Corruption & Loss of the True Self & Authentic Self

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

On the previous page I described how TFT & EFT solutions actually work to give the ‘obvious’ healing results that they in most cases achieve.

Are you being your True Authentic Self?

They often do, they often over compensate in terms of what they achieve. By this I mean that they generate ‘extra’ frequencies to deliberately make people feel good, positive, whole, energetic or ‘whatever’.

This seems to be the case with certain practitioners but not others.

Do you know that there is only one thing worse than finding out that your ‘negative’ states are 99.9% of the time the result of subtle energetic ‘shit’ deliberately applied to yourself to put you into these, maintain these and to make them worse over time?

Do Healing State Outcomes Bring You Closer to your True ‘Natural’ Self?

The only thing worse than this is becoming aware that what you considered to be your own ‘good’ states, feelings, positive attitudes and qualities are often not ‘naturally’ you either but are the result of efforts made by the ‘helpful’ but subtly ‘unconscious’ using therapy, healing or spiritual approaches that over compensate when they are used to counteract negative states such that you end up finding yourself in a ‘forced’ and entirely ‘false’ overly positive one.

This unfortunately isn’t a practice limited to EFT, TFT type solutions it’s ‘standard operating procedure’ for just about everything.

I say ‘unfortunately’ because after a healing session when you then find yourself in a ‘good, positive, balanced’ state just about everyone assumes this ‘state’ actually ‘better’ represents their ‘true, authentic real’ self.

The Corruption & Loss of the True Self & the Authentic Self . . .

I’ve only come across a few very ‘rare’ types whom have actually questioned their ‘good’ state after particular healing sessions (of any type).

These ‘aware’ people are a bit puzzled that their new state seems to be ‘fixed’ such that even when their ‘real’ life circumstances become ‘authentically’ difficult, stressful and or debilitating their ‘new’ state not only remains intact but actually then doesn’t reflect what they are currently living particularly in terms of life difficulties.

It’s even been noticed by some that their false ‘positive’ state actually prevents them from actually confronting and dealing effectively with ‘difficult’ life circumstances. This is because these ‘false positive, fake in balance’ states are often ‘fixed’ so strongly that it’s a bit like wearing a ‘positive, one size fit’s ALL’ rigid healing straight jacket.

Basically virtually all types of healing, therapy and spiritual approaches are striving to achieve a pre defined ‘best outcome’ state for each client. These ‘outcome’ states have actually been pre-defined by ‘someone’ as the ‘best states’ their particularly brand of healing, therapy or spiritual path should be aiming to achieve.

Did you know that these ‘best fit positive states’ are also often include being ‘aligned’ to the beliefs, understandings and attitudes of the path or way that the healer, therapist or spiritual practitioner is associated with too?

In other words virtually all spiritual, healing and therapy solutions are about getting you into the ‘positive, balanced, state’ that someone somewhere has ‘decided’ is the ‘right’ state we should each be in with respect not only to their own beliefs and understandings but also their paths agendas too.

How to Become your True & Authentic Self . . .

As this imagined ‘true self’ state is achieved by forcing against all the negative and un-balancing energetic crap already there then often a great effort is made to LOCK people into what is assumed to be the correct, ‘authentic self’ condition. Hence ‘some’ people become aware they have little choice to live anything that is different to what the ‘locked in, enforced balance’ healing state outcome allows.

In reading what others have written about the authentic or real self I’d have to say that I’m not talking about the same lack of authenticity or falseness.

Yes, I’ve no problem at all in relating to people not properly representing themselves or of deliberately living in some way that is not ‘who they think they are’ to fit in with larger or others expectations or to prevent themselves being hurt or ridiculed for example.

Is it REALLY Possible to Become and Live your True, Real Self Completely?

Others have pointed out that being authentic means to be true to your own personality and inner spirit despite pressures from external forces and influences.

What I’m trying to convey here is that in a VERY fundamental sense; who you ‘think you really are’ in terms of your ‘personality or character or ‘inner spirit’ might not actually ‘really’ represent yourself either. What I am saying is that it’s very unlikely that what you consider to be your own: character and personality traits, attitudes, automatic responses, learned behaviours, values, beliefs and goals are actually completely authentically you whether you openly live and present these or not.

How often might your general manner, beliefs and life view be ‘supported’ or worse seriously defined or seriously ‘fixed’ by subtle means through what you have been involved with in your larger past?

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