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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

So, what happens if you want to become a proactive advanced healing expert? Most healers keen to improve their healing abilities will probably feel drawn to training with others with more experience than themselves. This seems obvious both in terms of improving your understandings as well as of doing this faster by training with an established ‘expert’.

Are there any pitfalls to doing this?

How do I become a Better Healer, an Advanced Healing Expert?

I’ve a client whom is aware of subtle realms whom also has an off the scale IQ. He’s quite competent in many different areas. At one point he decided he wanted a complete career direction change. He wanted to do something that would combine his subtle perceptions and abilities AND his own experiences of these realms with making a living doing something that would use these. So, as part of this he decided to get a degree and a PhD in Philosophy. He thought this would be a subject area where he could make use of his experiences and abilities in a way that would be accepted and within which he could offer different perspectives.

After he started doing a Philosophy Degree course he found something quite amazing. That as someone ‘learning’ it was assumed that you’d have nothing to contribute yourself at least not until you’d walked the path of those who’d already become respected first.

He made the mistake of actually showing himself as having ‘original’ things to contribute. The problem he found was that there was no space or even attitude to allow for anything ‘different’. You either had to spend years being led ‘blind guide dog’ like down a predefined and very set path that was completely assumed to be the right way of doing things. Anything he presented that was beyond the ‘predefined’ expected answers to his assignments not only quite often got marked down but actually resulted in warnings and reprimands which increased in frequency over time.

Work to improve and to enhance your own Healing Abilities, Your subtle Awareness, Intuitions and your Practical Experience?

He and I were quite horrified with this. This is ‘Philosophy’ about the ‘nature of reality and existence and everything’ BUT apparently only after you’ve become brainwashed by spending years jumping through the hoops to get to a ‘respected’ position. He was actually ‘discontinued’, he was actually FORCED to leave this course. NO INDEPENDENT THINKING ALLOWED . . .

So, he started again, this time he chose Psychology because he was also interested in helping people. Again he seemed to intuitively know more than he should and was getting scores way too high (90%+) for his course modules but then made the mistake during a break from work of returning a course module each day for over a week (a module is supposed to take a week or two of work and thought). Despite getting the usual 90%+ for these ‘rushed’ modules he started getting warnings because he was once again presenting some ‘original’ or not within expected boundary insights and understandings. Eventually exactly the same thing happened; he was asked to leave that course too. We weren’t impressed with this happening either.

The art of zen and being a beginner rather than a confined expert is described HERE. By then it seems there is still little chance of doing anything outside of the expected even when you have actually jumped through all the hoops (read this HERE).

For how so called experts stay stuck in their own niche and are the least ‘creative’ in terms of new ideas within their own expertise areas then read this article HERE.

It’s a bit odd that even qualified people have difficulties seriously taking in anything new, beyond their current assumed ‘best’ lines. Isn’t it?

Why are Natural Healing Abilities & Awareness driven Investigations and Diagnoses of the Subtle Discouraged?

Have you noticed that the bias is to have all healers following a paint by numbers, unconscious, uninvolved attitude? Overall healers are discouraged from trying to diagnose, explore or investigate subtle realms and subtle issue causes directly. That is to say they are actively discouraged from gaining subtle experience while honing their own subtle abilities and awareness and diagnosis skills.

Just to be clear.

Seriously CLEAR!

I’m not saying that NO healers are doing this or trying to do this.

What I am saying is that there are multiple angles of bias to discourage healers and subtle aware types from directly, actively and openly exploring and investigating the subtle realms and the subtle causes of issues INDEPENDENTLY.

There is a huge bias to prevent anyone seriously, independently and openly investigating or directly exploring anything of the subtle.

If you want to become a more competent healer then you’d imagine in a fear free ‘open’ environment geared up to empower individuals and deepen everyone’s understandings that you’d be encouraged to directly, openly and independently investigate subtle realms yourself. Particularly as in you being encouraged in this way then you’d not only emerge with a massive amount of direct experience but you’d also be forced to independently develop means to deal with what you found. You’d ‘broaden and deepen’ the base of all of our understandings.

What else takes you down a limiting and disabling line?

Avoid being guided to train in Prepackaged (so called) Advanced Healer Training, Techniques and Advice – I’M SERIOUS

Unfortunately as part of the campaign to discourage ‘original’ subtle reality and issue explorations and investigations you are encouraged to ‘train’ with someone whom is of course already an expert whom will then supply you with prepackaged explanations and techniques that are already considered effective in dealing with a variety of subtle phenomenon.

It’s interesting that there are good things said about medical intuitive types whom are strangely enough focused on the physical body and or the subtle energetic interfacing (chakras, meridians and the so called mental and emotional energy bodies etc) with respect to diagnosing conditions and not on the actual real subtle energetic body. Don’t you find that strange?

Prepackaged Healing Diagnoses Discourages Development of Independent Personal Experience & Subtle Expertise

As part of this campaign you are encouraged to ask your spirit guides about a clients healing issues or have healing info channeled about them. Unfortunately both these avenues as information sources are both well managed and sanitized. I point out that all ‘official’ and channeled sources are well managed in terms of their information presentations as I describe from this page HERE.

All of our healing spirit help beings are well managed too as I describe in fine detail starting on this page HERE.

Everything is set up to encourage healers to NOT use their own subtle sensory abilities to openly and directly attempt to find things out for themselves.

It seems to be working very well doesn’t it?

Because as far as I can tell this is the only website giving really comprehensive details of the huge variety of subtle energetic crap being used to manage us all while also explaining why and who’s doing this. Never mind unheard of detail of all sorts of subtle energetic phenomenon that you need to understand to resolve healing issues PROPERLY.

Advice on how to Become an Expert, Experienced Healer

How hard is it to gain extensive, open and independent subtle energetic experience? To find out just how difficult it is then read the next page . . .