How ‘DARK & Obscene’ New Age Contradictions Don’t Even Reach the ‘Conscious’ Awareness of ‘Lightworkers’?

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"


The lightwork, healing, spiritual, new age presentations are sinking in gross, blatant and entirely obvious contradictions which are continuously ignored, not acknowledged and certainly not addressed.

Here are some obvious examples;

Some Popular & VERY Obvious Totally Polarizing Spiritual & New Age Presentations

It is COMMON within healing, new age, lightwork and spiritual circles to have ‘SOMETHING’ described in one way by one set of people while ALSO having the same described in the opposite way by another set of people.

  • The ‘Council of Nine’ for example is a wonderful set of spiritual beings when described by some while bizarrely others describe them as demons whose aim is to control humans.
  • That beings in spirit are mostly wonderful light beings for some while for others ALL beings in spirit are demons and you are risking your soul by even thinking about them.
  • That Reiki is wonderful on the one hand while on the other it is a debilitating system designed to spiritually entrap you.

How SERIOUSLY DARK & Obscene would New Age Information have to be before a ‘Lightworker’ Would Become ‘Conscious’ of it?

Here is a question for all you light, spiritual and new age types whom somehow think you’re all batting for the unity, compassion, forgiveness and LOVE side . . .

Here it is . . . are you ready?

If a well known spiritual, new age, lightworker author wrote about AND supported say something as horrific as the genocide of a whole race of people then would YOU actually notice this OR even if you did notice this would you actually directly try and POINT THIS OUT?

If a popular, respected Spiritual or Light author had actually done this would you imagine;

  1. That you’d have heard about this, been deeply shocked by it and you’d have said something about it to the author and others . . or . .
  2. You’d noticed it but not actually been ‘consciously’ hit by it and so had not brought something this horrific to the authors or anyone else’s attention . . or . .
  3. You read it but you were so unaware or so unconscious that it didn’t actually hit you what was actually REALLY being presented.

If being a lightworker type does indeed endow you with an amazing ‘awareness’, a ‘higher’ consciousness as well as of ‘way beyond the normal’ self empowerment abilities then I’d have to assume that if such a ‘presentation’ had actually been made then ‘1’ above would HAVE TO BE CORRECT for all of you.

How Conscious & Aware are New Age People & Lightworkers?

Awakened ‘new age, new spirituality’ people with such a finely tuned ‘greater’ awareness as well as an amazing higher consciousness simply wouldn’t be able to miss such a presentation? At least you’d imagine this to be the case. By the same token people with an amazing level of self empowerment would have had no problem in the slightest pointing out such a ‘horror’ both to the author as well as others.

Not being ‘aware’ enough to notice this and not being empowered enough to point it out if you did would be what I would call a contradiction to the presentations made by new age, new spirituality ‘lightworker’ types.

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