An Example of an Earth Simulation Rendering ANOMALY likely due to Unanticipated Software Interactions

A few pages back in this simulation argument basics section there were a few pages basically demolishing the perpetuated myth that ‘IF’ we are in a simulation there won’t be any anomalies.

I made it very clear that ‘IF’ we are in a simulation it is obvious that we can EXPECT anomalies and likely many of them.

I even pointed out some ‘simulation’ research done on the water molecule showing that it would be impossible to simulate all of the interactions between just two water molecules under all possible conditions PERFECTLY, in other words ‘IF’ we are in a simulation we can expect our water molecule to be anomalous AND not only is it anomalous, BUT no one even notices this AND no one seems capable of joining ANY stupidly simple dots.

On the previous pages I also made it clear that you should EXPECT anomalies that are the result of highly complex software components interacting in unforeseen and or unanticipated ways.

These earlier pages also explained why ‘IF’ we are in a simulation presenting MANY anomalies you would absolutely manage people to stop them becoming aware of them, stop them thinking about them while conceptually have as many people as possible ignore them . . .

  1. What is an ‘Anomaly’? What would be a good Definition of Anomaly for Simulation Evidence Investigations & Evaluations?
  2. How many Earth Simulation Software Programmers would it take to Simulate People Changing a Light Bulb without Presenting Anomalies?
  3. The Anomalous, Invisible & Ignored ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ Anomaly Phenomena

A Personal Example of a Complex Simulation Software Interaction ANOMALY

To reinforce this point complex software anomalies should be expected point, I’m now going to write about an experience that I had that is:
Impossible to have in a real reality and . . .
Can be explained as being the consequences of some very specific simulation software routines interacting in RARE and hence unanticipated ways.

About 10 years ago probably in mid 2004 I had been trying to plan the layout out of some documentation related to exploring ‘subtle’ realities and of identifying subtle causes of my own and others personal issues while also trying to figure out how best to present all of this information. Unfortunately I was having a problem doing this as I just couldn’t seem to get a coherent picture of how to explain or fit certain things together conceptually.

In fact when I tried to do this my head would go ‘fuzzy’, blank and ‘mentally’ I’d find myself drifting off . . .

As, I was used to ‘checking’ if there was anything ‘subtle’ responsible for causing any of my personal issues then I eventually decided to check to see if I could identify anything ‘messing with my head’ which might be contributing to cause these ‘head blanking’ symptoms and hence make it difficult for me to write my explanations of subtle realities and all the subtle items I’d already identified as contributing to all sorts of things.

So, I did what I normally do and started to try to perceive and then identify any ‘subtle’ interferences that might be contributing to my blank, ‘fuzzy’ head, cannot figure things out properly issue.

Difficulties & Blocks to Comprehending & Formalising large scale Interconnected Information Sets

To help you appreciate the conditions under which this anomaly was generated I will set the scene of my (potentially simulated) environment . . .

In mid 2004, where I sat and spent time thinking and musing while lounging on my sofa my normal line of sight view included a window right in front of myself. Through this window I would constantly see the upper half of the building opposite and all the details of the roof area of this view. On the lower roof area a ladder has been left leaning against the upper wall which is how the owners gain access to the upper roof area above. Obviously this entire scene is static, it doesn’t change and in fact it hasn’t changed for many months. Because the window is in my direct line of sight from where I sit and because I am reclined lounging back for hours each day then I am aware of all the fine details of everything within this scene. The ladder was in the middle of this scene and so was ALWAYS something I couldn’t avoid noticing in fine detail.

I was sitting with this window view in clear sight while thinking about what I wanted to try and write. You could say that I was trying to envision how all of my current understandings of the subtle could be put together in a more integrated and meaningful format. Basically I was trying to put together, ‘visualise’ or conceptualise an ordered structure and lay out for my ‘subtle items’ documentation.

It was while sitting like this that I decided to ‘check’ for any subtle ‘interferences’ that might be contributing to make it difficult for me to even think about never mind to actually be able to write about these subtle reality topics. So, I started checking. Doing this then had me orientating all of my senses and perceptions to identify and to engage with whatever I could detect of subtle originated items. As I do this I drop my head and you could say that my ‘vision’ re-orientates and resolves to an alternate inner vision that presents me with ‘subtle’ domains and this you could say temporarily overlays my normal ‘physical’ vision.

As there turned out to be different combinations of subtle ‘interferences’ and one ‘big’ item in particular impacting my ability to ‘think’ about all the different aspects of the ‘subtle’ with respect to cataloging identified subtle crap and of how they negatively impact visible physical issues then I re-orientated myself to engage with these and to get rid of them. I then got rid of them and I then re-orientated to my normal external visual view.

I likely spent 10 to 15 seconds in this internal space disengaged from the normal external physical view that include my window.

The effect of clearing the ‘subtle’ crap messing with my general thinking and larger ‘envisioning’ ability resulted in an immediate, completely unexpected and bizarre very visible external change.

The ladder that I saw everyday and in fact everything through the window was suddenly closer and noticeably VERY, MUCH bigger. It was as if a switch had been flicked to engage a X2 zoom function when looking through a camera lens. It was as if the building opposite had been physically moved about 10 meters closer. All the building details including the detail of the ladder literally doubled such that I could now see things in finer detail that I’d not been aware of before (for example that there was a string cord tied to one rail and which was hanging down).

The ladder and the building appeared to be twice the size they had been, yet of course my sitting position had not moved nor the buildings NOR HAD MY WINDOW SPACE SUDDENLY BECOME BIGGER.

Now, let me make this very clear.

The detail in my room was the same as it had been, everything in the room was the same ‘visual’ size as it had been. The window frame and transparent glass window space ‘surround’ was the same size as it had been. In other words the window space itself WASN’T LARGER.

It was specifically and ONLY the entire original scene through the exact same ‘visual’ glass space area within which everything appeared to be about twice as large as it had been. The scene area or size WASN’T reduced, absolutely everything that was in the scene before was still in the scene BUT now, in visual terms it was twice as big while everything within the room was the same size as it had been. To make it even clearer, my vision hadn’t improved, I wasn’t resolving ‘detail’ better than I was before this happened. The only difference was that everything ONLY within the window space was twice the size WHILE still being presented within the same area.

This to put this very bluntly . . . this is IMPOSSIBLE.

An Example of an Impossible Visible ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ caused by complex software interacting in unanticipated ways

You could say that whatever subtle interferences that I got rid of had been making everything I saw at a distance seem twice as far away as they actually were (it would be more correct to say that they had appeared to be twice as far away as they could have been).

It was seriously frightening to experience such a dramatic change to something considered constant and immutable both in terms of my eye sight and our reality. It actually took me a couple of days before I stopped feeling seriously uneasy and disturbed because of this incident. In terms of how ‘vision’ is supposed to work this is completely impossible?

Now you could just dismiss this as impossible, and that’s fine if you want to stay stuck to the fairy tale of us being in a real reality. Particularly as I’m told that this two times visual scale shift through a window of a fixed size is quite possible if we are in a simulation and the window spaces are being rendered with respect to ‘outside’ details separately to what is rendered within the room space itself.

As I’ve already mentioned quite a few times it’s possible that you will have unexpected interactions between different software components and in this case the unexpected interactions likely happened between the software dealing with symbolic presentations in this case representing me trying to ‘envision’ large scale data sets and data interconnections including perhaps ‘envisioning’ the future documentation being written and also the software handling the effects of all the subtle crap impacting ourselves and how getting rid of subtle crap that has a direct magical ‘symbolic’ influence on my ‘distant’ vision resulted in the rendering software outputting a noticeably absolutely impossible visual presentation.

I was extremely lucky to experience this bizarre complex simulation software interaction ‘glitch’ or ‘anomaly’?

If I’d not been sitting looking at that window I’d not have noticed this change as it happened. If I been sitting somewhere else, made a cup of tea and then sat and looked out of the window, then I might not have correlated getting rid of the subtle ‘interferences’ as being related to possible symbolic ‘visual’ presentations. I’d likely notice that I could ‘somehow’ see more detail and that ‘something’ or ‘somethings’ perhaps looked bigger BUT I’d have missed the immediate before and after, cause to effect correlation.

What else is very significant about this example?

Well, the initial problem that started me investigating to try and find ‘whatever’ was impacting myself was because I was aware of having problems THINKING in large scale terms.

The suppression of THINKING about very large diverse data sets Anomaly

I was specifically having problems trying to get my head around AND to organise a very, VERY large and diverse set of ‘personal experience’ data relating to the subtle realms and subtle ‘shit’. The very same data that in fact led to all the pages you are reading here. In other words, this was my FIRST encounter in terms of identifying subtle ‘shit’ that in my terms was deliberately suppressing my ability to hold and examine this data set in my head and to THINK how the different elements of this data, the patterns and how they interconnect and interact.

So, two things to think about from this . . .

  1. The simulation is likely to keep people fooled such that if PUSHED it will push ANYTHING it can as the ’cause’ in front of ‘worrying’ people. It will use this strategy as long as doing this will prevent ANYONE from THINKING ‘simulation’. It is very likely that for some specific ‘exploration’ lines I was taking the simulation software was (being the source of ALL here) directly manifesting subtle shit for me to find rather than of having me find NOTHING which would have had me shifting to spend concerted amounts of time THINKING about ‘earth as a simulation’ possibilities probably years earlier compared to when I actually started doing this.
  2. Another worrying fact is that in science, academics and scientists don’t in fact have to worry in the slightest about conceptually ‘in their head’ handling large and very diverse datasets that hugely span and engage with multiple research disciplines and topic areas because the very way science functions has them each individually focused on one tiny slice of ‘next to nothing’. This is pretty much the ‘dream’ research structure for a simulation designer, if you ask me.

Which other web site spans the ‘subtle’, past lives, healing, spiritual, anomalies AND ties all of this together with ourselves being in a simulation AND gives page after page of evidence of this RATHER than what is observed elsewhere which is of people writing most often of single subject areas AND if anyone dares ‘speculate’ the ‘speculation’ focuses on vague possibilities rather than of speculation that leads very logically from one point to the next to more and more observable and in fact measurable evidence that we are in a simulation.

I originally wrote a version of this example on one of my web sites quite a few years ago. (Search for: Blocks to envisioning or planing ahead effectively).

If you read this example then you’ll notice that I managed to figure out the ‘symbolic’ aspect of this event BUT not the ‘simulated reality’ contribution.

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