Within a previous page in this series I’ve given an extended example of what I described as an anomalous belief, specifically because we have many people here whom are very, very sure that the earth is flat.

In a sense the person they are a duplicate of (as a duplicated copied person) is very likely to have embedded, as in day in day out ALL THE TIME awareness, knowledge and experience of living within a designed, engineered, entirely flat, disc world, such that the embedded knowledge and awareness of their day in day out ALL THE TIME flat world living circumstances will have them automatically absolutely ‘knowing’ that the world they are living on is flat specifically because they are simulating someone who knew (because it was common knowledge), that they lived on a designed, completely flat ‘disc’ world.

In finding and spending some time reading some of the flat earth web site I was impressed that they’d actually done the necessary experiments to specifically directly check which sort of world we are living on by directly checking to see if they can detect the curvature they’d be if we are living on a round earth such that distant objects/structures eventually visually disappear (beyond a specific distance) because they’ll then drop below the horizon (and then disappear) beyond an easily calculated viewing distance.

I found it exceptionally interesting, that the flat earth people had directly checked this ‘disappearing’ below the horizon effect over distances across stretches of open water where a distant building or object very definitely ‘should’ disappear (due to the curvature of the earth making it sink below the horizon beyond an easily calculated distance) to find that it actually DOESN’T, i.e. in experiments that they have personally carried out, they can still see the distant object/structure thus giving them proof that the earth is indeed flat!!!

The Temporarily Personally Altered Reality Version & Or the Hijacking Individuals Senses Problem

However, as I’m extremely aware of myself being presented with ‘personal to myself’ i.e. rendered directly into my ‘visual cortex’ images of invisible ghosts as well as invisible nature spirits i.e. from my perspective I’ve had direct and repeated experience of our reality presenting very, very specific visual images to people INDIVIDUALLY, i.e. JUST TO VERY, VERY SPECIFIC PEOPLE ONLY!!!

Basically (from my own repeated experience) some specific people have coherent ‘visual’ images (in my terms) directly ‘rendered’ into their ‘visual’ cortex. Every time someone ‘sees’ a ghost as well as all those that ‘see’ a nature spirit or elemental are basically making us aware that our reality is able to DIRECTLY present specific visual images to particular people in particular circumstances that are NOT PART OF CONSENSUS REALITY i.e. they are personal to a specific individual and or specific people within a group, I’m aware of this because I used to take groups of up to 10 people to places to have them try to become aware of nature spirits. Hence then, some people (at a very specific location) are only able to feel their presence, whilst some ‘see/perceive’ the nature spirit i.e. they get an internal image/presentation of the nature spirit, while some others don’t feel or see/perceive anything at all.

Basically, from my perspective ‘reality’ itself, is specifically presenting some very specific anomalous perceptions just to specific individuals only because these relate to very particular experiences and or circumstances of the person they are a duplicate of which cannot be directly experienced and or lived here either because of our reduced one single ‘physical’ planet living environment as well as the ’round’ living on the surface of a globe/planet circumstances (when many people here are likely a duplicate of someone that lived on a flat disc world).

However, while writing this series I recently remembered that you can also have what I call anomalous ‘expectations’.

From my experience, you can have anomalous expectations related to commonly used things/advanced technologies and or the accumulated knowledge of the person you are a duplicate of (whose life you are supposedly fairly accurately ’emulating’) was very, very familiar with. This would particularly be the case with respect to common knowledge and or common experiences, which in our circumstances ‘HERE’ in many ways being VERY DIFFERENT (many aliens living on many disk worlds and planets for a start) then you can at times find yourself with a persistent feeling or sensation that ‘something’ is just ‘not right’ in some way.

The Anomalous Expectations Related to Missing Advanced Computer & VR Technologies Problem

For example in my terms our computers, our software and also VR technologies ‘here’ are ‘SHIT/PATHETIC’ with respect to my embedded ‘expectations’ of the original technologies devoted to ‘data handling, referencing and presentation and interrelationship terms’ that, at least with respect to what I personally remember/am directly aware of that I ACTUALLY EXPECT TO HAVE ACCESS TO & BE USING HERE!!!

Basically, what we have here can only be described as worse than stone age grade!!!! This is specifically the case because the person I’m a duplicate of is someone that regularly used ‘hyper/ultra’ grade of information accessing and VR data presentation technologies within a full massive visually walk around within a vast room scale space offering many ‘presentation’ options while also being facilitated by a multitude of AI’s who are also automatically thinking about and assessing things from different perspectives, whom will also search for, and or then present/offer any information/data that is related/associated with my interests in a variety of ways while also pointing out anything ‘interesting’ indirectly or obliquely related to my current ‘interests/thinking lines’ that I myself don’t already seem to either know about or be aware of.

In other words I ‘expect’ things to be very, very different in many different ways here!!!!!

Are Anomalies Being Presented Here Specifically Related to Missing Advanced VR Technologies?

If we are duplicates of people that were living in a way more advanced technology cultures then what sort of anomalies could be presented here that would relate say to someone using exceptionally high quality immersive VR equipment that say became faulty under very specific circumstances?

Let’s say that your immersive VR tech was based on standard but very, very advanced technologies projected from what we have here now, then wouldn’t these VR technologies end up having specific chip sets that would become dedicated (for example) to calculating and generating areas of your VR that involved mirrored surfaces?

Hence then, if someone here is a duplicate of a person that in the original high technology environment had a fault in the specific chips responsible for generating mirrored surfaces in their VR then they’d stand a decent chance here of experiencing some super bizarre effects BUT ONLY when they looked at mirrored surfaces!!!

Hence then, if someone wrote to me describing the following:

“ . . . that they could see flickering pixels when they looked into their bathroom mirror . . .”

Then I’d personally evaluate this as very, VERY, VERY STRONG ‘supporting’ evidence that we are in a ‘software defined duplicated copied population type simulation whose technological developments have also been slowed down within our version here (relative to the original)’ very specifically because these specific effects, in being ABSOLUTELY SPECIFIC TO ‘MIRRORED’ SURFACES ‘ONLY (and nothing else) then, based on ‘extending’ our own current technologies into the future, this consistently happening to some people can be deduced as being ‘LIKELY’ under the circumstances that I describe above!!!!

Coincidentally, the above example is actually a REAL LIVE EXAMPLE (presented on Prof. Bostrom’s original simulation-argument.com web site) because it was of someone asking Prof. Bostrom (the originator of the ‘simulation argument’) if these mirror only specific EFFECTS could be classed as a ‘genuine’ glitch.

I quote Prof. Bostrom’s reply directly from that page:

“Some people have written to me that they have found signs that we are in a Matrix. One person, for instance, told me that he could see flickering pixels when he looked in his bathroom mirror. . . . . But even if we are in a Matrix, it is far more likely that such phenomena are the result of imperfections in the reporters rather than in the Matrix itself. There are many perfectly ordinary explanations for why some people should report having these kinds of experiences, including mental illness, over-excited imagination, gullibility, and so forth.”

How plausible do you think it would be for an artificial reality that is actually rendering/presenting supposedly ‘intelligent’ human components to actually directly manipulate these components, very specifically to minimise the possibilities of them DEFINITIVELY finding out that they are living within some type of software defined reality!?!?!!?

Now, I originally decided to write this specific section because I recently remembered that I had one of these anomalous expectation feelings/sensations specifically when looking at the periodic table!!!

It wasn’t that there was some part of it that was ‘wrong’ it was that the entire periodic table presentation was wrong, although I really couldn’t figure out why!!!!

At some point I mentioned this ‘oddity’ to someone else, whom then told me that they’d had the same feeling too, except, they’d already realised that it seemed ‘wrong’ because our periodic table version presents about twice the number of elements that IT SHOULD HAVE!!!!

This sort of made a lot of sense to me because I couldn’t point out anything directly wrong with any of it, it was just that the entire overall presentation of our defined ‘Periodic Table’ just wasn’t right!!!!

So, it didn’t take us long to then realise that our UTTERLY BALMY FAKE REALITY VERSION has about double the number of periodic table elements that it should have, or to be more specific, it presents double the number of elements that actually make up the PHYSICAL REALITY ‘STRATA’ ONLY.

You have to attempt to get your head around the ‘fact’ that we are none physical subtle beings, that arose and whom live within a multiverse’s separate subtle ‘energetic’ strata ‘space’. These subtle beings on becoming aware of the parallel physical strata, then researched this strata which eventually had them starting to interface and to use the physical animal forms as remote drone vehicle probes, such that over time more and more interfaced to the physical resulting in entire physical civilisations of incarnated people eventually appearing!!!!

So, in having about double the expected number of physical elements, we realised that ‘our’ allegedly physical only reality version has been specifically designed to symbolically include aspects of the subtle reality by including converted/adapted versions of the subtle elements such that these have been made into physical reality versions within our exceptionally strange earth reality version.

Anomalous Expectation Related to Anomalous Aspects of the Periodic Table

In other words our periodic table contains two separate periodic tables mixed together with about half being subtle elements converted into a physical element version.

Basically our reality is trying to convince everyone here that we are each just this physical human animal form, i.e. rather than the human body being seen here for what it ‘REALLY’ is which is that it is just a remote vehicle avatar form which is actually being remotely driven by YOUR SUBTLE SELF i.e. you are a subtle being whom is currently interfaced to this human avatar, remote vehicle probe body form.

In then going though the periodic table we tried to identify the none physical i.e. the added in alien subtle multiverse strata ‘elements’.

The Periodic Tables Anomalous Extra Subtle Strata Environment Elements

The following we were pretty sure of: the Noble Gasses, Gold & Silver, Silicon, Mercury and Aluminium.

Within an earlier page you might have noticed that I mentioned that stone structures, stone monuments, ancient buildings and stone/rock sculptured natural landscapes are representing the subtle environment structures, buildings and or technologies!!! Interestingly, one of the commoner elements consistently contributing to the base composition of ‘rocks’ is silicon, thus then supporting the proposition that many structures and buildings built from natural rocks are very likely representing subtle structures, buildings and or technologies!!!!

Although, when you ‘really’ start to get your head around the above, you can start to figure out all sorts of other interesting possibilities too!!!!

For example, gold is the subtle element that is the first choice to use for subtle form to physical animal avatar form interfacing efforts (silver is the next best i.e. it’s the second choice for interfacing), mercury is the subtle element most associated with teleportation technologies, worm holes, subtle portals as well as remote communications and also remote monitoring technologies!!!

In this respect I wasn’t that surprised when a past client told me that her mercury based tooth filling would at times act as a receiver, allowing her to very definitely hear one of the local radio stations (as if it was broadcasting directly into her head).

Based on the above then the subtle forms both as leaders as well as those ‘expert’ in interfacing would then be those most associated with these specific elements WITHIN THE SUBTLE REALITY. Coincidentally gold, silver as well as mercury are most often found associated with the burials places of ‘key’ i.e. leader types.

Original Advanced ‘Personal’ Subtle Technologies Converted Into Gems & Jewellery Here

However, various ‘gems’ are also, very, often directly associated with leaders/key people too, which as these ‘represent’ subtle versions of computer memory i.e. they represent subtle data storage devices such that their association with leaders/key people shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Just in case you’re being facilitated to not make obvious connections/associations with respect to what I describe above then let me make it very clear!!!!

In the distant past, leaders would often wear a ‘crown’ which would often be made of gold and or maybe silver too, while quite often it would also be inlaid with various gems. Basically, a top leaders crown (king or queen) is ‘representing’ a key persons subtle technologies giving them direct i.e. ‘system administrator’ access very likely to their entire interfaced population, i.e. all subordinates i.e. all of their ‘subjects’.

Hence many films of ‘past’ times involving top people disputes there is often an obvious emphasis on ‘getting the crown’ which is often mistakenly presented as being the ‘symbol’ of power when it’s actually representing someone’s subtle technologies to have direct system administrator access to the entire interfaced population.

Coincidentally I can also remember in films when ‘plotters’ against the crown (i.e. against the person with system administrator access) at immanent risk of either being exposed or caught often get rid of their ‘symbol or badge’ of position which in also likely representing subtle technologies would allow the person with the crown to more easily track and hence then find them!!!!

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