Law of Attraction Beating the Drum ‘Manifest Your Desires’ Example of ‘How to achieve this’!!

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I had someone recently leave a comment on my site stating that the site was an example of what Esther (from Abraham Hicks) talks about ‘Beating the drum’ apparently wrongly. So, I thought I’d better find out what this beating the drum stuff means (quote below is from HERE).

Abraham Hicks; Beating the Drum Advice

You say… I want this, I want that, but then you keep beating the drum of… I don’t have this, I don’t have that. The Law of Attraction reacts only to where we are beating our drum. The more we feel, think and speak about what we don’t have or don’t like, we are beating that drum and just attracting more of what we don’t have or don’t like. If we feel, think and speak about what we DO want, then we are beating that drum and we have a much easier time attracting that to us.

So, I found that comment a ‘bit’ insulting because an often used Law of Attraction Phrase as in;

Orientate your Attention onto what you want to Consciously Manifest . . . .

I actually completely agree with, but rather than use this as most others do which is to avoid and stay disengaged from so called negative issues, I use it as follows . . .

I put my FULL attention on consciously manifesting an orientation toward, engaging with and DEEPLY investigating and understanding my own debilitating, traumatic and negative personal and life issues. I then put my attention on creatively manifesting the means to completely identify every last thing that ever contributed in the slightest to the symptoms and effects that denoted each issues mere surface or skin deep presentations. I then orientated my attention to manifesting effective solutions for all that I found contributing to every issue. I’ve kept doing this for all my issues and all my clients issues . . .

I’m sure you’ve no idea of the degree of absolute focus that I can muster. It’s quite scary to be honest, once I align to a particular orientation the drum doesn’t beat in any other way until I’ve creatively manifested everything I can out of that intention line.

Beating the Drum Conscious Creative Manifesting Example

Over the space of a decade the above law of attraction ‘Beating the Drum’ alignment eventually had me successfully manifesting and bringing into direct conscious awareness exactly what and whom was preventing me from;

  • Directly engaging with my own issues.
  • Understanding the origins of my own issues.
  • Finding what was really responsible for my own issues.
  • Finding ways of dealing with what was responsible for my own issues.

The outcome of me being dedicated about ‘Beating my law of attraction drum’ is this web site explaining in amazing detail why I was having problems engaging with negative issues, exploring their past origins and resolving them completely in a proper fashion. In this respect I’m sure you’ll have to agree that I’m nothing if not a very successful conscious creator of the highest calibre.

For a long article series describing the sabotages to seriously orientation toward negative issues and how we revealed both what was doing this and why then read this article series HERE.

On the other hand what if you were a depraved psycho type and wanted to control people and do whatever you wanted? How might someone of dark means use the law of attraction style beating the drum type creator consciousness to manifest themselves as absolute supreme controllers and dictators?

To find out how just how some dedicated control freaks might do this then read the next page . . .