"Earth as a Simulation Series I: How the New Age movements spiritual sayings are 'correct' for a COPIED population where everyone is 'accurately' living SOMEONE ELSE's LIFE. How 'Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance' are the deducible 'Fixed Behaviours' a copied population will present BUT, wont figure out because 'software' defined people can easily be managed."

How ‘on earth’ could ‘everything’ be perfectly unfolding? How on earth could everyone be living exactly what is right and ‘perfectly’ relevant for themselves?

Seriously does this sound IN THE SLIGHTEST as if this would be correct ‘IF’ this saying was referring to one of those ‘mythical’ real worlds?

On a real world ‘everything’ you observe is the result of natural processes and the outcomes of these processes over very long time spans. You reading this would then be the outcome of these processes as they unfold over very long time spans. Not only that BUT as a self aware, conscious, self determining, occasionally free thinking person you would be making your own decisions and defining your own future AND you will likely be doing this in each moment.

The outcome of our decisions could actually result in ourselves changing and even controlling and manipulating so called natural processes AND in ways that are absolutely NOT predictable ‘IF’ we are on a real world.

Would anyone describe themselves as ‘perfectly’ unfolding? Would you describe yourself as ‘perfectly’ unfolding ‘IF’ you were living on a real world?

My life is ‘Perfectly’ Unfolding, I am Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfect’ for Myself

  • Doesn’t this saying imply that you are not free to make free choices and free decisions?
  • Doesn’t this saying imply that your future and your life and your decisions are already pre-determined and already mapped out?
  • Doesn’t this ‘perfect’ unfolding saying imply that you are like a train on fixed lines and that everything of your life and how it unfolds is already pre-defined and pre-determined?
  • Doesn’t this saying imply that you have no freewill? No choice?

Strangely enough ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then our lives are NOT determined by ourselves, our lives are in fact determined by a pre-defined script.

This would be the pre-defined and accurate ‘script’ of the person you are simulating.

How would it be possible for Everything to be ‘Perfectly’ Unfolding?

In a simulation you reading this would be living someone else’s life AND your life would be completely pre-determined, who your parents are would be pre-defined before you were born, where you are born, even at what time you are born, whom your friends will be, which school you go to . . . and so on and so on . . .

Under these circumstances everything of your pre-defined and pre-determined ‘scripted’ life would be generated by the mechanics of the simulation software AND in this sense your life WOULD very, very, much be unfolding perfectly ‘IF’ the simulation designers had done a decent job in putting their seriously complicated simulation together properly.

Each simulated person in a simulation project would be living out exactly what is right and perfect for themselves as a very necessary COMPONENT of ‘someone’s’ very complicated simulation project to achieve it’s aimed for design objectives.

Everyone is Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfect’ for the Designers of the Simulation


Every facet of each simulated persons life would be pre-defined AND each simulated person’s life would be PERFECTLY UNFOLDING ‘IF’ the simulation software was doing it’s job AND the script data was accurately defining each person.

In a simulation, no matter what ‘path’ you take whether the ‘path’ is a specific ‘route’ through a wood or a spiritual path the route you take is always PRE-DEFINED, the OUTCOME of taking ANY path of ANY type is pre-determined AND each path in an ACCURATE simulation ALWAYS leads to same place from the simulation designers perspective.

That place is the goal or to successfully achieve the objective of ‘whatever’ the simulation project was designed to do.

How could All Paths Lead to the Same Place?

All Paths, as in all directions taken by someone in a simulation will all lead to the same outcome which would be to FULFIL the aims and objectives that the simulation designers had for their simulation project.

As a ‘saying’, then this too would also fit in very nicely with ourselves being in someone’s simulation project.

I will likely return to this specific saying (All Paths Lead to the Same Place) later in these pages because depending on what the actually ‘project’ is that we are living in this could ALSO be interpreted and validly explained from the perspective of ourselves being in a simulated ‘therapy’ project for example.

  1. Earth Represents Everyone and Everything ✓
  2. There Is Nothing New in ALL OF CREATION ✓
  3. Earth is the Centre of Everything ✓
  4. Each Person’s Experiences & Understandings are ALL Equally Valid ✓
  5. Everything is ‘Perfectly’ Unfolding ✓
  6. Everyone is Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfect’ for Themselves ✓
  7. All Paths Lead to the Same Place ✓

So far we now have 7 out of seven so called ‘spiritual’ sayings that actually relate to and are ACCURATE for ourselves being in a simulation . . .

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