What Happens After Death? What are Ghosts & Lost Soul Forms

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What I write here relates to this earth space in particular, rather than to any ‘deaths’ you’ve experienced outside of this space. It relates more to here because we are having LOTS of SHORT incarnations and so death (in a physical sense only) is a regular occurrence.

What happens after a human death and what are Ghosts?

I’ve been checking on ‘energy body’ energetics and structure as it were to try and make some sense of some ‘anomalies’ I’d noticed. For example;

  • In some different cultures there are different numbers of chakras. So, the standard number is considered 7 but I’ve heard some peoples only have 5. This seemed strange to me.
  • In my phase of dealing with so called dead people (ghosts) in cemeteries I’d often have a chat to them BUT they’d often not be ‘visibly’ responsive, they behaved a bit like dummies or mannequins, most did not even seem to acknowledge my presence although I could communicate with ‘something’. I just thought, well OK they’ve been standing beside this grave stone for 20, 50 or 200 years and are maybe still in grief plus they were doddery old folk when this happened so you could RATIONALIZE this ‘inert’ state away quite nicely.
  • I found I could take ‘chakras’ out of my ‘body’, spend time taking them apart and clean them and put them back together and return them to the ‘body’ with NO ILL EFFECTS . . . isn’t that a bit strange that something considered an inherent and IMPORTANT part of our energetic body can be removed in about 0.1 seconds, messed with and returned WITH NO ILL EFFECTS!!!! I thought this was very odd, but again it obviously seemed to work . . . and . . . so another ‘stupid’ RATIONALIZATION would be the order of the day . . . wouldn’t it?
  • I had a phase of identifying, recovering and integrating these types of lost ‘Ghost’ form energies AND bizarrely I’d not feel any different. I mean here is something that at the very least looks big and substantial and so you’d imagine particularly with someone as ‘sensitive’ as myself that I’d at least feel something happening or feel different. On the other hand I would feel something, as in some processing or a ‘change’ if this was a conscious soul piece that I was reintegrating, but when I came across parts that were from me dying in previous lives, then ‘integrating’ these didn’t seem to make any difference.

There is a lot that we take for granted that doesn’t make sense unless perhaps you just aren’t aware enough to pick up on these things OR if you do then perhaps you don’t think about them?

How does the Spirit Form disengage from the Physical Animal Form Vehicle After Death?

We are REALLY energetic beings existing within an energetic environment that is VERY separate from this physical / holosuite space. To engage with this physical reality, and particularly with a physical body used as a vehicle to drive around in actually requires a great deal of energetic interfacing to do this WELL. You can think of this in the same way as a diver needs a protective suit and mask and breathing apparatus to spend a decent amount of time at any great depth. The same for Neo (from the film ‘The Matrix’) whom needed rather a lot of ‘technology’ to interface him to the ‘Simulated’ world which had nothing to do with the real HIM but was the interfacing between himself and the technologies that presented his world.

So, it turns out that chakras, meridians and such like are actually NOT of our REAL energy bodies AT ALL but are parts of the interfacing technology suit that bridges between the energetic body and the physical / holosuite realms. Which means that the majority of the ‘people’ I’d noticed standing around in grave yards that I was ‘facilitating’ were actually NOT people but were the actual physical reality INTERFACING SUITS left behind as their energetic body or ‘projected’ soul form disengaged from the physical vehicle.

What we see as a ghost that we often mistake for the Soul

These bridging ‘suits’ being something we’ve worn for a very long time (relatively speaking) will also be saturated in US, our persona’s presentation (much like a diver’s sweat for example) and so, just from a ‘visual’ presentation they will look like we LOOKED, never mind that they have the chakras and other energetic parts that we’ve been mistaking for our energy body rather than as energetic interfacing.

It turns out that it is actually VERY rare for such ‘Ghost’ forms to contain any of our REAL energetic body because what they actually REALLY are, are discarded interfacing suits.

What are REAL Lost Souls, real Ghosts?

I suspect that REAL ghosts that are active or interactive are ones that represent people whom;

  • Are still in the process of disengaging from their interfacing suit OR
  • Have identified so strongly with their physical life that they are still playing things out OR
  • Whom suffered some deep trauma just before their death which causes them to be held to or preoccupied by their physical existence. For example
    • Being raped and murdered and swearing revenge or that you’ll ‘haunt’ your attacker for ever.
    • Being in a natural disaster and frantically searching for your family to make sure they are fine AS YOU DIE.
  • Are of someone bound to this environment by the likes of a vow, pact or agreement OR . .
  • It could be that one of our ranging ‘over forms’ comes back every so often and reanimates the suit.

It seems as if the average time a ‘dead’ spirit takes to fully disengage from the interfacing technologies is about 2 weeks, in rare cases this might be as short as a couple of days or in extended cases to more than 2 months.

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