The following example is another one of my anomalous experiences that was not only VERY ‘odd’, but it’s also been exceptionally difficult to start to write or even to be honest to ‘think’ about very much and particularly about the ‘implications’ of this experience until now.


Yet Another Automated Pre-Cognitive Awareness Example Involving ‘Directed’ & ‘Precisely Defined’ Interactions

In my local town about 6/7 years ago now after already feeling that I had to be very careful because there were generally lots of drunks and drugged people around in the late afternoon early evening I had the following experience.

On a nice sunny day walking up a local street on the sidewalk/path in early afternoon (the sidewalk is likely just over a meter wide and it’s on the right side of a fairly busy road in traffic terms). So, as I’m waking up this path I sort of ‘subliminally’ catch sight of a guy coming down the path I’m walking on whose about 50 meters in front of myself (a fairly decent distance away from myself at this point).

Now, this guy is walking on the extreme right up, well over towards the buildings that line the side of the road while I’m walking on the left of the path as I’m walking up over to pass him. However, in casually glancing at him I actually catch a ‘look in his eye’ such that I ABSOLUTELY KNOW he’s going to deliberately walk into me!!! So, at this point, he’s on the right of the path and I’m on the left and I’m walking up over on this path and he’s walking down.

Now, from this point on I don’t look at him, I don’t in fact give any indication at all that I’m even aware of him while all of the time I’m internally tracking him and taking in all details of what is ‘unfolding’. As I walk up and he’s walking down he’s gradually more and more cutting/drifting across to my side of the path. Again I give no indication of being aware of him or this happening, BUT I’m adjusting my trajectory such that I’m actually walking on the curb stones when he actually deliberately shoulder charges me, which because I’m already walking on the curb at this point he almost completely knocks me into the road (I have to step into and onto the road to course correct).

Now as I’ve experience of similar types of experiences then I pretty much always automatically choose to ignore what I’d categorise as a WIND UP/FARCE then I continue walking on up the path as if nothing has happened . . . unfortunately, I get a shout from him of something along the lines of:

“Who the F*** do you think you are walking into me!!!!”

Honestly, it ‘IS’ very much like living in a farce, an obviously surreal as well as ‘piss taking’ reality at times!!!!

However, under these circumstances I decide that I cannot let this go, I cannot ignore this confrontation!!!

So, I then find myself STARTING TO LAUGH OUT LOUD (while still facing away from him) and I continue laughing out loud as I (as casually as possible) turn round and then (because I’m completely lost in laughing (mostly because this is so completely unbelievably ridiculous) then, without ever actually directly looking at him at all, I walk right up to him (all the time still laughing to myself), then when I’m right in front of him I look him in the eye and say in a very relaxed, casual way (while still laughing all the time);

” . . . 50 meters up the road you were walking down on the extreme right hand side of the path up against the buildings, at this point I see you glance towards me and from this ‘glance’ I KNOW that you’re actually going to deliberately walk into ME . . . so, as you’re walking down I notice that you very, very gradually, more and more drifting across the path from your side to mine, AND, while I’m noticing this, I’m also gradually moving more and more to my left until I AM LITERALLY WALKING ON THE CURB at which point YOU shoulder charge ME almost knocking me completely into the road . . . ”

Did you actually ‘NOTICE’ that I was ‘actually’ walking on the curb when ‘YOU’ WALKED STRAIGHT INTO ME!!!!”

I then (while now standing very casually/relaxed in front of himself while also STILL LAUGHING) . . . say . . .

” . . . WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU ON!!! . . . “

It’s actually easy to laugh all of the way through this because in some ways it’s absolutely comical, and particularly because I’m presenting . . .

  1. The exact opposite of what he’s ‘likely’ expecting (a very confounding none confronting confrontation) while . . .
  2. Describing very explicitly WHAT HE DID/WHAT ‘ACTUALLY’ HAPPENED IN GREAT DETAIL . . . such that . . .
  3. He’s very likely going to become somewhat shocked and extremely confused with himself and particularly with respect to himself/his actions very accurately describing himself as having been UNCONSCIOUSLY ‘PUPPETED’ . . .

Overall, in myself very casually describing in exact detail, exactly what he’s actually done, this has very likely WOKEN HIMSELF UP SOMEWHAT TO WHAT HE HAS ACTUALLY DONE . . . it’s also very obvious at this point, both from the look on his face as well as his overall extreme, WTF is going on, ‘AGITATION’ that he’s gradually realising that what I’m describing is actually correct/accurate . . . such that, it’s very likely that he’s got ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA AT ALL as to how to handle this situation!!!

I’d imagine, that from his perspective, it’ll be as if he’s suddenly been ‘WOKEN UP’ and then had described to himself in great detail what he’s actually been doing while he’s been (sort of) sleep walking and that his ‘perceptions/awareness/understandings’ of what’s actually been going on/what just happened are nothing more than vague memories of a dream AND even worse/on top of this, it’ll also be sinking in that while in this alternate/dream/sleep walking state he’s also done something ‘BAD/DANGEROUS’!!!!

In the end he basically grabs my hand, shakes it and then literally runs off as fast as he can . . . which with respect to what I’ve described above (which is likely quite accurate) his solution is the only realistic option/get out he’s got!!!!

Isn’t it odd/strange that someone whom isn’t in the slightest interested in causing others problems or harm is subjected to these types of difficult and in some cases dangerous encounters and to be honest I’m well aware of automatically taking ‘general’ actions/steps to reduce the likelihood of these types of crazy incidents actually happening in the first place. For example I don’t go out from when dusk is approaching, I don’t particularly think about this, I’ve just automatically adapted to minimise these types of made up/pre-defined/piss taking ‘threats/encounters’.

It seems to me ‘now’ that it’s pretty obvious that these types of ‘nasty’ encounters/problematic situations are being ‘pre-defined’ with the deliberate intention to cause specific people as many ‘bad’ problems/difficulties as possible . . . for this specific incident I could have been hit by a car, I could have fallen when knocked off the path and broken an arm or leg, the guy could also have been made to start a fight. Also, this happened about 150 meter’s from a police station, plus, as the town has loads of CCTV cameras pretty much everywhere then it’s very possible that this incident was recorded on CCTV and hence then there is the possibility that someone recorded as walking from one side of the pavement to another to seemingly deliberately walk into and hence then deliberately knock someone off the pavement curb into a generally busy road could have resulted in some charges being bought against them too!!!!

Perhaps People with Sophisticated/Advanced Skillwire Technologies are Being Deliberately Setup within our Fake Earth Reality!!!

Now, in writing/re-writing this page and particularly the above paragraphs I am then reminded of yet another ‘weird’ experience that happened maybe just a couple of months ago which also occurred while I was out and about, walking down the street towards the local main shopping area, during which one specific young woman, whom was coming towards and hence would then walk right past myself on the path/side-walk, I actually found myself feeling a very strong compulsion to actually hit her!!!!

Which then obviously very much ‘disturbed’ myself!!!!

However, in that I also looked/glanced directly at her as she was passing me, I ‘felt’ as well as directly ‘psychically perceived’ what can only be described as something substantially equivalent to a neon ‘HIT ME’ sign placed slightly above and to the front of her face/head!!!

In that I was quite shocked/disturbed about this and more so with respect to ‘THE IMPLICATIONS OF THIS’, I actually almost made the mistake of stopping her and attempting to try and explain this to herself!!! I.e. that she appears to be being DELIBERATELY SET UP TO BE HIT/MAYBE TO BE BEATEN UP OR ‘WORSE’ . . . ‘however’ . . . I very quickly realised that there was likely no way that I could explain this to her without myself appearing as if I am actually ‘crazy’ i.e. trying to do this could ‘potentially’ cause me all sorts of problems . . .

All of this then had me thinking/feeling that the specific people that have these skillwire technologies and whom then are perhaps very likely simulating someone that was aware of these subtle technologies and or even helped design these are perhaps being deliberately targeted/setup within our earth reality/here to try and put them into circumstances specifically to cause them as many problems/potential problems as possible!!!

In thinking about this, I ‘now’ actually suspect that the drunken group I described on the second skillwire example page maybe themselves also have skillwire tech and that this tech is being accessed and used (while they are in a drunken state) to puppet/maneuver them to directly set up some sort of confrontation specifically with the intention to cause ‘BAD’ outcomes to some or maybe ‘all’ of those involved (i.e. all of these with this type of tech) . . .

Fully Automated Human Avatar Skillwire Initiated & Directed/Controlled Experience Examples

In writing the above then this reminds me of some other examples of friends/people I know whom definitely had what can only be described as ‘skillwire’ facilitated experiences that were also, in some ways very, VERY extreme (to put it mildly) . . . one friend for example, described a situation which had him standing very close to a pub entrance (with some friends) specifically while they all waited for another friend to catch up with them (who’d likely gone to the pub toilet on his way out). So, whilst this friend of mine is standing very close to the entrance door he noticed a group of about half a dozen ‘big/tough’ looking guys approaching the entrance. However, at some point, he hears the pub door open while simultaneously the look of both recognition and the ‘reactions’ from various members of the ‘approaching the door/tough guy’ group such that he both knew that it was his friend at the door AND that the approaching group knew his friend AND were going to attack/beat his friend up . . . the next thing he was aware of is that the back 4 of the ‘still standing’ guy’s whom ‘had been’ approaching the door have grabbed the front two whom are both now unconscious on the ground while dragging them backwards as fast as possible away from my friend . . . whom had at this point ‘WOKEN UP’ to then find himself becoming aware that he’d attacked the front two and pretty much immediately floored then both and obviously in such a way that despite there being 6 of them they couldn’t get away from him fast enough . . .

Also, I am not aware of this friend having any combat training nor any martial arts training or even ‘interests’ in anything like this either, nor (same as myself) would he seem to be the type of person that would ‘like’, never mind ‘want to’ cause harm to someone else!!!!

So, his internal skillwire sensory monitoring systems had very likely pre-evaluated and pre-assessed the situation and the then ‘projected/anticipated’ extreme danger/bad outcome possibilities that could result not only for his friend BUT for himself, say stepping in to defend his friend such that decisions were then automatically made that resulted in himself being ‘made unconscious/taken over’ i.e. his essentially REMOTE PHYSICAL VEHICLE HUMAN BODY/AVATAR FORM was essentially put into a fully automated ‘intelligent system’ controlled ‘automatic driving mode’, somewhat substantially equivalent to a Tesla car being switched into self driving mode to avoid some pre sensed/evaluated as resulting in a ‘very bad outcome’ circumstances such that my friend was likely ‘de-interfaced/decoupled’ from the physical ‘vehicle/avatar’ (so he’d then be completely ‘unconscious/unaware’ of the unfolding circumstances/what was happening) while his ‘avatar/human vehicle’ was then automatically ‘driven/piloted’ in ways to avoid and or minimise damage to itself (my friends remote vehicle/avatar) as well as his friend/the guy just emerging from the pub’s human vehicle/avatar form too . . .

I also know someone else that also experienced pretty much the same situation/circumstances that I describe above including that when they eventually ‘woke up/became conscious again’ there were ‘rather a lot’ of unconscious/beaten up people lying around . . . unfortunately there was also a cctv camera close by which in recording it all, ended up with him having serious problems, including having charges brought against himself based on what his ‘threat detecting/response’ system ended up doing on his behalf when it took control of his avatar body/himself whilst it dealt with the ‘threat’ to his remote ‘avatar’ body/human vehicle!!!

I should also perhaps point out that as we are living out an already pre-defined duplicate life of SOMEONE ELSE’S ALREADY LIVED OUT EXPERIENCES then it will be pretty much impossible for specific people to avoid living though some of these types of ‘bizarre/unbelievable’ experiences, specifically because the person they are a duplicate of is very likely to have experienced something ‘originally’ that would/should result in a vaguely similar/equivalent experience being lived out here AS A HUMAN/WITHIN THE ‘HUMAN’ VEHICLE/AVATAR . . .

. . . ‘AND’ . . . ‘again’ the above section from the title down took ages/dozens of re-writes and plenty of thinking extending beyond previous versions before (for example) I could think of using the Tesla car/vehicle being taken over, and being driven by an automated ‘computer system’ analogy as well as of then using the term ‘AVATAR’ to make it more explicit that the human form is NOTHING MORE THAN A REMOTE VEHICLE/AVATAR and even longer before I eventually started to describe the decoupling/disengagement of your ‘conscious/subtle/soul/spirit’ aka your remote/hidden/invisible ‘REAL’ form from the human vehicle/avatar version too . . .

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