I Want an Initiation or to Work With YOU

I used to take people through a full time roller coaster of a process within which they become fully reacquainted with themselves. This ‘roller-coaster’ like process moved you from one life issue shit pile to the next and then the next and then the next . . . until ‘hopefully’ there is nothing left.

While this is happening you find yourself having a REAL and AUTHENTIC education not only about yourself but about your past history, your origins / our origins and some deeper answers to ‘WFT’ is going on (even deeper than what is already presented here).

This wasn’t ‘Lite, LIGHT’ work, it was the real thing . . . read the old Sessions page HERE for more details on this.

I want your depth of understanding?

As a start I’d advise reading every page here of the ‘Scary’ Series at least three times, then you might be able to start to connect more dot’s yourself . . .

I want to be able to do what you do?


Either you’re doing what I am doing now, because you have the same past history, abilities, skills sets and experiences never mind the same drives or you are not.

You are YOU and I am me, that’s what makes everyone so interesting.

My experience has been acquired over huge time scales researching and exploring LOTS. There is no substitute for this.

I want an Initiation

I don’t advocate or support ‘PAINT BY NUMBERS’ unconscious ‘sticky plaster’ healing or initiation practices for more on this then read this page HERE.