I have been self employed as a transformational therapist since the end of 1997. Prior to this I was Manager of the Bio-Medical Mass Spectrometry Unit within the Medical and Dental Schools of the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK (Details HERE). During my 16 years there, I worked in various capacities as a supporting Research Scientist particularly within the Biological and Medical areas. I am a contributor to various scientific papers (Full list HERE). I also ran my own business at the same time writing software for statistical and graphical analysis of research data (Details HERE).

However, this rational, logical, academic and ordered approach to life was somewhat blown away in early 1995 by a ‘life changing awakening experience’.

This experience was the start of a continuous awakening with beliefs, knowings, realizations and models being shattered in this process all the time. This new awareness led me to leave science to work as a self employed transformational therapist.

I want to UNDERSTAND & Resolve My Issues . . .

From the age of 21 I started to orientate myself toward my ‘collection’ of debilitating issues and engaging with means to try and understand them as well as of course trying to resolve them . . .

These issues included;

  • A bad stammer and speech block.
  • Permanent anxiety / background fear, (from the age of 15 on I spent half my adult life in various anxiety / fear / paralysis / terror symptoms). Read this healing example page here to understand what was responsible for this AND for how I addressed these subtle originated symptoms.
  • Lack of or loss of feelings. No feeling response in interactive situations.
  • No or little heart feelings – heart completely blocked. This was one of the main things I wanted to understand.
  • I was not aware of sleeping – I ‘rested’.
  • I was very withdrawn, isolated and unsociable.
  • Always on ‘edge’ unsettled, inner franticness.
  • I had internal allergic reactions to ‘authority or officials’ which I could not understand.
  • Automatic (without awareness) avoidance of unbalanced people.
  • My sexuality was almost completely switched off, even through my late teens AND I wasn’t bothered about this (read this page here to understand ‘some’ of what was responsible for this).

The drive to try and address and resolve these issues lead me to explore and work with many different types of healing approaches and modalities over a 25 year period and after my ‘awakening’ experience I left science to train in and become a ‘healer therapist’.

Personal ‘Healing’ Experience

There are a million and more healer and therapist types out there all vying for peoples attention. So, how can you tell that what I’m offering is different never mind effective? What’s my experience? Well, this entire web site is a testament to my depth of experience BUT if you’re looking for specific pages then read; Journey of Exploration & Understanding then you’ll appreciate that I was holding to a pro active ATTITUDE with regards OPENLY broadening my understandings through driving my own explorations and investigations never mind my ‘off the edge’ research. Then there is this page; Intense Self Training & Education which gives you a summary of the BROAD and OPEN base of experience that is marked by NOT being from any particular healing, therapy or spiritual path or way. You’ll see that I was being encouraged to EXPLORE independently AND encouraged to FIGURE things out myself rather than being aligned to some ‘particular’ or ‘limiting’ ideology (however good it is) presenting a ‘pre packaged’ approach or solutions. Then if you want some details of how competent I am at dealing with ‘specifics’ then you could read; My Training to Address Attachments which goes into great detail of my early and extensive experience of dealing with entity attachments then if you want to see where this led to in terms of my almost current expertise (it’s dreadfully out of date now ‘honest’) of dealing with simply enormous numbers of ‘mad dog’ entities then read; 1000′s of Hidden Entity Attachments Example which you should consider reading just for the ‘entertainment’ value alone, unless you’re a healer, therapist type yourself then that page will probably decidedly worry you (well it IS in the scary article section).

The ‘Boring’ Healer Therapist type ‘Qualifications’!

If you want to know of those dreadful ‘creativity’ and ‘experience’ sapping and strangling bit’s of paper type ‘qualifications’ then check out THIS page on If you read this then you’ll become aware that I’m rather less impressed with ‘bit’s of paper’ (you might have guessed that already:) than I am compared to REAL ‘getting you hands and heart dirty’ experience. Bit’s of dry paper don’t mean much when you’re confronted with a horde of rabid demons for example although bit’s of paper are actually amazingly good at making you or others aware of others limitations and ‘biases’ compared to their actual ‘EXPERIENCE’, particularly as they tend to end up limiting your ‘experience’ often quite spectacularly.

My site also presents lots of my personal life experience; I designed and built my own house for example, I helped manage a small holding, I’ve designed and made furniture, I’m an Author too (Isn’t everyone?) having written and had published the ‘Self Healing Handbook’ which is now offered as a free e-book that can be download from HERE.

You might find this page interesting too; My Spiritual Awakening Experience which is on my site which gives many pages covering different facets of my earlier multidimensional experience, I’ve not dared write about my latter multidimensional adventures in a public space yet as I’m rather keen on avoiding being locked up . . . . haha . . .

Oooops . . . almost forgot . . . and finally . . . a sense of humor bigger than everything else . . . .