Astral & Etheric ‘Cleansed’ Subtle Energy Body Particle Pollution is Accumulating

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So, we are all creating large amounts of energetic junk, some of which are actually bits of ourselves. This is not a recent problem either, this has been going on for a VERY long time and just about everyone here not only has huge numbers as in 100,000’s of dispersed soul fragments LOST, BIN BAGGED and kept HIDDEN in energetic LOCK-UPS . . . BUT all the related negative crap associated with these clearings is ALL building up too . . .

Astral Pollution & Etheric Debris increases each time our ‘Space’ is Cleared

After doing this for very long spans of time we now have huge collections of bits of ourselves mixed with negative toxic waste hidden and sealed behind increasingly sophisticated energetic containments that for the most part keep all of this out of sight and out of mind (as well as out of awareness) unless perhaps you are an astral traveller. Hence you don’t REALLY appreciate what is REALLY going on nor of HOW MUCH there is of this crap from yourself disposed of as negative spiritual debris and ending up as astral pollution. Have you ever thought what happens to all the energetic or etheric crap when you either yourself invoke to do a space clearing OR some automated technology arranges this for you? I can quite imagine that most of you imagine that it’s recycled into something useful or sort of made into ‘nothing’. Which is probably why most of you don’t get the connections . . .

The Physical Earth Space is a Symbolic Environment

Did you know that this ‘earth’ environment is designed in every way possible to present us with ourselves. It’s one of the things that this place is actually amazingly good at doing, everything of your physical body, as well as of your mental, emotional and psychological ‘states’ represent or directly present some aspect of what is going on within your subtle energetic body. It’s not just our physical bodies that are representing energetic states, our external environment is also accurately representing the spiritual domains and environment too. The quality of the etheric, astral, energetic or subtle environments are being mirrored in this physical earth space too . . . Why do you think that we as a ‘species’ are both so wasteful while also insanely creating more and more toxic chemicals and products that quite often you cannot ‘see’ while all the time accumulating more and more of this toxic physical crap and polluting every aspect of our external environment.

Our Pollution & Toxic Waste here Represent our Astral & Spiritual Realms

ALL of this is a physical outer in our FACES presentation that is mirroring what we are ALL doing energetically. As we are building up more and more negative and to be honest TOXIC subtle energetic crap and we are being very strongly reminded or prompted to become aware of this by having similar practices visibly presented in our physical lives here. Why do you think we try to dispose of our physical junk and debris at a distance, out of sight? We bury it in landfills where it accumulates and the toxins return in our water or we build houses on them OR we burn the crap so it appears to ‘go away’ except it doesn’t does it. Filling the sea with our garbage seemed like a good idea didn’t it? Except we might end up killing it which is another way of saying that we are killing ourselves. We are filling ALL physical environments with toxic and ‘debilitating to life’ crap in the soil, water and air . . . we are even building up a serious layer of space junk completely surrounding and blanketing our entire living space BECAUSE this is what we are doing in subtle energy terms. EVERYTHING we do here is about giving the ‘impression’ that it’s dealt with as opposed to it ACTUALLY just being put out of sight where we don’t have to think about it . . . which is why when you read this it MIGHT just sink in. THERE IS NO ESCAPE TO THE SPIRITUAL . . . this place here is our ATTEMPT to try and sort out what is happening in so called ‘spiritual’ realms by making what we are doing MORE OBVIOUS to ourselves HERE. Unfortunately we are doing EXACTLY the same in our earth environments HERE as we have been doing in our spiritual environments . . . . filling them with etheric debris, energetic crap and having them turn into garbage dumps . . .

The Spiritual & Etheric Environments are as Polluted as ours is here

It’s NOT HERE that we are REALLY polluting BUT in our energetic ‘spiritual’ environment . . . it’s a bit ODD don’t you think that those that would be the most convinced that they are the most AWARE overall never mind the most aware in subtle energy / other realm terms are ACTUALLY REALLY the closest to what is actually REALLY REALLY going on ENERGETICALLY and yet they have been encouraged and trained to use practices like ‘protection’ that has been degrading their awareness and senses for . . . OOOoooh . . . gosh . . . aeons . . . which for the sceptical type like myself makes me a little suspicious that those that WOULD have the BEST chance of actually becoming aware of what is going on energetically are ‘it seems to me’ being preferentially targeted to ensure that they remain completely unaware . . . but it’s not really ‘just’ a suspicion really! . . . it’s what’s actually being done . . . and done VERY SUCCESSFULLY I might add . . . we all are killing our world and ourselves here, creating and accumulating more and more toxins which have invaded every corner of our ‘living’ space and you some how imagine that this is ABOUT HERE . . . it’s NOT, EVERYTHING here is simply a more intense play out of what is actually and really going on within subtle energetic domains . . . For how multidimensionally aware people are degrading their awareness then read HERE. What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.


  1. Gareth Mason
    December 20, 2017 @ 3:27 pm

    I believe you in my entire core that it’s exactly right, we are mirroring without any awareness. Some people think we have mirror neurons that copy what we do physically into the spiritual and vice versa. But also we mirror our emotions and thoughts in the same way. My own little theory on this, is: We see the polarities of everything as;
    * up and down *black and white *dark and light *good and evil*
    There is also a middle, which connects with spiritual, physical and mental, of everything in existence from: language, words, numeracy, spirituality, etc. etc. Like positive and negative, we also have passive and I think the neurons are our passive DNA molecules mirroring everything… What do you think Clive?


    • Clive
      February 6, 2018 @ 5:55 pm

      Well, Gareth, every angle you can think of has been built into our FU reality so that there are as many different angles/entry points as possible to manage/fuck everyone over. For example, DNA is entirely ‘made up’ (and from my perspective it’s OBVIOUS that it’s ‘impossible’ there is no way this can be a product of ‘trial and error’ evolution as this trial and error process would be required for each gene and each ‘folding’ structure that each ‘external influence’ would impact in VERY PRECISE WAYS, to have these lead to very precise outcomes . . . it’s all absolutely utterly unrealistic) so we only have DNA ‘in here’ for our version of reality here, the MV outside ‘subtle or physical’ reality doesn’t have DNA. So, you can think of it as built in MALWARE here. Junk DNA is a converted backup of our scripts, bacteria and viruses are a way of ‘storing’ our data ‘off site/remotely’ as well as of splicing in ‘script’ pieces from other people . . . this was one angle of shit ‘delivery means’ that we had to target/deal with about a week back because ‘DNA’ was actually being specifically ‘activated/used’ to initiate lock down/management/extremes, so we had to find all of designs of all of the ‘activators/enablers’ and get rid of these/edit them out.


      • Jessica Antunes
        February 10, 2018 @ 12:36 am

        What groundbreaking information!

        Thinking about bacteria and viruses not only as disease transmitters but also as transmitters of other people’s script parts has broadened my conceptual horizons as to what would be possible in terms of influences being transmitted from one to another encoded in our reality… or in the constituents of our reality…

        … because the molecules of what we eat and that will later be assimilated by our organism were molecules coming from goodness knows how… and more so for water molecules, and then if we think about the air we breathe and how much it has already been breathed don’t know how many times for don’t know how many people who left their waste there… everything here is recycled and reused…

        This makes me think… and if in fact there could be information encoded or hidden in molecules?? In the nuclei of the atoms? In the constituents of atoms? The simulation designers might well have thought in everything, backups would never be too much…

        This has also made me think of another question…

        It’s known that the planetary bodies are associated with influences that are directed to us according to the angles they make AT EVERY INSTANT. Thinking about it, it would not be so far-fetched to think of the possibility that they might also contain embedded data.

        …but there is a point here… when one thinks of astrology it is quite common to think ONLY about the movement of the great bodies of our solar system. But… and what about the smaller bodies like asteroids in the asteroid belt? It is highly likely that the size here is irrelevant, but perhaps the symbolism is not…

        The thing is that although very recent and very little know, there is a branch of contemporary astrology that deals with the mapping of asteroids that are continually being discovered and to which are given names that in some cases are QUITE suggestive!

        … And because I have studied this subject and because I have mapped hundreds of asteroids in my natal chart, I can guarantee that THERE DO EXIST bizarre correlations, either at the level of natal charts, or of synastry, or of astrological transits. This page is one in many that precisely shows that:

        I’m remembering of some with quite suggestive names such as:
        Destinn (3658) [at least there are more 2 with the same meaning]
        Paine (5188)
        Chaos (19521)
        Hazard (9305)
        Hinderer (3404)
        Prey (6157)
        … AND|DNA… reverted?| … DNA (55555) [what a coincidence that the comment you posted in which you spoke about DNA was at 5:55?!]
        But there are more with 5’s repeated…
        NORMA (555) – such as DNA, relates to structure, matrix
        PANDORA (55) – the pandora’s box that could not be opened because it contained all the world ills…
        Who knows there could be something here, and even with the numbers themselves (the 5’s thing was weird – in fact in numerology 5 represents change, new ways, paths [which in other words also means alternatives…])

        Still about asteroids, there are thousands of them, all with names. The entire list can be found here:


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