Shocking Details of some of the Many Causes of Spiritual Mission Sabotages & Blocks

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"Soul Purposes & Spiritual Missions, Examples & Details of Sabotaged & Blocked Missions by Whom & Why. Effects & Life Symptoms of Blocks + Clearing these. Implications for Therapists & Healers . . . . "

If you do a web search on ‘blocked soul purposes’ or ‘cannot manifest a soul or spiritual mission’ or similar then the advice presented always seem to assume that the inability to present your mission is to do with something lacking within yourself, like being fearful or insecure and so on.

What are the main Causes of Spiritual Mission Sabotages?

I’ve not found ONE web site mention about looking to see if anything is DELIBERATELY acting to stop people, which is surprising as in 100% of cases so far with EVERY client I’ve worked with they are being deliberately blocked.


Not one single time have ANY of my clients THEMSELVES, been the cause of the failure of ANY soul mission. The inability to manifest or live out a soul or spiritual mission was always the result of deliberate external sabotage.

How Spiritual Competition is the main Cause of Sabotages of Spiritual Missions?

The following sub-pages cover individual mission sabotage reasons in great detail. I initially describe the four separate and entirely common sabotaging causes then I’ve a page describing the mission sabotage problems effecting the Indigo Children. The remaining pages in this section cover the direct and severely debilitating consequences of these sabotages both for those experiencing these as well as for ALL of us as a race.

How to Sabotage those with Spiritual Missions in Spiritual Groups Closest to your OWN

Many of my clients whom have suffered spiritual mission sabotages are actually being sabotaged by the efforts of other groups closest to their own.

These next door to your own spiritual group sabotages account for about 30% of all I have dealt with yet. Read about these HERE . . . .

Reactions against you after leaving a spiritual path

About 15% of mission or soul purpose difficulties are due to the oppressive actions of past colleagues. Trying to make sure you don’t, give away secrets or tell others of corruption or lack of progress. Some time the groups react to people leaving as a betrayal, or as a sign that you did not appreciate what they did for you or what you got from the group. Read about this HERE . . . .

The between Paths, Ways, Systems Spiritual Mission Sabotages

This page gives a both stunning and heart breaking account of the sheer numbers of covert sabotages carried out to determinedly sabotage anyone within another group whom has a mission to ensure that it fails. The amount of effort put in from virtually all groups to prevent any other from gaining a lead or becoming popular is simply staggering. Not only is their virtually no co-operation it’s more like a continuous war zone. These sabotages account for about 40% of all we have dealt with. Read about this HERE . . . .

The Indigo Children Mission Blocks

As the Indigo & Crystal Children are here on a mission then I’ve included details of why some of them are not doing too well either. Read about this HERE . . . .

Deliberate Spiritual Mission sabotages as sanctioned by Spiritual Hierarchy officials

In about 10% of cases experiencing soul mission difficulties the person turns out originally to have been approached by ‘official’ representatives within the spiritual hierarchy and persuaded to take on a VERY important VITAL soul mission. For those that DO take such a mission then they experience the WORST extreme and traumatic sabotages I’ve dealt with. These particular missions turn out to be the greatest specific cause of extreme suffering of all issues I have dealt with in my clients. Read about how and more importantly WHY this is done HERE . . . .

The appalling consequences of Spiritual Mission betrayals

What happens to those whom have FOUND OUT that they have been betrayed by the spiritual hierarchy through being given a hellish and entirely false spiritual mission? What happens to these people? Read about this HERE . . . .

One final and horrific Spiritual Mission betrayal twist

What happens if YOU were set up as the recruiter and adviser for these betrayed mission people and they find out? What do you do then? Read about this HERE . . . .

How Spiritual Missions Sabotages Cripple our Most ‘Spiritually’ Able

You only get invited to take a mission if you’re capable and able and in many cases have unusual abilities. In other words people given missions are a lot more capable than most. Unfortunately this means that every instance of sabotage is targeting and bringing down our best . . . this page explains this in detail. Read about this HERE . . . .