Using Subtle Energy Body Parts to Make Vows & Spells & For ‘Healing’

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Gradually losing or giving away energy body material is VERY common. I’ll remind you that the physical body you’ve got used to is merely an overcoat and that ‘somewhere’ what is actually YOU is as a subtle energetic being.

Because of various factors EVERYONE with an energy body (which means EVERYONE) is over long spans of time (Your energy body is immortal, Remember?) losing or in some circumstances giving away (mostly unconsciously) energetic parts of themselves . . . there are various examples of this below;

1. Giving Soul Pieces & Subtle Energy Body Material to Someone to Help Them

If you are very close to another and you care about how that person is then sometimes an overly caring, loving, ‘wanting to help’ attitude can have you giving bit’s of yourself to someone else. This is particularly the case when this other is unhappy about themselves specifically with regards attributes that they DON’T HAVE that THAT YOU DO. So, if this person is impatient for example and particularly impatient of yourself (whom they might love) then you ‘might’ at a stretch WANT to give them some of your patience and be so WILLED about this that you actually do achieve this.

The same could be the case with ‘love’ or ‘consideration’ aspects of yourself for example.

The more engaged to, focused on or STRONG willed you are about ‘helping’ another in some way particularly with regards things they are missing AND which they would like to have AND how much you would like them to have these then this can result in you causing energy body material to unconscious or with ‘focused intent’ (consciously) to migrate from yourself to this other . . .

2. Exchanging Subtle Body Material as part of making a Bond, Vow or Pact

You may in past lives or even as a pure energy form have made pacts and vows AND as a sign of being bound to these you exchanged energetic material with some other. In which case not only will whomever you made such agreements with have some of your energetic material in their energy body this ALSO means that YOU will have some energetic material in your ‘not mine / alien’ collection that is accumulating in your own energy body because they originate from these extreme forms of bonding when making pacts.

These exchanges can be with one person or you may have made multiple energetic exchanges as part of some ‘All for one and one for all’ agreement. The more people involved the more ‘interesting’ it will be trying to extricate yourself from these . . .

In physical terms you have this presented in various ways. For example, spitting on the hand and then shaking hands as part of a binding deal or where each person cuts themselves and mixes / exchanges blood as part of an important agreement these probably represent energetic exchanges and holding the energies of this other as a sign of being bound to the agreement or pact or ‘whatever’.

As you might imagine an agreement that is made with such an energetic exchange will often be taken VERY SERIOUSLY by most if NOT all parties . . . the ‘fact’ that such agreements may have been made so many lifetimes ago that you’ve foolishly forgotten about them and cannot quite recall why they seemed so important at that time . . . can be taken somewhat the wrong way by any others that were part of this agreement when they turn up because you’re trying to disengage from what will be seen (by some) as a forever binding contract . . . forever and forever for EVER . . . in fact

In these instances if these agreements are not explored and dealt with properly then you could end up having quite a belligerent negative entity attachment (or 10 or to be honest 1000’s), still quite adamant that we must STILL all still hold together until all the unbelievers are ALL really dead . . . or some such . . . most vows and pacts of this nature will have seemed like a good idea at the time . . . the same holds for rituals and such like where again some energetic exchange is made (bit’s of hair are taken for example) to bind you to a path or secret group or ‘spiritual’ community . . . in many instances, some ‘paths’ whom bizarrely consider themselves ‘spiritual’ have had many of their members make vows to be FOREVER part of that path . . . did you know that about 500 paths, ways, secret societies do this with regards their ‘slaves’ . . . oooops ‘members’ . . . yes MEMBERS, which is why some become a little put out when you decide after a 100 lifetimes that . . . ‘well’ . . . something is just not for you . . . never mind that some people find it a little ‘psychologically’ difficult to leave some ‘particular’ ways too . . .

It has been the case with some of my clients that they have had to break a vow or pact type thing at the same time as well as in some instances 1000’s of attachments that arrived because they were trying to get rid of others energetic material from their own energy body (or through attempting to recover their own material held in the energy body of others). In trying to do either of these in certain instances the beings/people whom you made such binding agreements with will probably appear . . . and that’s when the fun can really start . . .

Other possible representations of people taking others energies into themselves would be taking scalps as well as of eating the body parts of the dead to take in someone’s essence or strength or abilities.

3. Spells may contain Energetic Essence or Subtle Energy Body & Energy field Material

Powerful spells are often made that way because they include some energy body material which is represented by the use of blood, menstrual blood, spit, hair, urine and I imagine other bits if they were obtainable (or fell off from the effects of previous spells). All of these can mean that a spell you make to act upon others may hold the energetic material of yourself. It’s very likely that spelly types such as witches, wizards and sorcerers might end up with bit’s of their own energetic material in many others because of such practices.

Some types of spells would ALSO work better if they contained the energies of the people being effected by the spells. Love spells for example are much more powerful if some material from both parties being forced to love each other are included in the spell . . .

In this respect, it’s possible in trying to get rid of all foreign energetic material from your energy body that some may belong to a spell maker whom might not be happy that their spell is being ‘tampered’ with. With respect to my clients some of whom have been enthusiastic ‘witchy’ types in past lives then they have had to deal with some irate witch or wizard types that are a bit taken back that their spell is being interfered with. There is an ‘audio’ example HERE of a session dealing with ‘witch’ shenanigans, that’s quite funny . . . .

Some Weird Energy Body things to think about . . .

Having trawled around the web reading about these areas then I DO know that some of you are aware of these subtle energy migration effects and because they are so common and ‘everyday’ occurrences (which they are) then they are perhaps mistaken for being ‘normal’ within certain circles. Now, strangely I was also treating these as ‘normal’ just like other ‘subtle’ realm enabled people. HOWEVER, I’ve also noticed that hardly anyone discuss these possibilities or gives example IN DETAIL. Even though I am much more proactive in the ‘discussing uncomfortable things department’, than, perhaps everyone else put together in the subtle energy areas it seems then I thought I’d mention what seems incredibly ODD about these types of soul fragments.

So, for anyone reading this page whom IS well versed in these areas then: have you not thought it a bit odd that our subtle energy bodies seem to lose or float bits off at the drop of a hat? Does it not seem odd that our subtle forms seem more akin to an old foam cushion with bits crumbling off at the edges. I say this because:


AND it’s not just a few unfortunates that this ‘crumbling subtle body’ effect is happening to BUT TO EVERYONE. No one is excluded from this phenomenon. As this happening is a large contributing factor to EVERY LAST ONE OF US gradually being gifted with severely depleted energy fields, requiring consciously invoked or automated energetic ‘Top Ups’ more and more frequently just to have us stand still, then . . .


Is this ACTUALLY REALLY normal or did God miss slapping on a final securing layer or subtle body ‘skin’? Does anyone know? Maybe the Cosmic energetic skin roller was mislaid at a critical point?

You might think that depletion of forests or the ozone layer or soil erosion or shrinking water supplies are a little worrying, I’d say that depletion of our energetic material makes all of these mere physical representations look insignificant . . . to say the least . . .

Do you have experience of any of the above or anything similar? Leave a comment if you do . . .


  1. myname
    July 4, 2016 @ 5:15 pm

    Ive became spiritually aware some time ago and it turns out that im a pretty advanced being. Yet i find myself in a situation where im surrounded by people who hurt me/murdered me/raped me/defamed/robbed of privacy/intimacy etc. in the past lives. I look at these lives and its a mixture of shock, pain, anger and disgust. when i started telling no, people around me started ti destroy me and accused me of what they do and tons of dark, dark energy was thrown at me and they became connected with my organs to the point where I feel so depleted after waking up. Of course they also tried to control my every move. This pattern was also present in my past lives.. its like theyre digesting my body, no wonder ive been always so thin. Its like when i accomplish somethinh it doesnt stay in my body but its taken away frim me and i feel like there was very little free will involved. Even my friend from high school died in weird circumstances and i wonder if theyre using my purity to cleanse their energy. I feel like this happens to many, many people who are made to feel ashamed of other people energy. iit feels so bad and i dont want to do this anymore. i want to keep my purity for myself. I’ve been trying to live according what I think is best for me for a long time and didnt get any support whatsoever, just abuse so it feels weird that someone might benefit from this because life wasnt as easy for me as id like it to be. And somehow people around me can sometimes sense this darkness that is niot mine. ive been trying to live as positively as I could, always finding bits that make me happy and and now theyre still robbing me of my body to the point where i have strong physical symptoms. Once my body tried taking nutrients from a fork! Because its so robbed of them. And i was like ‘what these sick bastards did to me?’. Im also talking about neurological symptoms, like half of my body went numb when i was robbed of it. its awful because its like theyre using my gifts to even control me. Im highly psychic and ive been rejecting it for a long time. I dont even knkw why i incarnate anymore. Arent there better places in the universe? Places where the balance between giving and receiving is maintained? Where my free will and desire to be good to myself is respected? At this point im like f everything because its like so many institutions are based on robbing people of their energy and i dont know if im going to make it :/


    • Clive
      July 9, 2016 @ 10:50 am

      You could leave a name as a start and also perhaps try working with the exercises on this page here and also the exercises on this page and this one too


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