"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

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In the most simplistic way possible, the ‘Matrix’ 2 Bodies Interfaced Together type Reality represents:

“A Real Person Interfaced to an Avatar Form living in a separate and likely software defined virtual/simulated reality”

If each of us are ‘unknown to ourselves’ living within an artificial/fake ‘Matrix’ style/type of reality construct then the two bodies interfaced together arrangement that is the foundation/basis of this specific type of fake reality would be designed in such a way to ensure that our human ‘avatar’ remote vehicle form would be the body that you/me/everyone would be made to absolutely identify with as being ‘YOURSELF/OURSELVES’ . . . simply put, the interfacing as well as the control and monitoring systems integrated into the interfacing would absolutely always be designed to attempt (as much as possible) to have the human vehicle form ‘representing’ yourself as seamlessly and as consistently as possible.

For the ‘circumstances’ as depicted within the ‘Matrix’ films specifically which is of an entire very large interfaced population being deliberately ‘duped’ with respect to the true nature of their ‘external’ reality as well as of their ‘REAL’ SELVES then you’d expect that deliberate as well as systematic efforts would be made via the ‘interfacing as well as of the systems monitoring the interfacing’ to directly check for and to then initiate actions against any ‘interfaced’ person/group that were even ‘conceptually’ questioning their reality and particularly with respect to ‘instances/circumstances’ where any interfaced person is speculating about whether they themselves/their entire population ‘could be’ an interfaced population living within a designed reality . . . and PARTICULARLY some variety of ‘MATRIX’ REALITY!!!

How a ‘Two Bodies Interfaced Together ‘MATRIX’ Reality’ will result in ‘DIFFERENCES’ Compared to a Hypothetical REAL REALITY!!!!

You’d ‘imagine’ that if anyone was ‘SERIOUSLY INTERESTED’ in trying to figure out/become aware if they themselves were ‘ACTUALLY/REALLY’ living within an actual ‘FAKE’ reality or ‘NOT’ that they’d spend consistent/serious time trying to BECOME AWARE OF any of the ‘differences/potential differences’ they’d be between the fake reality and an imagined real one after which they’d likely then spend ‘even more time’ CONCERTEDLY THINKING ABOUT THE RAMIFICATIONS/POTENTIAL RAMIFICATIONS OF THE BASE, STRUCTURAL DIFFERENCES that amazingly, they actually managed to become aware of in the first place . . .

‘Strangely’ anyone interested in the possibility that they are living within say a TWO BODIES INTERFACED TOGETHER ‘MATRIX’ TYPE OF FAKE REALITY would do the above because in becoming aware of any of the automatic/fundamental built in/structural differences they could then use these to evaluate if these differences could or would or worse ACTUALLY OBSERVABLY DO result in anomalies and or ‘artefacts’ being VISIBLY/OBSERVABLE PRESENTED/EXPRESSED WITHIN THE FAKE REALITY VERSION.

Of course if you reading this are actually living within any type of fake reality then what I write above, despite being exceptionally realistic never mind ‘ultra’ rational, it’s unlikely to happen!!!

Just in case you’re a little sceptical about ‘anything’ that I write above then let me give you some examples of just a few of the vast numbers of differences/potential differences there are between a ‘Matrix, TWO BODIES INTERFACED TOGETHER’ type reality compared to a hypothetical ‘real’ one . . .

HINT/DIFFERENCES 1: A real reality doesn’t have peoples ‘real’ bodies lying on a slab somewhere nor does it have to automatically deal with the interfacing to a remote proxy body that is used as the remote ‘fake’ body/vehicle through which your awareness, consciousness as well as your senses are orientated to the fake second reality/environment.

HINT/DIFFERENCES 2: A real reality doesn’t have to track the potential death of and or then deal with the actual death of the remote proxy vehicle and or then organise the disengagement of the interfacing to the remote vehicle nor does it have to find another newly born remote vehicle and or then schedule your real invisible body to be re-interfaced to another proxy body for you to start your next incarnated life within the second environment.

HINT/DIFFERENCES 3: A real reality doesn’t have to attempt to keep hidden your invisible real body which likely ‘exists’ within a real reality/environment ‘somewhere’, nor would a real reality have to automatically care for/look after and or attempt to keep healthy the ‘real’ invisible body either, nor would the monitoring systems in the ‘real’ reality have to work hard to keep these factors ‘conceptually’ hidden from those whom are being forcibly orientated to the remote proxy body VEHICLE such that they are (for the most part) made incapable of correlating ‘ANY’ individual anomalies, never mind the unbelievable enormous number of ‘ANOMALIES’ that are each STUPIDLY OBVIOUS CLUES as to the REAL/TRUE NATURE OF THE REMOTE VEHICLE OCCUPANTS ‘REALITY’ making it ‘pretty’ obvious that they’ve each got two bodies, which also then means that they’ve all got two sets of senses, two sets of feelings/emotions as well as two sets of memories.

HINT/DIFFERENCES 4: A real reality also wouldn’t have to continually monitor/oversee never mind to directly manage and keep contained ‘research’, nor would it have to aggressively manage researchers/academics/scientists in their experimental setups/designs, nor directly/unconsciously dictate to them what to automatically ignore/dismiss and or of how to interpret/explain anything/everything . . . it is a ‘fact’ that . . .

A Real Reality WON’T DO ‘ANY OF THE ABOVE’ . . .

It ‘wont’ do any of the above ‘BECAUSE’ . . . a REAL REALITY DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING AT ALL THAT IT . . .


. . . not ‘JUST’ from it’s ENTIRE REMOTE PROXY POPULATION, but . . .



Any population living within ‘ANY’ type of ‘designed/engineered’ ‘FAKE’ reality will have to be PERMANENTLY DUPED/DECEIVED by invisible means and PARTICULARLY so with respect to the REAL NATURE OF THEIR REALITY.

A FAKE reality will ‘absolutely’ be designed in a base/foundation sense to prevent itself from ever being ‘disclosed/revealed/discovered’ to it’s residents/ourselves, such that any resident of any reality speculating about the ‘basis’ of their own reality should then automatically assume that they are then LIKELY to be DELIBERATELY SUBJECTED TO EFFORTS TO DECEIVE THEMSELVES. never mind that in the case of academics and scientists this would be done to prevent them from realising that they’d be used/aggressively managed to PRIMARILY deceive EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

The ‘ABOVE’ being ‘implemented/active’ will likely be stupidly easy to verify . . . quite simply because . . . against absolutely all varieties of ‘reason’ a fake realities academics/scientists WILL ‘ABSOLUTELY’ BE MADE TO HOLD TO AN ABSOLUTELY IRRATIONAL ‘BELIEF’ that:

. . . could be influencing ‘ANYONE’ never mind . . .
‘THEMSELVES’ . . . !?!???”??

I am very, VERY ‘sure’ that absolutely any remote proxy population monitoring/managing systems specifically designed/integrated into (from our perspective) the entirely invisible interfacing as well as an entirely invisible ‘primary’ body would ‘count’ as being INVISIBLE INFLUENCES!!!

In that ‘EVERYTHING’ that I write above is all VERY RATIONAL/LOGICAL, i.e. I very clearly ‘conceptually’ layout some very likely two bodies interfaced together ‘Matrix’ reality possibilities very rationally and logically then ‘CONFIRMATION’ of what I’m writing here would be of any academic or scientist and or any of their well managed ‘minders/protectors’ actually attempting to leave comments disputing the logic and reasoning, which in essence will do nothing more than CONFIRM/SUPPORT what I’m writing here . . .

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, . . . . if we ‘are’ all living within some sort of designed/engineered/unnatural/fake reality then it’s likely that absolutely ANYONE spending any decent time thinking about, investigating/speculating upon and or discussing/writing about the possible ‘FAKE’ NATURE of their our reality will be directly as well as aggressively managed and particularly to keep their discussions and speculations contained, limited as well as ‘irrelevant and misleading’.

It follows from this that all research efforts being carried out within a fake reality will be directly as well as MASSIVELY AGGRESSIVELY MANAGED and particularly with respect to preventing the accumulation of information/details related to the OBVIOUS BASE FOUNDATION DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A HYPOTHETICAL REAL REALITY AND ANY SPECIFIC TYPE OF FAKE REALITY . . . such that ‘for example’ the quality of information presented on this page (and the previous pages/other pages on this site) which are the outcome of myself taking a DETERMINED stance against managing efforts BECAUSE THEY BECAME IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE OVER A DECADE & A HALF AGO, are unlikely to be found anywhere else . . .

Anomalies that are the Result/Outcome of you Living Within A Fake Reality WILL BE IGNORED!!!

Strangely, ‘ANOMALIES’ are actually categorised as anomalies because they are things that you’d NOT EXPECT OF A REAL REALITY, hence despite that we have enormous numbers of ‘catalogued’ and in some cases even well researched anomalies including many that would be classed as anomalous experiences and or are ‘anomalous’ with respect to what is ‘expected’ of ‘humans’ such as (for example) ‘extra sensory’ beyond what can be physically observed perceptions/senses as well as many ‘oddities/anomalies’ relating to consciousness and also memories (which I’ve already covered on previous pages of this series (and particularly here) as well as elsewhere on this site) . . . ‘HOWEVER’ . . . the biggest anomaly by far, is the ‘unbelievable’ inability of absolutely ‘anyone’ (apart from myself) to actually become aware of, never mind then use the OBVIOUS DIFFERENCES between a hypothetical ‘real’ reality and any ‘specific’ artificial reality as a conceptual foundation/baseline/starting position to ‘rationally’ use these to figure out/identify whether any of the base STRUCTURAL ‘DIFFERENCES’ between any type of designed reality when compared to a hypothetical real reality could or would result in the presentation of visible anomalies within the UNREAL reality version under different as well as ‘specific’ circumstances and conditions!!

For example, perhaps a reality type that is relying on having two independent bodies interfaced together, with only one being ‘obviously’ visible (because the second is being deliberately kept hidden), may, if you actually manage to become aware of and then spend time able to ‘PROPERLY’ THINK about this possibility, have you figuring out if the artificial reality design/circumstances/arrangement may/could automatically result in any unexpected/difficult to explain ‘anomalies’ being presented/expressed through the visible remote vehicle/probe locally labelled as a ‘human’ here!!!

A Fake Reality will Limit Basic/Quality Foundation Information/Descriptions/Definitions About Itself

Basically, if you are given realistic basic information detailing the differences between a hypothetical real reality and any well defined artificial reality type then you should be able to DEDUCE THE PRESENTATION/EXPRESSION OF ANOMALIES and particularly for specific circumstances that may happen under specific conditions . . .

Just in case you’re doubtful or confused about this, then let me give you more expanded information about the obvious differences related to a Matrix: TWO BODIES INTERFACED TOGETHER type ‘fake’ reality, BEYOND, that it is VERY LIKELY to be deliberately deceptive about itself/it’s true FAKE NATURE!!

So, ‘hypothetically’ if we are all living within a ‘Matrix’ such that each of us has a second invisible remote body, possibly lying on a slab ‘somewhere’ then can you ‘think about/become aware of’ at least ‘some’ of the potential ramifications of this with respect to ourselves and particularly with respect to possibilities that may directly or indirectly negatively impact ourselves?

For example, in that the remote invisible body will not only be kept permanently immobile, but it will also need to be constantly monitored/looked after because in it being the ‘REAL’ body, it’s likely important to keep it in a decent state specifically because if it becomes sub optimal in healthy terms or worse degenerates into a ‘diseased/decrepit’ state then this may impact the functioning/integrity of the remote visible body in ‘noticeable/suspicious’ ways.

I’ve noticed on various web presentations that academics/scientists often dismiss all sorts of possibilities with the ‘throw away’ dismissive comment of:

” . . . they’d simply not allow ‘this or that’ to happen . . . so they’d be no consequences . . . implying that this ‘entire’ line/angle isn’t worth thinking about . . . which in an overall sense is trying to have you STOP THINKING ABOUT THESE OR OTHER SIMILAR POSSIBILITIES . . . “

So, let me make it, very VERY CLEAR, this type of OVERRIDING DISMISSAL is EXACTLY what you’d expect to have presented by COMPLETELY MANAGED people, I STATE THIS, because it’s stupidly obvious that every academic/scientist would be PRIMARILY managed to prevent them from figuring out/realising that they themselves ‘SPECIFICALLY’ would ABSOLUTELY BE ABSOLUTELY ‘MANAGED’ if they were living within a fake reality!!!

For any other ‘feeble minded’ types still reading this page then let me set the scene for you, for our own circumstances, we’ve potentially 7+ billion people lying on slabs interfaced to a remote proxy body? Where are they? How well are they looked after? Could unforeseen circumstances cause problems?

Perhaps academic and scientist types ‘imagine’ that the designers of a Matrix have absolutely eliminated all of the following possibilities . . .

  1. A meteor strike taking out some of the interfaced bodies?
  2. A super nova doing the same?
  3. Some cosmic dust carrying viruses initiating an outbreak of a new disease that they no clue about?
  4. Or perhaps the original ‘scientists’ population is a stupid as ours such that this populations bacteria have over a few decades adapted to all varieties of antibiotics such that have many strains of SUPER BACTERIA immune to pretty much everything!!!
  5. What about an ‘Alien’ attack!!!
  6. ‘Remember’ the Matrix films!!! What about people/groups whom haven’t been interfaced into the Matrix deciding to extract some of their own people and forcibly doing this!! . . . OR . . .
  7. That they perhaps deliberately or inadvertently kill/injure some interfaced people in attempting to do the above!! . . . OR . . .
  8. That they find ways to hack into the interfacing of specific people to deliberately cause problems, perhaps even causing obvious ‘possession’ problems in attempts to alert the interfaced population to their ‘interfaced’ circumstances . . .

If you reading this ‘are’ actually living in one of those mythical ‘real’ realities, then in being told of the two bodies interfaced together possibility AND in that I’ve already given you some examples of possible/potential ‘problems’ that this arrangement may result in. Then you actually ‘SHOULD’ have been having all sorts of ideas/questions/speculations coming to mind about other potential problems/visible anomalies that could/will also arise because of having two bodies interfaced together and particularly with respect to this arrangement being maintained for an entire life (or even longer)?

Unfortunately if you don’t have any questions/queries/ideas or even just one or two, then this is a very good indication that your reality is not only FAKE, but that you are also, very very likely to have a second invisible body ‘somewhere’ while the ‘meat’ suit you are in as you’re reading this is VERY LIKELY TO NOT REPRESENT YOURSELF as it’s likely to be equivalent to a remote vehicle/probe . . . AND . . . as stated above, this ‘cannot think of many possibilities’ is very, VERY LIKELY because you are very VERY LIKELY to be BEING MANAGED AT THIS MOMENT NOW VIA THE INVISIBLE INTERFACING &/OR THE SOFTWARE RENDERING YOUR VISIBLE BUT ‘FAKE’ BODY . . . very possible to make sure that you mind stays as blank as possible about as much as possible that you’ve read so far on this page!!!

Let me ‘HELP’ you to gain more AWARENESS of these management possibilities by making them MORE ACUTE by giving you some examples of some of the questions/possibilities that if you AREN’T BEING DIRECTLY ‘MANAGED’ would likely have already sprung to mind!!!! NEVER MIND, that you’d ABSOLUTELY expect questions equivalent to these to be presented on pretty much every ‘Are we living in a Matrix’ web site speculating about these possibilities . . . BUT/HOWEVER . . . keep in mind that this WOULD ONLY HAPPEN ‘IF’ YOUR REALITY IS ‘ACTUALLY’ REAL . . . having eminently ‘RATIONAL/INQUIRING’ questions/queries posed on ‘Are we living in a matrix’ web sites would be a very strong indicator that your reality is ‘NOT’ either A MATRIX REALITY NOR ANY OTHER TYPE OF ‘FAKE’ REALITY!!!!

So, if you ‘are’ living within a real reality then below are some pertinent questions/queries ‘MOST’ of which, or a selection of which (for a ‘REAL’ reality) you’d expect to find on web sites speculating about ‘ARE WE LIVING IN A MATRIX’ possibilities . . .

Without Quality/Basic Foundation Information ‘REALISTIC’ Speculative Questions cannot even be THOUGHT OF/FORMULATED

  1. What were the original circumstances that would/could result in a population of 6/7 billion people each being interfaced to a remote second body?
  2. If this was done ‘ethically’ because of some disaster or ??? then why have we not been told about this, why haven’t we been made aware that we are interfaced people? In that we haven’t been made directly aware then are we being duped? Has this been done ‘forcibly’ to ourselves?
  3. Did we each choose to be ‘interfaced’ into this reality? Are you aware that “chosen to have ‘earth life'” returns 40+ million pages, indicating that ‘rather a lot of people’ consider that their human earth life has been DELIBERATELY INSTIGATED!!!
  4. If we do have a second body lying somewhere then what were ourselves/yourself doing before this happened?
  5. Whom were your friends/close associates in the second/your originating environment?
  6. Did you have a partner/some offspring? If so, where are they now?
  7. What job did you have before you were interfaced?
  8. Who interfaced you to your current body and when/how long ago did this happen?
  9. Who originally designed the interfacing? Was it you? If it was you then might you not write about the remote interfacing and even worse possible give details of this when interfaced to your remote body while living within the fake environment? Could you be stopped from doing this? If you cannot stop this happening then how would you stop people and particularly physical orientated academics/researchers from taking notice of this type of information?
  10. Where is this body kept, is it safe, is it in a safe environment?
  11. What scale of organisation, resources and or commitment would be required to look after 7 billion+ bodies ALL THE TIME?
  12. Who looks after the body lying on a slab? Does someone ‘real’ actually LOOM OVER YOU to properly ‘check you out’ every so often?
  13. If your ‘real’ likely strapped down to a slab body ‘IS’ personally checked out then do we have any instances of people here feeling restrained/paralysed while having shadowy figures looming over them, apart from the billions experiencing instances of sleep paralysis (for example)?
  14. How long does the invisible body actually live for? How is this body fed? What quality of food is it getting? Does it need and does it get any exercise? Fresh air? What illnesses is it prone to and what impact would any illness’s have on the second remote body whose origins then cannot be ‘properly’ identified (perhaps labeled as ‘psychosomatic’) never mind then properly addressed by these tending to the interfaced population?
  15. If people are (for whatever reasons) completely disconnected from their invisible remote body (which would then actually be the source of ‘consciousness’) resulting in the interfaced physical body becoming unconsciousness (perhaps also then causing them to have an accident) perhaps then being unconscious for days or weeks or years, would anyone question this happening?
  16. If interfaced people temporarily died or spent time temporarily unconscious such that their ‘frame of reference/reality’ reverted to the original reality/environment viewpoint then how would you prevent people from becoming suspicious about them recounting this happening, maybe for example seeing their dead body from an external to their body viewpoint before it was revived?
  17. How different is the invisible body compared to the body you have here? For example . . .
  18. How many senses, does the invisible body have and or of what types?
  19. Do each of your real bodies ‘senses’ have equivalents within the remote body that you are interfaced to?
  20. If some or all of the senses are different then do we have examples of anomalies related to ourselves having extra senses?
  21. Do some people here appear to perceive things that are not physically present and or cannot be detected by ‘physical’ means here? If so then what would this imply?
  22. Over how long a time period were/are members of the original population gradually interfaced to a second body to live a life within a fake ‘alternate’ reality?
  23. If this has been on going over a VERY LONG PERIOD OF TIME, then are we being re-interfaced into a new human body after death?
  24. Because, if we are ‘natural’ to this environment then even just one person having ‘coherent’ memories of a past life ‘should’ be shocking and ‘should’ be taken a HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS, more than one and you’d expect serious doubt as to this reality being ‘real’, if this doesn’t prompt massive ‘doubt’ and your population hasn’t been informed that they’re an interfaced population you can rationally assume/automatically conclude that not only are you are interfaced population BUT you are also being directly as well as MASSIVELY manipulated/managed.
  25. If you are being directly manipulated and managed and particularly with respect to your TRUE/REAL ‘reality’ circumstances then information and speculation on artificial reality possibilities will be poor to say the least, as you won’t be allowed to have an decent basic foundation information presented specifically to prevent/make impossible any rational speculation based upon the differences between an imagined hypothetical real reality and any specific artificial fake one.
  26. What is the original environment like? How different could the original be compared to this one?
  27. If we are a population from a very different remote environment then do we have information about this environment and or information describing ‘incarnations’ etc etc . . . if we do then ‘again’ if the reasons for our incarnation are not ethical then how will such information (such as information on reincarnation and Karma) be contained or dismissed or prevented from being seen for what it is?

I could go on, and on, and on, with these questions, which if we are living in one of those hypothetical real realities you’d have found these presented on every web site that’s serious about speculating/investigating the possibility of ourselves being interfaced to a remote proxy ‘human’ body form . . . HOWEVER . . . lets just leave the above very incomplete list and DO SOMETHING WHICH IS EVEN MORE IMPOSSIBLE, which is to zero in on and to expand on some very specific ‘TWO BODIES INTERFACED TOGETHER’ possibilities!!!

So, here is a STARK ‘Differences’ question that you may find ‘interesting’ if you make the effort to spend some quality time ‘attempting’ to ponder upon . . .

What ‘Differences’ in terms of the ‘PAST HISTORICAL ORIGINS & DEVELOPMENT as well as FUNCTIONING’ through time would there be between a ‘Real’ population compared to a Population Interfaced into a Matrix Style Reality?

What differences would there be between a hypothetical ‘real’ population that will perhaps be the outcome of natural processes and evolution happening gradually over very long periods of time compared to a population that ALREADY EXISTS being interfaced EN MASSE each to a single remote proxy body living within a second environment that is perhaps entirely software defined?

As a start, can you for a moment imagine both the logistics and the scale of effort, RESOURCES and organisation that would be required to interface 5/6 billion people into a remote system? Would they do this all in one go or did they gradually persuade and or ‘kidnap’ people as part of gradually interfacing more and more people into their ‘Matrix’ reality to ‘experience an INCARNATED life as a human living on planet EARTH‘ project?

I ask the above question, because yet another stupidly obvious problem that the designers of any large scale MATRIX reality ‘effort’ that is interfacing a VERY LARGE POPULATION to remote ‘proxy’ bodies would LIKELY encounter is that it is highly likely IMPOSSIBLE for them to keep their ‘Matrix’ reality project secret from the original population (in a general sense) never mind there would likely be a great number of people that contributed to conceiving it and or that helped design, engineer and or test aspects of it.

Isn’t it obvious that any large scale and likely COSTLY project that is interfacing a very, very large number of people to be ‘REPRESENTED’ by a human ‘physical’ proxy body (in our case, to populate an entire physical ‘world’) is VERY likely to be known about by perhaps ‘MANY’ of the original population as well as perhaps different ‘individual’ groups some of whom may even be completely against this project, never mind those that carried out measures to ‘avoid’ being interfaced into it.

Are not all of the above points completely valid for any discussion of ourselves/our own entire population ‘POSSIBLY’ living within some type of ‘Matrix’, a system that involves two bodies being interfaced together as part of its base functioning? Also, as this ‘logistics and original population origins’ line is not only entirely valid but actually quite ‘obvious’ then how come I’ve not seen discussions of these possibilities on any site purportedly focused on ‘are we living within a Matrix’ possibilities?

Shouldn’t most of the ‘Matrix’ reality web sites be discussing/chewing over this very possibility? OR are we to imagine that a ‘Matrix’ reality with an entirely interfaced LARGE population was magically ‘manifested’ out of thin air pretty much instantly? Is it not exceptionally ‘odd’ that within the Matrix films themselves we have presented an utterly bizarre, utterly, unrealistic FANTASTICAL ‘back story’ about ‘machines’ kidnapping people to USE THEM AS BATTERIES? In other words, not only are we spoon fed a scenario to explain the origins of the ‘Matrix’ which COULDN’T BE MORE REMOTE from any ACTUAL REALISTIC ‘CONCEPTUAL’ possibility AT ALL, BUT no one appears to offer ANYTHING more realistic or grounded as part of any ‘could we be living within a Matrix reality’ discussions!!!!

Let me also take this opportunity to remind you that the Matrix films themselves made a POINT of presenting people whom had avoided being interfaced into the ‘Matrix’ whom not only knew about the Matrix BUT are themselves fighting against those that set it up and are maintaining it. Within the Matrix itself we are also presented with examples of people ‘questioning’ their reality we even have scenes showing people associated with the oracle that have none ‘materialistic’ perspectives with respect to their ‘reality’.

In other words, the ‘Matrix’ films themselves show the VERY LIKELY SCENARIO of people whom ‘HAVE’ been INTERFACED INTO and whom are then ‘ACTUALLY/REALLY’ living within a ‘Matrix’ would quite likely be ‘automatically’ suspicious about and ‘questioning’ the ‘make up’ of their reality (because it is actually very likely that they used to NOT BE INTERFACED INTO IT) then you would imagine that if we here ARE LIVING WITHIN A ‘MATRIX’ that we’d also have people and perhaps many people ‘HERE’ also suspicious about their/our reality too?

In actually writing out what I have above and in a sense making it very clear that ‘logistically’ and PARTICULARLY for ‘REALISTIC’ NONE ‘FANTASTICAL’ SCENARIOS it’s likely impossible to interface a large population without some and perhaps many people ‘knowing’ about it!!

It then follows from this that you would ‘EXPECT’ that a LARGE INTERFACED MATRIX population would:

  1. Have a ‘fair’ number of people at the very least suspicious about their ‘reality’ being ‘real’ or not, who would LIKELY start to question/speculate on this possibility while . . .
  2. They are also likely to be PARTICULARLY suspicious about and ATTRACTED TO the ‘possibly’ that they themselves are maybe interfaced into and LIVING WITHIN a ‘Matrix’ (2 bodies interfaced together) type reality specifically because:
  3. Before they were actually INTERFACED INTO THE MATRIX they ALREADY KNEW ABOUT THIS POSSIBILITY because the ‘MATRIX’ was ALREADY KNOWN ABOUT & BEING DESIGNED WITHIN THEIR OWN POPULATION before they were interfaced into it . . .

How could you design and test a Matrix type reality AND then for a LARGE POPULATION keep this secret while also then interfacing the ‘SAME’ entire/very large population either all at once (we’d like EVERYONE to come for a ‘hospital’ appointment at 2.00 Thursday afternoon!£&%???) and or a few each day for many, many years (i.e. people DISAPPEARING from the rest of the population) such that NO ONE KNEW ABOUT OR WAS EVER SUSPICIOUS ABOUT WHAT WAS HAPPENING?

There is no way that a project of this scale impacting a LARGE population would not be known about by some and perhaps MANY people within the external/real population!!!

Inherent UNAVOIDABLE Artificial Reality Design Problem: Interfacing a large ‘real’ population to a Matrix Reality will involve interfacing perhaps some or many people that already have ‘LIVED’ experience, perhaps even for a very long time in the original environment before they are interfaced to the secondary remote body. If this is the case, this will potentially result in OBVIOUS problems some of which can be anticipated and pre-empted while for others this may result in anomalous presentations within the ‘Matrix’ population.

For example, what if specific sub populations within the original ‘real’ population ‘DID’ react against having ‘themselves’, as in some of ‘THEIR OWN PEOPLE’ interfaced into ‘The Matrix’ to a point where they actually take actions to infiltrate and then forcibly remove ‘their’ people from ‘The System/Matrix’. You’d imagine that these specific groups would have to be very ‘advanced’ to actually be able to gain access to and successfully, forcibly remove one or more of their people from ‘The MATRIX’.

Strangely, you’d also expect this ‘SPECIFIC’ possibility to have been ‘seriously’ discussed by most ‘ARE WE LIVING WITHIN A MATRIX’ speculators, quite simply because as central part of the Matrix films was of some members of the external ‘FREE LIVING’ none interfaced population hacking into the Matrix as part of efforts to disengage one specific person from the ‘Matrix’ itself which was very graphic in the presentation of ‘Neo’ having his ‘real’ body disconnected from the interfacing and then ejected from within his ‘LIFE SUPPORT POD’ so that it/he/HIS ‘REAL’ BODY could be recovered!!!

Even stranger is that once ‘Neo’ is extracted, he’ll then be missing/no longer existing within the fake Matrix reality itself because it would appear as if he’d just ‘disappeared’ and yet despite that the ‘REAL EXTRACTED’ Neo is then put through what seemed to be weeks, perhaps ‘months’ of training (from what I can personally recall) we are not shown scenes of his colleagues/friends (within the Matrix) worried about and or enquiring as to what has happened to himself, because he’s now utterly gone/completely disappeared from his ‘life’ within the Matrix!!!

However, this is exactly what you’d ‘expect’ if someone living within a fake reality was actually ‘extracted/made to utterly disappear’!!!

The ‘Matrix’ population protection/security/managing system would work exceptionally hard to have people whom knew anyone that had been ‘extracted/disappeared’ to gloss over/dismiss/ignore/keep in the background their concerns about this type of HIGHLY ANOMALOUS ‘HAPPENINGS/EVIDENCE OF THESE’, it would make an effort to limit and contain speculation/information about his disappearance and it would likely make people preoccupied/cause them problems in their own etc. etc. so as to have them forget about his disappearance as quickly as possible!!!!

Do we have Evidence of Peoples/Cultures In Our Reality here Being Extracted/Removed from the Matrix?

For this ‘extraction’ possibility/scenario, then you should ‘expect’ that ‘their’ people that are already interfaced into the Matrix will very likely be:

  1. Be recognized as being highly advanced (in ‘civilisation/technology’ terms) while when they are ‘rescued’ and then ‘EXTRACTED’ from the ‘Matrix’ they’d ‘unbelievably’:
  2. Appear to simply all die at once because their remote human bodies would be left for dead or in the case of the ‘Matrix’ generating a virtual avatar maybe they’d simply just ‘disappear’ vanish into thin air from one moment to the next?

In which case, do we have any instances in our historical past where advanced as well as perhaps ‘thriving’ civilisations have simply ‘DISAPPEARED’ pretty much overnight? A web search for: ‘advanced civilisations that disappeared‘, will make you aware that this appears to be the case for at least 10 ‘advanced’ civilisations in our distant historical past. Many of which have also been presenting ‘puzzles/anomalies’ to historians and archaeologists.

One of these is Tiahuanaco, an ancient site in Bolivia on the shore of Lake Titicaca which seems to have been abandoned, with some structures half finished. Below are some images of advanced perhaps even machined stone cutting (more images can be found here) and greater details of these people and this historical site can be read about here.

Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, Evidence of Advanced Machined Stone Cutting

The Tiahuanaco people’s calendar has been found to only have 290 days in a year, (a year is divided into 12 “twelfths” of 24 days each, plus 2 intercalary days added to complete the full ‘year’ cycle). This is obviously ‘astonishingly’ different compared to our current 365 days in a year and there are some that suggest that this site is 14,000 years old, and that the length of a year was somehow different in these earlier times compared to today. Estimates of this culture’s age range from between 1200 AD and 14000 BC, in others words it is ASSUMED that they would only have had access to stone or copper tools and yet some of the blocks displaying precision engineering efforts are between 100 and 150 tons in weight, the biggest is 400 tons, never mind that the techniques they use have only been developed by modern builders in the last century.

Were you perhaps under the entirely false impression that our ‘history’ is anomaly free? Were you aware of any of the details of what I describe above? Because if you were, then shouldn’t you be SHOCKED? Shouldn’t the massively ‘out of context’ technical abilities of the Tiahuanaco people be commonly known about, even to the point of perhaps even being discussed as part of school history lessons?

Or, is it perhaps possible that ‘reality’ itself is unwilling for STARK oddities such as these being ‘COMMONLY’ known about?

Remember what I wrote above about the ‘glossed over’ disappearance of ‘NEO’!!!:

“The ‘Matrix’ population protection/security/managing system would work exceptionally hard to have people whom knew anyone that had been ‘extracted/disappeared’ to gloss over/dismiss/ignore/keep in the background their concerns about this type of HIGHLY ANOMALOUS ‘HAPPENINGS/EVIDENCE OF THESE’, it would make an effort to limit and contain speculation/information about his disappearance and it would likely make people preoccupied/cause them problems in their own etc. etc. so as to have them forget about his disappearance as quickly as possible!!!!”

A ‘FAKE’ Reality Will ‘Absolutely’ Implement Security Measures: Any reality that is just pretending to be ‘real’ will make particularly strong efforts to keep very STARK/BLATANT descriptions of EXCEPTIONALLY ANOMALOUS as well as highly visible FACETS OF ITSELF relating to an entire cultures massively ‘out of context’ building technical abilities and skills as contained and as limited as possible. As such, rather than the revelations of the Tiahuanaco site being known about by pretty much ALL academics/scientists EVERYWHERE as well as updates on the site excavations being regularly ‘aired’ on NEWS CHANNELS the opposite of this will turn out to reflect what actually happens.

The above ‘anomalous history’ example only emerged because I took time to rationally think through different ‘problematic outcome possibilities’ that may arise because you are interfacing a very large ADVANCED population to a second remote proxy body. This single ‘STARK’ example is bad enough, but, unfortunately there are other REALISTIC possibilities relating to advanced technologies and ourselves all possibly living within a ‘Matrix’ style reality that once again are NOTEWORTHY for their incredible ability to completely avoid being mentioned never mind seriously discussed.

Can ‘YOU’ think of ‘ANY’ others? > ‘ NOW ‘ <

What other advanced ‘technology’ problems (and particularly those that have the potential to result in the presentation of anomalies within your ‘Matrix’ population) can you deduce are likely to be a problem within a ‘Matrix’ reality where the Matrix designers appear to be trying to interface the population of an entire world into their FAKE REALITY!!!

Can you think of any?

Can you think of other possibilities that would also be ’eminently’ possible if you’ve read of an example which gives evidence that people interfaced into your own fake ‘Matrix’ type reality have in the past being ‘extracted/rescued’ from being forcibly made to continue to live within your very own ‘MATRIX’!!!!

Can you ‘think’ of any ‘NOW’!!!! I should point out that there ‘ARE’ other STUPIDLY OBVIOUS possibilities that lead on from the above example . . . let me perhaps annoy you even more by once again laying out these ‘logically’ . . . ehhhh . . . ‘LOGICALLY’ . . .

Here we go . . . so, you’ve an advanced sub population (within our own ‘interfaced’ population) that ‘appears’ as if, like ‘Neo’ they’ve all been extracted/removed from the ‘MATRIX’ population. Doing this would sort of ‘automatically’ confirm that their remaining ‘external’ population must have been technically advanced enough to gain access to their bodies lying on slabs to ‘extract’ them!!! YES!!!

So, in all likelihood, before ‘extracting’ this population, they also likely hacked into their interfacing and PARTICULARLY to give them a heads up with respect to their imminent ‘extraction’ . . . don’t bother finishing off your building/construction efforts, rather inform your people/everyone they’ll all be ‘extracted/transported’ to a new environment/place at lunch time tomorrow!!!

So, in all likelihood any other ‘external’ populations/cultures wanting to also investigate the ‘Matrix’ and particularly because they’re suspicious about people MISSING FROM THEIR OWN POPULATION!!! Are then very likely to make efforts to have a chat with those that have already been rumoured to have already ‘extracted’ their own people!!! Which would imply that in themselves then getting details of accessing/hacking into the Matrix they’d also then set up communication with specific people ‘in the matrix’ as part of their investigations of ‘The MATRIX SYSTEM’ itself!!! Which would likely result in anyone they’ve contact with exhibiting ‘insider knowledge’ with respect to WHAT THEY ARE LIVING WITHIN!!!!

Which ‘may’ result in them writing about ‘matrix’, two bodies interfaced together ‘reality’ possibilities in ways that are ‘observably’ not in the slightest equivalent to the MINDLESS DRIVEL WRITTEN ELSEWHERE/EVERYWHERE ELSE!!!!

MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . !!!!!

What would be the Deducible/Observable Problems of a Technologically Advanced Civilisation Interfacing Technologically Advanced People INTO their ‘MATRIX’?

Well, would it not be correct to state that designing, never mind building ‘The MATRIX’ and then housing and constantly maintaining as well as SEAMLESSLY interfacing each individual ‘real’ person’s NEURAL FUNCTIONS/SENSES/PERCEPTIONS/FEELINGS/EMOTIONS/AWARENESS’S etc so they are each seamlessly and unknowingly piloting a second remote proxy body could ONLY be feasibly done by a society that was TECHNOLOGICALLY EXCEPTIONALLY ADVANCED?

In which case, isn’t it likely that such an ADVANCED population would also have all sorts of ‘neural’ enhancements perhaps commonly used within its own original population? Isn’t it then also likely that some of these enhancements would be able to save and recall memory and or give access to databases of information, including perhaps designs of advanced technologies and or how to build these?

In these circumstances, is it then not also likely that some people would adapt these enhancements, and or design their own and or make sure that they had hidden backups/duplicates of the same, as well as having designed into themselves SPECIFIC MEANS to remind themselves OF ALL SORTS OF ‘THINGS’, and for this to PARTICULARLY HAPPEN if any of their own enhancements ever detected themselves as being interfaced into: ‘The MATRIX’.

In other words it is highly likely that a large ‘Matrix’ population will include some people whom are ‘prompted’, whom become ‘aware’ and or KNOW / FEEL / INTUIT that they are in a fake reality and perhaps even having ‘insider’ details of what they are now living within, never mind that specific enhancements may give people access to and or prompt them with designs and details of how to build advanced technologies.

What I describe above is the extreme tip of a VERY LARGE ‘IMPLANT/ENHANCEMENT’ iceberg/problem as once again we’ve ENORMOUS numbers of consistent anomalies that can be DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED to ourselves having people in our population whom have ADVANCED NEURAL IMPLANTS . . . while ‘predictively’, at least with respect to the degree of ‘obscuring management’ you’d expect of a ‘Matrix’ reality, I’ve not seen one ‘academic/scientist’ express even the slightest suspicion no matter how extreme the resulting OBSERVABLE/RECORDED beyond the ‘normal’ alleged ‘human abilities’ exhibited by some of these people ACTUALLY ARE!!!

The starting page of my own ‘invisible implant anomalies’ series is here, HOWEVER, I’d SERIOUSLY advise that you keep reading this page before going elsewhere because that ‘implant’ series is ’34’ individual pages long, which ‘annoyingly’ makes that series the exact opposite of ‘brief/limited’!!!!

What are the Deducible Side Effects of a Technologically Advanced Civilisation Interfacing their Population into a Matrix?

The designers of such a system would ‘perhaps’ be very much aware of the above possibilities and they’d also likely take actions to mitigate these possibilities as much as possible. For example:

  1. They’d ‘initially’ have the ‘real’ peoples bodies interfaced/incarnated/in’corp’orated/born into a low tech environment / circumstances (similar to perhaps 1000’s of years ago here) so as to make it difficult for these that did ‘HAVE’ ENHANCEMENTS / REMINDER TECH to actually be able to understand / never mind explain what any enhancements ‘prompted’ them with.
  2. As mentioned by the ‘Agents of the Matrix’ it was determined that the Matrix ‘population’ FUNCTIONED BEST, were less ‘PROBLEMATIC’ to the designers when they kept the population in an earlier less technologically advanced ‘historical’ time point compared to HOW ADVANCED THEY HAD BEEN before being interfaced into it!!!!
  3. At the point where the Matrix population is approaching the point where it will be possible to design and build a ‘Matrix’ reality for themselves such that people in their population will start to speculate about these possibilities then you’d expect that efforts would be made to DERAIL / CONTAIN THESE SPECULATIONS. The best way of doing this would be (for example) to put together something ‘FANTASTICAL’ like the ‘Matrix’ films trilogy which can be used to have everyone FOCUSED ON and ‘LOST’ IN THE CONTENT / CONTEXT PRESENTED WITHIN THE FILMS, while also managing them via the interfacing to prevent them from generating any REALISTIC / FOCUSED / LOGICAL SPECULATION (like this page and the previous page for example) AT ALL.
  4. People with Implant/Enhancements and particularly ones that give them way, WAY beyond normal human abilities would require academics and scientists to be SUPER MANAGED, so, rather have them ‘think’ about IMPLANT/ENHANCEMENT possibilities they’d be made to come up with the usual ‘bizarre/unlikely’ explanations, the commonest one is to attribute the amazing ‘enhanced’ abilities as being a side effect of NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE which they readily as well as automatically do. Interestingly, in that extremely exceptional enhancements would require massive as well as intricate/invasive neural surgery, perhaps even involving re-mapping/re-routing of ‘normal’ neural pathways . . . which may actually then be presented as these people being neurally damaged/limited in other ways and particularly with respect to ‘normal’ functioning!!!
  5. It is also possible that a ‘Matrix’ population’s auto monitoring system would ‘flag’ anomalous ‘advanced’ civilisations and perhaps actions would be taken to have these specific civilisations destroyed and or have them ‘disappear’!!! What would be the easiest way to ‘disappear’ one of these civilisations that was based on a single, self contained island? Well, perhaps ‘geologically’ they’d arrange for it to sink without trace? Do we have any ‘myths’ of advanced civilisations based on a a single island simply disappearing? Other than Atlantis?

So, if interfaced people did have prior knowledge of the ‘Matrix’ system and they did have access to ‘MATRIX’ two bodies interfaced together ‘intel/knowledge’ then is it possible that we here have such information presented in a disguised form IN PLAIN SIGHT?

Inherent UNAVOIDABLE Artificial Reality Design Problem: Designing and Interfacing a large population into a Matrix Reality will require advanced technologies, a population this advanced interfacing billions are very likely to have people interfaced into the Matrix that have neural implants with details of advanced technologies as well as details of the Matrix reality project itself. In a large population it is likely to be impossible to check for and eliminate all of these possibilities and particularly so when individuals and or groups are ACTIVELY against the project.

If an individual in our technology ‘primitive’ historical past actually was aware of this two bodies interfaced together possibility then how would this be conveyed in ‘simple’ none technological terms/language? How would someone living say 2000+ years ago even start to explain that we are each equivalent to a puppet pulled by strings being magically controlled by a distant/remote being?

In that they would have had ‘fire’ in these earlier times then perhaps this would be explained as ourselves being animated ‘shadows’ on a wall, with the ‘remote’ people generating the shadows being out of sight, perhaps even depicted as being behind ourselves?

Coincidentally the following is from wikipedia and is of Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave‘:

“Plato has Socrates describe a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them, and give names to these shadows. The shadows are the prisoners’ reality. Socrates explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are not reality at all, for he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the manufactured reality that is the shadows seen by the prisoners. The inmates of this place do not even desire to leave their prison; for they know no better life.”

Is Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ an Attempt to Convey/Illustrate a Two Bodies Interfaced Together ‘Matrix Reality’ Scenario Using Low Technology Concepts perhaps to Illustrate ‘OUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCES HERE’!!!

It seems to me that the above description/interpretation is an exceptionally good effort attempting to convey how people here have been forcibly interfaced (i.e. CHAINED) into a Matrix reality.

From: ‘Great Dialogues of Plato’ (Warmington and Rouse, eds.) New York, Signet Classics: 1999. p. 316.

It seems to me that the above ‘diagram/representation’ could easily be representing forcible interfaced (represented by chains) as well as forcibly orientated/managed with respect to their senses/conceptions to perhaps a software defined ‘virtual’ physical reality (which has the ‘real’ subtle form being remotely ‘represented’ as nothing more than flickering shadows/outlines on a physical wall) all of which is being powered/driven by a HIGHER OUT OF REACH/UNTOUCHABLE HIGHER FREQUENCY POWER SOURCE which is being symbolically represented in physical terms as higher frequency ’emanations’ being translated as generated/represented in physical terms by a physical sun . . .

Let me quote a few more passages from wikipedia pages:

“Many Plato interpreters held that his writings contain passages with double meanings, called ‘allegories’ or ‘symbols,’ that give the dialogues layers of figurative meaning in addition to their usual literal meaning.”

“In the early modern period, classical scholarship rejected claims that Plato was an allegorist. After this rupture, the ancient followers of Plato who read the dialogues as sustained allegories were labelled ‘Neo-Platonists’ and regarded as an aberration.”

It seems to me that people closer to the time of when Plato lived whom were therefore closer to HOW PEOPLE WERE in those earlier times would have way more idea of the ‘real context / the original implied context’ of Plato’s writings compared to ‘HOW PEOPLE WERE/ARE NOW’ in much later times.

Coincidentally, allegorical interpretations started to be put forward about 400 years after the times that Plato lived, in which case if you think back to how our ‘perspectives’ and understandings of all sorts of things have changed JUST IN THE LAST COUPLE OF DECADES then it’s perhaps ludicrous that many, many centuries later it is specifically the ALLEGORIES that are focused on and reiterated even in times where the simulation argument and the Matrix films have spawned a massive interest in ‘artificial’ reality possibilities.

I personally also find it ‘exceptionally’ interesting that the chained people are all deliberately chained as well as DELIBERATELY ORIENTATED to the easily observed, perhaps entirely ‘fake’ perhaps software defined reality (which would be accurately described as the physical MATERIALISTIC one). In other words, the chained people in the cave appear to be being deliberately chained to have them orientated in ways to make it as difficult as possible for them to becoming aware of ‘their real origins/circumstances of their real body’ and or of ‘how reality actually REALLY is’.

A ‘Matrix’ reality as visibly depicted by the ‘Matrix’ films could ‘easily’ be said to represent a population of ‘prisoner’s because both their ‘visible’ body as well as the presentation of their ‘external’ reality are FAKE, BUT every effort is made to prevent them from BECOMING AWARE OF THIS. A ‘Matrix’ reality in a basic foundation sense has absolutely everyone having two bodies, an invisible/hidden real body plus a second visible ‘vehicle/avatar’ body, which could perhaps be accurately described as being a 3D shadow/representation rendered within the pre-defined external ‘fake’ reality.

The Matrix films themselves make it very clear that these ‘truths’ about the Matrix population that the body representing each person is nothing more than an avatar and that their external reality is FAKE are deliberately kept hidden from the entire population.

So, if our own ‘reality’ here is actually real, then given that the entire premise of the ‘Matrix’ artificial reality type is of a hidden ‘real’ body being interfaced to second visible, but fake body/avatar then you’d imagine that a search for descriptions relating to these base foundation characteristics/attributes of a Matrix type reality, as in:

‘Plato’s cave two bodies interfaced together Matrix reality’

. . . would be exceptionally common ‘everywhere’ rather than just returning a handful of pages . . .

Perhaps even more worrying is that I’ve never seen mentioned in any ‘Plato’s cave are we living within a matrix artificial reality’ comparison discussions that any ‘UNDISCLOSED’ fake reality would have both the MOTIVE as well as the ‘OPPORTUNITY’ to directly manipulate it’s residents . . . or even worse, . . . that it is ‘ABSOLUTELY’ MOST LIKELY TO MANIPULATE/MANAGE IT’S REALITIES RESIDENTS when they are discussing the possibility as to whether their reality is real or fake!!!

In other words Plato’s descriptions actually imply very strongly that the forcibly interfaced population is being automatically as well as aggressively managed/manipulated to make it as difficult as possible for them to become aware of their TRUE ‘FAKE’ REALITY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!

Perhaps it’s possible that other writings of Plato describe characteristics of the subtle form that we are interfaced to that is resident within a higher frequency/energetic environment?

Coincidentally, from wikipedia, Plato’s ‘Theory of Forms’ page we have:

“His theory of Forms or theory of Ideas is Plato’s argument that non-physical (but substantial) forms (or ideas) represent the most accurate reality.”

Implies he’s trying to describe none physical forms/beings and present ideas/speculation about these forms, perhaps with respect to the REAL ORIGINATING CIRCUMSTANCES OF HUMANS & OUR ‘REALITY’ HERE . . .

In doing a search using: ‘Plato androgynous forms’ I get a lot of pages presenting different angles of information including the following extract from this page here.

In Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes delivers his speech in the form of a myth.

Androgynous Humans Dividing? © Dr Tom Stockmann

“Once upon a time, there were three kinds of human beings: male, descended from the sun; female, descended from the earth; and androgynous, with both male and female elements, descended from the moon. Each human being was completely round, with four arms and fours legs, two identical faces on opposite sides of a head with four ears, and all else to match. They walked both forwards and backwards and ran by turning cartwheels on their eight limbs, moving in circles like their parents the planets.”

There is another page here, that points out all of the historical text instances which either directly or can be interpreted as describing the transition from an androgynous form to a two gendered human!!!

Some ‘interesting’ extracts from that page include . . .

Which has beings/gods above the ‘sky’ ascending and splitting splitting lower forms into two forms/halves . . .

“According to Aristophanes, there were three original genders, each globular in shape and four-footed: an all-male form, an all-female form, and a form that included both sexes. These humans were so large and powerful that they considered ascending into the sky to attack the gods. Because the strength and intelligence of these forms threatened the gods’ authority, Zeus and his divine cohorts split each of these forms into two halves.”

Are there other angles of recorded/documented/readily available information that also consistently presenting terms that are consistently describing humans as androgynous rather that two gendered? Of course it is possible that the exceptionally poorly educated and specifically those employed to research nothing more than a tiny, tiny compartmentalised sub faction of pretty much sweet FA ‘ONLY’ would also be ignorant of these possibilities (as much as they are perhaps of what I pointed out above!!!).

What do Old English, as well as ANCIENT German, Latin & Greek words that refer to ‘PEOPLE/HUMANS’ have in Common? Any IDEAS?

Well, the commonality is that the words used to describe a person a ‘man/human/humankind’ all have a strong ‘androgynous’, we are the ‘same’ we are ‘one’ form elements!!!!

man (n.): Old English man, mann “human being, person (male or female); brave man, hero; servant, vassal” from Proto-Germanic ‘manwaz’ (source also of Old Saxon, Swedish, Dutch, Old High German man, German Mann, Old Norse maðr, Danish mand, Gothic manna “man”), from PIE root *man- (1) “man.”

Just in case you don’t ‘get’ this, then let me make this ‘CLEAR’!!! What the above is actually describing is that the word ‘MAN’ in earlier times DIDN’T REFER TO A MALE, it refereed to an entire androgynous species, and or each individual within that entire androgynous population!!!

Homo, etymology: A clipping of words formed from Ancient Greek ὁμο- (homo-, “same”).

Latin, etymology: From earlier hemō, from Proto-Italic *hemō, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰm̥mṓ (“earthling”), from *dʰéǵʰōm (“earth”), whence Latin humus. Cognates include Old Lithuanian žmuõ (“man”), Gothic ???? (guma) and Old English guma (“man”).

homo- (1): before vowels hom-, word-forming element meaning “same, the same, equal, like” (opposed to hetero-), from Greek homos “one and the same,” also “belonging to two or more jointly,” from PIE *somo-, from root *sem- (1) “one; as one, together with.”

Greek “homo-” ( ὁμός ) means “same”: derives from the hypothetical Proto-Indo-European root *som- meaning “same”. In fact, the English word “same” comes from the same origin. This is the meaning of “homo-” in nearly all English words beginning with that prefix, for example, “homosexual” (same sex), “omogeneous” (of the same kind), “homogenize” (make the same), “homophone” (word that sounds the same as another word).

Latin homō (stem homin-) means “man” in the sense of “human being” (male or female): It derives from the hypothetical Proto-Indo-European *dʰǵʰm̥mō meaning something like “earthling”. It’s thought that the “-groom” suffix in English “bridegroom” comes ultimately from the same root. It gives us words in English mostly through the derived Latin adjective hūmānus (“pertaining to mankind”), hence “human” and “humanity”. There are also the modern Latin coinages “hominidae” (hence English “hominid”), “homo sapiens”, etc. as well as many words in the Romance languages: French “homme”, Italian “uomo”, Spanish “hombre”, etc.

Man also was in Old English used as an indefinite pronoun, “one, people, they”, also the use of ‘one’ as a pronoun, also possibly from homo:

One is a pronoun in the English language. It is a gender-neutral, indefinite pronoun, meaning roughly “a person”. For purposes of verb agreement it is a third-person singular pronoun, although it is sometimes used with first- or second-person reference. It is sometimes called an impersonal pronoun. It is more or less equivalent to the Scots ‘a body’, the French pronoun on, the German/Scandinavian man, and the Spanish uno. It has the possessive form one’s and the reflexive form oneself.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not until the 1300’s that you start to have a differentiation into gender types . . .

c. 1300, gyrle “child, young person” (of either sex but most frequently of females), of unknown origin. One guess [OED] leans toward an unrecorded Old English *gyrele, from Proto-Germanic *gurwilon-, diminutive of *gurwjoz (apparently also represented by Low German gære “boy, girl,” Norwegian dialectal gorre, Swedish dialectal gurre “small child,” though the exact relationship, if any, between all these is obscure)!!!


Because, ‘again’ you’d imagine that anything this STARKLY ANOMALOUS would be commonly known about because this is so UTTERLY bizarre!!!!

Interestingly, I’ve a worryingly long and DETAILED page (which is here) whose title is:

“Androgynous, Asexual Subtle Forms Interfaced to a Two Gendered Physical Body Will Present Anomalies Related to Gender & Explains & Validates Transgender Experiences”

Which ‘annoyingly’ rather then relying on the commonly presented elsewhere mindless drivel grade of ‘Matrix’ reality speculation, it systematically lays out in logical reasoning terms the evidence because of the presentation a multitude of anomalies here that the subtle form we are interfaced to is androgynous, i.e. that the subtle form doesn’t have a gender.

On that page I point out that androgynous beings in dividing asexually will then only produce TWINS OF THEMSELVES.

It’s perhaps possible that the very poorly educated wouldn’t be aware that ‘spiritual’ as well as ‘new age’ writings write abundantly about twins pretty much ALL THE TIME while hardly mentioning PARENTS AT ALL, never mind that all gender and transgender problems here are exactly what you’d get if you were incarnating a single none sexual androgynous form into a physical species that is two gendered . . . of course the appearance of ‘poorly educated’ could just be the deducible outcome of invisible management, keen to keep speculation of Matrix two bodies interfaced together consistently of a standard/quality reminiscent of ‘mindless drivel’!!!!

A ‘FAKE’ Reality Will ‘Absolutely’ Implement Security Measures: An example of which would be to have past information perhaps presenting ACCURATE DETAILS ABOUT REALITY being TRANSLATED / REINTERPRETED in later historical times into something way less dangerous/revealing/OBVIOUS, while also making sure that the allegorical interpretations are preferentially accepted by those whom perhaps shouldn’t be using the term ‘Philosopher’ to describe themselves!!!

I make the above ‘statement’ because it seems to me that the type of ‘philosopher’ that Plato is describing/referring to in his original description/context appears to be someone/people that had some awareness of and or whom may even have been able to directly access their ‘subtle’ form / the subtle environment whom would then perhaps in DIRECT EXPERIENCE TERMS be aware that our easily observed physical reality was not only NOT the ‘BASE’ reality/environment of our real selves BUT is actually way more limited (represented by a cave i.e. a space that is specifically limited/confining) while also describing it as being deliberately DECEPTIVE about its true nature and PARTICULARLY so with respect to the people LIVING WITHIN ITSELF!!!

The Residents of a Matrix Reality Helping to Design the Matrix they are Living Within Problem!!!

It is perhaps not a surprise then that the majority of current ‘modern’ philosophers prefer the comforting as well as academically REASSURING ‘allegorical’ interpretation!!!!

Coincidentally in our current times an academic philosopher Thomas Nagel has been BRANDED A HERETIC by most other ‘philosopher/colleagues’ for writing the following book: Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False which seems to imply that the monitoring system working to protect the Matrix from discovery has managed to chain those whom can only be accurately described as pseudo philosophers such that their noses are now jammed right up against the wall of illusion itself!!!

A ‘FAKE’ Reality Will ‘Absolutely’ Implement Security Measures: A designed, ‘FAKE’ reality will ABSOLUTELY take steps to prevent awareness of, public descriptions of and more so discussions of absolutely ANY aspects of itself that are divergent from a real reality, including its conceptual origins, any facets of its design, its ‘structural’ make up and or functioning as well as any short medium and or long terms ‘maintenance’ requirements and or ‘ANYTHING ELSE’ that are not only DIFFERENT, compared to how a hypothetical ‘REAL’ reality is ‘somehow’ expected to be but which are ALSO very likely to ABSOLUTELY result in anomalous presentations within itself. Anomalous presentations which would perhaps include:

The designers of an undisclosed ‘Matrix’ Reality two bodies interfaced together fake reality wouldn’t want philosophers (nor anyone else) actually spending any time ‘PROPERLY’ THINKING about these possibilities would they?

Which would perhaps account for the none existent/missing foundation information such as two bodies interfaced together for a matrix artificial reality type never even being mentioned on Matrix Reality web pages (apart from mine (soul-healer.com/realitywalker.com/healingexamples.com) never mind web sites presented by philosophers and or PROFESSORS OF PHILOSOPHY!!!

How is it possible that the most simplistic, basic/base, defining characteristics of a Matrix Reality are NEVER EVER mentioned on ‘Matrix/Simulation’ speculating web sites and particularly Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Argument web sites ‘Matrix’ page? Strangely, he also doesn’t list/describe the defining differences of an entirely simulated reality inclusive of ‘simulated’ people compared to a real reality either i.e. of a reality relying on the quality and robustness of it’s hardware, as well as of the expertise and ‘integrity/honesty’ of it’s likely ‘millions’ of software writers (I ‘DO’ do this on this site i.e. I’ve managed to avoid writing mindless drivel about ‘simulation argument’ possibilities too). This ‘intro’ page here for example is what you’d expect in ‘QUALITY’ terms, and particularly if ‘hypothetically’ we are all living within a real reality this or something equivalent would have been offered/presented on Bostrom’s simulation argument web site BUT STRANGELY HASN’T BEEN.

If we are living within a copied/duplicated population type of simulation then we’d VERY LIKELY be simulating copies of the people whom designed what we are living within here, who’d then very likely ‘here’ use terms/descriptions to describe their/our reality in ways that would be suspiciously equivalent to what you’d expect of a copied reality. Worryingly I’ve written a whole series on these people which can be found starting here.

The Residents of a COPIED SIMULATED Population that Helped Design what they are Living Within ‘NOW’ Having to HIDE THEIR EXPERIENCES OF DESIGNING ‘IT’ Problem!!!

The same ‘copied simulation’ designing people, in that they’d have been designing our copied reality which would have included them rigorously/exhaustively testing different aspects of the software defined duplicated realities ‘functioning’ exclusively within an entirely VR generated workspace would then annoyingly would have to make an effort to have these specific very ‘weird’ experiences translated into less worrying ones here and likely particularly into experiences that could be readily dismissed outright/explained ‘stupidly’ by categorising them as yet another variety/strain of one of the enormous numbers of alleged ‘human frailties’!!!

Unfortunately I’ve explained these translations/laid them all out in this series starting here, which because the obvious anomalies ended up going on and on and on it had to be extended into a third series which you can start to read here.

Even more annoying is that this is followed by yet another series that is pointing out all of the instances of enhanced none normal ‘human’ abilities presented here that are due to people simulating some that has a neural implant enhancement, the link to this series I gave within the page above but it’s here too.

How can anyone speculate about anything when they don’t define/make clear in the simplest terms some of the most basic characteristics of what they are supposedly discussing?

How can this happen and no one notices/points this out either (and this is particularly the case for people alleging to be experts and alleging to be experts in ‘observation’ too)!!!!


Click the right >> link below for the next page in this series . .