW that present themselves in our society here?

How many more can you think of NOW . . . . . . . . ?

If you are incarnating a single androgynous body form population into two different gendered bodies then you would actually expect at the very least that some of these androgynous folk will STRONGLY feel themselves to be ‘androgynous’ to such a degree that they won’t be able to identify as being either male or female here, neither gender will feel right or comfortable.

“2. Do we have absolutely ANYONE here STRONGLY feeling themselves to be ‘androgynous’?”

Again, if we have ONE PERSON strongly feeling like this then you’d have to question the ‘fundamentals’ of our reality. Coincidentally, we don’t just have one person we have more than a few people that very strongly absolutely don’t identify as being either male or female.

What are the Spiritual Causes of Gender Identity Disorder & Gender Dysphoria Issues

The above ‘I am neither male nor female problem’ is just the tip of a very large ice berg in terms of the problems you can deduce will emerge if you are interfacing a none-gendered, androgynous form into a physical form that offers either male only or female only body options.

For example, what happens if you’ve two androgynous subtle forms that have been exclusively and lovingly paired to each other for a very long time whom when incarnated actually meet here BUT ‘unfortunately’ they are both interfaced to the same gender body?

In other words an already established, long term subtle couple could find themselves incarnated as either both male or both female.

So, an appropriate question at this point would be:

“3. Do we have ANY, absolutely ANY same gender paired couples having intimate relationships here?”

Because again if we have more than a hand full world wide then you’d imagine that ‘someone’ somewhere would have QUESTIONED HOW REALITY WOULD HAVE TO BE TO ACCOUNT FOR THIS BIZARRENESS.

How could genetics and evolution mess up this badly?

Do you remember that above I wrote the following:

“The ‘disconnect’ between what ‘spiritual’ people ‘actually’ describe and explain and their actual understanding of and the IMPLICATIONS of what they describe and explain is pretty absolute. No one writing about ‘twin flames’ actually ‘REALISES’ that the description of ‘twin flame’ as being two halves of a soul is actually describing a single soul that in asexually dividing to ‘create’ two subtle beings that are twins or duplicates of the original. Both they and likely ‘you’ reading this now completely fail to realise the ‘larger’ implications of this . . . “

I deliberately wrote the above and then ‘left it hanging’ without expanding beyond what I wrote . . . so, since you read the above have you managed to become aware of anything else significant that the above also DIRECTLY IMPLIES?

Have you? Have you managed to become aware of more ‘implications’ related to the above?

Well, it ‘should’ be seriously obvious that duplicate soul forms as ‘twins of EACH OTHER’ will have an AWFUL LOT IN COMMON. For example; in ‘resonance’ terms, in behaviour, attitudes and ‘attributes’ they will likely be VERY WELL MATCHED. Which directly implies that any two twin souls incarnated as humans will very likely, AUTOMATICALLY and NATURALLY feel a very strong affinity for each other. In other words they will feel drawn to and in human terms it is highly likely that they will feel ‘attracted’ to each other . . . and in some cases VERY STRONGLY ATTRACTED . . . to such a degree that it is very likely to feel like a ‘soul’ MATE attraction . . . quite simply because IT IS . . .

Unfortunately, any twin ‘soul’ form originated attractions that occur between two soul forms incarnated as humans will still happen and they will still feel this attraction and in some cases this will be a VERY STRONG and AUTOMATIC and OVERWHELMING ATTRACTION / AFFINITY for each other . . . and this attraction will occur whether they are incarnated into opposite genders with one as a human female and the other as the human male or if they are both female or if they are each male.

Did you manage to figure this out as you read this page?

If you didn’t, then because what I’ve describe above is SO OBVIOUS then this also implies that we are being ‘manipulated’ to NOT THINK of obvious things, and particularly ‘obvious’ things that are just one or two logical steps away from what has already been logically figured out and described. I actually spent about two weeks writing / re-writing this page and actually published it before adding in this section. I.e. I missed this for a while too . . .

Can you think of any other exceptionally anomalous presentations here that are also completely gender focused?

“4. Do we have ANYONE here that strongly feels that they have been born into the WRONG GENDER body?”

Do we have ANY, absolutely ANY people here whom feel this so strongly that they want and even actually arrange to have surgical operations and medication to change themselves into the CORRECT GENDER?

What is the Cause of LGBT, homosexuality, Bi-Sexuality & Transgenderism?

Again, how ‘wonky’ must physical body ONLY genetics and evolution be to mess up this badly?

Are you aware that there are not just a handful of people wanting a gender change, there are millions here that want this. In other words there are millions of people that feel so strongly that they are ABSOLUTELY NOT THE RIGHT GENDER that they are willing to go through all of the operations and everything else that is necessary to get the body that they STRONGLY FEEL IS CORRECT FOR THEMSELVES.

Can you figure out the ‘combinations of circumstances’ that will automatically lead to specific people feeling and absolutely ‘KNOWING’ that their body is the wrong gender?

Can you?

Well, ‘if’ your subtle form is interfaced to the same gender body for a few consecutive lifetimes such that you / it have got used to living as that gender type BUT, then for the next incarnation you are born into the opposite gender body. This is the ONLY circumstances that can account for some people strongly feeling that they are in the wrong body.

The only way that you would strongly FEEL that you were in the wrong gendered body is if you’d already spent many lifetimes living every day and each MOMENT of each day in the body of the opposite gender such that the ‘real’ you, the subtle from that is interfaced to the proxy physical body had accumulated sub conscious experience and expectations for MANY LIFETIMES relating ‘exclusively’ to that specific gender body type.

Why do some people feel Androgynous, Bisexual, Homosexual or Transsexual?

These ‘I’m in the wrong gender body feelings and sensations’ can be so ‘definitive’ that some young children, some just a few years old ARE AWARE, ARE STATING, & ARE QUITE ADAMANT THAT THEY ARE IN THE WRONG BODY.

‘am I androgynous’ returns 575,000 pages on google
‘born in the wrong gender body’ returns 15,000,000 pages on google

All of the above anomalous gender and sexual orientations can all be very ‘reasonably’ explained as a side effect of the outcome of incarnating asexual androgynous people as subtle forms into an ENTIRELY UNREPRESENTATIVE split bi-gender animal form lifetime after lifetime.

It’s ‘extra’ insulting that we are all repeatedly told that everything orientates around the survival of the fittest physical evolution ‘idea’ while, strangely I’ve yet to find any explanation as to how ‘same gender pairings/couplings’ fit into this ‘survival of the fittest’ idea or as to how evolution processes would result in absolutely one person feeling they are in the wrong body and or feeling as if they are androgynous?

It should be OBVIOUS that if we are subtle beings interfaced to a physical animal vehicle form then it’s shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that there are two lines of ‘evolution’. The first line (which obviously will be the MOST IMPORTANT) will be the evolution of the asexual, androgynous SUBTLE BEING while the second line of evolution will relate to a physical meat suit which is nothing more than a convenient ‘run around’ physical vehicle for the ‘real’ subtle form.

How evolved is your subtle form? Do you know?

Is it evolved enough to deduce or figure out simplistic basic things or is your subtle form still emerging from some primordial subtle slime?

Can you think of any more anomalous expectations that people here have? I.e. can you think of any other anomalous experiences similar to the anomalous expectation that many people have here because their current body is the opposite gender to the one they were interfaced to in the last life? I.e. the anomalous expectation that makes them very STRONGLY feel that their body is the wrong gender?

Can you?

Can you figure out what other WRONG ‘expectations’ would also BE VERY LIKELY, if what I’m pointing out on this page is CORRECT?

What other ‘impossible’ anomalous expectations would you also be able to predict that we ‘should’ have presented here?


Well, what about other carry over of embedded ‘familiarity’ and expectations from the previous lifetime related to the people that you spend consistent time with on a moment by moment basis for many years?

I ask the above because I know some people that ‘feel’ this way about certain members of their family.

In other words, they are ‘bizarrely’ expecting SOMEONE ELSE as a family member rather than the person they’ve actually ‘got’. In other words specific people ‘feel’, ‘know’, ‘intuit’ that specific family members are NOT ‘really’ of their family!!!

Once again this is the sort of anomaly that you can DEDUCE and therefore would ‘EXPECT’ if people are being incarnated again and again.

Some incarnated people will get used to the presence of and the specific personas, attitudes, behaviours and ‘feel’ of specific ‘interfaced’ subtle forms AND these ‘impressions’ will over time become ’embedded’ as part of their subtle forms experience or ‘psyche’ such that in their next incarnated life, these ‘sensitive’ people will feel that a specific person in their family IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE PERSON THEY ARE EXPECTING.

“5. Do we have ANYONE here that strongly or consistently feels that their mother, their father, their brother, their sister and or any of their children or any close relations or even their ENTIRE family are not ‘YOUR’ expected FAMILY or that specific family members are ‘NOT’ the ‘CORRECT’ person?”

We certainly do . . . .

We also have people here that have expectations related to their ‘environment’ too . . .

Some incarnated subtle forms interfaced to a human body form will get used to where their physical meat suit spends a lot of it’s time. In other words, the interfaced subtle form will get used to the characteristics of the environments that it spends a long time in, it will accumulate embedded feelings and expectations associated with specific places such as their home, their work place and also even their local environment.

There will be many different aspects of an interfaced subtle forms previous human life’s consistent experience that will result in the accumulation of feelings of familiarity and or be associated with specific feelings and or reactions. We know that this will happen because what I describe here happens in everyone’s life. All of our experiences related to specific environments, places, circumstances as well as some one off and or recurring events all result in the accumulation of and the imprinting of feelings, sensations and also expectations (happiness, relaxation, dread or fear for example).

A ‘shocking’ event or an extremely memorable pleasant event and or the accumulation of consistent feelings will become imprinted on the subtle form via the interfacing making it highly likely that even if the subtle form is itself memory wiped at the start of the next human life there will still likely be sub-conscious and background imprinting relating to specific one off ‘dramatic’ experiences as well as accumulated day in day out experiences and or feelings relating to specific people, places, circumstances and or events.

Incarnated people that have accumulated moment by moment embedded experiences related to places and things in the previous life are very likely to have a built in ‘familiarity’ and or ‘expectations’ and or ‘reactions’ not only with respect to specific people but also to specific places and or types of places and also ‘things, items and or objects’ (such as a picture, an item of clothing, a book or even a specific poem for example).

Anything of their previous life that was a consistent part of their experience or that had an accumulated impact on themselves from either a good or bad perspective and or anything which had a ‘special’ and or emotionally IMPACTING significance will likely at least sub consciously provoke the same in the future when the same or similar is encountered.

You would in fact ‘expect’ that subtle people being re-interfaced into yet another human body for their yet again next human life will automatically be sub-consciously impacted by either ‘somethings’ consistent absence and or also by a ‘recognition or strong feeling or reaction’ if or when some expected and or ‘missing’ in circumstances, environment and or familiar object terms was encountered in their current life.

“6. Do we have ANYONE here that feels that ‘something’ connected to their environment and or circumstances is ‘missing’ and or do we have anyone that has felt a ‘paranormal’ familiarity and or had ‘unexpected’ reactions to specific places, circumstances, events and or objects?”

Yes, we certainly do . . . .

What I have explained on this page above and particularly the ‘specific’ anomalous experiences which are ‘coincidentally’ an ‘exact’ match in terms of what ‘anyone’ with any competence whatsoever can deduce would be expected if we are each a single androgynous asexual subtle form being interfaced to an animal form that has two genders.

As a summary reminder of what I’ve presented above:

The spiritual information that would be expected if we are each a single androgynous asexual subtle form being interfaced to an animal form that has two genders includes:

  1. We have spiritual information that describes ‘spiritual / higher’ forms as being androgynous. I.e. that are beings that will propagate by asexual division.
  2. We also have spiritual information which is ‘CONSISTENT’ in it’s focus on TWINS as opposed to soul parents. I.e. twins will be the outcome of asexual division.
  3. We also have many descriptions that in attempting to completely avoid having presented explicit details of how subtle forms produce offspring asexually all focus on details of WHEN the asexual androgynous subtle/soul form ‘enters’ the physical body i.e. when it is ‘INTERFACED’ to a human male or female physical form . . .
  4. Despite that we have many descriptions focused on when the soul form enters and engages with the physical body, no one realises that they are describing a process of interfacing a separate subtle form to a physical animal form.
  5. As such, no one then correlates this with the two bodies interfaced ‘Matrix’ reality and or the visuals regularly DEMONSTRATING this in the Matrix trilogy of films.
  6. Even worse we also have descriptions giving details of a single soul form asexually DIVIDING to create offspring as ‘TWINS’ of itself.

We also have the following anomalous experiences and anomalous ‘expectations’ which anyone that isn’t feebleminded should be able to deduce will be presented in the physical population if what I point out above is ‘CORRECT’:

  1. We have many people here unhappy about the divisions, roles and or inequalities between the ‘sexes / genders’.
  2. We also have a few people here that STRONGLY feel themselves to be ‘androgynous’.
  3. Against all ‘evolution’ logic we also have same gender paired couples having intimate relationships here.
  4. We also have ‘MANY’ people here that feel that they have been born into the WRONG GENDER body.
  5. We also have people here that strongly or consistently feel that their mother, their father, their brother, their sister and or children or other close relative ARE NOT OF THEIR FAMILY / ARE NOT THE ‘CORRECT’ PERSON or PEOPLE?”
  6. We ALSO have people here that feel that ‘something’ connected to their environment and or circumstances is ‘missing’ and or that feel a ‘paranormal’ familiarity and or that have ‘unexpected’ reactions to specific places, circumstances, events and or objects?”

Once again, the above evidence points all coherently ‘fit’ with a ‘Matrix’ Reality configuration composed of a population of androgynous asexual forms whom are interfaced lifetime after lifetime to a two gendered human physical body as per our ‘spiritual’ knowledge descriptions.

Despite that we here are living in a society that presents consistent anomalous experiences and also consistent anomalous expectations many of which can with some basic ‘persistent’ thinking be ‘EASILY’ CORRELATED with the possibility of ourselves being a subtle androgynous form interfaced to a two gendered physical form that coincidentally is written about and described as part of the spiritual knowledge record here while coincidentally this possibility also matches up with the ‘model’ of a MATRIX reality many aspects of which were comprehensively presented as part of the ‘MATRIX film’ trilogy which coincidentally also visually presented a whole range of anomalous experiences and behaviours which are ‘specific’ to the Matrix reality configuration and which coincidentally we also have consistently PRESENTED in our own reality here (many of these ‘Matrix reality / Matrix film correlations and the resulting anomalous experiences were pointed out in detail on the previous page in this series).

As such it is extremely embarrassing, the sheer ineptitude continually demonstrated by academics and scientists whom exhibit a 100% failure rate in basic, logical, reasoned thinking and ‘joining related information dots’ abilities.

Despite that we here are living in a society that consistently presents anomalous behaviours and experiences as well as consistent anomalous expectations many of which can with some basic ‘persistent’ thinking be ‘EASILY’ CORRELATED with the possibility of ourselves being a subtle androgynous form interfaced to a two gendered physical form that coincidentally is written about and described as part of the spiritual knowledge record here while coincidentally this possibility also matches up with the ‘model’ of a MATRIX reality many aspects of which were comprehensively as well as ‘visibly’ demonstrated as part of the ‘MATRIX film’ trilogy which coincidentally also presented a whole range of easily observable anomalous experiences and behaviours which are ‘specific’ to the Matrix reality configuration and which coincidentally we also have consistently PRESENTED in our own reality here (many of these ‘Matrix reality / Matrix film correlations and the resulting anomalous experiences were pointed out in detail on the previous page in this series).

As such it is extremely embarrassing, the sheer ineptitude continually demonstrated by academics and scientists whom exhibit a 100% failure rate in basic, logical, reasoned thinking and ‘joining related/connected information dots’ abilities.

Let me demonstrate how easy it is to manage people such that they are made to be completely unable to figure anything out at all.

. . . are you ready . . . . ?

This page has catalogued a whole range of ‘gender’ issues that some modest, persistent thinking can have you figuring out will arise if androgynous asexual subtle beings are being interfaced to an animal type that presents two distinctly different male and female gender forms. Given that this arrangement results, not only in observable but in some cases also researched and actually documented and hence ‘recognized’ anomalous experiences, as well as VERY MANY OF THESE, then;

” . . . isn’t it ‘seriously’ odd that whomever DELIBERATELY picked a bi-gendered animal form to interface a large androgynous subtle population to, would ‘actually’ do this when it is obvious that this will result in the presentation of very many different as well as ‘noticeable’ anomalous behaviours and experiences? Anomalous behaviours and experiences that for anyone able to exhibit any decent thinking abilities would be able to figure out are ALL ‘OBVIOUS’ CLUES that are very strongly ‘suggestive’ of a specific two bodies interfaced together ‘Matrix Reality’ arrangement!!!”

So, if you reading this were in charge of ‘interfacing’ a population to a specific animal form species then which very ‘specific’ species type would you yourself ‘specifically’ pick BECAUSE such a species would absolutely as well as automatically reduce the ‘observable’ presented anomalies down to virtually ‘nothing’? If you manage to figure this out then in knowing the most ‘likely’ species type that any ‘rational’ person would use then what else can you figure out that will then ‘naturally’ lead you to become aware of even more anomalous experience possibilities that ‘coincidentally’ are also related to gender and ‘propagation’ and which ‘coincidentally’, not only do we ALSO have visibly presented here BUT these anomalous behaviours and experiences have also been studied and documented by our researchers whom once again have completely failed to realise their significance as supporting evidence that our reality here is ENTIRELY FAKE?

Any ideas?

Spend time trying to figure this out before reading the next page?

Here is your chance to ‘prove’ that you are neither feeble minded nor are you being managed either via inter body form ‘interfacing’ or simulation software.


  1. Clive
    July 22, 2016 @ 7:31 pm

    Two new pages up today. This page will help explain what ‘soul twins’ are, that were referred to on the other new ‘exercise’ page today. This ‘gender’ page also includes a survey exploring anomalous experiences related to ‘gender’ – please take time to fill it in!!!


    • Megan
      July 22, 2016 @ 11:44 pm

      Thanks Clive, definitely look forward to doing this.


  2. Megan
    August 8, 2016 @ 2:58 am

    “As a start, how would a well-respected high status androgynous subtle person interfaced to a human female body react to finding themselves as a human ‘female’ living in a society that has UNEQUAL roles based on the gender of the human body?”

    This article (as are many on this site) was quite an eye opener, and I could find myself relating quite a bit to the statement quoted above (it actually kind of caught me off-guard when I first read it.)

    As a female I’ve always felt like I was at the bottom in respectability. Like the only thing I was good for was working, or pandering to someone else’s wants and needs while ignoring or forsaking those things I truly loved and cherished. That other people came before myself and that I myself was expendable, in a way.

    I’ve always been kind of sensitive as a person, and the way women are so often portrayed in society, often left me feeling ashamed to be girl, so much to the extent that I have tried acting and behaving like a male (although this has changed a lot.) I’d even go to say that I was possibly born as the wrong gender. I remember one time I told my family that I was a male in a previous life and they all laughed at me.

    Sexuality wise, it’s weird. While I’d consider myself bi-sexual, I don’t really see myself being intimate with a man. I’ve never been sexually attracted to a man, and the only time I see myself being sexually intimate with another man is when I’m fantasizing about being a man myself. It feels more ‘right’ and equal to me where if I imaging a man and a woman together it’s domineering, controlling and unequal, I’d even go so far as to say abusive (I believe I still have quite a bit of sexual trauma I still have to work through.)
    “5. Do we have ANYONE here that strongly or consistently feels that their mother, their father, their brother, their sister and or any of their children or any close relations or even their ENTIRE family are not ‘YOUR’ expected FAMILY or that specific family members are ‘NOT’ the ‘CORRECT’ person?”

    As I’ve previously in a previous comment that I think I was born into the wrong family. On that note, I also think my mother is in the similar situation (she always tells me of how she was always the outsider looking in and how her older brother and younger sister got more attention than she did.) Now, from a mother-daughter point of view, I had those expectations of someone more empathetic and loving (not that my mom isn’t a loving and caring person.) I guess I would call it mother’s intuition, something I never experienced or felt between my mother and I. To be honest, looking at how we both lived and treated each other, I get the impression we were more like co-workers or loose acquaintances than we were family.

    The family I was born into is a Christian family to varying degrees. I personally could never get into it, even though I tried, and I think my lack of ‘faith’ has even driven some people away.

    “6. Do we have ANYONE here that feels that ‘something’ connected to their environment and or circumstances is ‘missing’ and or do we have anyone that has felt a ‘paranormal’ familiarity and or had ‘unexpected’ reactions to specific places, circumstances, events and or objects?”

    I felt this in certain places, especially when I was staying in Arizona a few years back. I didn’t like the heat or the desert, the entire place felt wrong or off, and even living in the middle of Mesa, I felt as if there was a barrier or a wall (something felt off just being there.) I feel much better and at home in places where there are a lot of forests and green vegetation, and plenty of water.
    I was watching old episodes of Shark Week one night and I remember watching this one about Atlantic Great White Shark, and despite these being deadly apex predators, I felt a strange sort of kinship with them. I remember one scene where a giant shark was approaching to feed on a whale carcass, and the thought, ‘a great grandmother,’ crossed my mind just moments before the narrator said that it was indeed a female. Then there was the episode, ‘The Wrath of Submarine,’ where I got so upset and angry about how the whole docu-drama was presented/played out that I was crying with the thoughts, ‘why are they doing this? Why are they lying?’ running through my head.


    • Clive
      August 8, 2016 @ 11:20 am

      Hi Megan, this page and the previous two are ‘key’ pages, all the ‘management’ that is focused on convincing everyone that ‘reality is real’ and preventing anyone from becoming aware that their reality is entirely fake is ‘IMMENSE’ for these specific pages because they each point out in very logical ways some very logical and very obvious things. The second page is actually up on all of my public sites. Despite that these pages are ‘ground breaking’ this is the first comment that anyone has managed to leave on any of these pages, which is likely a sign that we’ve hacked and are changing (hopefully the last) software focused on managing people with respect to their ability to read and think about and comment on the ‘fact’ that our reality is not only entirely fake BUT it is obviously fake as you can easily join dot’s between many ‘anomalous’ experiences and the deducible artefacts that a specific reality configuration CANNOT AVOID PRESENTING!!!


  3. Nyssa
    August 8, 2016 @ 7:34 pm

    This comment is in reference to the previous page but there’s no ‘comment’ feature on that page.

    Very interesting essay. Points out many good observations. Thank you.

    You wrote of the movie “Avatar.” My first thought when watching the Avatar movie was ‘what is the technology used to interface the human consciousness to the alien organic avatar form?”, particularly what is the method and ‘path’ of transmission for the consciousness to connect the two. And quickly thereafter, a sense of foreboding: “that would be a ‘FANTASTIC’ way to mess with someone, introduce ‘whatever’ via that tech / via that interfacing and transmission process.” You write of the interfacing being hacked to ‘take control’ of the remote avatar, but the sense I get there’s many, many other ways to serious mess with a person via the interfacing, especially messing with the subtle body. The movie ends with the main character’s consciousness being permanently housed in the avatar when his physical body dies, which is an interesting (while disturbing) twist – yet he’s happy since the world and the avatar he’s now permanently housed in feels more ‘right’ to him, like it represents something he deeply ‘is’ and that the human world was so deranged it could no longer offer it to him.

    There’s hints in the Matrix movies that Zion, the Machines, the ship Nebuchadnezzar, etc etc., actually still exist with a controlled /fake reality environment. Consider how Neo can control the machines while NOT interfaced into the matrix (it’s like he uses magic of some sort to disable the machines when they are trying to attack the ship The Nebuchadnezzar), and how, in what is portrayed as the ‘real world’, he was able to see the ‘golden auras’ of anything connected to “The Source”. Also, how his physical body is somehow needed to be inserted into the core to reboot the Matrix – why would a ‘physical’ body be needed for that, unless the machines and Neo’s ‘physical’ body are somehow be connected/related to each other? That would only be logical if they are not in a real reality.

    And finally something that is quite puzzling regarding soul twins, soul splits, and of the creation of NEW souls. How would that be ‘done’ when viewed from the perspective of the ‘two body problem’ of the matrix and the matrix interfacing? For example: Consider a subtle being that is interfaced to a matrix that chooses to ‘split’ in the matrix .. the original subtle being is still housed/encased in some place .. and likely isn’t going to split right there in that remote location while still interfaced – that seems improbable and would mar the matrix experience. Thus how is that handled? The simplest way would be to put barriers put in place in the subtle being’s consciousness to keep it from being aware it’s still the same being, just split into multiple ‘experiences’ for the purposes of the matrix experience / con.

    And re: new souls – if, in the matrix, subtle beings create new souls using bits of themselves, blended together in a soul birth chamber to create a new subtle being, where IS / what IS that ‘new soul’ in the space where the soul parents are ORIGINALLY interfaced?

    It would logically follow, based on the ‘soul split’ example I wrote above, that the new soul doesn’t really exist as a soul itself in the REAL reality, but only exists in the matrix as an amalgamation of other’s consciousness being forcibly stuck together a la Frankenstein, which is only possible when those bits are simultaneously barricaded away from their original selves’ own awareness, somehow wiped and programmed to believe itself to be a fresh, new, independent whole soul. But it’s nothing close to being a fresh, new independent whole soul!

    In other words, it’s complicated and deeply disturbing in ways that defy description. What happens when the soul parents (or grandparents etc etc) want to de-interface from the matrix (if that’s even a possibility)? How “chopped up” are our original selves via barriers in our awareness and what are the rights of these ‘new souls’ should the matrix project be ended? Many, many other disturbing questions and complications come to mind.

    The implications of the Matrix is quite horrific. Thank you for your work.


    • Clive
      August 8, 2016 @ 10:10 pm

      ‘Seriously’ this is an embarrassing comment Nyssa, the previous page was very specifically laid out as evidence the ‘basis’ of which I very specifically ‘framed/defined’ it presents a page of fundamental and obvious connections NEVER BEFORE MADE OR PRESENTED and yet what is the acknowledgement of this?

      “Very interesting essay. Points out many good observations.”

      That’s it?????????????????????? What good points? Why are they good? I’ve no idea!!!

      There is no attempt to point out, say your own anomalous experiences that ALSO FIT, or any other or others experiences that also fit that I deliberately missed out so I could keep the page from being too long, NOPE, rather we have an entirely rambling, disjointed, distracting, pulling away from the entire FUCKING POINT OF THAT PAGE with this ‘pitiful’ comment . . .

      You actually do this often in comments and particularly for the ‘exercises’, because of this I even stated for the exercises that I just want people to write what they become aware of as they are doing them. From you I get this which is great BUT I also get way more vague speculation that again presents information that PULLS EVERYTHING WAY OFF TARGET i.e. your ‘EXTRAS’ are fantastic in terms of taking peoples thinking off down completely irrelevant lines and specifically in terms of taking people off the topic of that page / the point of what I’m doing here, you’ve even started to add in links to many of your previous comments . . . to at least try and mitigate this I ASKED FOR PEOPLE / YOU to keep comments short, and yet your second earlier comment previous to this one is 2 pages of A4 long. . . are you aware that despite your ‘sensitivity’ and the quality of ‘some’ of what you write in comments they are also the biggest factor of sabotage to what I’m doing here?

      You think I’m not aware of these points you make because if you think this then it’s MASSIVELY INSULTING. The previous page was deliberately kept TIGHT / ON POINT and it deliberately avoided presenting side lining distracting, meandering off THE POINT of the page ‘points’, coincidentally EXACTLY the things that you’ve managed to jam pack into your comment above . . . do you have any idea how much time and effort is required to write these pages to present this type of information specifically in a form that people ‘may’ ‘MAY’ be able to take in, ‘maybe’ be able to understand / get the point of?

      Do you have even the slightest inkling of what I’m trying to do here? OR the effort ‘reality’ puts into to sabotage what I’m doing?

      I don’t want ‘extra’s Nyssa, any comment from you from now that from a QUICK READ THROUGH ‘may’ take a page or this site ‘off point’ and or away from what I’m doing in general or that has any link to another comment I’ll delete out of hand. So, I don’t want long comments from you and I don’t want any more of your distracting ‘speculation’ or links to other comments.


      • Nyssa
        August 11, 2016 @ 1:08 pm

        Deepest apologies. I now realize I had serious fade out from one page to the next. Thank you for now adding the commenting feature on that page. Frankly, I rather feel that I was ‘set up’ / ‘used as bait’ to ‘reveal and deal’ with something. However, I’m very sorry I’ve caused you so much stress and will try to comply with your request. I struggle with conveying the slightest glimpse of myself, even worse when I only can use ‘words’ – so I use too many (<<– ie, "the missing words/inadequate communication medium" anomaly?).

        You made a good point in your essay regarding technology limiting researchers' ability to 'connect the dots' — which is why I've added links in my posts all year, trying to counteract the abysmal limitations of 'blog as research platform', for 'overall conciseness/continuity' and to help other researchers who read my posts to connect current posts to prior ones (odd that you just now noticed I do this). I recall Rose had requested you improve the site's search function to help counteract tech limitations that constrain research efforts.

        You observed that subtle researcher collaborations are sabotaged via tech interference. However, subtle researchers are observably (to me, at least) kept apart in a much more aggressive fashion than just ‘tech sabotage’ (‘our’ interactions are perhaps an example?).

        In Focus 6, I’ve connected to what seems to be the main “Overcontrolling Global Interactions, Skills, Abilities, Knowledge & Anomalies Research Manager” and it seems that “firmly keeping subtle researchers apart” is one of its actions. Using Focus 6, I seem to have accessed the main overcontroller yesterday/ its database of strategies, exploring them/how they are applied to people / interactions, and ‘downloading’/processing the data. Also, what seem to be ‘custom’ manipulations (mine include ‘communication’ and ‘thinking.’ Ya think?). Will share as concisely as I can.

        Thank you again for your work, Clive. Thank you also for your forbearance with me up to now and while I try to work within tech and language constraints, and while I try to combat / change habits as these manipulations are passified / I work through the process of dealing with the associated trauma. I’ll attempt a better comment on your essay, on that page, later. PS Your last two comments felt ‘obscured’ for some reason – hard to explain – although I understood the words.


        • Clive
          August 11, 2016 @ 5:10 pm

          I’d advise that you read all your future comments very carefully Nyssa for the contradictions they present . . .

          “You made a good point in your essay regarding technology limiting researchers’ ability to ‘connect the dots’ — which is why I’ve added links in my posts all year, trying to counteract the abysmal limitations of ‘blog as research platform’,”

          ‘IF’ you ACTUALLY ‘HAD’ this in mind then you’d be linking PRIMARILY to my comments and specifically the ones that ‘make defining points’ and or my pages here NOT YOUR OWN comments within site (which is what 90% of your comments link to). In discussing the ‘Nyssa’ comment problem a few weeks ago with someone else they pointed that when they read your comments they hold the energy / attitude of ‘look at me everyone’ which is actually a correct observation Nyssa. This is also further confirmed when anyone can notice that most of your links to your other comments are to ‘icons’ mostly just because you have SEEN THEM BEFORE. Icons which are ‘obviously’ not interesting from my point of view else I’d have a page discussing them and be cataloguing them. So, the majority of the comment I’m replying to is basically dishonest bullshit.

          “You observed that subtle researcher collaborations are sabotaged via tech interference. However, subtle researchers are observably (to me, at least) kept apart in a much more aggressive fashion than just ‘tech sabotage’ (‘our’ interactions are perhaps an example?).”

          As opposed to many pages here that you could link to that state that it’s actually PRIMARILY sim software managing everyone and very specifically these efforts are at a maximum on this site. This above is a great example of these types of things you point in comments which again are WRONG / and in fact entirely misleading with respect to the information presented on many pages on this site (which you could also have linked to if you were aware of their importance).

          “In Focus 6, I’ve connected to what seems to be the main “Overcontrolling Global Interactions, Skills, Abilities, Knowledge & Anomalies Research Manager” and it seems that “firmly keeping subtle researchers apart” is one of its actions. Using Focus 6, I seem to have accessed the main overcontroller yesterday/ its database of strategies, exploring them/how they are applied to people / interactions, and ‘downloading’/processing the data. Also, what seem to be ‘custom’ manipulations (mine include ‘communication’ and ‘thinking.’ Ya think?). Will share as concisely as I can.”

          You mean the focus ‘worked’? That it actually ‘did’ what it was designed to do? Or to put it another way, yes it worked as I designed it to, wouldn’t that be the point of me spending hours and days in some cases crafting these? Did you notice that the last focus the ‘healing’ exercise 6 was at version 8.00 before it was even put up here? I.e. it was well tested and refined before it even appeared here. So, the quote above somewhat confirms the ‘look at me’ attitude doesn’t it?

          Everyone doing these exercises / focuses is tracked by ‘OUR’ hacking and monitoring AI’s that are cataloguing all components and all strategies / variations in approaches being applied to you / anyone else doing focuses. That is the point of them, because despite that we’ve passified most of the software we’ve not identified all ‘operational’ variations it has available. The software targeted by SAHE focus 6 will literally have 100’s of divergent approaches and millions x millions of variations within these. I have mentioned that a massive effort has been made in software terms to ‘maintain’ at all costs people in their shit. So, from your comment Nyssa all it tells me is that you are ‘personally’ aware that it’s working. Which I already know, it was in fact working at version 1.00 or less BUT version 8+ is orders of magnitude more worrying to the software.

          The number of people ‘outside / outside of the simulation’ working on ‘helping me / us everyone / themselves’ is about 200 million with a core of 200,000 ‘ON POINT’ without them we cannot do anything and cannot get anywhere BUT obviously having to spend time writing this comment to put what we are doing and YOUR OWN PERSONAL EFFORT / INVOLVEMENT INTO PERSPECTIVE to reply to yet another crap comment that still shows you DON’T GET THE BASICS is time well spent.

          Are you aware Nyssa that I DON’T WORK WITH PEOPLE, the only money I get is from the automated absent healing service which on average brings in less than half what I spend. This site, all my sites, all of ‘my’ work is only here because I’m spending my savings, money that I’d saved and money I got from my parents when they died a few years back. Quite a few people that have been working with the exercises have actually signed up for the AAHS, I should point that this is not necessary BUT for someone that is a) relying on my expertise time and effort to the degree that you are and b) from comments has actually had issues addressed that you wanted changed then it’s interesting that you seem to think your self doing focuses / writing comments are worth a free ride!!! This too implies a great deal about your attitude / your view of yourself.

          Over the time when I ‘did’ work with people in the past I put together over 2000 ‘focuses’ and spoke / edited / constructed about 1400 audio ‘focus’s’ for mp3 players, so the current exercises may be longer but there are very few in comparison.

          When it eventually sinks in the ‘enormity and shear scale’ of this work there are going to be quite a few people that are going to extremely embarrassed with their own attitudes.

          Let me know when you’ve read this Nyssa, because I’ll get around to deleting all of these ‘wasting my time’ comments at some point . . .

  4. Trent
    August 11, 2016 @ 5:38 pm

    From Nyssa’s comment below: “I recall Rose had requested you improve the site’s search function to help counteract tech limitations that constrain research efforts.”

    If you go to Google then you can type “” (without the ” “) before your ‘keywords’, and it’ll bring up all pages from this site that contain those words (including in comments). A Google ‘search box’ can also be added to the site which does this automatically – here’s a WordPress plugin if you’re interested Clive –



    • Clive
      August 11, 2016 @ 7:33 pm

      I checked through the search plugins when Rose mentioned this and I had a look at that one in particular and (because of the management / potential problems) on reading the support comments at that time for that plugin (if I recall correctly) there were some problems for some people (or maybe because I already have a search plugin (dynamically lists pages as you type) and it’s not sensible to run two / can cause conflicts) – and with the ‘management’ messing with this site (I’ve moved my public sites to a different server a year ago that is way more competent / vigilant compared to the previous host) I decided to not risk using it. I’ve had seriously difficult problems with my none public / core site and it’s been a battle keeping access to that one (it likes what is written there way less than here).

      Also, there is also the factor of ‘best use of time’ and depending on what is going on for a specific phase I sometimes don’t have time to even think about plugins / extra ‘stuff’.

      I’ve added your search advice to the top of the 50 comments page.


  5. Rose
    August 13, 2016 @ 11:31 am

    Because I am a (non-identical) twin, I have been in a large ‘twin study’ all my life, and get a large survey every five years, covering all sorts of life areas. They consider twins to be perfect study material for lots of things like genetics and development, diseases etc. I felt ‘obliged’ to fill in all these papers with very personal questions for many years, but then stopped doing it a long time ago, because my life had fallen so much apart and it felt really ‘boundary breaching’, both the nature of the questions and to be used for ‘research’ that way.

    The page here made me feel that the whole interfacing subtle asexual souls into two gendered physical forms was being strongly monitored (and of course it would have been, I just hadn’t thought of things around ‘splits’ that way).

    And I found things on the internet like this recent study of transgenderism and transitioning among twins:

    “A 2013 twin study examined pairs of twins where either one or both of the twins had undergone, or had plans and had received medical approval to undergo, gender transition (both types of people were classified as trans in the study). The study combined a survey of such twins, with a literature review of published reports mentioning transgender twins. The study found that one third of identical twin pairs in the sample were both transgender, whereas among the non-identical twin pairs, there were almost no pairs where both were transgender. This suggests that genes are a contributory factor in transgenderism in many cases.”

    “Title: Transsexuality Among Twins: Identity Concordance, Transition, Rearing, and Orientation

    …..Combining data from the present survey with those from past-published reports, 20% of all male and female monozygotic twin pairs were found concordant for transsexual identity. This was more frequently the case for males (33%) than for females (23%). The responses of our twins relative to their rearing, along with our findings regarding some of their experiences during childhood and adolescence show their identity was much more influenced by their genetics than their rearing.”

    This is really difficult for me to think, write, post about now, it triggers really bad ‘shit’ and ‘fog’.

    I myself was ‘obsessed’ with finding out about ‘twins’ for many years, And I found that there was very little written about ‘twin psychology’ there still is), but I made my own ‘research’, talking with other twins and finding the same patterns and ‘roles’ for all of them, that me and my sister had. For example, there is usually a ‘good twin’ and a ‘bad twin’ (guess which one I was!), or a ‘light’ and a ‘dark’ twin in mythology, many religions and in alchemy, where ‘twins’ and ‘twin gods’ are very common, I discovered. And many more ‘standard traits’, and it felt more and more like some kind of ‘template’ me and my sister had been forced into, already from the beginning. All this was long before wsw, and I had some of those feelings already as a child, and could see how we had ‘been made to play different roles’. I also come from a family with many sets of twins, and I noticed the explosion in twin births (obvious from the many twin prams suddenly in the streets) after IVF treatments became common.

    I have several representations that fit well with all this. My twin sister and I are being kept from each other by the management shit, which is extremely traumatic for us both, and have been made to ‘fight’ for years, also in our childhood, even though we love each other deeply, and in ways we have never loved any others, the ‘twin connection way’. Both of us can always ‘feel the other’s presence’ and miss each other very much. People always talked about us as one ‘unit, “the twins”, and very often mixed our names up, ending up calling each of us a mix of both names. Even people who barely knew us or that we were siblings. We don’t look very similar to each other, and are quite different, but still it was difficult for others to separate us out. Both my sister and I were quite tom-boy’ish, she a lot more than me. We only played with boys and what’s considered to be ‘boy’s games’ (and we had lots of ‘boy’s toys’ also, and some dolls we never played with), until we all reached pre-puberty and the boys, including our best friend since we were 3 years old, suddenly wouldn’t play with us any longer, which was extremely traumatic. And I hated the stupid ‘girl’s games’ we were then left to play with girls who liked those. So I experienced a big and hurtful ‘gender split’ that I didn’t understand very early. And we started in the first grade together, but then skipped a class and was separated to each our class (because they said we were ‘competing’, which I never felt we were, or did), which was also extremely traumatic (I know I use that term all the time, but it was huge trauma that followed me for many years).

    The two gendered ‘splits’ have also very much been forced into ‘different roles’.

    I met my ‘other half’ split some years before I found wsw. And had a quite amazing ‘meeting’ and a very strong experience of ‘each being and holding one half of the same’ and also having total ‘shared consciousness’, or being in a consciousness space where ‘we both were’, in a much different /stronger way that I have experienced it with others. Unfortunately I was the only one of us who experienced all of this, and I couldn’t convey it in a way so that I would be believed. But it is the only time in my life I began considering things like ‘twin souls’, which I until then had thought of more as a ‘new age idea’, that people I knew who had very strong ‘co-dependency issues’ (as I have too, and see in a different light now), liked. But because I experienced it so strongly it suddenly felt very real.

    And lots of shit was done to sabotage our interaction, so it ended up in a very traumatic and irreparable ‘separation’ after a fantastic, short period of incredible ping-pong of ‘exchanges’ and being so much in tune and liking each other so much.

    But one of the most significant things, while being in this ‘space’ and this exchange, was that I felt it as if I, for the first and only time ever, experienced myself ‘as I really was’. I experienced (sorry for the over-use of that word) a huge expansion of myself, intellectually, a free flow of creatively combing unlikely things with amazing results and suddenly be able to create things in fields that had been pretty ‘closed’ to me until then, some of which was ‘pretty advanced’ (later ‘experts’ in some of those areas confirmed it and have called it things like ‘the ‘quantum physics’ of XYZ’).

    So I was suddenly way, way more skilled than I am here and now, and the best part of it was how much I liked myself and how fulfilled I felt. So it wasn’t about ‘feeling like a genius’ for the sake of it or any wished to ‘impress others’ – it was ‘feeling like myself’ and feeling so ‘whole’ and good, liking myself so much more than I ever have.

    This ties in really well with the processing I have just had because of the ‘acknowledgement neediness’ addition to the focus on “Being Made into a Cut Down, Contained, Limited, Pre-Definied Version of Myself” page.

    Wikipedia on Twins in Mythology (there are many more twin gods and mythical twins than mentioned in the Wikipedia pages, I looked at, and also androgynous or double gendered gods). When reading it now it really sounds like (bad/camouflaged) translations of what they did when they began interfacing the androgynous subtle beings into the two gendered ‘twins’:

    “Twins appear in the mythologies of many cultures around the world. In some they are seen as ominous and in others they are seen as auspicious. Twins in mythology are often cast as two halves of the same whole, sharing a bond deeper than that of ordinary siblings, or otherwise shown as fierce rivals. Twins can represents some “other” aspect of the Self, a doppelgänger or a shadow. Often the twin is the “evil twin”, or one may be human and one semi-divine. The twin may be a brother, or a soul-mate, such as the “civilized” Gilgamesh and the “wild” Enkidu.”

    Many cultures have mythic or folkloric explanations for how twins are conceived. In Greek mythology, some twins were conceived when a woman slept with both a mortal and a god on the same day. One of her offspring thereafter had godlike qualities, and the other was an ordinary mortal, such as Heracles and his twin brother Iphicles. In several Native American cultures women avoided eating twin fruits like double almonds and bananas because it was thought to increase the likelihood of twins. In other cultures, twins were attributed to superior virility of the father.”

    I read through the survey here when it came up, but it (still) feels ‘impossible’ to even consider filling it in.


  6. Rose
    August 23, 2016 @ 5:57 pm

    There seems to be lots of material written about ‘how many genders are there actually?’, or what all the gender variations are called and how people identify as them. And some pretty special representations, like these one celled protozoa, who have almost as much DNA as ‘humans’ have and are considered to be a scientific ‘model organism’ and used extensively for research:

    “These little creatures have put science on track of how gender-diversity occurs”:

    Tetrahymena thermophila exists in 7 different sexes (mating types) that can reproduce in 21 different combinations, and a single tetrahymena cannot reproduce sexually with itself. Each organism “decides” which sex it will become during mating, through a stochastic process.
    (Historically, protozoa were defined as single-celled organisms with animal-like behaviors, such as motility and predation). Wikipedia

    An American-Chinese study in the magazine Plos Biology describes how the offspring’s procreation type is determined through a kind of cut-and-paste process, where genes from the two parents re-combine:

    Selecting One of Several Mating Types through Gene Segment Joining and Deletion in Tetrahymena thermophila


    And different kinds of naming all the various ‘genders’, both the ‘Western’ type which is more ‘classification’ like, than what has been used in several ‘other cultures’ for hundreds or thousands of years . In some of which priests and priestesses have been ‘nonbinary’. And some of which traditionally have a ‘third gender’ as something commonly accepted:

    “This alphabetical list of nonbinary identities gives names of many kinds of gender identities that are nonbinary. That is, those other than just female and male, which are the binary genders…….

    …….Gallae: Originating in Turkey, and spreading to Europe, many of the ancient priestesses of the goddess Cybele were Gallae. The Gallae were eunuchs who were analogous to transgender women. Some see them as a nonbinary gender role.
    Hijra. In south Asian countries including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the Hijra are people assigned male at birth who have a feminine gender expression. This is a very ancient tradition. Today, Hijra are legally recognized as a gender other than female or male.
    Ninauposkitzipxpe. In North America, the Blackfoot Confederacy recognizes a gender called ninauposkitzipxpe, “manly-hearted women,” who are assigned female at birth, and occupy a gender role different from that of women and men.
    Two-spirit. Hundreds of cultures throughout North and South America have long had gender roles for those other than cisgender women and cisgender men. Internationally, “Two-spirit” is the agreed-upon modern English umbrella term for these gay, transgender, and nonbinary gender roles.
    Yinyang ren (陰陽人). In China, yinyang ren are people who have an equal amount of both feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) qualities. Usually this means gender nonconforming and bisexual, but can also mean transgender or intersex.

    Polygender.[1] Having several gender identities, particularly four or more of them. This can mean at different times, or at the same time.” Wikipedia

    “In Peru, the pre-colonial Incas recognized quariwarmi, a nonbinary mixed-gender role.
    Andean Studies scholar Michael Horswell writes that third-gendered ritual attendants to chuqui chinchay, a jaguar deity in Incan mythology, were “vital actors in Andean ceremonies” prior to Spanish colonisation. Horswell elaborates: “These quariwarmi (men-women) shamans mediated between the symmetrically dualistic spheres of Andean cosmology and daily life by performing rituals that at times required same-sex erotic practices. Their transvested attire served as a visible sign of a third space that negotiated between the masculine and the feminine, the present and the past, the living and the dead. Their shamanic presence invoked the androgynous creative force often represented in Andean mythology.”[1] Richard Trexler gives an early Spanish account of religious ‘third gender’ figures from the Inca empire in his 1995 book “Sex and Conquest”:
    And in each important temple or house of worship, they have a man or two, or more, depending on the idol, who go dressed in women’s attire from the time they are children, and speak like them, and in manner, dress, and everything else they imitate women.” Wikipedia

    The ‘Father Sky and Mother Earth’ concept also exists in multitudes of variations in lots of religions and cultures. As a dual gender frame or background for ‘existence’ – or a ‘mirror’?

    It’s even ‘represented’ on Facebook:

    “What Each of Facebook’s 51 New Gender Options Means

    For ten years, the social network limited billions of people identifying as either male or female. Now there are dozens of terms to pick from. Here’s how to understand them all.”

    There is also a Wikipedia article list of ”Nonbinary Celebrities”. I wonder if they are being used for more ‘original’ (but badly translated) missions/representations in the simulation. There are many ‘androgynous singers’, I have liked lots, David Bowie and K.D. Lang for example. In the 1970’s there were all the male ‘glam rock’ stars who dressed extremely ‘femininely’ and wore their hair like that too. And in some ways and some circles the ‘differences between the genders’ wasn’t as strongly ‘defined’ in those years, as all the rest of the time. At the same time as ‘women’s liberation’ was big and overlapping with and right after the ‘hippie’ movement.

    And generally among musicians (and actors, dancers, writers and other artists) there have been and are many artists with more fluid ‘gender roles’ or openly playing with it or sort of ‘switching roles’. But maybe it suits the simulation to ‘allow’ soem artists to be more openly ‘nonbinary’ or ‘genderfluid’, because they are already sort of expected to be ‘eccentric’ or ‘different’? Or to use them as ‘examples’ of ‘condemned behaviour’ and expose them to terrible (and public) punishments.

    From that ‘celebrity list’:

    “Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: After marrying Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge in 1993, Genesis and Lady Jaye began “project Pandrogeny” to become Breyer P-Orridge, an entity described as an “amalgam” of their two selves. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge continued this project after the death of Lady Jaye in 2007.
    Ruby Rose: “On 22 July 2014, Rose came out as genderfluid, saying, “I am very gender fluid and feel more like I wake up every day sort of gender neutral.”. This announcement came approximately a week after she released a short film called “Break Free,” in which she visually transitions from a very feminine woman to a heavily tattooed man.”
    Amandla Stenberg: Writing about organising a workshop, Hunger Games actor Amandla Stenberg wrote, “Basically, we’re trying to understand the duality of being a non-binary person and a feminist. How do you claim a movement for women when you don’t always feel like one?”
    Tilda Swinton: “I don’t know if I could ever really say that I was a girl – I was kind of a boy for a long time. I don’t know, who knows? It changes.”
    Pete Townshend: “I know how it feels to be a woman because I am a woman,” Townshend said in an interview with White that ran on White’s radio show in September 1989. “And I won’t be classified as just a man.”
    Rain Dove: Rain uses her naturally androgynous look to model for both men’s and women’s lines of clothing & identifies as genderqueer or gender variant.
    Miley Cyrus: “I didn’t want to be a boy, … I kind of wanted to be nothing. I don’t relate to what people would say defines a girl or a boy, and I think that’s what I had to understand: Being a girl isn’t what I hate, it’s the box that I get put into.””

    And someone who has made take a very schematic approach to line up all the variations:

    “Much conflict in modern social development is centered around the concept of there being two genders and that “allowed” combinations of those two. If there were more than just two genders, this conflict would not be nearly as polarized as it is today.
    Well, you’re in luck, because I say there are a lot more than two genders. I say that even in a fairly simple system of identifing genders, there are at least Sixty-Three (63) gender combinations.
    Because gender is more specific than simply the genetalia attached to your body, which is normally referred to define your “sex”,

    To examine Gender (as opposed to Sex) I use a more specific definition than is typically used. Gender is broken down into three aspects based on the Physical, Personality and Preferences that the individual person exhibits. Each of these categories is then further broken down into three options: Male, Female and Androgynous. From these combinations of attributes, a persons gender can be identified with much more precision than previously available.


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