Cooperation Between Spiritual Paths is Suppressed

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"Catalogues the Deceptions, Lies, Suppressions & Injustices the Diabolical Policies & resulting Horrors & Atrocities of; 'The Usual 'Light' Suspects'; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, 'Elohim' and assorted sidekicks. For the Spiritually Advanced wanting Initiation into Ancient Truths, Hidden Light Secrets & Higher Divine Activations. WARNING; For the Spiritually Ready ONLY . . . are you READY?"

Because of this leader guy turning up we started checking to see if there were any other groups whose orientation was of the opening up / trying to investigate issues type and it turns out that there are about 50 small groups (out of the 5,000 groups that are directly part of the Spiritual Hierarchy) working in this ‘engaging with issues’ way.

How many Spiritual & Healing groups have tried to approach issues PROPERLY?

The combined numbers present in these 50 groups represent 1 in 500 with respect to the number of ‘people’ of all groups.

So, for every 500 healers, therapists, practitioners working with ‘something’ in ways that bury, cover, signal jam, contain, negate, balance or whatever there is just 1 (ONE) attempting to work to an opening up ‘seriously investigate’ alignment.

Spiritual Hierarchy Divine Strategies; Divide, Separate and Keep Isolated

What was a HUGE surprise was that none of them knew about each other. They had been deliberately kept separate and great lengths had been taken to ensure they never connected with each other.

TOOoOooOooo L A T E . . . . . .

So, we negotiated (shouted a lot) for the details of ALL such groups from the Spiritual Hierarchy and we eventually got them.

Do you YOU understand the implications of this?

Best Intentioned Groups Prevented from Cooperating & Sharing Understandings & Resources

That the spiritual, healing and therapy groups most dedicated in their efforts to engage with, investigate and explore issues DIRECTLY whom are the most correct in their alignments to achieve this have been kept away from each other.

They have been kept separated from each other from the beginning of this earth based spiritual process to prevent them from pooling information that might have led them to even greater and deeper understandings. Like becoming aware of that everything we are using as solutions has only EVER been dealing with symptoms and effects.

They have been sabotaged from exploring or working effectively with negative or difficult issues because of shit policies by the Spiritual Hierarchy (so called ‘divine’ beings) whom have been keeping past healing solution efforts hidden that are permanently maintained, active and still present in our energy fields NOW.

The greatest spiritual and healing ring pass knot

Therapies, healing systems, spiritual paths and everything else, basically ‘EVERYTHING’ that we use to facilitate ourselves are aligned in the same way; away from actually engaging with debilitating issues or openly investigating their absolute origins or causes. There is an article series HERE of what happens if you attempt to even just try and take a ‘right’ intentioned line.

There are virtually NO therapies, healing systems and so on that are actually orientated toward facing, opening to and TRYING to SERIOUSLY explore the REAL origins of issues.