Why New Age Spirit Guides Aren’t Angels

This is the Introduction and Contents page of a 8 page article series on:
"How to Define an 'Honest, Correct & Empowering' Relationship with your Spirit Guides? Did you know that your Spirit Guides Attack others, lie AND keep secret what they 'really' do on your behalf? Why do many whom consider themselves 'Spiritual' remain unaware of the Contradictions of 'Spiritual' Protection?"

In this older very ancient article series HERE I gave some pages on spirit guides. Even in this series I pointed out that some spirit guides actually turn out to be ‘nightmares’ for those they are guiding. On one page within that series I gave examples of some: VERY BAD & Wrong Spirit Guidance.

Spirit Guardians & Guides: The Good, the Bad & Down Right Dark

Now, here I am 10 years down the line and with a mite more experience of uncovering seriously ‘dodgy’ spirit guides I’m writing this series to expose even more problems that we ourselves accumulate because of the ‘bad’ behaviour and dark’ attitudes of spirit guides in a general sense and so called ‘light’ or ‘spiritual’ ones in particular.

I’ve found it a ‘bit’ odd that many ‘spiritual’ and ‘new age’ types seem to have a belief or understanding that their spirit guides will take actions to defend and protect themselves while seemingly having no idea of the ‘contradictions’ this implies with respect to being involved with something that has a call sign of ‘love, spiritual, expansive, goodness or compassion or ‘no harm’ or ‘whatever”. Never mind that those that think or believe this don’t seem to have much idea of what they’d be defended from OR of what their spirit guides would actually do to defend them either.

Spirit Guides Defensive Strategy: Get them before they get you!!!

So, the following pages describe how ‘light’ and ‘spiritual’ spirit guides defend and protect those they are guiding by actually directly:

Attacking others . .

Well, they do say that the best form of defence is to attack and as I pointed out in the last series, as it’s apparently no problem at all for deranged Divine ‘Light’ Directors to send out ‘light’ armies to carry out large scale ‘obliteration’ tasks . . . then what might ‘light’ spirit guides do for the ‘insecure’ new age, lightworker, healer type to protect or defend them?


I described the last series as ‘fun filled’ so I thought I’d balance that by making this series ‘exciting and action filled’ . . . and here it comes . . . ‘light’ sabres at the ready everyone . . .

Why New Age Spirit Guides Aren’t Angels . . . at ALL!!!

What spirit guides do on behalf of the barely conscious and unaware . . . particularly to ensure those they are guiding aren’t ever prompted to properly wake up . . . fantastic eh!!!