Are YOU ‘Open’ to Considering Corrupted Thinking & Managed Thinking Possibilities or NOT?

I originally wrote this series about two years ago toward the end of 2012. This was going to be the last series for the scary pages BUT I thought at that time that it might be ‘too much’. However now that you have the ‘physical con’ page as well as 50 pages covering simulation evidence including many giving reasoned thinking lines and evidence that everyone here is being directly managed then it fits in quite nicely as a series supporting these current revelations. Also, because these pages are written without any strong reference to ‘simulation’ or ‘physical con’ they are are much easier to read compared to the various simulation series that are currently a work in progress.

In other words you’ve more chance of getting your thinking and conceptual head around what is written on these pages about ‘thinking’ management possibilities . . . compared to the simulation specific pages here.

We assume (seemingly logically) that our thoughts and thinking are wholly ours, uncorrupted and unbiased.

We assume that we are free to freely think about anything we want.

Is this true?

Are you open to the possibility that it might not be?

It’s VERY VERY disturbing to just consider the possibility that your thoughts, thinking and all that comes with this may be being corrupted or all the way through to being very well managed and manipulated.

I’ll tell you what is even more disturbing . . . what’s even more disturbing is this;

Finding out that it’s true . . .

The more you rely on your head, the more you ‘revere’ your intelligence, your cognitive skills and your thinking and evaluating capacities then the worse will be your reactions to EVEN considering this just as a possibility.

Perhaps the best question to ask right NOW at the start of this article series is this;

“Are you ‘rational’ enough and mentally balanced enough to be able to openly consider the possibilities I am presenting here? Is your thinking under your control enough to be able to calmly consider the possibility of managed, corrupted thinking?”

If you find that you cannot calmly and rationally ‘think’ about this just as a possibility then perhaps this is an indication that this possibility may actually be ‘operational’?

Is what you are thinking NOW being made to be biased or worse is your thinking being directly managed?

How could you tell if your thinking is automatically biased or worse VERY corrupted?

Here are some areas about ‘corrupted’ thinking possibilities for you to ‘attempt’ to think about . . .

Let’s just ‘imagine’ that you’re part of a group that has incarnated a bunch of ‘subtle energetic’ people on a physical world and you’ve very conveniently managed to block off their past memories and you’re also doing your best to try and convince them that past lives and past incarnations are nonsense (this seems to have worked quite well by the way: well done).

So, now you’re wanting to manage their thinking directly because you’ve noticed that some of them just won’t stop thinking in ways that just might lead them to upset either your position or your agenda.

You are NOW Head of the Human ‘Managed Awareness, Corrupted Thinking Lines & Pre-Defined Evaluations & Conclusions’ Department

So, you are now in charge of the physical con (or simulation software) department of the ‘Corruption of Awareness, Thinking and Managed Evaluations & Conclusions’ . . .


As head of this department you are now in charge of developing and using different hidden means to corrupt and manage peoples thinking and their abilities to properly ‘evaluate’ things as well as their abilities to ‘think’ about different possibilities (or NOT) too.

Basically you are in charge of trying to keep peoples thinking aligned down certain lines and away from others while ‘hopefully’ making sure they that they don’t notice this happening . . .

Have you GOT THAT?

So, as the person in charge of this, then what would be the very first thing you’d do as the highest priority?

Is there ANY rational reason WHY you’d NOT be able to ‘Rationally’ Consider Corrupted Thinking & Managed Thinking Possibilities?

Are you able to think well enough in this moment now to think about what you’d do as a priority IF you were going to directly manage peoples abilities to ‘think’ and or evaluate different ‘ideas’ or ‘thinking’ possibilities?

‘IF’ you were actually REALLY managing what people think of how well they think about specific possibilities AND their abilities to evaluate possibilities then what would be the most important thinking areas to manage before any others?

Spend some time thinking about what you’d target and HOW you would target these ‘thinking’ areas. When you’ve finished doing this then start reading the next page . . .


  1. Nina
    December 19, 2014 @ 12:57 am

    RE: Is your thinking under your control enough to be able to calmly consider the possibility of managed, corrupted thinking?”

    Yes, except that my simulated head keeps playing background music subtly while reading this entire page. It’s not so distracting that I can’t take in the rest of the pages, but it’s still annoying just the same.

    RE: ‘IF’ you were actually REALLY managing what people think of how well they think about specific possibilities AND their abilities to evaluate possibilities then what would be the most important thinking areas to manage before any others?

    I’d manage everyone’s mental and emotional reactions first and dampen down their intelligence so that reading the Bible is easier to them than considering the possibility that their thinking and emotions are being managed.

    Answering the above question should not be so hard if this reality were real. But because this world is simulated, including myself, it feels dead easy to manage my thinking such that it’s now being short-circuited at this very moment. But then, maybe that’s what I would have done if I were part of the physical con department — short-circuit everyone’s thinking first.


  2. ''''Herby''''
    December 19, 2014 @ 2:38 pm

    RE: ‘IF’ you were actually REALLY managing what people think of how well they think about specific possibilities AND their abilities to evaluate possibilities then what would be the most important thinking areas to manage before any others?

    First thing, I’d try to suppress any appearance of any subjects that propose that this could be the case, so I’d block access to this kind of knowledge before anything else, so that no one even have the occasion to give thoughts to it in the first place (Hi sim haha, you’re almost kind of funny and not so sutble to only bug these pages here and not the rest on my computer, really brilliant!) as well as managing people so they dismiss themselves as soon as they have thoughts that are along some ‘dangerous/forbidden’ lines of thinking


  3. jean
    November 7, 2019 @ 7:46 pm

    Here is an example of obvious managed thinking: I was silently reading( in an empathic/I really want this way) a statement and out of no where came the thought “don’t ef with me” directed at the matrix. I immediately stopped reading, being shocked and worried about consequences. I would never in a million years would want to say this. I forgot about it and later that day I had a bad fall. I’m ok, but it was super painful and scary. I fell hard enough that I had trouble breathing, I couldn’t talk. Lots of pain in my hand, bad enough I had to go to urgent care. Funny enough, I have little or no bruises and am almost completely healed after 2 wks.


    • Clive
      November 8, 2019 @ 7:16 pm

      Yea Jean, I’m sure that current shit is using ‘automated functioning’ possibilities to cause problems . . . so, I’ve had to make an effort to be ‘extra’ careful particularly over the last few weeks in some interactions when shopping and more so after finding a few items in kitchen cupboards that I’d not keep there i.e. I’m finding that particularly for kitchen things/items, you tend when cooking/cleaning up to go into an ‘automatic’ mode and automatically open a cupboard and take out and use something then later automatically without thinking put it back when it’s no longer needed . . . I’ve had to take more care wth respect to automated functioning ‘AND’ to not freak out/get wound up if I find some kitchen item in a none ‘normal’ place or cannot find an item where I’d normally keep it . . .

      It’s the same with walking/moving while doing specific fairly automated tasks too . . . for example I’ve also been feeling the need to take extra care when in the shower and again because (likely the same as many other people) I’d generally do this fairly automatically BUT recently I’ve been feeling wary of the possibility of ‘somehow’ easily slipping too!!!!

      Overall current ‘tree’ shit versions are ‘STILL’ managing to do a decent job ‘maintaining’ at least the same core set of a few 100 people in shit!!!!


      • Megan
        November 9, 2019 @ 3:33 am

        Ha, that’s how I wound up losing my keys (thankfully now my car key though!) So, the place I work at has three buildings on campus, one for offices and two for manufacturing (I work in the one that is only a few yards to the northeast of the offices building. Well the cafeteria in the offices building serves breakfast in the mornings and for some reason I forgot breakfast that morning. Grabbing my wallet, which is a biker wallet attached to a long, chain-mail lanyard that I clip onto my belt loops, from my locker, which is located at ground level, my keys, which also have a clip on them to hang from my beltloops and never take with me when I go to breakfast (we aren’t allowed to lock our lockers) got tangled in the lanyard and when I tried to toss them back into my locker they just kept hitting the bottom of the locker above it and falling onto the rim where the door fits. Frustrated and impatient, I decided to take them with me before heading out the door. We are given 20 minute breaks, it takes about 5 minutes to get to the cafeteria, by the time I get my food and pay I have about 5 minutes left to eat before I have to head back to my work area. Now, I remember kind of doing a ‘reality check’ after leaving my building heading towards the offices. Running from one building to the other because it was windy and cold, I registered an odd solid shape in my hand that did not feel like my smart phone (which is what I usually bring with me but had made the decision to leave it behind because I was rushed and impatient,) I checked what I was holding and remembered that I brought my keys with me, because for some reason between the span of time between leaving my work area and going outside I grabbed my keys instead of my phone. And for whatever reason, I did not put my keys on my beltloop like I usually do whenever I carry them. Getting to the cafeteria, I remember dropping the keys on the counter to grab my food, I don’t particularly remember picking them back up after getting my food, then sitting down at a table to eat. Finishing up and then heading back outside toward the building where I work, I only briefly remembered that something was missing but thought nothing of it when I remembered I didn’t bring my phone with me so thought nothing of it. Fastforward to the end of the day, it wasn’t until when I went looking for my keys that I realize what happened. I retraced my steps and even put out a lost notice on the company newsletter, but no luck. Odds are, I threw them out with my breakfast dishes. Honestly, the most surprising thing about this was how calm and ‘eh whatever’ I was about losing them. The only traumatic thing that really triggered is how I thought or assumed others thought of me after hearing about how I lost my keys (kind of a back-stabbing thing. This kind of happens often to me in social situations.)


  4. Trent
    November 10, 2019 @ 1:28 am

    In response to Jeans’s recent comment.. I’ve gotten the same “don’t f with me” stuff on and off for a while too.. for me it felt like an outwardly directed rage/anger at the system which had a kind of underlying feeling of me being blocked/contained in an inner feeling sense.. just kind of blind anger.. it’s seemed to kind of shift away from that, down into the heart and gut areas where it becomes more like an inner “strength” / I can deal with/face anything .. which feels more nice/beneficial and not so negative/reactive.. and it kind of feels like some of the outward aspects of the “don’t f with me” feelings are maybe related to being aware of/paying attention to what is happening outside of myself/being done to me.. so maybe this could be an example of the “strengths become weaknesses/weaknesses become strengths” inversion/etc shit that seems to be going on?

    I’m noticing more and more all of the mental “reactions” I have to different inner feelings and that these reactions seem to make it difficult to go further into the feelings/shift beyond them / it kind of blocks/halts progress / things get kind of stuck/jammed / not flowy/moving.. (to start with I was noticing more and more that when different thoughts and etc arose that there were feelings underlying/associated with them, so i’ve started paying more attention to the feelings rather that getting caught up in the thoughts/reactions) all kinds of “beliefs/judgements/likes and dislikes/etc”.. like Jean said, she thought/felt the “don’t f with me” stuff but then she had the reaction of being worried/concerned about it and maybe in such a way that it prevented her from thinking more deeply about what she was experiencing (and being open to “more/new/different”?) and threw her off whatever focuses she was doing too..

    Generally i’d say that things are getting better for me over the last month or 2, i’m learning a lot.. many things are mostly the same such as habits/routines/etc (just small changes happening there) but I seem to be making progress in other ways.. I can much better “see” how people are feeling/their state.. I can kind of feel other people’s feelings within myself, they just kind of flow through me (so long as i’m open to it happening/can shift beyond my own judgements/reactions/etc (both towards the person as well as what they’re experiencing) and also so long as the other person is open to it/not closed off.. I don’t try to force anything, just be kinda open to it happening and then pay more attention if it does) .. and sometimes I seem to be able to treat other people’s feelings as if they’re my own, by looking at different reactions/etc I have to the feelings and trying to release/shift beyond them.. the other person can then seem to react to this happening/feel better so it seems like some kind of “healing”.. I can also somewhat “read minds”/tell what people around me are thinking especially when what they’re thinking is about/related to me / they kind of “project” the thoughts at me with intent and stuff.. I don’t go looking for these things/ don’t try to pry into peoples minds but I just become aware of things. Also i’m somewhat starting to get better at talking to people.. a few years ago I got tired of all the (at least seemingly) superficial conversations that people have.. they seem to talk a lot of nonsense.. and i’d generally get bad reactions from most people if I tried talking about interesting/spiritual type topics (they’d seem to think I was weird/avoid me) so I reacted to this by withdrawing and mostly stopped talking to people.. I’m starting to see that I might’ve had some limited perspectives there and maybe the seemingly superficial conversations can be approached from a deeper perspective of maybe helping people to feel good/move beyond crap feelings/etc (I don’t really know why people say most of the things they do, a lot of it seems kind of random but I guess it makes them feel good/helps them somehow?)

    Also I mostly stopped doing focuses a few months ago. They’re good and they work but i’ll be wanting to deal with some issue and the focus helps with that but then it triggers a bunch of reactions/payback which makes things worse for a while/throws me off whatever trajectory I was on.. I then have to try dealing with all that crap which wasn’t what I wanted to do in the first place so it starts feeling like work/something I have to do and I find it hard to get motivated to do things that I don’t really want to be doing, so i’m mostly just trying to keep making progress without them. Haha but in writing this comment i’ve had a bunch of different worries/fears/etc triggering about a bunch of different things, probably an attempt to throw me off balance/mess with me since I just kinda ignored/didn’t get sucked into the “thinking supression” shit that triggered earlier.. and maybe it’s kinda revealing more issues unintentionally.. so maybe i’ve got some limited perspectives about some of the payback/reaction stuff too and it isn’t so bad..

    And this “automated functoning” stuff.. could this be some deliberate “not aware/not paying attention/going along with things” type shit efforts (deliberately trying to make us be this way.. I guess the alternative i’m thinking of is “save resources/CPU or whatever”)? I’ll try paying attention to when I start doing this from now on and maybe react to it/fight it by paying more attention/thinking more about what i’m doing..

    Also I was made to forget about writing this part a few times.. It kind of seems to me like there are false associations being created/inserted between inner feelings and people/places/situations/etc? Like sometimes i’ll be feeling a certain way and then I start associating it with/thinking that it’s about x/y/z (it can be either positive or negative) but when I try to analyse and look at/beyond these thoughts then maybe it wasn’t about them at all? Maybe some of this “being moved towards/away from things” stuff as well as maybe causing problems for me/messing with me?


    • Clive
      November 10, 2019 @ 2:00 am

      Hi Trent, I think about 3/4 weeks ago the shit rather than maintaining the entire 350,000 criticizers/kp fell back to just trying to maintain about 35,000cr/kp, so you likely weren’t in the 35,000 set and have then managed to have some investigations and experienced some clearings/shifts since then, also I’m pretty sure it’s down to 3,500 a week or so ago and a couple of days back it might just be huddling around/maintaining 350 core/most worrying to itself/it’s objectives people . . . unfortunately, overall the very sophisticated multi tree shit version sets despite being worn down somewhat are still managing to keep going . . . although eariler today I managed to remember and do a scan for ‘advantages’ bruteforce type things which got hits and Tom, mentioned and did scans for a base system type rootkit set which also got hits . . . so it’s definitely consistently loosing ground/heading in the right direction . . .


  5. Megan
    November 12, 2019 @ 1:33 am

    Reply to Trent and Jean…I’ve been feeling a great deal of anger/resentment/hatred towards a group of people (in my mind these are people I am close to or have regular associations) for the past few weeks. I feel emotionally and energetically burnt out and worst yet I see myself standing apart from this group of people and a part of me says, “I’m done.” I feel like I’ve given everything to these people, and they let me down in the end. When I am experiencing these feelings at their very worst I just want to forsake everyone and everything I have, buy a tent and live out in the northern woods somewhere isolated and far away from humanity where no one can find and use me again.

    “…Like Jean said, she thought/felt the “don’t f with me” stuff but then she had the reaction of being worried/concerned about it and maybe in such a way that it prevented her from thinking more deeply about what she was experiencing (and being open to “more/new/different”?) and threw her off whatever focuses she was doing too..” I’ve had this happen to me since I was a child, where I would feel inexplicable angry at someone (mostly my mother,) then in realizing what I was thinking and feeling at the time I would feel guilty and horrible and suppress it and put up a front of happiness/love/positivity so no one knew what was wrong (not like they wanted to know or give a shit anyway.)

    People-wise, it’s different. Where I am at I am not being as emotionally/energetically attacked or drained all the time, but on the other hand I feel ostracized, isolated and ignored. I feel like I have made a fool of myself just trying to fit in and be a part of the group. I realized a few weeks ago that I have a lot of ‘mind-healing’ I have to do. I realized that mentally I am not as open or ‘smart’ as I thought/believed myself to be, especially when it comes to dealing with people. At one point reflecting on my past interactions and how I’ve fucked them up the term ‘autistic’ came to mind (there was one time going to therapy when I was a child my mother actually wanted the counselors to diagnose me with Asperger’s Syndrome, but the counselors didn’t think the diagnosis fit me.) Feeling further into the concept of healing the mind, I felt a barrier of some-kind surrounding my headspace. I have been taking my time paying attention to my own feelings and slowly encouraging myself to open up more to the bad/negative/painful feelings I experience.

    I have tried posting in Firefox three times now and get the below,

    Error: Javascript support must be enabled to leave comments.
    Error: Comment submitted too quickly.
    Error: The form had expired. Please reload the page and try again.

    I have checked the config options in Firefox and my javascript is enabled, so now I’m trying in Chrome.


    • Clive
      November 13, 2019 @ 4:32 pm

      I’m not surprised Megan that some people will be getting errors when posting a comment I’ve had to try and remember to write comments ‘else where’ in a medium that is saving every few minutes (so I don’t loose much if ‘shit’ intervenes) before I then copy and paste to post here . . . ‘although’ over the last 2/3 days I’ve personally not actually had any sabotages!!!!


  6. Shalin
    November 14, 2019 @ 2:48 pm

    I must be one of the 350 cr/kp people given how blocked I am.

    I am taking my homeopathic remedies (although another homeopath said my problem isn’t as simple as what the one I went to who said it was heart/heart-chakra related). So I am confused as ever yet taking the remedies. I’m also practicing Neville Goddard’s teachings:


    • Clive
      November 14, 2019 @ 3:10 pm

      Yea, unfortunately you are in the last 350 set as I’d already checked that a week or so ago Shalin!!!!


      • Shalin
        November 19, 2019 @ 2:54 pm

        Gotcha gotcha. I am ready to throw in the towel with everything that I’m doing to recover/heal – except for qigong and self administered homeopathy (zero cost). I’ve spent nearly 140K USD over the past 4.5 years trying to get well – yet no improvements despite lots of cognitive understanding of past destructive thought/emotion/behavior and changes in thought/emotion/behavior. No amount of understanding or personal changes can undo what the subtle body is imposing on the physical if the subtle body remains screwed-up/blocked/f$cked.

        Its probably best to not waste any more money and let you/wsw continue your explorations as that is the only way I’m going to get out of this.


  7. Annabelle
    November 16, 2019 @ 3:16 am

    Noticed a definite shift for the better on November 7. It lasted about 3 days and then the “feel good” stuff went away. For the first time ever I am real struggling with the coming of winter. I have lived in cold weather all my life, but this past summer I worked at a warehouse that was un-air conditioned. It was hard sweating work, but I never felt better. It is interesting why there is so much conversation about this whole seasonal affect disorder.

    I am seeing a large amount of shoes in the middle of the road while driving – just one random shoe in the middle of the road. The shoe is usually quite weird and out of place – like a woman’s high heel fashion shoe in a farm community, or a fancy boot in the freeway. Other people are also commenting that they see quite a few single shoes in the middle of the road – where do they all come from – maybe from all of the lost socks in the washing machine.

    I saw an unbelievable conversation while shopping. A woman that spoke only Chinese, was talking about vacuum cleaners to a man that only spoke Spanish ( I understand Spanish). The two were elderly, quiet and very well mannered. They both had not clue what the other person was saying, but they kept talking for a long time about the features and price of this vacuum cleaner. They both then just walked away. I wonder about the amount of energy it took the sim to render this conversation, and if it would even have taken place if I wasn’t there to witness it!


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