"Earth as a Simulation Series I: How the New Age movements spiritual sayings are 'correct' for a COPIED population where everyone is 'accurately' living SOMEONE ELSE's LIFE. How 'Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance' are the deducible 'Fixed Behaviours' a copied population will present BUT, wont figure out because 'software' defined people can easily be managed."

In a detailed full world simulation and particularly one that is presenting ‘conscious’, self aware and therefore independently ‘thinking’ people it shouldn’t take much ‘thinking’ to figure out that a simulation of this complexity will likely have a huge number of independent software routines (or software engines) each dedicated to calculating and defining every facet of our one world (simulated as ‘real’) environment and all facets of our personal individual selves.

My Experiences, Beliefs & Opinions are Equally Valid compared to the Experiences, Beliefs & Opinions of Others

If we are actually simulated people living in a simulated environment then we are actually in a double simulation in that everything of ourselves as an individual and PERSON is all pre-defined and everything that defines you in each moment is calculated and you are then rendered while everything of what we take to be the ‘real’ external environment is also software defined, calculated and rendered.

As a simulated person then everything of yourself as in your physical body, your eyes, your moment by moment feelings, each thought you have, and all supposedly ‘spontaneous’ thoughts and thinking lines as well as all of your internal states, behaviours, responses, intuitions, insights and all aspects of your personality and character are all defined, calculated and then ‘rendered’ by software.

Every time you interact with another person, all that makes up this interaction has to be calculated, your body language has to be simulated, how you pick up a glass from the table that you are sitting at has to be calculated, how you originally learnt to pick up a glass to avoid spilling it had to be simulated as a ‘trial and error’ learning experience before ‘you’ were simulated as ‘getting it right’ as a kid.

Everything that you have ever ‘learnt’ to do throughout your entire life has been ‘saved’ as part of your own personal ‘experience’ profile, each time you start to do anything your experience profile is ‘checked’ first to see how ‘competent’ you are at doing something, then ‘your way of doing that something’ is then loaded, so that (for example) you pick up your glass ‘your way’ each time, and how you behave and verbally respond in conversations, how you look at someone under different circumstances and under different conditions is also part of your own personal profile.

Well, if we are in a simulation then each person will be very accurately living the life of someone else.

Each person would be emulated to exhibit the same behaviours, the same personality, they will be ‘nudged and manoeuvred’ to make the same choices and decisions, they will be a member of the same social, political and work groups, they will exhibit the same thinking patterns, the same feeling responses AND they will be emulated to make the same decisions at the same time as the person they are a copy of.

How can it be that Spiritually, Each Person’s Experiences and Opinions are Equally Valid?

In other words in a simulation each person being simulated would be simulating someone else’s experiences, opinions, knowledge and understandings AND to the simulation designers the experiences, opinions and understandings of the simulated population would ALL BE EQUALLY VALID because the ONLY THING THAT IS IMPORTANT FROM THE DESIGNERS POINT OF VIEW IS THAT THEY ARE ACCURATE because if they accurately simulated then your likely seriously expensive simulation project will likely have more chance of fulfilling it’s objectives . . .

‘IF’ we are in a simulation then the ONLY REASON YOU EXIST is as a simulated component AND the only important thing about that component is how accurately and authentically you are generated and rendered. Your experiences, your opinions, your understandings your knowledge are no more important than the next simulated person ‘component’ because to the designer of the simulation they will likely have no importance (or equal importance) with respect to how they impact the OUTCOME OF THE SIMULATION PROJECT.

  1. Earth Represents Everyone and Everything ✓
  2. There Is Nothing New in ALL OF CREATION ✓
  3. Earth is the Centre of Everything ✓
  4. Each Person’s Experiences & Understandings are ALL Equally Valid ✓

It’s looking ‘worrying’ isn’t it?

We now have a 40% match of our new agers so called ‘spiritual’ sayings turning out to be correct ‘IF’ we are living in someone’s simulation project . . .

Are there more . . .

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