"Earth as a Simulation Series 3: 'IF' we are living in a Simulation, how would Simulated 'COPIED' People+Environmental Components be 'CHECKED' for both Accuracy & Anomalies? Is it possible to DIRECTLY access the pre-defined SCRIPTED data files of 'Testing & Checking' Experiences to Accumulate Evidence of VR Experiences & DETAILS of the Simulation Projects Working & VR 'TEST' Environments? This Series Presents Articles & Exercises Exploring these Possibilities. 'UPDATE', to all questions posed here, the answer is 'YES'!!!"

Just have a look around yourself now, look at the environment around you, then the screen you are reading this on and the writing you are reading. If we are living in a simulation then absolutely EVERYTHING that you see is all defined by software that defines and generates yourself and a serious high resolution immersive and interactive environment.

In other words, ‘if’ we are in a simulation then the people that designed this reality would have already developed ultra high resolution immersive environments and they’d have had and been using these for a very long time before the earth simulation project was started.

It is also highly likely that all of the programming and design work for the earth simulation project was all done within VR environments quite simply because the entire project is about defining and rendering simulated software defined people living within a seamless VR environment inclusive of all the detail and accuracy necessary to render all aspects of an entire world including a realistic cosmic backdrop.

Why you would build & test a an Entire World Simulation of Self Aware Copied People in VR ‘Test’ Environments

In other words if we are simulated people living within a ultra high resolution VR environment attempting to define ‘everything’ relevant to ourselves and our interactions then those that designed this are likely to have been interfaced to and spent a great deal of time within immersive VR environments because this is how they’d have worked to put this place together as well as to extensively check every aspect of it in accuracy and consistency terms. All of this ‘work’ and ‘accuracy checking effort’ would have been done in an immersive VR.

If you read academic literature on the possibility that we are in a simulation you will find that rather than actually use basic observation skills and LOOK FOR THE OBVIOUS CLUES, they have been convinced (likely by the ‘absolutely don’t let anyone become aware they are in a simulation’ management software) that we wouldn’t be simulated through the phase the simulation we are in was built.

The above has been taken be correct, despite that NOT simulating a ‘system’ through the phase the simulation itself was built violates and negates the main reasons why you’d put together a very expensive, very complex simulation in the first place. no one has been able think about or even be allowed to become aware of simulation.

Would there be OBVIOUS and globally observable ‘markers’ that would indicate we are living through the phase the simulation was built? The answer to this question is YES and the observable cannot be hidden from your simulated population markers that they are being simulated through the phase the simulation was built in are as follows:

  1. To put together a simulation that will render EVERYTHING, you will have to attempt to research and understand ‘everything’ to be able to do this. If we are in a simulation and we are close to or going through the phase the simulation was built then as accurately software defined ‘copies’ of people from the original population we’d be researching ‘everything’ too. Coincidentally, despite that we have been pretty much bankrupt for over a decade we ARE researching everything rather than ‘rationally’ focusing research on resolving the serious problems we are accumulating. We can give a ‘TICK’ to ourselves having this ‘simulation’ marker.
  2. To put together a simulation that will render EVERYONE ACCURATELY, you will have to attempt to collect absolutely all of the data on absolutely EVERYONE in the original population. In other words the original population that we are simulating is going to have be persuaded to allow completely open access to themselves and to every detail about themselves and their life. In other words, there is going to be an ultra massive drive to get access to and to collect all data on everyone. We can also give a ‘TICK’ to ourselves having this ‘simulation’ marker.
  3. The only way I can see the original population allowing this is if they are manipulated into this. So, strangely we here are finding ourselves based on an event the details of which are highly controversial being convinced that there are ‘terrorists’ everywhere and the only way to keep everyone safe is to have open access to all the data of everyone. AND, we can give a ‘TICK’ to this ‘simulation’ marker being present here too.

A ‘Realistic’ Assessment related to Designing & Building a Simulation that will Emulate an Entire World of Copied People

To put this simulation together, the population we are simulating would have to research absolutely everything, in minute detail and this is before they even start to design and build the simulation hardware which they’d have to do before they could start to write the software and start to figure out how to make everything of EVERYTHING all work together AS IT ALL SHOULD which would require painstaking testing which would likely go on for literally many decades.

The cost of just the research alone, in attempting to research and understand ‘everything’ would have been enormous, this research would have been on a massive scale and would have been on going for many, multiples of decades if not centuries too.

One of the many interesting ‘things’ in writing out REALISTIC possibilities related to ‘simulated reality’ possibilities (as I have done above) is that you will become aware that the general population is extremely likely to not only have known about this project, BUT, that the project was likely to actually have been a PUBLIC project. It is not only highly likely that the public not only paid for this, BUT that many would also closely ‘follow’ the progress of this project, after all, if for no other reason than they are paying for it all.

In the light of the above, very realistic speculation then it is actually likely that the original population had a dedicated set of earth as a simulation project followers. In other words, the original population of such an expensive, researching EVERYTHING project is very, very likely to have at least a sub population that were ‘official’ signed up follower ‘members’ of the simulation project as it was being built and tested. For a small monthly membership fee you will have access to exclusive talks and demonstrations?

It is highly likely that signed up ‘affiliate’ members of the ‘earth simulation project’ would be very familiar with ‘simulations’, they would be aware that the earth simulation project would be simulating copied versions of themselves and they would likely to not only be familiar with BUT to commonly use terms and descriptions that would be appropriate and correct for a simulated copied reality.

‘IF’ this is correct AND we are being simulated through the phase the simulation we are in was built and tested then we ‘should’ have this sub population present here AND this sub population ‘should’ be using terms that would be ‘correct’ for a simulated copied system and they ‘should’ be describing details that would relate to a copied, duplicated software population being represented by files of data whom are living out the life of someone else SPECIFICALLY as part of ‘someone’s simulation project.

Coincidentally, we do have a large sub population within our own population (the new age people) that actually uses the following terms:

  1. Earth represents everyone and everything
  2. There is nothing new in ALL OF CREATION
  3. Earth is the centre of everything
  4. Each person’s experiences & understandings are all equally valid
  5. Everything is ‘perfectly’ unfolding
  6. Everyone is living exactly what is right and ‘perfectly’ relevant for themselves
  7. All paths lead to the same place
  8. We are all interconnected and everything is interconnected and interdependent of everything and everyone in all of creation
  9. Everything here is an illusion
  10. ALL the world is a stage and we are each actors on that stage
  11. As above, so below, the microcosm represents the macrocosm

Coincidentally, each of the above terms would actually be correct ‘IF’ they were describing a copied system, inclusive of copied people as part of someone’s very important simulation project that would specifically have been built to render a perfectly unfolding copied system as part of achieving some specific and important objective.

Even more bizarre, this sub population actually describe being able to access the records and files of their own and others’ data of their lives here (as the ‘Akashic’ records). Even more bizarre, some of these people also describe being able to access their future lives, AND, even worse, they describe these future lives as being already pre-defined.

Let’s evaluate the above with respect to some stupidly obvious basic information relating to different reality types . . . .

  1. A ‘real’ reality within which everything arises and unfolds according to natural laws.
  2. A ‘matrix’ reality within which real people are interfaced to an entirely software dependent external VR environment (i.e. there would be the possibility to EASILY influence the external reality presentation).
  3. A simulation, which describes and would accurately define a ‘copied’ duplicated system within which each copied person would be accurately living out someone else’s already pre-defined life. Each person would be entirely software generated and their life and every single aspect of themselves are likely to be entirely pre-defined by the UPLOADED data of the person they are simulating. Each simulated copied person would be living out an already pre-determined life that would as accurately as possible reflect the life of the person they are a duplicate of.

Interestingly, from the above, it appears that the only reality that will hold the DATA OF EACH PERSON IN THE POPULATION would be a simulation.

So, we can ALSO ‘Tick’ as EVIDENCE that we also have a sub population of Earth as a Simulation Supporters and ‘Followers’ whom were obviously interested enough in the original project such that a great deal of effort has gone into keeping what they are ‘REALLY’ excited about hidden and obscured here (at least from academic and scientists).

For following ‘initial’ pages of this series I will go into the new age population’s experiences of being involved in the simulation we are living within in much greater detail than the last series. I’ll be specifically doing this to go into more details of what their original experiences of being interfaced to a high resolution virtual reality environment would be like AND how these experiences will be (and HAVE BEEN) translated AND kept obscured here.

See if you can think of any interfaced to an avatar to attending a remote VIRTUAL meetings new age experiences possibilities before reading the next page . . .

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