Divine Masters Creative Consciousness Attitudes

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I’m sure you would agree that we must presume that the spiritual hierarchy must be the ultimate masters of creative conscious manifestation particularly because they are the originators of conscious creator manifestation ‘light’ advice and are gifting us with absolute full support for the likes of law of attraction in the form it’s presented to ourselves here.

Creative Consciousness Masters Manifestation Advice

As such they should be completely living what they state and be following their own advice of;

‘let others do what they want, don’t get involved, don’t make judgements, let others freely take their own lines, don’t have doubts, let the universe manifest what you want for you and so on’.

Strangely however, it seems that they must have doubts and insecurities about the law of attraction ‘light’ brand of creative conscious manifestation to manifest the outcome they want because with respect to these spiritual groups I’m writing about here they are bizarrely resorting to taking what actually seems to me to be very negative direct actions to isolate and suppress these 50 spiritual groups even though they are under their very own ‘light command’ hierarchy.

They absolutely don’t practice what they preach.

Not even a little bit?

Seems like an amazingly strong case of;

“Do what I say and not what I do myself.”

How not to develop a Creative Consciousness

So, if you are trying to become a conscious creator by following advice that originates from the Spiritual Hierarchy, their sidekick sources or mouthpieces then you should be aware that they themselves don’t follow or use the same creative consciousness advice they spoon feed yourselves with.

Direct actions carried out to prevent these spiritual and healing groups from being able to consciously creatively manifest taking deeper issue investigating lines to help them resolve their own people’s negative issues.

Seems very odd to me!!!

It’s not as if these spiritual groups are wanting to manifest anything dark or obscene is it?

They’re not wanting to control or suppress others or cause others suffering or injustices or difficult times, they aren’t even trying to demonize anyone.


All they are wanting is to consciously manifest a deeper understanding of their own issues and the means to properly and completely resolve them. Same as I wanted actually.

Creative Consciousness Advice on Manifesting Deeper Understandings

What on earth is wrong with trying to manifesting something like THAT?

Why would the Spiritual Hierarchy go to such efforts to stone wall any spiritual or healing group from taking a line that would have them attempting to directly engage with the subtle energetic origins of issues they cannot resolve by only using Spiritual Hierarchy approved of practices, energies, techniques, tools and spirit help support?

Why would they do this?

Well, presumably anyone whose personal style of conscious creation choice is about having control over others so they can do anything they damn well want might just be using creative efforts to ensure that on one ever gets close to finding the many and various subtle and hidden means that they use to achieve this. One of the most effective ways that they do this is described HERE.

More Examples of a Creative Consciousness in Darkness

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