How 1000′s of Healers Missed 1000’s of Entity Attachments in 100’s of Life Times . . .

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I had worked with a client that was a full time healer some years ago. He happened to mention that he would regularly become angry at other ‘healers’ because they not only had more clients than himself but were less competent than he was. This seriously annoyed him. So, this ‘reaction’ was internal, he had not actually expressed his feelings or confronted any of these healers or therapists.

The barely mentioned, well hidden, negative entity attachments issue

If you are a healer then what would you think about this? What might be in the background and WELL hidden? Any ideas? I’ve got used to checking through past lives for issues to know that this will be happening life time after life time AND that he has probably expressed his feelings VERY strongly to some healers and really annoyed them too. Which is REALLY not a good idea is it? You cannot do that sort of thing to healers or spiritual types can you? They’d tend to think you’re being negative and unbalanced . . . . So, in a healing session we decided to explore this more deeply. I started by connecting him energetically to EVERY single time he ever had any confrontation or falling out with ANY healer or therapist . . . in EVERY SINGLE LIFE TIME . . . . that took a bit of time to connect to them all . . .

Well, it was difficult to see what had been happening during these times because it was dark / blank and it was dark and blank because of all the protective barriers around himself. So, in past lives he HAD complained to other healer types and their RESPONSE to this caused him to have to put up shit loads of psychic protection . . . so, I tried to take these down which was a little difficult because this is NOT allowed . . . did you know that? These barriers were being guarded by some archangels and it required quite a lot of shouting at them to get them to even show themselves never mind to actually get them to remove the barriers . . . . but we did eventually . . .

How Healers Fail to become aware of many Negative Entity Attachments?

To find that it was still dark . . . . and it was dark because these healers had actually responded to his so called ‘negative’ outbursts by actually trying to isolate him by putting lots of ‘isolating’ barriers around him . . . to ‘help’ keep him away from themselves and other healer types whom he might upset . . . which is one reason why he was NOT actually going to say anything to them . . . in this life . . . so we got rid of these barriers too . . . there were 100’s of them . . . Then there was light and we could see . . . to find ourselves confronted by 40,000+ entities . . . whom were all a little belligerent because of what they’d put up with from this healer in the past saying nasty and hurtful things to them . . .

So, it took a while to deal with all of these PROPERLY such that EVERYONE was happy with this situation . . . which included engaging with what ALL that these 40,000+ had done against my client . . . which was a LOT . . . . and which we disposed of . . . AND all that my client had done against them . . . which again was rather a lot . . . which again we nicely disposed of . . . then we cleared all energy ties and cords binding them to each other and so on . . . until these were all dealt with . . . then we cleared all that others had done that was keeping them angry and unforgiving, pissed off and against each other . . . there was rather a lot doing this too . . . which ended up leaving about 3 entities still slightly attached out of the initial 40,000+ . . . but these went later on too . . . Only when we cleared all the crap acting on him did he become aware of the WEIGHT that he’d been under from the accumulation of all of these . . . that he’d not noticed because IT HAD ALWAYS BEEN THERE . . . The 40,000+ entity attachments represented about 6,000+ healers, therapists and spiritual types . . . whom life time after lifetime had used the same useless approaches that were actually RESPONSIBLE for keeping this monster growing and growing . . . it doesn’t say much for the awareness or competence of those supposed to be the best DOES IT?

Anyone got any awareness of this healer’s real issues?

What are the REAL issues of this healer? Any Ideas? Issues; life problems, things that are not working? Any Ideas? The real original issue is THIS;

What is stopping this healer from having lots of clients AND what is causing him to get upset and VERY angry with other healer types?

How Healers Consistently fail to identify Entity Attachments & Other Negative Issues

Even more worrying is that this healer guy had actually worked with 20-30 other healers and therapists before myself (in this lifetime) and many of these he said were internationally recognized apparently and they all missed identifying this issue never mind resolving it properly and given he’s been bumping into the same lifetime after lifetime then some have obviously been missing this issue all the way down the line . . . Why out of 6000+ healer and therapist types was there obviously not even one that stepped forward to help this guy out or if they did it obviously didn’t make any difference? . . . I’d be guessing but it seems like they all reverted to their ZERO awareness default state in terms of issues and did what they always did i.e. react fearfully while using the old, front line, number one energetic protection method . . . while also falling over themselves to get as far away from any ‘negativity’ as possible . . . else they get contaminated . . . . again and again it seems . . . what a pathetic lot

How many Spirit Entity Attachments might you have BUT are missed by your healer therapist?

There are FEW healers, light workers, new age or spiritual people that I know that DON’T have either obvious or (hidden) reactions to some other OR others of the same . . . so just what might YOU reading this be unaware of too? . . . how many entity attachments may YOU have that you’ve no idea about? . . . never mind probably having zero ability to sort out properly . . . I’d expect that 90% of healers, light workers, new age and spiritual types will have a GREAT number of hidden entity attachments that they are completely unaware of too . . . out of sight not only means out of mind but out of awareness too . . . never mind being beyond their understanding OR abilities to resolve . . .

A Raised Awareness of EXACTLY WHAT?

This healer was aware in a multidimensional sense of some details in sessions.

He even picked up some details of what was going on that I’d missed and yet here is a practising subtle energy ‘aware’ healer that’s missed all these entity attachments to himself because the regular use of protection in the past AND past lives took them completely off the radar. Even off the radar of other alleged ‘competent’ practitioners too . . .

What else may you ALL (it seems) be missing?

  • Why are you all told to TRUST and to NOT question so called ‘higher’ and or ‘divine’ beings . . .
  • Why are few (if ANY) encouraged to REALLY investigate and REALLY openly research?
  • Why are we being encouraged to use practices and tools that over time make things worse and worse not only for our clients BUT also end up making make it more and more likely that we become aware of less and less . . .

. . . . why is this?

You should also be aware that many OBE, negative entity, subtle and spiritual experiences are NOT!! They are experiences relating to virtual realities being translated into subtle and ‘spiritual’ experience. The ‘BIGGEST EVER SECRET’ is that we are living in someone’s simulation project AND rather than ‘think’ about or try and deal with negative issues and entity attachments as ‘subtle or spiritual’ it’s much better to approach them and to try and deal with them as ‘translated’ virtual reality / environment experiences.

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