Understandings on Entity Attachments & Advice on Entity Releases

Here I present a set of articles to help you understanding entity attachments; why they exist, under what circumstances such attachments are made and how an ‘entity’ may become ‘attached’ to you.

Pages here describe different types of attachment (not just attachments to people) and also information that will help you understanding the origins of an attachment as well as of information to give you the best chance of releasing an entity attachment properly.

Comprehensive Advice About Entity Attachments To Help Anyone Deal with Entity Attachments

The information presented on the following pages comes from my own extensive experience of dealing with 1,000’s of my own as well as of clients negative entity attachments too.

I’d advise that you read them in the order given below which essentially means keep clicking on the NextPage link below.

‘IF’ you are wanting to try and deal with an entity attachment yourself then you are advised to read all pages of this series from start to finish a few times. You’ll then have a basic map of the territory you’ll  be entering.

It literally took me days and sometimes weeks to ‘figure’ out what was needed to deal with some of my own attachments. So DON’T expect to be able to do deal with an attachment immediately. EXPECT to have to figure things out AND expect that trying to do this will put you more in touch with yourself.

Approach trying to do this for yourself as an adventure and something you are going to learn to get right by trial and error for a while.

An ‘Exercise’ to Help you Target Spirit & Entity ‘Attachment’ AREAS

There is an exercise on this page here that would be worth doing as it targets these areas more directly compared to anything else presented here. It targets a range of the circumstances which would result in persistent ‘entity’ attachments’.

Working with Exercise 4 on that page targets: Binding Roles, Positions, Offices, Duties, Obligations, Functions, Ceremonies as well or Rituals while also targeting: binding contracts, oaths, pacts and or subtle enforcers (which equates to entity attachments / subtle being interferences).

It basically targets you being kept in any role, position (job) and or ‘office’, any circumstances where you are contracted to carry out certain duties, obligations, functions, ceremonies, rituals and or actions perhaps forcible facilitated / nudged to keep doing this by binding subtle pacts, vows, promises, oaths, curses and agreements and perhaps even ‘enforced’ by subtle beings (entity attachments) as ignorant spirit guides, minders, helpers, ascended bullshitters, spiritual path leaders and any spirit being as an enforcer of contracts you made in the past.