The Subtle Causes of Loss of Vitality, Vigour & Life Force

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The Spiritual Hierarchy have two policies that end up degrading and debilitating our energy body leading to long term general degeneration and loss of vitality and life ‘force’, those most subjected to these policies in some cases invoke energetic top ups to compensate for the effects that result.

How Psychic Protection Blocks out ‘Natural’ Energies & leads to Energy Body Starvation

On the previous page I described how ‘aware’ people and particularly ‘lightworkers’ are persuaded to put up protection. When barriers are used that block out a wide spectrum of subtle energies and then this makes it more difficult for your subtle energetic bodies to receive essential and natural subtle energetic energies from the environment which is the ‘food’ on which your subtle energetic body relies for optimum functioning.

The more someone uses these types of ‘subtle energy excluding’ barriers then the more likely they are to become depleted of the natural energies needed for optimum energy body functioning. Over time such depletions can end up seriously weakening and debilitating your energy body.

How Cleansing Practices & Techniques Gradually Eorde the Functioning of the Subtle Energetic Body

The Spiritual Hierarchy have us all subjected to ‘negativity cleansing’ technologies that automatically try and identify and ‘cleanse’ negativity from our energy bodies. This might sound like a good idea and it would be except that this process is doing more than expected.

Spirit help are responsible for collecting and disposing of this negativity. As no one likes their immediate environment ending up like a garbage heap then the spirit help do a good job of getting rid of this crap and of containing it within very secure energetic ‘lock ups’. It then becomes virtually permanently inaccessible.

Unfortunately this ‘trashed’ energetic negativity is virtually always mixed up with very small ‘tiny’ soul fragments. That is to say that the amazing cleansing process in getting rid or ‘negative’ hot spots within your energy body is actually getting rid of bits of your energy body at the same time. Even more unfortunate is that if this actually sinks in then you can find that a not insignificant proportion of you energy body is now behind guarded containments and inaccessible by merely asking or even if you jump up and down and shout very loudly.

How Vitality, Vigour & Subtle Life Force and Worse Common Sense gradually diminish

Because of such a policy most people are actually missing between 20% and a horrifying 80% of their energy field. Which is unfortunate because this makes your energy body and hence your physical body weaker, less coherent and more prone to tiredness and vitality issues never mind increasing health problems. You will find more detail on these areas HERE. The energetic cleansing technologies responsible for the loss of subtle energy body material are described in greater detail HERE.

We have actually informed the Spiritual Hierarchy that this is what is happening, we’ve even given them full and detailed presentations not only of how their implant technologies are doing this BUT also of the long term damage that they cause. Unfortunately as they are the ‘Big Dawgs’ and gifted with amazing ‘Egos’ then they don’t like being told things by ‘insignificant’ others and as such haven’t as yet taken any notice of this or of our success in recovering and restoring these lost ‘bits’ to our own energy bodies.

The gradual loss of energy body material combined with the continuous use and therefore gradual build up of protective barriers that filter out natural subtle energies essential for a ‘healthy’ energy body are responsible for general health, vigour, vitality and robustness gradually degrading.

It’s perhaps possible that having a population becoming more and more debilitated, tired, inactive and less vital while suffering from more and more health problems might actually be part of their ‘Divine’ plan?

The Increasing Need to Use Artificial Subtle Energetic Top Ups To Keep the Subtle Body Functional

The outcome of these debilitating policies is that some people are now having to regularly invoke energetic top ups in attempts to compensate for a loss of vitality and to counteract a depleted subtle energetic body (I’ve more on this HERE).

If you are having to energetically top up your subtle energetic body then you are recommended to find out why your energy body cannot maintain itself in the first place and address what is responsible for this. Anything else is yet another quick fix solution devoid of real understanding that will lead to yet more problems in the long term.

Do you know whom are manufacturing these ‘top up’ energies? Are they exclusively using only natural energies or are they making synthetic and artificial substitutes? Are they perhaps adding in frequencies that might do things you’d not imagine like for example of making you addicted to such energetic snacks or making you docile and accepting or maybe they stop you thinking deeply? This would be one possible explanation for why people don’t seem capable of thinking about what’s become so wrong with themselves that they require artificial energetic top up snacks in the first place?