The Long, Long Physical Con Extended

I put up a page here which described how everyone here is living a ‘physical’ con. As I figured out more ‘evidence clues’ I come back to that original page twice to add the new details.

Compilation of Evidence that we are Subtle Beings Interfaced to & Incarnated into a Physical Avatar Body

So, you can consider the VUE on the page below to be a work in progress because I’ve already added yet more ‘obvious’ evidence as experiences as well as other visible clues compared to what is now on the original physical con page. I’ve more to add than what is on the current version too. So, ‘IF’ anyone reading this page is allowed to THINK, AND you also manage to think of more ‘clues’ to support the physical con then leave a comment with details and links. There is now a VERSION 2 of this VUE with way more details and links added HOWEVER you reading this now are recommended to read this version and then try and THINK beyond it and what is missing etc before reading Version 2. I say this because if you read these in order then you will be shocked at the obvious things you yourself personally missed THINKING of, you’ll then have some personal evidence of how effective the personal management efforts are. Despite what you might think, this ‘revelatory’ experience is worth having.

A Compilation of Evidence of a None Physical Reality

I’ve also not bothered to add in links to the ‘notes’ I already have below as they all seem fairly obvious to me BUT if anyone does have links to decent web pages that support particularly evidence lines then please leave these in comments below.


Our Subtle Origins
Back Story . . .

    • Who are we 'Really'?

    • How is REALITY actually structured?

    • Physical Life is Discovered & Studied

    • Interfacing to Physical Animal Forms Begins

    • Let's Start a 'Civilisation'

The 'Subtle' People FORCED to Incarnate into a Physical Body within a Physical Reality Long, Long, LONG 'CON'

Copyright (C) 2016C S Hetherington

The 'OBVIOUS' Physical CON Problems

The Kidnapping Problem . .

    • The Keeping the Kidnapping trauma of Subtle People Hidden Problem . .

The Recycled Repeated Incarnations Problem

    • Regaining Clarity before Death

    • NDE 'Near Death Experiences

    • Memories of Past Lives

    • Beliefs In Reincarnation

    • When is the Next Incarnation?

    • Who are your physical parents?

    • Which specific gender body are you EXPECTING to find yourself in?

The 2 Bodies Problem

    • Where 'exactly' is your memory?

    • What is 'consciousness'? Whom is 'conscious'?

    • Within which 'body' does your health or psychological problem originate?

The Physical Body is just a Vehicle Probe Problem

    • Astral Projection & Travelling

    • Entity Possession

    • Walk In's & Walk Out's

    • Community Consciousness

    • Witches 'Spying' Familiars

    • Remote Viewing Possibilities

The 2 Environments Problem

    • Subtle to Physical Communication Attempts

2 Sets of Senses Problem

    • Learning to Engage with Subtle Body Senses & Subtle Attributes

        • Investigating the Causes & Origins of Blank & Dead Feelings

        • Developing the Ability to Consciously Engage with Past Lives

    • Awareness, Feeling & Sensing Presences & Environmental Atmospheres

    • Disguised Presence of Subtle Researchers Investigating the Physical Strata

        • Examples of Subtle Researcher Forms

    • Awareness of & Interactions with Subtle People as Ghosts

    • Developing the Ability to Consciously Engage with Subtle Realms

We are actually IMMORTAL Subtle Beings, whom originate in what I personally describe as the subtle strata of reality.

As subtle beings we naturally take in 'resonances' as 'energetic' sustenance directly from the subtle environment. In other words, in NOT having to scavenge or 'grow' food we have absolutely NO resource burdens . . .

No one in the subtle reality 'WORKS' because there is no need. In fact it would be ridiculous to even suggest the concept of 'work' because just by existing they have everything they need to live and to do what they wish . . .

Being made of a much lighter, higher frequency material (elements and atom type things) the material doesn't weigh enough to clump and form dense worlds.

However, the strata next door which we call 'the physical' is way denser AND in some ways it is quite enticing as the denser material interactions over vast time spans have resulted in the emergence of physical worlds and even physical life.

We originate as subtle beings that are living in what I call a subtle strata. The subtle strata occupies the same 'space' but is of a different base resonance or frequency compared to the more dense parallel strata which we here identify as the physical strata.

Some subtle beings in becoming aware of the denser physical strata started to directly explore this strata as they figured out how to design and build subtle to physical strata interfacing. Doing this allows them to enter and engage with the physical strata and over time to more and more effectively and seamlessly engage with this separate physical strata of reality and to explore it's make up. In achieving this they then have access to an entirely different 'realm' of reality.

Eventually they discover some physical worlds whose surface is alive with many different forms of primitive organic life.

The organic life seem to have developed and evolved over very long time spans.

The subtle explorers and observers eventually become particularly interested in the free living animal forms.

They spend time watching and studying these physical animal forms and learning about their life cycles and how they live in the environment.

Eventually someone comes up with an interesting and very obvious idea . . .

. . . perhaps they could interface to an animal form and even spend time LIVING AS THAT FORM . . .

So, eventually after developing more advanced interfacing and after lots of trial and error some immortal subtle forms are eventually able to directly interface to one of the weird organic physical forms that they have found living on the surface skin of the sparsely scattered round physical worlds.

With practice these physical strata explorers find that they can adapt their interfacing technologies to seamlessly engage with these animal forms AND even more exciting they eventually do this so well that they can live completely as the animal form for it's entire but very brief life cycle. At least very brief from the perspective of someone that is an immortal being.

They are beginning to be able to interface to these physical organic forms so well that they are finding that it is easy to become so immersed in living as the physical form they are interfaced to that they can even forget that the are NOT THIS PHYSICAL FORM . . .

They have so much fun doing this that they invite more and more of their subtle friends into joining them so they can all have an immersive physical experience living as one of the physical animal forms . . .

As a result they each end up engaging with an upright two armed, two legged one headed alien form and living as this form to interact with their friends for the forms entire life cycle . . .

It likely didn't take long before some subtle psychopath figured out that if they kidnapped and memory wiped subtle people before interfacing them to a genetically modified to be weak animal form then they could end up with rather a lot of very 'intelligent' as well as 'bemused' animals to do all of the hard work for them, particularly as part of some 'lets make a civilization' idea.

So, if you are kidnapping people in the subtle reality and are FORCIBLY interfacing them to a human body then it's very likely that the peaceful subtle people subjected to this will actually experience severe trauma when this is done to them. It is then possible that while living as a pretend physical form that under certain conditions the unexpressed traumas will come to the surface and play out in various ways within the physical avatar form.

It is also possible that some subtle people will be sensitive enough to their subtle form that under certain conditions they will be able to sub-consciously sense or perceive the state of their subtle energy body which much like Neo in the Matrix films will be held immobile in some interfacing chamber with perhaps the occasional visit from a subtle form that would be checking and monitoring those in the interfacing chambers.

Did you know that personal and 'real' to the individual 'inner' abduction experiences result in 'symptoms' that are estimated to be experienced by up to 6% of the population here? This would mean that globally about 400 million people here might be presenting what appears to the relived trauma of some sort of hidden or sub-conscious abduction event?

Did you know that some sources claim that the very scary and traumatizing sleep paralysis experience that is part of these symptoms may be presenting in 25% of the population? In other words the incidence of what appears to be some suppressed trauma symptoms as 'sleep paralysis' could actually be being experienced by 2 billion here.

My own personal sleep paralysis experience is described here, it includes my impression of the vague almost 'transparent' figures that occasionally made my sleep paralysis nights even more scary than usual.

Do I need to point out to the poorly educated that 'subtle' beings are actually quite transparent, particularly when they are stripped of all of their interfacing and are 'as they are'?

If you are incarnating immortal subtle beings into a physical body then when the physical body is dying and or the mechanisms controlling the interfacing to the subtle body identify the physical body as being close to death then an automatic disengagement of the physical body interfacing will begin.

This happening will result in the 'seat of consciousness' disengaging from the physical body itself AND hence the trauma and or health problems and malfunctions of the physical body will have a much reduced impact. The consciousness will still be presented through the physical body BUT it won't be as impacted by the physical avatar forms health problems or disabilities. For all intents and purposes it will appear as of the physical form temporarily revives and gains more clarity.

If you are repeatedly re-incarnating immortal subtle beings then obviously there subtle form doesn't die when the animal avatar form does.

During death or close to death scenario's peoples perceptions will disengage from the physical they are interfaced to and their perceptions will revert back down the interfacing and more toward the the subtle strata.

This will result in many people having consistent experiences that obviously cannot be possible 'if' they are just the physical body.

So, you'd expect physically conned people to have what are described as near death experiences. This is where people disengage from the physical body and 'journey' somewhere else when close to death or temporarily dead during which they end up having experiences that are NOT POSSIBLE 'IF' there is only a physical 'what you see is what you get' reality

A NOT insignificant number of people in quite a few cultures believe that they have had previous lives and that they will have future lives.

Even more bizarre there are plenty of documented cases of people having memories of past lives that can be traced to a real person in a past life.

Unbelievably, people of quite a few cultures and some involved in various so called 'spiritual' paths actually believe in a concept called reincarnation.

The first question is 'Why would they believe this?' the second question is "How come our worlds apparently 'designated' researchers whom claim to be rational and whom whole heartedly believe in the existence of ONLY what they can see' are apparently unable to join ANY of the large numbers of 'coincidental' dots that support a none physical realm.

Even more bizarrely, they can apparently join dots for other unseen things like the mythical dark matter, mythical dark forces and do the same for mythical dark energy while what they seem unable to even contemplate, because it's apparently impossible for them to exercise any reasoning abilities what so ever for other 'unseen' and undetectable things is to join all of the visible 'experience' dot's and conclude that many beliefs AND consistent experiences would fit perfectly 'IF' we were none physical people being interfaced to a physical animal avatar form.

They are oblivious of these contradictions too, which would be quite consistent 'IF' we were all living a physical con because you'd have to have pseudo 'authorities' of reality act as persuaders to persuade the 'being' conned people that there is no con.

Then we have the waiting around for the next available physical body form incarnation problem.

When the physical body dies and the immortal subtle person is released from the body AND this incarnation lark is a con there will be an intermediate and also perceptually managed subtle avatar form that finds itself hanging around in a likely 'contained subtle environment' space. It is likely to be with with other subtle forms that are also hanging around at the same time.

At this point you are going to have to sell them some fantastical yarn to convince them that they chose to incarnate AND that they'll be incarnated again when the next suitable animal form baby is located . . .

For some people already convinced that there is a God then likely a pretend God will be materialized to explain 'what is what' and to reassure them that they choose this and it's all part of a Diving plan.

To help support the incarnation con they may temporarily spend time in some garden paradise before being shuffled off into the next physical animal form again.

You are likely to be able to persuade some people that this is all happening as part of some 'spiritual' development, advancement process. It would then be easy to keep them distracted during the waiting time by having them review their previous life (you'll already have stored the memories from the animal form avatar) and also to prepare them for the next incarnation. You could include things like Karma here and if you wanted to be really sneaky you'd have some incarnated people offering workshops to access past and in between lives to help validate this version of the 'con' too.

It's likely that for alleged rational, objective, impartial types they'll be kept sedated during the entire between incarnation time while being blocked during their incarnated life to make sure they don't access past lives as well as to prevent them from even starting to THINK in any basic way.

The next physical body form (as the developing fetus) that is selected for the next incarnation and of course, the physical parents of the selected fetus will be chosen with respect to the agenda of those that are perpetrating the 'physical' con.

Are your human parents your 'subtle' parents?

There is great scope to 'gift' specific parents with known problematic children and vice versa.

How many people reading feel that a specific parent or both parents are NOT 'really' there parents? How many people as parents feel that a child they have is NOT really theirs?

How many reading this have met someone that is NOT a relative BUT whom feels as if they are part of your REAL family?

I'd have to point out that DNA and 'genetics' would exclusively apply to the human physical avatar form and not in the slightest to the 'genetics' of the subtle form.

In other words 'genetic' confirmation of a child being your's is just confirmation that 'someone' is incarnated into the physical vehicle you contributed physical only genetic material too.

As far as I can tell the subtle body form doesn't actually have a gender.

However, it does have 'personality' or behaviour characteristics that could be construed as being either more male or female orientated.

So, being incarnated into a physical body avatar of the WRONG gender could end up with some people feeling that they are VERY DEFINITELY NOT IN A BODY OF THE RIGHT GENDER.

Of course the same 'I'm definitely NOT in the right gender body' could also happen after being incarnated into the same gender body for say 10 lifetimes during which time you've adapted to that gender AND then find that in the next incarnation when you are incarnated into the OPPOSITE gender body you find yourself very definitely feeling that you are in the wrong body.

Is there any evidence that some people are quite adamant that they are NOT of the right gender body? Is there any evidence that this GROSS anomaly doesn't provoke any appropriate 'WTF' is going on response from 'dead in the water' academics and scientists?

Where is your memory held? Is your memory accumulating in your REAL subtle form body which is then 'blocked' off when you start a new incarnation OR is your human avatar physical body memory 'somehow' exclusively used 'as your memory'.

If it is the former then you will find that some people under certain conditions will be able to access their memories of their past physical incarnations AND even memories of their time as a subtle form. Even more disturbing is that the human body form local memory will function as if it is just a memory interface structure making it difficult to definitively 'identify' exactly where memory in the physical avatar form is actually stored.

Is there any evidence for ANY OF THIS?

Here is the leading question which will magically allow you to start THINKING about this problem . . . are you ready . . .

“What specific ailments and health, mental and psychological problems etc . . . are actually specifically problems that originate in what can only be described as your animal body avatar AND which ones are specific to your REAL subtle body?”


AND . . . . ‘EXACTLY’ . . . . ‘where’ . . . did you leave your subtle body? . . . can you remember?

Well, it’s likely to be lying on a subtle slab somewhere . . .

. . . was it left in a good neighborhood do you think?

What it won’t be doing, is that it won’t be getting out and about and for example meeting up with it’s mates in the local subtle pub. In fact, i won’t be moving at all will it.

It’ll just be lying there completely encased with subtle to physical body interfacing wires . . .

How long could your physical body lie immobile before it started to develop health problems? MMMMmm? FOR HOW LONG? Any ideas how long your subtle body could lie immobile and still remain healthy?

How would you appraise whether some health problem was due to a physical body originated problem OR as opposed to it being due to a health problem in your magically amazingly well hidden subtle body?

Any ideas?

Well, as an ex-medical research scientist with published papers in medical research fields I’ll have a stab at answering this for you . . . here we go . . . .

What is likely is that a physical ONLY symptom will be able to be cured and it’ll be done and gone. Conversely, a symptom that directly relates to an ailing subtle body form which cannot be addressed without compromising the long, long, long, con will be problematical to resolve. Symptoms of the subtle form are therefore very, VERY likely to be addressed AS SYMPTOMS, there won’t be any actual ‘real’ cures of the originating causes there will only be cures of the symptoms of the causes which will all be temporary as they are just suppressing the physical symptoms that actually arise from the subtle body form lying prone on a subtle slab located in the subtle environment ‘somewhere’.

How do you address health problems that originate in a subtle form that is kept hidden as part of a long, long, long con?

Is there any evidence that our modern much over hyped medicine is amazingly good at just temporarily disappearing SYMPTOMS?

Is there any evidence that a great deal of effort is expended by the seriously well conned with respect to discrediting subtle energy healing and alternate healing approaches that are actually trying to address health problems that originate in the magically conceptually invisible subtle body?

Right, let's assume 'just for a laugh' that the 'physical con' is actually operational . . .

Let me take this opportunity to point out that 'IF' we were living in one of those imagined straight forward 'REAL' realities then there would not be ONE clue of this con.

Not 'ONE'

So, the first thing to point out is that 'IF' this con is operational then one of the clues that you are being conned as described will be that despite their being an astounding abundance of clues that this con is 'REAL' and 'LIVE' the primary clue will be a simply amazing lack of awareness of the clues themselves.

'IF' you are conning people as described then you have to remember that you have the advantage of being able to invisibly 'mess' with their 'invisible' subtle energy body AND you'll likely do this as a priority to stop them becoming AWARE of the abundance of SYMPTOMS of the CON that will be visible to the conned.

will be the case despite many of these clues being stupidly obvious as CLUES of this very specific con.

The second main clue will be an amazing inability of those that would claim to be 'clever' to be able to join the 'abundance of clues dots' such that they could figure out the likely 'make up of reality' that would eminently account for the majority of the presented clues.

So, here is your opportunity to show how clever you are . . .

"Can you figure out 'some' of the obvious problems that would arise 'IF' you were trying to FOOL an entire subtle population each with a subtle body whom originated within a subtle environment that they were now just a physical body AND that there was ONLY the 'what you can see is what you've got' physical reality . . .

What are the obvious 'problems' that you cannot avoid 'IF' you implemented this con?

I ask this because 'IF' you can define the potential problems then this will help you to start becoming aware of what you could EXPECT to find presented in the physical as both experience and awareness clues as well as 'beliefs' that you could perhaps expect to have 'seeded' in the physical population because the 'physical con' is OPERATIONAL.

Becoming aware of and then cataloguing the clues you'd expect to be presented because of the obvious problems will also help you to become aware of how these clues all interconnect and support each other AS CLUES all pointing to the same conclusions = 'The Physical CON is Operational'!!!!

So, here are some of the problems that will very likely lead to experience clues that will likely have to be 'managed' using various strategies by the perpetrators of the con 'IF' to prevent their conned population from joining the dots.

'The CON' . . .

Strangely some people seem to be able to consciously disengage from the physical body avatar to spend time travelling and exploring a completely different reality AND even meet others in that reality AND even directly and consciously interact with them.

The only thing that makes your human body avatar yours is the interfacing that connects your subtle body perceptions and other attributes to the physical body.

As your subtle body is lying on a slab 'somewhere' AND the majority of people here about as sensitive as a brick then with respect to them being aware that they have a separate subtle form body then anyone lacking morals and or anyone whom as a subtle being is holding a grudge against you or your brand of beliefs could decide to give you a hard time by co-interfacing to your very own physical avatar.

This wouldn't be that difficult to do.

In the same way that you can hack the controls of some cars and take control of car remotely AND the driver cannot do anything about it.

In the same way that someone determined enough could HACK into your (invisible) wifi connection and hijack and take control of your game ‘avatar’ and then cause your avatar to do embarrassingly badly in that immersive game you spend time playing (like for example, having it try and kill off it’s game friends and associates!!!!). I’m sure that under these vaguely equivalent circumstances your game buddies may be slightly more understanding compared to say a psycho therapist listening to a client claiming that someone is trying to hijack their own personal physical earth life avatar vehicle?

In certain circles it is common knowledge and commonly understood that the real subtle person interfaced to the physical body can be replaced by some other subtle person BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT.

The physical animal form body is considered by 'free' subtle forms as being purely a vehicle and in the same way that you can pass your car on to someone else, then some subtle people arrange to do this with their 'earth' based physical vehicle too.

This is particularly the case with subtle researchers whom not being as brain dead as the researchers here would find it much more efficient to spend time in different physical vehicles to experience different environments and circumstances while NOT having their memory wiped.

In the distant past I had a relationship with multiple subtle occupiers of the same physical vehicle. They were all part of a 'what is going on in this specific physical world' research project.

They didn't think this arrangement strange, rather to them it was entirely normal.

They had their full memories of 'themselves' as a subtle form and of their experience as a subtle form. Once a new subtle researcher form entered this physical vehicle they could then access the physical body memories of that vehicle too. In other words to themselves (these subtle researchers), there was a distinct separation between their own subtle memories and the memories of the physical vehicle they were currently using. It seemed to me that they kept these memories separate and they were well aware of the origin differences of different memories.

They could also contact and communicate with their none physical i.e. subtle research team counterparts when required too.

One of the subtle forms that engaged with the physical body initially felt that they had 'somehow' left something of themselves in the previous physical body that they had occupied (they felt something 'tying' them to the previous physical body they had occupied). They then engaged with the memories of that past physical avatar, extracted their previous name and address and then knocked on the door to have a chat with the current occupier.
Within 'certain' circles this was 'normal'.

Basically over a few years I spent time with 5 different subtle 'people' whom were using one physical body for their physical research project.

They were all aware of each other and they even coordinated between each other so that 'whomever' had specific abilities or attributes would engage with the body during particular phases to deal with specific things because they were best suited out of the entire research team.

As a medical research scientist at that time I found this to be a SERIOUSLY educational experience.

I should point out the OBVIOUS here, which is that I am well aware of multiple personality and split/hidden personalities. I've no experience of these AND only the pitifully inept physical researcher would confuse the above very detailed descriptions with these possibilities. I should also point out that not being a brain dead or perceptually dead 'physical' only researcher I could also track, engage with and communicate with the subtle form occupiers AND their subtle only research teams 'IF' I was inclined to.

At one point I spent two months tracking and engaging with the previous 'subtle' occupier after 'she' was replaced with the new physical occupier. I spent about half an hour each day keeping track of and engaging with her and of what she was currently doing as the independent subtle being she is. They are separate 'people' with separate existences and experiences.

To put it bluntly, sciences understandings are more so their explanations are an embarrassment.

Walkins are sequential, One replaces the other which moves out.

Some physical bodies however have been fitted with multiple interface points. In effect multiple subtle forms can engage with a single physical form simultaneously.

It's a bit like a car driving instructor whom has a separate set of control BUT stays in the background unless needed at which point they can engage with the controls and take PRIMARY control over the vehicle being driven if needed.

So, there are some physical vehicles that can are occupied by 'collective. Usually at any one time, just one is in he driver seat with the others as back seat passengers.

With this flexibility then multiple subtle forms can keep track of the life and experience of a single physical form avatar.

I find physical remote viewing difficult. It seems easier to view the subtle reality or remote view 'anywhere' much easier than doing this for the physical.

The best way of getting around this problem is to have two sets of interfacing and to use the second set to interface with a second physical avatar probe.

The best form to use to view specific environments would be a bird form or fly or even a moth because these can obviously go pretty much anywhere. For closer and internal house viewing then using a 'curious' cat form seems to be quite common.

So, if you have two bodies, your subtle body and also the physical body you are interfaced to then it is likely that you have two sets of senses and perceptions.

It is also likely that if the physical 'con' is operational that the interfacing will be designed to preferentially have your attention on the stupidly easy to see physical body AND more so the 'enticing' external physical environment rather than on your invisible subtle body AND it's senses.

Strangely there is a correlation between activities such as meditation and various 'spiritual' and self awareness approaches AND of people becoming 'sensitive' to things that are not physically perceivable.

I am able to write this because as a competent researcher I had various debilitating personal issues AND I spent time most days training myself to directly engage with what was happening within myself.

To do this, I would sit and engage my attention on inner 'problems' such as some 'obviously' blocked feeling sensations as well as the opposite condition of out of control, permanent feelings.

So, I started working as a Junior Research Associate at the age of 21. Six months later I started my own program of self awareness in efforts to understand the causes of and to eradicate a debilitating stammer and speech block. 5% of my salary was always spent each month on involving myself with various 'practices' that might help me to understand myself more deeply.

A few years later I started to orientate myself to understand why I had no interactive feelings AND to investigate what was responsible for me having no interactive feeling responses.

Basically, I ended up spending more and more time engaging with what was happening within myself and particularly to investigate and to understand what felt to me to be blocked areas within my body as a start.

While persistently engaging with what felt to me to be blocked areas and sensations in various parts of my body (particularly my heart and abdomen) I becoming more and more aware of what can only be described as internal 'containments or tightness' in circumstances where I 'obviously' didn't appropriately emotionally respond to others during normal interactions with friends.

To directly investigate specific contained blocked areas I spent an hour or so every other day over a few months deliberately feeling into and continuously engaging with these blocked, containing, 'tight' sensations. I eventually managed to very strongly engage with what can only be described as internal invisible barriers and blocks which represented subtle seals keeping feelings and emotions that in the past I hadn't liked sealed and dampened down. In pushing against these seals and containments while holding to the intention to open them I would end up having a strong emotional release almost like a catharsis. In repeatedly feeling for and engaging with these sealed, contained areas and opening them this had me gradually recovering interactive feelings in response to in the moment interactions with others.

Before this FIFTEEN years of effort I was 'blank' in feeling terms. This is no longer the case.

While I was engaging with these containments at one point I became aware of what I can only be described as a symbolic past event that represented myself emotionally disengaging from my parents. The next time I visited my parents I talked to my mother about this AND she confirmed that from one day to the next at the age of about three I had suddenly reacted against being held and 'cared' for AND refused to be held or kissed after this point.

When my mother had been pregnant with myself for three months my father fractured his skull in a road accident. This made him unstable and reactive to the slightest commotion or noise. My mother told me that when I was born I never cried and was always seriously quiet as a baby and toddler which she was thankful for because of my fathers condition.

Anything could trigger my father into an uncontrollable rage where 'anything' could happen.

So, my dedicated personal investigations of myself and my inner states gradually had me becoming aware that I had spent the first few hours and years of my life making a big effort to shut down AND to completely block off my own natural feelings and responses.

You could say that I started to recover 'natural' interactive feeling responses while becoming more and more generally 'sensitive' while simultaneously shifting out of an entirely 'stupid' disengaged, purported to be rational 'academic and scientist' head space in my early to mid 20's.

After spending 15 years since the age of 21 spending consistent time becoming more and more sensitive to my inner workings while simultaneously opening up blocked feeling areas, I was now finding myself increasingly in what can only be described as 'persistent' out of control feelings. Which I can now appreciate would be a natural side effect of opening up to past seriously blocked off feelings.

The main feelings that arose and built up over the latter 3 to 4 years of this period were fear, anxiety and panic.

Coincidentally, these were exactly the feelings I would have had in my early childhood environment in the presence of my then potentially unstable father AND which I'd have blocked off to NOT cry in attempts to NOT disturb my father.

It took me about 5 years to learn to engage with and to start getting some control over these feelings . . .

As the feelings of fear, anxiety and panic reduced another set of feelings started to become prominent. These were anguish and despair. Oddly, these specific feelings didn't in the slightest correlate with ANYTHING of my easily observed and minutely examined current life's experience.

Finding the origins of these particular feelings led to further revelations . . .

After reducing the fear, anxiety and panic feelings to manageable levels I then became overwhealmed with increasing anguish and despair feelings. I had already spent more than 6 months trying to find what I assumed would turn out to be the childhood origins of out of control anguish and despair (which again had no correlations to my visible life or past circumstances that I could determine) with no success.

Let me put my investigative and self orientation efforts into perspective. I was training myself to absolutely and utterly engage my full and complete attention with anguish and despair feelings within myself. So, despite these feeling being 'not nice' ones I learnt to more and more 'be' in and absolutely absorbed in these feelings and in so doing I'd travel with them to whereever they originated.

However, the origins of the anguish and despair feelings were way more elusive than the fear ones.

I would sit or lie to engage with them for up to three hours at a stretch. In doing this I cannot emphasise enough that I ended up developing absolute and undivided concentration and attention such that I could literally, absolutely keep my attention on these feelings and my inner landscape for 2 to 3 hours at a stretch. After doing this at least every other day for six months at best I'd end up in what I can only describe as some sort of black cave with absolutely 'NO' context of meaning or significance. I felt as if I was ending up in dead ends.

It became very obvious to me that for 'whatever' reason I 'somehow' wasn't able to engage with any childhood origins of these feelings.

However, probably because of my extreme persistence, I eventually BROKE through to get access to a very coherent and consistent past life. In engaging with what was obviously a previous life because it involved rituals happening in ancient times being carried out on the top of a Mayan pyramid that was in the middle of a dense jungle then within a few weeks I had cleared these particular feelings as well as what had been an increasing pain in my heart area.

The traumatic events of this Mayan past life made absolutely perfect sense as the origins of the anguish and despair feelings.

So, I should point out that it took 15 years of effort to engage with my internal self and landscape, feelings, senses and perceptions before I 'naturally' got consistent access to past lives (literally 1000's of them).

It's interesting that for experience originated 'data' scientists don't personally try and DUPLICATE the conditions under which certain experiences and memories emerge which would be the most rational and objective approach as obviously experiences are actually experiences AND are not directly measurable or quantifiable. This avoidance of attempts to duplicate various experiences is particularly bizarre when they seem to insist on duplicating (replicating) everything else.

For enyone reading this that is contemplating taking a competent, rational and objective approach to understanding the origins of feelings then you can expect to have to put in on average an hour a day for well over a decade BEFORE you even start to properly engage with your inner perceptions, subtle feelings and sensations. As you are attempting to do this you can measure how well you are doing by how much 'reality' magically gifts yourself with distracting 'shit' as described in this entire series here.

After I achieved this break through into past lives then any 'untoward' internal sensation I perceived I would use to engage with causes AND 99% would lead to me engaging some specific past life to a specific event. Ay one point over a 6 month period I engaged with about 6000 past lives AND subtle ties to subtle entity attachments that had developed due to these past life events.

After these 6 months ANY 'odd' internal sensation or 'state' that I engaged my attention on I could identify within seconds if they were:
Due to situations happening NOW . . .
Due to something that happened in the past within this life . . . OR . . .
If they were due to something that had happened in a previous life.

At the end of this 6 months self training period, the average time to deal with ANYTHING that originated in a past life was less than 30 seconds. Moderately complicated past life situation took 15 minutes a very few took days and one took 2 years to fully understand and PROPERLY DEAL WITH.

Two or three years after this when working with someone already able to access and perceive the subtle strata I again broke through and started to access and perceive the subtle realms myself.

In the last few years of my first 15 year 'apprenticeship' of regularly and consistently engaging with my inner states, feelings and senses I started to become aware of specific places that had consistent different 'atmospheres' as well as persistent 'presences'.

I became more and more aware of certain places that consistently felt as if there were things going on 'behind the scenes' that I 'somehow' just couldn't grasp or resolve or become aware of.

Most of these places were in nature and away from built up areas EXCEPT for the occasional specific house or built up location that seemed to have these background 'extras' too.

I've always enjoyed walks and every few weeks I'd be off for a walk in some very nice nature setting (I used to arrange walks with colleagues of the department of clinical biochemistry and metabolic medicine when I worked there).

One of these nature 'presence' places was in an open wood well off the footpath that went along the top of a cliff overlooking a very scenic river. I used to go off the path and into the wood and I'd end up sitting down for a half hour or so at the very same specific spot each time I did this walk. This very specific 'spot' (a meter or two in diameter) 'felt' significantly different. As I sat there I'd also gradually become aware of and start to feel 'presences' in the woods around this 'spot', in fact at times when I sat there I'd feel as if I was being watched by what felt like benevolent 'curious' presences.

The woman whom helped me become aware of what these presences were I took on this walk specifically to reach this 'spot'.

It was winter, there was snow on the ground and we ended up getting lost because we started tracking two fawns. Unbelievably after walking by 'instinct' through dense wood we emerged right next to my open wood 'spot' space. Before I had the chance to say anything see asked me if I could 'see' the significance of this area. I was puzzled and said I couldn't. She then moved and stood over the 'spot' and pointed out that this 'spot' was the centre stop of multiple tree circles AND that there was a 'subtle' energy conduit at this very spot marking the center 'bulls eye' of the tree circles. She then guided myself to help me engage with this 'conduit' at which point I not only became directly aware of the energy point and the flow BUT I also then because aware of some subtle beings that engaged with the physical from the alternate 'subtle' realm at that location.

As the subtle environment is made up of different 'textures' and 'flows' of subtle energetic material then it is likely that the 'energy' conduit that I had been unconsciously aware of is a normal part of the parallel subtle environment AND is interesting enough to the subtle inhabitants of the subtle environment for them to spend time in proximity to this noticeable 'phenomenon'.

This walk and my experiences on that day are described in detail here.

Basically in orientating to my inner states and senses I had been been gradually engaging more and more with my separate subtle senses and perceptions and this had me becoming aware of the parallel subtle environment and also the presence of 'subtle' people in that environment directly.

As more and more of the subtle population become aware that there is a parallel and very interesting 'physical' reality then you gradually get more subtle people exploring various aspects of the physical.

As I've explained on notes above explorations of the physical are achieved by designing and constructing interfacing that stretches from the senses and perceptions of the subtle researchers body to directly engage with different physical reality materials and components.

Interfacing with distinctly different materials will require different interfacing techniques. For example interfacing to the component atoms and molecules of a rock is likely to require a different set of interfacing fibers compared to what would work to interface to a flower or a bird or two legged biped. The resolution and accuracy of the interfacing would likely be different depending on the nature of the physical material being investigated.

Again a rock is inert and won't change significantly over even very long time spans, water would be more problematic as it moves and has different properties under different conditions. Even more difficult to study would be something like a plant and flowers which would still be easier compared to studying and understanding some of the animal forms and particularly the more complex ones you'd likely need to interface with complex animal forms for a very long time AND you'd likely to need to design different interfacing for different body organs and structures at least to allow you to collect accurate data.

So, what would a subtle form look like to a sensitive subtle form now directly interfaced to a physical body?

Well, at best they would look etheral, like wisps of coalescing fibrous mist or as fibrous 'wispy' energy forms. It is also likely that different sets of interfacing structures would given them a different appearance to an incarnated physically embodied subtle form that still has some sensitivity to the original subtle environment and that environments natural occupants.

I'm going to have to diverge slightly here and tell you that the physical con is made slightly more complicated in that we ourselves are being simulated as copies of the people being subjected to the physical con. Which effectively means that you've two Russian doll 'con' layers. The same people that perpetrated the 'physical' con as the ones that have set up the 'your in a really 'real' reality' con.

Even more effort is made in the simulation to 'disguise' subtle experiences compared to the original environment. This 'disguise' tactic has been used to the full to try and make it as difficult as possible for sensitive incarnated memory wiped people to 'conceptually' become aware that certain perceptions are actually the simulation translating the presence of subtle researchers into what can only be described as bizarre almost cartoon type characters.

In our little simulated reality here simulated subtle researchers and subtle explorers interfacing to the physical reality are translated into what have been seen by some people including myself as nature spirits.

What some people see as nature spirits are our subtle perceptions of a subtle person's interfacing being translated into a consistent wispy looking 'humanoid' form.

As a subtle researcher, you could 'easily' travel around and explore the subtle reality AND with some experience you might even spend time interfacing yourself to different components of the parallel physical reality. If you did, then you might choose to spend time learning to competently engage with various physical things, like deep underground rock formations (those interfaced to an animal form on that world might then see you as a troll) or perhaps you'd like to spend time interfacing to different facets of the surface skin of a world (in which case you would (most of the time) be seen as a dwarf or a pixie) alternatively, perhaps your cup of tea would be to experience what it is like to be interfaced to different forms of vegetation or even a tree or trees (then you'd be seen as a nature fairy or a tree fawn) or perhaps you'd be more into engaging with the surface atmosphere and get turned on by being a cloud, rain or even thunder and lightening, perhaps even scaring the local animal life by perhaps being seen as a wind sprite or even better, during superstitious times you could try and have yourself mistaken for a powerful weather god.

So, the next time some feebleminded researcher whose unconscious job is to support the physical con comes out with the favourite 'quip' of "OH, so you believe in fairies then - HAHA!!!" . . try and educate them by replying that no you don't believe in fairies BUT you are directly aware of the presence of simulated subtle researchers whom are engaging with and investigating different facets of the simulated physical.

I am simulating someone that is competent 'subtle' researcher.

This researcher spends half his time in any week in the subtle realms as the subtle being he is studying various aspects of the subtle reality as well as engaging with different aspects of the physical strata of reality often with colleagues. The other half of the week he generally spends in a physical probe vehicle, often engaging with others also interfaced to a physical vehicle.

He's rightly horrified at the physical only bullshit research churned out by well conned physical ONLY forcibly incarnated researchers.

So, the person I'm simulating spends time working with other subtle researchers investigating different environments and life forms of different physical worlds. As such it's not a surprise that I'm simulated here as bumping into other subtle researchers whom are interfacing and studying various aspects of the physical strata focused on the surface of a physical world. The combined physical con subtle management and the simulation software management of ourselves is so effective that it's taken me over two decades to join these stupidly simple dots to figure out what the cartoon character grade nature spirits actually represent.

The below are links to descriptions of my experiences and perceptual encounters with some 'subtle' researchers well before I became aware that we are in a simulation AND as such didn't yet understand the efforts the simulation software goes to, to perceptually and conceptually keep things as 'confused' as possible in 'translation' and understanding terms.

For my own direct perceptual experiences of engaging with subtle researchers whom have subtle to physical interfacing designed to engage with plant and flower forms then read this page here (which includes my perceptions of this researcher as a mass of interfacing).

For my own direct perceptual experiences of engaging with subtle researchers whom have subtle to physical interfacing designed to engage with deep underground rock formations then read this page here.

For my own direct perceptual experiences of engaging with subtle researchers whom have subtle to physical interfacing designed to engage with a planets atmosphere and weather then read this page here.

For my own direct perceptual experiences of engaging with subtle researchers whom have subtle to physical interfacing designed to engage with the top layers of a planets surface then read this page here and here .

For my own direct perceptual experiences of engaging with subtle researchers whom have subtle to physical interfacing designed to engage with running water then read this page here.

For my own direct perceptual experiences of engaging with subtle researchers whom have subtle to physical interfacing designed to engage with the sea environment then read this page here.

For an experience were a so called 'fairy' obviously was a more competent subtle researcher because the simulation translation of subtle researcher translation engine couldn't quite cope with a subtle researcher having multiple sets of interfacing which had them being presented as a combination of fairy, pixie and even perhaps an elf then read this page here.

This page here describes how I engaged with my first subtle researcher and progressively 'attuned' my perceptions to the environment to become aware of more and more detail this subtle form.

More on memory possibilities . . .

Getting on touch with pastlives and recovering memories of past lives.


  1. Tim
    January 5, 2015 @ 6:56 am

    This page reminds me of certain gnostic believers like lipstickmystic and others I find through the internet. They describe the people carrying out this con as archon and the demiurge. They fascinate me as they are typically opposed to the spiritual hierarchy and some of the new age spirituality. I find this fascinating. Also, in the past, with regards to incarnation, your site “seemed” to make it seem like a choice or at least kidnapping wasn’t covered. But when you describe the aspects about reincarnation, I thought that kidnapping had to be a serious component of the con. Having your memory wiped and being reduced to an infant state is retarded.


  2. Louisa
    January 5, 2015 @ 12:39 pm

    Wow this really ties everything together and puts things into perspective. I seem to be a visual person i think and it helps to connect the dots or to connect words with visuals for some reason or the other. I’m definitely going to read this over until it resonates more and more.


  3. Matt
    January 6, 2015 @ 5:54 pm

    Here is an example of the ‘Memories of Past Lives’ from ‘The Recycled Repeated Incarnations Problem’ that describes someone’s response to recognition of coming across their past life in a future life.

    It describes their response to ‘recognizing’ a traumatic past life instinctively (likely even despite having had the memory wiped). The impact is so strong that they are momentarily brought back to this past traumatic event and it seems as if they suddenly forcibly ‘relive it’ and lose control of themselves temporarily, losing themselves immersively in this past moment.

    ‘The Years of Rice and Salt’ by Kim Stanley Robinson

    599 – 600

    One morning however, she passed a poster presentation that caught her attention, called “A Tibetan Village Found Intact.” It looked just the same as a hundred other hallway exhibits, but something about it caught her. Like most of them, it had its principal text in Persian, with smaller translated texts in Chinese, Tamil, Arabic, and Algonquin, the “big five” languages of the conference. The presenter and author of the poster was a big flat-faced young woman, nervously answering questions from a small group, no more than a half-dozen people, who had gathered to hear her formal presentation. She was Tibetan herself, apparently, and was using one of the Iranian translators to answer any questions she got. Budur wasn’t sure if she was speaking Tibetan or Chinese.

    In any case, as she was explaining to someone else, an avalanche and landslide had covered a high mountain village in Tibet, and preserved everything within as if in a giant rocky refrigerator, so that the bodies had stayed frozen, and everything been preserved–furniture, clothing, food, even the last messages that two or three literate villagers had written down, before the lack of air had killed them.

    The tiny photos of the excavated village made Budur feel very odd. Ticklish just behind her nose, or above the roof of her mouth, until she thought she might sneeze, or retch, or cry. There was something awful about the corpses, almost unchanged through all the centuries; surprised by death, but forced to wait for it. Some of them had even written down good-bye messages. She looked at the photos of the messages, crammed into a margin of a religious book; the handwriting was clear, and looked like Sanskrit. The Arabic translation underneath one had a homely sound:

    We have been buried by a big avalanche, and cannot get out. Kenpo is still trying, but it is not going to work. the air is getting bad. We do not have much time. In this house we are Kenpo, Iwang, Sidpa, Zasep, Dagyab, Tenga and Baram. Puntsok left just before the avalanche hit, we don’t know what happened to him. “All existence is like a reflection in the mirror, without substance, a phantom of the mind. We will take form again in another place.” All praise to Buddha the Compassionate.

    The photos looked somewhat like those Budur had seen of certain wartime disasters, death impinging without much of a mark on daily life, except that everything was changed forever. Looking at them Budur felt dizzy all of a sudden, and in the hall of the conference chamber she could almost feel the shock of snow and rock falling on her roof, trapping her. And all her family and friends. But this is how it had happened. This is how it had happened.

    She was still under the spell of this poster, when Piali came hurrying up. “I’m afraid we should get back home as fast as possible. The army command has suspended the government, and is trying to take over Nsara.”


  4. Matt
    January 6, 2015 @ 6:50 pm

    RE: ‘When is the Next Reincarnation’ in the larger box ‘The Recycled Repeated Incarnations Problem’:

    “You are likely to be able to persuade some people that this is all happening as part of some ‘spiritual’ development, advancement process. It would then be easy to keep them distracted during the waiting time by having them review their previous life (you’ll already have stored the memories from the animal form avatar) and also to prepare them for the next incarnation. You could include things like Karma here and if you wanted to be really sneaky you’d have some incarnated people offering workshops to access past and in between lives to help validate this version of the ‘con’ too.”

    From the book ‘The Years of Rice and Salt’ by Kim Stanley Robinson there are pages harping on how much ‘work there is to do’ and ‘thousands of lifetimes / physical incarnations’ ahead of them / need to make progress through spiritual advancement, e.g.

    “That’s dharma. We keep trying. We keep making progress.”


  5. Matt
    January 7, 2015 @ 4:55 am

    Another article that relates to ‘When is the Next Reincarnation’ in the larger box ‘The Recycled Repeated Incarnations Problem’

    And provides evidence of the ‘long con’ and a segue to ‘New Age’ type thinking — rationalizations and justifications by those perpetrating the con; so it’s a ‘double con’:

    The primary purpose of life in this realm, it seems, is to experience personal growth and learn how to overcome Evil. This explains why we all seem to be surrounded by so much evil on a day-to-day basis. We are drowning in evil precisely because our souls chose to be here and learn how to defeat it.

    At the end of our Earthly lives, we are then judged on our performance:

    “Upon our death, we are judged by a higher power, and that judgment takes into account our performance in these areas. Did we achieve a measure of self-awareness? Did we work to overcome evil? Did we express love and compassion and help uplift others with knowledge and awareness?

    As you’ve probably already figured out, the vast majority of humans fail these tests. They die as bitter, selfish, substance-addicted, greed-driven minions of evil who mistakenly thought they were winning the game of life while, in reality, they were losing the far more important test of the Creator.”

    The ‘creator’ of the physical con and or the ‘simulation’ project con!!!!


  6. Matt
    January 8, 2015 @ 9:29 pm

    ‘Disguised Presence of Subtle Researchers Investigating the Physical Strata’

    “Interfacing with distinctly different materials will require different interfacing techniques. For example interfacing to the component atoms and molecules of a rock is likely to require a different set of interfacing fibers compared to what would work to interface to a flower or a bird or two legged biped. The resolution and accuracy of the interfacing would likely be different depending on the nature of the physical material being investigated.”

    Once I met someone who was a crystal/ diamond nanostructure researcher at group dinner. When I first met him, I got a very ‘interesting’ feeling about his resonance that I could not quite place. He was very ‘contained’ in his presentation of himself and we tried to make conversation for a while. Finally when I asked him what he did he immediately ‘changed’ and told me all about his research and that he more or less lived in his lab. It wasn’t a ‘complaint’ he basically revealed to me that his entire life revolved around his interest in VERY small materials and lattices, nanostructures and nanotechnology.

    In thinking about this more now it’s very obvious he was a subtle researcher of a very specific ‘niche’ just interested in interfacing to a VERY defined/ confined space. So this is probably what his lab represents:

    “A subtle researcher interfacing to the component atoms and molecules of a rock is likely to require a different set of interfacing fibers compared to what would work to interface to a flower or a bird or two legged biped.”


  7. Elena
    January 9, 2015 @ 12:59 pm

    A variation of ´Astral Projection & Travelling´ in ´The Physical Body is just a Vehicle Probe Problem´:

    As a subtle being I would expect to be able to pass through matter or at least have a memory of doing so. I´ve done it quite often in my dreams way before I knew about the existence of the ´non-physical` and later in OBEs (for example through walls, windowpanes, closed doors, furniture, my body of course and accidently others´ bodies). I´d prefer to take a shortcut and I am very much dissapointed and confused if it does not work and always used to suspect some kind of restraint. Also, I think this expectation manifests for me throughout my life in form of bumping against the doorframe fairly often or ´cutting corners´ of tables etc..


  8. I'm Not Totally Oblivious?
    January 27, 2015 @ 12:43 am

    I could easily imagine myself on a slab somewhere conned into this version of reality. I wonder if sometimes I would shape shift into a big pile of poo or into some obscene finger gesture as some subtle lab worker came by with a clip board to protest my state of being.

    I have had experiences of doing things that are not ‘normally me’ and wondered why the hell did I do that? Was I hijacked?


  9. Wendy
    January 28, 2015 @ 4:37 pm

    re: Awareness, Feeling & Sensing Presences & Environmental Atmospheres

    Music, location, even clothing, can change our mood .. which seems odd once you really stop to think about it. Why do we not have our own ability to shift our mood according to what we want to experience? Why do we need to use these external tools to do so, or worse, are manipulated against our will by these tools?

    We can be manipulated by a word, a smell, a sound – out of context, against our will, without conscious thought. And these manipulated feelings and emotions can be used to completely change our experience, actions, motivations, choices, lifepath.

    What are emotions anyway? Feelings? Love itself? Something so easily manipulated and manufactured can’t be real. So what’s real? And how can we tell the difference between real and not real?

    It feels like the “control” in this experiment has been completely obscured from our view. Somewhere deep inside we still know what’s real, but the measuring stick, the horizon, the point of reference, the guidewire, has been hidden from us. Why? And how do we find it ourselves so we can begin taking back control?


  10. Will Stark
    April 27, 2018 @ 9:14 am

    Thought, Intuition, Genius, Savants, Saints, Ideas, Inspiration, Dreams, Deja Vu, Phobias, esp, clairvoyance the problem of No Self,
    to name a few problems

    is problematic because it does not originate in the brain itself… this becomes obvious to one who can observe the arrival of thought as a totally complete phenomena, not a process where one decides to “have a thought”…then thinks up a beginning and gradually developed the thing til its complete…like everything else in the physical world

    similar to the thought, but more of a guidance to an existing pondered question or problem, unlike thought which can appear random and unrelated to the supervening experience.

    talents and abilities that defy all reason and assumptions about how these “must” normally be acquired

    ok Ill skip to the end,
    The Problem of No Self. Within the physical form/consciousness there is nothing that can be found that accounts for the origin of our own consciousness. A careful disciplined approach to the study of what can be known quickly yields….virtually nothing. That is, nothing that can be held up as an absolute undeniable fact….this usually boils down to something like the realization that the only knowable fact is that we are conscious, everything else is subject to reasonable doubt ruling out the very basis of all evidence based assumptions of what is true or real…everything is an illusion, but you cant prove that either, so you are left floating in empty space for awhile… a singularity…pure consciousness…

    But the realm of illusion is more interesting and that is where things happen so you go back, and on we go.


  11. Will Stark
    April 27, 2018 @ 9:20 am

    And the “crab” people you mention elsewhere on this site are from India. MANY clues to that reference, including the multi armed gods, the sideways ritual dance styles, the two finger eating etc.


    • Clive
      May 4, 2018 @ 12:46 pm

      This comes across as a ‘snide’ comment ‘Will’!!!, that’s not actually acknowledging the actual IMPLICATIONS of (in this instance) the crab information AT ALL while coming across as being OFF HAND/SO WHAT/DISMISSIVE!!!!!

      I’ve at least 120+ pages of A4 on underwater/undersea cultures inclusive of ‘Crabs’ all focused on China/Japan because rather than being dismissive/off hand/shallow I spend significant time THINKING ABOUT THINGS IN A VERY BROAD EXPANSIVE/COMPREHENSIVE WAY!!!

      As both China and Japan are representing entire under water cultures each of subtle people being interfaced to undersea i.e. under water species/creatures of which ‘crabs’ amazingly ARE THE MOST COMMON, then you could have perhaps pointed out that the Chinese ‘Junk’ boat is actually representing a type of ‘submarine’ i.e. it’s ‘representing’ an underwater craft, or you could have perhaps mentioned that Chinese people ‘generally’ have a habit of leaving a glass of water standing so that it reaches the same temperature as the external environment before drinking it because an underwater creature will ALWAYS BE TAKING IN WATER THAT IS OF THE SAME TEMPERATURE AS THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT, or, in that they are essentially breathing in water you might have figured out that Chi Kung (which has an emphasis on ‘energy’ flow) is again ‘exactly’ exactly what you’d expect of people training to move their body as well as their bodies arms and MANY legs IN A HEAVY DENSE MEDIUM/ENVIRONMENT as WELL AS POSSIBLE, to ‘understand’ this, try going to your local swimming baths and moving an arm or leg FAST underwater!!! Once you do this then you might realise that they’d have to spend serious time TRAINING TO MOVE FAST EFFICIENTLY and particularly to ‘FIGHT’ underwater!!!

      You do manage to mention the multi armed God’s BUT in your enthusiasm to appear ‘clever’ you fail to realise that these ‘God’s have 8 ‘ARMS’ not legs, and that’s because they are actually octopuses not crabs!!! The eight armed Chinese goddess Quan Yin is an octopus ‘leader’.

      “the “crab” people you mention elsewhere on this site are from India” . . . NO THEY AREN’T!!! The specific crab people I mentioned are from China/Japan, that’s why I actually ‘STATED’ CHINA/JAPAN in the original comment!!!

      Here is another crab species ‘specific’ angle that you might find interesting . . .

      Moulting Crabs As Humans, Discarding Shells . . .

      Every crab species larvae grow through what are called zoeal stages, at the end of each they moult. Eventually they shift from looking tadpole like into something that finally looks like a ‘proper’ crab. They are then considered to be a juvenile ‘crab at which point they find themselves living on the bottom rather than floating or swimming around tadpole like in the water.

      moulting-crabOnce crabs have become juveniles they will still have to keep moulting many more times to become adults. They have to moult because they are covered with a non-expanding hard shell, which prevents them from increasing in size i.e. ‘growing’.

      To ‘grow’ bigger they have to ‘moult’, where they crack, break and exit from their current shell, then while they are in the new soft shell they can grow in size and become larger. The entire cycle that leads up to this moulting stage is coordinated by hormones.

      1. When preparing for moult, the old shell is softened and partly eroded away, while the rudimentary beginnings of a new shell form under it. Most species of terrestrial crabs must migrate down to the ocean to release their larvae; in some cases this entails very extensive migrations. In many tropical areas with land crabs, these migrations often result in considerable roadkill of migrating crabs.

      2. At the time of moulting, the crab takes in a lot of water to expand and crack open the old shell at a line of weakness along the back edge of the carapace.

      3. The crab must then extract all of itself – including its legs, mouthparts, eyestalks, and even the lining of the front and back of the digestive tract – from the old shell. This is a difficult process that takes many hours, and if a crab gets stuck it will die.

      4. After freeing itself from the old shell (now called an exuvia) the crab is extremely soft and hides until its new shell has hardened.

      5. While the new shell is still soft, the crab can expand it to make room for future growth.

      How would the above be ‘Symbolically’ presented to a Human Crab person?

      You might appreciate that what is described above is completely different to how a human is generally supposed to grow. So, if we do have crabs as humans then what happens during the moulting stages?

      This is taken from here and describes both crab and possibly crab as human people behaviours:

      “The start of the local soft crab season is timed with the first full moon in May. For some reason, when the May moon is full, many crabs in the Chesapeake Bay shed their hard skins. While no one is certain why there is a relationship between a full moon and peeling, when I think about my youthful adventures the link makes sense. As I recall, whenever the May moon was full, the people I went to college with felt the urge to shed their clothes. And usually campus police were there to scoop up “the peelers.”

      So, it appears that this might have been written by a ‘crab as a human’ person AND the moulting phase in this human crab was represented by people taking off their clothes on the full moon.


      So, if we have people here whom are ‘simulating’ a crab then you’d expect that some of them ‘might’ feel themselves living through a crab ‘moulting’ experience which would perhaps be DIFFICULT to ‘NOT’ notice?

      So, the below is one of three descriptions I’ve had from people describing EXACTLY THIS:

      on the 1st of May 2014 Matt actually felt these ‘moulting’ symptoms and actually lived through a crab ‘MOULTING’ experience . . .

      “This is the second time I’ve been aware of going through a Crab body ‘moulting’ phase and this time it is even more apparent.

      I have many or most of the symptoms and body sensations described in these pages:

      Specifically, I have had odd pains and pressure around my eyes and a feeling that a ‘crack’ in my back was opening which felt like ‘back pain’ in my human body but in Crab terms feels like the joint being split open to crack open the old shell in preparation to back out.

      I’ve been eating a lot and putting on water weight as well as an ‘odd’ bloating / pouch type feeling in my stomach which is described in the second link.

      My body has generally been lethargic and had odd symptoms which are something like ‘hypoglycemic’ or low blood sugar but not the same as when I’ve had these before. I am pretty sure they are in fact Crab body/ metabolism artefacts of moulting being presented to me in a human body?

      Tonight (as I did when I was ‘moulting’ last time about a year ago or so) I sat in complete darkness with the computer screen on very low light and sat relatively unmoving for a few hours. My body has felt mildly or even strongly uncomfortable at various times and the feeling is something akin to ‘pressure’ that is very hard to describe. Especially the ‘stomach’ are which is already an area I have issues with, but in the first link above is described in the moulting process:

      “When a crab molts, it removes all its legs, its eyestalks, its antennae, all its mouthparts, and its gills. It leaves behind the old shell, the esophagus, its entire stomach lining, and even the last half inch of its intestine.”

      I have frequent pressure and ‘bony’ pain type feelings in my abdomen EVEN IN THE SOFT PARTS where my abdominal muscles are. My rib cage feels as if it’s expanding and periodically feels painful and tender.

      I just thought I’d mention this as this is the second ‘full’ time I’ve gone through this process and with all that we’ve been working on with this site it is very apparent that this is absolutely 100% a Crab moulting being presented to me in human body in the form of background sensations which sometimes feel quite strong such that I have to stop what I am doing and appraise my body very carefully. What I eat and drink, specific food types, how I sit and rest, frequent bathroom trips (often nothing happens but my stomach/intestine feels strange sensations and pressure — not even ‘gas’ just very odd sensations), finally culminating in a ‘sessile, extremely dormant/ inactive rest period’ where I sit or lie in bed in complete darkness for a few hours, beginning around the same time (last time it was the entire night, maybe 15 hours straight). I suspect that this correlates with something about timing and darkness and possibly ‘tides’ in the water (it feels like it does or it ‘should’ if I was in that environment).”


      Haha, and in writing the above I realised that on and off over the last 3/4/5 days I’ve occasionally had weird sharp but very brief back pain twinges and abdominal ‘oddness’s’ as well as the occasional weird eye symptoms too, it was only when pasting the above descriptions that I realised that it’s VERY EARLY MAY – hahaha . . . now I’m ‘simulating’ someone that’s not a ‘split/twin’ I’ve been put together from specifically selected ‘divided’ material from the subtle bodies of four ‘soul’ parents two arabic, one asian and one oriental and as my original form worked with subtle forms from these and other races/cultures then it’s likely I spent at least some brief times interfaced to a variety of different physical species, including perhaps a crab (although I’m feeling that it was a lobster, which I suspect will also ‘moult’)!!!!


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