Advice on How to Investigate Why a Negative Entity Attachment is Attached to YOU

Well, the first thing to say is don’t panic, attachments are unfortunately normal and getting worked up about one wont help you deal with it.

The second thing is don’t focus on IT as often the more attention you give it, the bigger it will seem.

Stay alert, but relaxed.

How to Investigate WHY a Negative Entity is Attached to yourself?

To better understand why you have an entity attachment then try and remember and feel how it felt when you first noticed something different?

When did this appear in your life? If you can identify this starting point then ask yourself what changed at that time or just before that time?

  • Did you have an argument with someone?
  • Did you go on holiday or experience some sort of ‘life’ change?
  • Did you finish a relationship or have a fall out with someone?
  • Did you start a relationship?
  • Did you have an accident, receive bad news or have something ‘disturbing’ happen in your life?
  • Did you have a problem at work or a disagreement with your boss?
  • Did someone let you down or do you let someone else down?

All of these will give you clues as the the past and past life connections and clues as to your past relationship with this subtle attachment.

How do you Become aware of what the Entity Attachment is doing to yourself?

Is it distracting you? Is it making you accident prone, withdrawn or difficult. Is it causing you to have problems with someone else? For example if you left one relationship and started another and you feel that this attachment is making it difficult to be with your new partner.

This change may have triggered an attachment (not necessarily from your previous partner) that relates directly to your situation. So, you may not have finished the previous relationship properly. You may have left without explaining why. (You may not even understand why)? Now perhaps in another existence you did the same and the Being is the other person in this other existence very distraught at the loss of a relationship with another part of you with seemingly no reason. In this type of situation, you can talk to it. Try and make it understand your reasons, or why you don’t have any. Be honouring, be considerate, be understanding – from my own experience most are reacting to difficult situations and few are complete bastards.

What are YOU feeling, and how is the Entity Making you feel, react or behave?

. . . . Or perhaps more importantly is this attachment making you feel something?

If you caused it anger, disappointment, rage, pain and so on then often an attachment will transfer these feelings to you as it wants you to understand what it has gone through?

Is this a Past Life Entity Attachment doing to you want you did to it?

It may be trying to manipulate you to prevent you from having something that it did not get from you. So, if it is a jilted lover then it will not be happy seeing you love someone else. You may then be experiencing very strange reactions to your new lover, which may be difficult for you to explain with regards your normal interactions. In other words you may be behaving differently and this entity may be causing this new behaviour.

Checking these things out is not so easy and dealing correctly with what you find will be impossible if you don’t have adequate resources, support and experience.

Important ‘Spiritual’ Negative Entity Attachment factors to Consider

Here are some examples of what can make dealing with an entity attachments more complicated or difficult;

Do you have Promises, Oaths, Pacts or a Spiritual Contract or Agreement with this Entity Attachment?

Entity releases can be made more difficult and binding as the result of promises, oaths, pacts, agreements and so on. For example: if you have left a relationship on another level with a Being that has promised itself that it will never allow you to have a loving relationship with anyone else and it has contracted third parties to create barriers to prevent intimacy and affection then this is going to be much more difficult to resolve everything adequately in a way that is honouring for all parties.

For some more pages to give you more understand of the pacts, promises, binding contracts then keep the below pages in mind:

Are Curses or Spells Binding this Entity Attachment to Yourself?

Another area to look out for is curses and spells. You could say that these are energy focusing restrictions from (mostly) other existences which are still operating and influencing you now. Sometimes these are done directly by the disgruntled attachment at other times they contract a third party who has extensive experience and expertise in these areas and has no emotional interest in the outcome except as a job well done. These types can of then be very convoluted and difficult to resolve. If your life has blind spots or areas that you just don’t seem to be able to function in or you are regularly ‘unlucky’ in some area of your life, then it may be that something of this type may be influencing you.

Do you have Subtle Energetic Ties & Cords as wells as Resentment Hooks & Bloody Minded Attitudes?

Sometimes you cannot get rid of an entity because you are holding onto something that is giving it a hook to cling to. If you harbour resentment, anger, self-pity and so on or have any unexpressed feelings with regards the original circumstances then often these have to be completed before a release can be honouring and successful. I have had a few attachments that took me months to sort out, some required me to take the right approach for example with one in the past existence where this attachment originated we both always faced each other and neither ever gave up. So, with this one I had to give up and stop trying to get rid of it. Just leave it and let it win – it then left of its own accord. A very difficult attachment to come to terms with. With some clients, we have had to spend a few sessions getting them to re-align their side of things before a release (at least an honouring one) can be completed successfully.

Why you must ALWAYS negotiate a ‘correct’ Entity Release that deals with ALL Factors

We have all had many different existences on many different levels, we will have had many different relationships in these and a fair proportion of these will result in attachments both ways. In this case you BOTH have to release each other to settle the attachment properly.

Why Life Issues often Repeat leading to Negative Entity Attachments Life Time After Lifetime

In my experience quite a few entity attachment issues repeat lifetime upon lifetime. As most means that are used to supposedly resolve entity attachments DON’T actually deal with what is ACTUALLY responsible for you having an attachment then this leaves the underlying issue unresolved. So, because the ISSUE that was responsible for the entity attachment arising in the first place is NOT addressed by say 95% of therapy or practitioner methods then this means that in the next lifetime there is a VERY high chance of another attachment developing. This is the GREATEST problem that we are faced with in terms of dealing with entity attachments because of either limited understandings, lack of practitioner awareness or WORSE of practitioners using means to ‘magic’ away the attachment while actually NOT resolving why it was there at all. As, it’s much easier to do this than deal with things properly then this is causing us greater and worsening future problems ALL THE TIME.

Advice and Instructions on How to Deal with & Release a Nagative Entity

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