"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

The experiences I describe on the previous page you’d mostly expect of people simulating someone that is TESTING the integrity of a virtual reality environment emulating a real reality. Those examples are what you would expect in a test environment where you are allowed to make a mistake BUT reality alters to stop you from being killed or even hurt.

However, there is another very obvious and much more likely possibility that would account for these ‘avoiding having fatal or serious’ accidents.

‘IF’ we are in a simulation and we are each ACCURATELY living out someone else’s life then this means that you CANNOT be allowed to be badly injured ‘IF’ the person you are simulating DIDN’T experience being injured.

This is in fact the whole point of a simulation.

A simulation is designed to accurately emulate ‘some’ original system. In this case the ‘system’ appears to be an entire planet of self aware, free thinking people. As the simulation calculates and renders everything AND to do that it has to keep track of future outcomes, circumstances, interactions and events ALL THE TIME. Because the simulation software it is responsible for defining ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the simulation it will know well in advance ‘IF’ someone is LIKELY to have an accident in the near future.

‘IF’ it determines that say ‘you’ reading this are heading for an accident AND that you are NOT defined as having an accident then under these circumstances it is likely that you personally, others and or the external reality itself will be directly manipulated to stop you from having any serious or fatal accident THAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE, specifically because you are simulating someone that DIDN’T have an accident.

How for Accurately Simulated Copied People You can DEDUCE ‘Anomalous, Glitches in the Matrix’ Experiences to ENSURE that Specific People are PREVENTED from having a Serious Accident

Stopping simulated copied people from having accidents that they SHOULDN’T EXPERIENCE would be easy. This would be easy, because a simulation in just being a simulation will ALWAYS automatically keep track of each persons future experience (as I describe here). The software will then automatically know well in advance ‘IF’ someone is ‘off target’ and heading for an event that WILL result in an accident AND particularly an accident that they SHOULDN’T experience. Under these conditions it is then VERY LIKELY that these specific people will experience some sort of impossible ‘intervention’ to make sure that what CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN . . .


In other words, under these conditions you can deduce that the simulation will do ‘something’ that will . . .

  1. Involve happenings or events that are seriously unlikely all the way through to ‘impossible’ . . .
  2. That such happenings and events will be just too coincidental and or feel ‘staged’ . . .
  3. Perhaps have you feeling guided . . . as well as in some cases . . .
  4. Have the person involved feeling as if there must have been some miraculous ‘divine’ intervention . . .

‘IF’ the simulation ‘intervenes’ to have you avoiding a serious accident and or death then you can expect that the experience will involve different combinations of the above for different people.

Are People Having ‘Glitches in the Matrix’ Experiences because they are Being MANIPULATED to AVOID Serious Accidents?

Stupid, feeble minded people will perhaps try and argue that a simulation would be designed to stay completely accurate and absolutely wouldn’t make these sorts of predictable mistakes. In which case then we’d all know we are in a simulation because the stupidly obvious confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance side effects which are the natural outcome of ourselves simulating someone else’s life would be say 100 times worse. In being 100 times worse, these effects might be so obvious that some academic might even start joining dots and figuring out what confirmation bias ACTUALLY represents and means.

So, you can either have seriously observably obvious ‘robotic’ people or you can allow some flexibility combined with managing your academic population so they are prevented from joining dots or figuring out realistic and obvious simulation only possibilities like the abundance of visible easily deducible structural anomalies.

However, in allowing the flexibility to allow events to ‘apparently’ unfold naturally then the down side is that every now and again this flexibility will lead to events such as accidents that didn’t happen to the original person someone here is simulating.

Under these circumstances the simulation will have to ‘intervene’ to stop specific outcomes from happening in attempts to make sure that ‘some’ specific person doesn’t significantly deviate from the life experiences and or timeline of the person they are simulating.

‘IF’ we are in a simulation then from the above you can DEDUCE that we will either . . .

  1. All be exhibiting stupidly obvious, rigid, robotic, pre-defined behaviour . . . or . . .
  2. We will have an abundance of anomalous experiences connected to ‘accidents’ and potential accidents . . . which we will be directly managed to NOT think about OR to interpret in stupid ways so that no one joins stupidly obvious dots and figures out how reality would HAVE TO BE to explain the degree of luck that some people observably exhibit in avoiding some accidents.

Do we have examples of people having IMPOSSIBLE ‘Glitches in the Matrix’ Experiences that has them avoiding having serious accidents?

The examples below are from the same page as the aircraft crash that didn’t happen. This page here:

1. I was driving to school like every morning. Where i live are tiny country roads and since the land is very rich we have extremely deep runoff ditches id say 5 ft deep down along this street is a 4 way intersection with only 2 horizontal stop signs. The horizontal intersecting road is hidden By a very full thickness of trees like a wall anyways driving to school be driving about 65 in 45 because fuck it the roads are empty right now wildbusoutoffuckingnowhere swings out of notorious intersection everything slows i see my reflection in yellow an inch from my nose my car turns. Completely sideways as i brace for the crash into the ditch open eyes Im driving about 2 miles down same road close to the school i don’t know what happened sit in car crying for 10 minutes and throw up in parking lot due to stress of grasping what happened have extreme uncontrollable hate for school buses forever. I’ve never told anyone that story. How the fuck do I explain that to anyone without sounding crazy?

2. I had a bad motorcycle crash last year (80km/hour into the side of a truck) that I walked away from. I remember downshifting as I flew at the oncoming car and not being able to break, and the split second before I hit it thinking “this is it, this is how I die, how disappointing”. Next thing I know I’m sitting on the ground with only a little bit of soft tissue damage. I don’t know how that happened, because I wasn’t even wearing my gear- just a shirt and jeans.

3. Driving [TOO FAST] and weaving through traffic Not looking where I’m going. In the middle of switching lanes; there’s someone in the next lane. Beginning to lose control of the car already. Too late to do anything, catastrophic failure is inevitable. Can’t hear anything. Everything slows down. White flash. Several miles down the road I regain my wits and am sick with fear. Friend was in the car. Immediately afterward he tells me he has no idea what just happened, or how our bodies weren’t scattered all over the road. Haven’t spoken about it since..

On the same linked page given above in the lower half there are multiple experiences described of people whom by various bizarre and miraculous means ‘avoid having a serious and likely fatal’ drowning accident.

Another avoided accident written by “theknuckler”, writing in “Ever had miraculous escape or experienced a timeslip” here:

4. On the way back through the country roads where I usually go 100 KMHish I was overcome with a strange urge to slow down to 50 kmh which I NEVER do. What do you think happens, as soon as I felt this urge 4 deer come in the road about 10-20 feet away. If I was going 100kmh as I usually do, I smoke them and who knows what happens. But I had enough time to slow down and nothing happened. I was pretty shook up and wondered how the hell I got this urge out of nowhere.

Then there is this really weird one written by “Epsilon5; writing in “Reality Glitches” here:

5. I’ve witnessed an occasion on which a man was walking on a scaffold which promptly collapsed, leaving him floating upright in mid-air until he walked (on where the scaffold would have been) to the nearest building to safety. No real explanation for that one. Just a glitch. (He didn’t mind though, lol)

I personally know someone that tried taking a massive drug overdose, was in a car accident that had the car bouncing end over end at high speed many times (he walked away with a minor scratch) and also jumped off what you would expect to be a fatally tall cliff. He’s given up trying to kill himself. This is a situation where someone here is simulating someone that is NOT scripted as dying or having a serious accident.

‘IF’ we are in a simulation then it just won’t allow anything that is NOT DEFINED to happen to happen ‘IF’ this will result in there being a significant diversion from that persons pre-defined life script.

Have you had a Glitch in the Matrix Anomalous Experience connected with ALMOST Having an Accident?

Have you been close to having a serious accident or you almost had a serious accident BUT this was avoided in ways that are SUSPICIOUS.

Alternatively, have you had an accident BUT in circumstances where it seemed engineered or set up to happen? I had one of these ‘manufactured’ accidents which I describe on this page here?

If you do then tick the appropriate ticks in the poll below (you can tick 3 because it is possible that some people will have experienced all 3 accident possibilities (I’ve experienced 2).

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If you do tick the poll then please consider leaving a comment describing your experience of what happened.

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