Have ‘YOU’ been gifted with a Fake Spiritual Mission that is Literally KILLING You?

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One of my first encounters with a blocked soul mission was with a client whom was insisting that she had a very important spiritual mission that she ABSOLUTELY HAD to complete, that NO ONE ELSE could do this, that it was entirely her responsibility and she could not pass it on.

I found what she was saying quite bizarre.

I could not see how this could be right I could just not ‘feel’ the context?

What is the most IMPORTANT Spiritual Mission that no one else can do?

Her ‘clarity’ about what was going on in this healing was quite strange because although she does pick up internal things (an audio of a session with her is here to help you understand what I mean) at times she has never been this clear or certain about anything. So, this tells me that what she is saying about how important this mission was must have been VERY strongly impressed upon her.

What was equally clear was that the burden of this so called ‘spiritual’ mission was literally killing her. The objective of this spiritual mission was being constantly and consistently blocked which was putting her into more desperation, despair, anguish and suffering; literally, lifetime after lifetime.

Because of how badly this mission was impacting her then I decide to try and negotiate to have her released from having to continue trying to carry out this soul mission.

So, we connected to and we invited the beings whom had given her this mission to step forward.

Doing this resulted in half dozen or so VERY ‘different’ beings appear.

I ended up calling them the ‘Twirly cone heads’ because they all looked like they had a large ice cream cone coming out the top of their head. What was also strange was they disconnected this client very efficiently from the energies and paraphernalia of this mission without ANY fuss or complaints which to be honest is DECIDEDLY not normal. There are always, ALWAYS arguments and stand off’s and unhappiness never mind apoplectic outrage at times (I’m very good at apoplectic outrage!!!).

So their attitude to disconnecting this client from this soul destroying mission was very VERY strange, almost business like.

What is going wrong with some Spiritual Missions?

A few weeks later I find another client with a blocked spiritual mission and we do the same and eh!!! The ‘Twirly Cone heads’ appear again. Now they don’t seem to be part of any particular group which is ALSO seriously odd so I start to check whom they are connected to. This more detailed investigation reveals that ultimately they work for some beings whom are BEHIND the Elohim. MMMMmm and they give people spiritual missions . . .

Over the next few weeks and months I end up dealing with the same ‘Twirly Cone Head’ beings about 7 or 8 times. During this time it eventually dawns on me that maybe it might be ‘interesting’ never mind useful to see if there is anything specific that has been blocking these missions. So, in doing a focus to reveal what is blocking one of these missions ANOTHER completely ‘different’ set of beings appear.

Why are some Spiritual Missions Difficult & Seriously Debilitating?

Or rather at first they don’t appear at all because they are all emitting the most powerful full spectrum perception and awareness jamming resonances I have ever encountered. I am literally hit by a wall of chaotic white noise such that it takes EVERY ounce of my capabilities to drag these beings into sight and to identify them through this blitz.

These beings I named ‘Jam heads’ because they actually look as if they have ‘jamming’ antennae on their heads. In other words ABSOLUTELY NO WAY do these beings EVER want to be seen or identified. MMMmmm . . .

TOOoOooOooo L A T E . . . . . .

I invite our Spiritual Hierarchy and Elohim representatives whom act as negotiators in situations like this while I also leap frog over the ‘Jam heads’ by the finding, directly engaging with and DEMANDING that the BOSS of these beings comes forward. To do this successfully requires one of the strongest focuses (will intentions) I have ever done to EVENTUALLY have this happen . . .

One of the Spiritual ‘highest’ an Elohim is Responsible for the Debilitating Spiritual Missions

So, I eventually find myself confronted with a very pissed off being whom VERY DEFINITELY does not want to be identified. This person turns out to be a being whom stands behind the Elohim (keeps a low profile) and it turns out that he is covertly managing these beings i.e. without anyone knowing . . . . . as in none of the other beings we know in the Elohim are aware of what this deranged ascended master type is doing.

So, what EXACTLY is this being doing then?

This being is making sure that the ’spiritual’ process we are all partaking of is kept on track by ensuring that people HE (and probably his mates) think might cause any problems are dealt with in ways to make sure that they cannot. And they do this by having these people approached by ‘Twirly Cone Head’ representatives whom persuade people to take on VERY important soul missions that are STRATEGICALLY vital for this spiritual process to succeed, that it ALL depends on them, that we are ALL completely relying on you . . . . . no one else has the skills or capabilities or ‘whatever’ to do this except you . . . . . blah, blah, blah . . . . .

While strangely enough if you commit yourself to this completely fake spiritual mission then their ‘Jam head’ buddies are given the job of covertly and diligently SABOTAGING your mission, which means sabotaging you ALL THE TIME. Fantastic EH!!!

Fake Spiritual Missions Cause Negative Life Problems & Sabotages that keep decent people occupied

So, this Elohim guy is approached usually by Spiritual Hierarchy Bureaucrats OR the usual DODGY ‘SUSPECTS’ the Ascended Masters because they deem someone as a problem or threat or POTENTIAL threat. If this Elohim guy agrees then these potentially ‘problematical’ people are deliberately approached to partake of a completely made up ‘pretend’ soul mission which they have reinforced by being REPEATEDLY told is of DIRE importance to the whole spiritual process while EMPHASISING that they will need to put in every effort to make this mission a success.

Strangely, EVERY effort is actually made by the covert ‘jam heads’ to ensure that they spend the rest of their time in a spiritual mission hell desperately trying to complete the mission despite that it bizarrely seems to be being sabotaged in every way you can imagine and lots of other ways you not even want to imagine. ALL carried out by the ‘Jam Head’ lot on the orders of an Elohim jerk after being asked by the spiritually completely useless the spiritual hierarchy.

Can you understand that HERE this sort of thing probably goes on behind the scenes to make sure that the Status Quo is not disturbed? What do you think this happening here represents when you know that ‘As above so below’ holds to be true? . . . . . . so, . . . . . why are you surprised then? . . . . .

How some Spiritual Missions can Result in the WORST Suffering . . . . EVER . . .

When I find this out . . . . . I go absolutely £**#ing ape shit because you have no idea how much of a living £**#ing HELL some of my clients have gone through in many lives because of this.

One guy had such a bad time through determinedly forcing to try and make one of these PRETEND missions work that he regularly had one arm severely damaged; chopped off, crushed, mangled and so on in 100’s of life times because of the blocks deliberately set up to ensure he would NEVER have any success before he eventually and desperately did things to shut himself down AND block himself off from continuing with this mission.

He had to shut much of himself and his capabilities down to do this and block off from being reminded of how horrific it all was to get into some better space. Which is exactly what they were aiming for. Like I say elsewhere they just want healer ‘drones’, they don’t want anyone LOOKING BEHIND THE SCENES. Else, YOU might start finding out what I’m finding and writing about here. This is why there is no healer training to have you openly looking and openly investigating. They cannot have ANYONE doing this else it would become impossible to keep what they are doing hidden. It is impossible, I am their worst nightmare and their worst nightmare is just going to get worse and worse on these pages . . .

Why are Spiritual Missions Hard? Why are Spiritual Missions Difficult to Complete?

You have no idea what suffering some have and ARE AT THIS MOMENT NOW experiencing because some dark hearted beings quaintly called the spiritual hierarchy can sleep easy at night knowing that what all the shit they are REALLY DOING is likely to be kept hidden.

YES, just this one example is particularly horrific and it SHOULD (if you’re HALF awake) shake your beliefs and understandings to the core.

About 10% of people experiencing soul mission difficulties are experiencing these difficulties because they are trying to complete a FAKE MISSION. They have been approached by official so called ‘spiritual’ representatives and persuaded to take on some VERY important spiritual missions that they ARE TOLD are STRATEGICALLY vital for the spiritual process to succeed, that it’s ALL going to depend on them, that we are completely relying on you and so on . . . . .

In other words exactly the sort of mission that a concerned, caring, decent person would break their back or in the case of one client LOSE AN ARM trying to complete because they were convinced it would help EVERYONE.

Why do some Spiritual Missions Cause Suffering & Despair

While on the other hand when they take this mission other beings are contracted with the task of covertly SABOTAGING THOSE WITH THESE PRETEND ‘Soul’ GRINDING MISSIONS.

This is the greatest specific cause of extreme suffering of all issues I have dealt with in my clients.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA . . . . .

As the main Elohim beings were as surprised as we were that this was going on then both of these groups have been shut down and to be honest they had better £**#ing well stay that way because if I EVER find any of these beings doing anything to a client in the future then there will be hell to pay. They are all USELESS, NOT ‘DIVINE’ in the slightest B***A*D$ . . .

The Spiritual Mission Hall of Shameful Revelations

In the last 4 years, we have found out that half of my clients have been given these types of horrific fantasy FU spiritual missions. Many had been given MORE THAN ONE. The had an average of about 5 pretend missions each, with individual clients having between 1 through to 10 of these. So, much for so called loving, caring and compassionate ascended masters and divine beings.

So, they were being given one of these in one lifetime then another in the next and so on all done to justify increasing the sabotages applied to themselves.

Overall, these account for about 10% of all we have dealt with. These are THE ABSOLUTE WORST for suffering, desperation, trauma and for causing people to shut themselves down.

Have you experienced one of these? If you have then leave details of your experiences below . . .

Here is An ‘Exercise’ to Help with Debilitating Spiritual Mission AREAS

There is an exercise on this page here that would be worth doing as it targets these areas more directly compared to anything else presented here.

Exercise 4 on that page targets: Binding Roles, Positions, Offices, Duties, Missions, Obligations, Functions, Ceremonies as well or Rituals while also targeting: binding contracts, oaths, pacts and or subtle enforcers (which equates to entity attachments / subtle being interferences).

It basically targets roles, positions (job) and or ‘office’, any circumstances where you are expected to carry out any duties, obligations, ‘missions’, functions, ceremonies, rituals and or actions perhaps forcible facilitated / nudged to keep doing this by binding subtle pacts, vows, promises, oaths, curses and agreements and perhaps even ‘enforced’ by subtle beings (entity attachments) as ignorant spirit guides, minders, helpers, ascended bullshitters, spiritual path leaders and any spirit being as an enforcer of contracts you made in the past.


  1. Brent johnson
    October 3, 2014 @ 2:06 am

    Can you help me.. all I know is my life keeps getting worse and as a result I get more confused and it gets harder to think who I am who I’m supposed to be it’s like theres infinite pressure that I find my mission and complete it but without knowimg how and trying to find it makes my head hurt and when I feel like I’m close my heart hurts bad and starts humming a beautiful noise and then later I forget everything only my heart and even now my memory fades of what I’m doing and why. It’s like I’m being told no this is not for you. Only later I will have an unbearable urge to search desperately for what it is I was supposed to be doing. It’s so hard to express this and all I know is I need serious help….


    • Clive
      October 3, 2014 @ 11:31 am

      Hi Brent, this is what I’m offering – HERE.


  2. CF
    October 30, 2014 @ 1:39 am

    yes, EVERYTHING I ve tried in my life to accomplish has been stopped.
    Everything I have tried to heal, end up with shaman taking my energy, connections, one hiding it ‘so that I would never find it’ a well known shaman, who denies doin this but is still connected after a year, doing more.
    Buddhists , fighting with their predictive lies and crap, a couple sisters who sabotage everything , an adoptive parent , the same evil crap..people whove caste spells, an aunt that is a witch and puts the males in the family on the females… for what purpose? IDK, it wrecks havoc, not to mention everyone wondering about the incest implecations that could go on… etc… weird…
    Im old poor, ready to end it all, cant take much more.
    seriously. I have tried everything to deal with it, this stuff you write is extensive and I don’t have much energy or desire to deal with all this anymore.


  3. CF
    October 30, 2014 @ 2:01 am

    I would if it would help me, though. Just tired, and don’t trust anymore. Not even
    ‘Elohim’ , or I should say, especially not.


  4. J
    February 13, 2015 @ 3:43 pm

    That’s interesting. Since I was little I’ve always had this strong feeling that there’s something I’m supposed to do and that I should be training and preparing for it physically, mentally, and spiritually.


  5. Michelle
    February 13, 2015 @ 8:21 pm

    I can totally relate to this !!


  6. tatyana
    July 24, 2015 @ 4:04 pm

    I am a medium, I have unwanted attachments, and I cannot get rid of them.
    I have given “missions”. And it all started with my naive believe that “the other side” is a loving “paradise”, that their only concern is to “help me?”! I have healed myself by daily 40-minutes meditations letting go pain and negativity, and seeing how it cleanses the “dump”. I reached to the low levels where you bump into sleazy layers of the “gray” sleaze-gum. I lifted some of it into light…getting back some energy. I work hard, earn little , I self-publish books. I think, my life has been a great mistake from the start.
    Nevertheless, I am already 81 and still here and pondering… I dropped all theories… Your words about protective barriers confirm my suspicions. Thank you. … too long story to tell… To me the truth is that PEOPLE WAIT and COUNT ON HELP from “good spirits”, but there is no help, no one cares, and this is the best that can be! If they start “help” you, it means that they need the last of you… Was it why we need an INVISIBLE and UNREACHABLE GOD?!


    • Clive
      July 24, 2015 @ 4:24 pm

      Hi Tatyana . . . well . . . that about sums it up . . . best you can do is keep your head above water . . . while giving the ‘lying’ shysters the finger . . . although I am busy working on jamming a really big spanner in the entire works while throwing a broom handle through the spokes . . . ‘sometime’ . .


  7. Mrs. A
    August 4, 2015 @ 7:19 am

    Wow….with every page that I have read and even re-read. I see more of myself written in. It’s crazy to have to say that in this context. I’ve had “healings”, “clearings”, acupuncture, Ayurvedic therapy, and beyond. I have channelled and have helped to heal people. My issues are that I can never seem to get anywhere with whatever my mission is supposed to be if it I fact even is a real mission. When I am around certain people I seem to instantly absorb there negative energy. If I am around a sick person that I care about ; I will wind up taking home a good portion of their illness in me. (Doctors have not been able to find reasons for my ailments even when severe). If someone near me is sad I will break out crying for no reason of my own. And I have tried to protect myself from these “energies” to little avail. I’ve been told that my heart chakra is wide open and that it is rare to find one as open as mine. Yet I’m so secluded at this point. I’ve had a few past lives shared with me, but they don’t make much sense to me. I know that I can in certain company describe their home planet with great accuracy. That befuddled me when that happened. I’ve had pre-cognitive dreams. Every single one came to pass. With all this you would think I should be doing better right now, but I am basically disabled. Major fatigue, pain, Rheumatoid arthritis and much much more. It sucks so bad and I want these jerks to stop messing with me and let me move on with my life. On my terms not theirs! This is crap! Any help or suggestions would be great. Waiting to get a computer to download your book. Using phone only now. Thank you Clive for all your research and hard work!


  8. Elaine
    August 8, 2015 @ 8:13 pm

    Hi Clive,
    An amazing webpage, so much information. ……..

    I kept clearing myself and found that nothing helped, it felt as if it was coming from
    Inside me. A brick wall, appeared without any warning.

    Then I rememberd I had been around mediums who wanted to spend time with me, each one leached my energy and send messages.

    Now it’s hard to distinguish who is sending messages my guide or the attachments. As my connection to my guides are in there infancy.


  9. Lee
    April 5, 2016 @ 2:36 am

    I can definitely connect to this. I have been on a spiritual journey for a long time, say at least 15 years and the truth is “I never wanted to go on one.” I’ve been unemployed several times, I have had the rug pulled from under my feet many, many times. It gets so that getting back up or recovering from these attacks get longer and longer. Years is what I am talking about here. Whatever I am supposed to learn never manifests itself. This usually happens whenever I feel ready to do something. It also happens when I finally come close to achieving something.

    When I speak to professional psychics and what not their opinion is exactly what was outlined in the above essays. Trying to get proper help is becoming problematic. I have been taking to writing about my experiences on blogs and various other legitimate websites and I can’t get anyone to look at my work.

    You get angry alot, but it’s like in a vacuum. No one hears you.


  10. Carlie
    December 10, 2016 @ 11:11 pm

    For as long as I can remember, 4 years old, I have felt with my entire being that I have a life mission. That I am supposed to do something that will help/touch/assist people on a large scale, I have no idea what it was supposed to be just that I HAD to do it and thus began my spiritual quest at a young age. Seeking, questioning looking…. This information on this page is soul crushing to say the least… All for nothing but to perpetuate a never ending cycle of pain. misery and suffering….


  11. Daydreamer
    January 22, 2017 @ 7:52 pm

    I am the opposite I have never felt drawn to be doing anything. I haven’t found my niche. All I do is ponder thinking well if I don’t have a special talent and not really making a difference in this world then what’s the point in me being here. It’s a waste of time/resources and life. I feel bad that I never found what I wanted to do in life. I am however a sensitive empath but found that’s no good to anyone either. I am always surrounded by people who value material things over compassion. Anyone else feel they’re not wanted a bit like that invisible syndrome…..


    • Vicki
      November 26, 2017 @ 4:15 pm

      Yes, I have not been able to be valued, wanted, talents utilised, in fact ,the very opposite. It has been a sad, painful life, lacking confidence, and successes. People have been cruel, negating, bipolar, narcissistic, deniers. I am a very good artist but could not give paintings away for free if I wanted to. My healer friends never value my sessions and even after one they get amnesia. My male cats adored me however!


  12. C
    November 16, 2019 @ 11:29 pm

    I am keeping an open mind about What Is Really Going On. I spent money to get Reiki attunements that didn’t heal as promised so I’m not pouring cash into anyone else’s promises of help. I will investigate on my own, taking into consideration what others say or write, but keep my own counsel


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