Spiritual Hierarchy Isolates Competent Paths & Ways

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"Catalogues the Deceptions, Lies, Suppressions & Injustices the Diabolical Policies & resulting Horrors & Atrocities of; 'The Usual 'Light' Suspects'; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, 'Elohim' and assorted sidekicks. For the Spiritually Advanced wanting Initiation into Ancient Truths, Hidden Light Secrets & Higher Divine Activations. WARNING; For the Spiritually Ready ONLY . . . are you READY?"

What happens if your entire group or path is orientated in ways that would raise more than a disapproving eye brow from the Spiritual Hierarchy? What policies do the Spiritual Hierarchy implement in circumstances like this? How do they deal with such ‘exceptional’ groups? Read this and the following pages to find out . . .

While working with the client as described in the ‘1000’s of entity Attachment’s example that takes you through clearing away psychic protection and dealing with all the entity attachments (read about this HERE) we actually had the leader of a Spiritual Group (as a being in spirit) approaching us to offer us help and support with regards what we were doing.

Spiritual Guru Offers HELP & Collaboration!!!

I have to admit that we were a little suspicious when this leader turned up as no one helps us but he and those that are part of his group do start to help us and in doing this they then realize that it’s actually hidden Useless Help beings that have been stopping them from engaging with difficult issues properly. This leader goes berserk when he finds out.

Cooperation Between Paths is Prevented & Suppressed

We eventually realized that his leader’s group had actually been trying very hard to seriously engage with negative issues same as ourselves BUT he’d not been having much success either. As we ourselves had not ever heard of any groups taking such a line then it dawns on us that maybe there are more groups that we don’t know about either?

It turns out that not only are there other groups taking such a line but we are shocked to find that the Spiritual Hierarchy had taken steps to make sure that they (and their members) would stay isolated and never become aware of each other.

Conscious Creative Manifesting Success Example

An example of what holding to a dedicated law of attraction beating the drum manifesting focus can actually achieve. Advice and examples or creative intent to illustrate correct conscious manifesting alignments.

Following pages that go into detail on different facets of creative manifestation particularly with respect to how the Spiritual Hierarchy use this themselves to manifest what they want while advising us on how to be conscious creators in ways that they don’t use themselves . . .

Becoming & Being a Real Conscious Creator

Why would any groups that are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy being acted upon by the Spiritual Hierarchy themselves and be acting in violation of this groups freewill creative manifestation right to investigate negative issues particularly when their spiritual hierarchy approved tools fail to resolve them. Advice on becoming an effective conscious creator with detailed points on how to avoid becoming an unconscious avoider.

A Conscious Group Movement into Greater Unity

Why would the Spiritual Hierarchy make such an insane decision and actually prevent and suppress cooperation, sharing and collaboration between the most competent ‘issue investigating’ groups?

How 50 dedicated spiritual and healing groups cast off the suppressions of their divine masters and are now a living as a rarely seen model of unity, cooperation and integration?

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