Earth Simulation Hypothesis Evidence 5: Simulation & Matrix Definitions & basic, Simulation Argument foundation Information is Missing

"Simulation Evidence Compilation Pages: This Article Series Provides a Summary of the Evidence I've Compiled using Knowledge of Operational Simulations to Speculate on the Compromises FORCED on the designers when Simulating Self Aware People"

On the previous page I asked the question . . .

“‘IF’ you were a simulation designer AND you did implement this ‘make your simulated as self aware, free thinking population feeble minded with respect to all ‘worrying’ earth as a simulation possibilities’ then what would you expect to happen with respect to all written presentations related to ‘earth as a simulation’ possibilities?”

Well, what you’d expect if this specific management strategy of all ‘earth as a simulation’ related information presentations HAS been implemented is that the QUALITY of information for presentations relating to ‘earth as a simulation’ possibilities would be absolutely dreadful.

Is it?

Science likes to imagine that it’s defining base and basic assumptions are solid and are built on well defined ‘objective’ components. You could say that science makes a big thing about defining the basic building blocks so that at the very least you have a solid foundation for each main subject and research area. In other words you’d expect terms to be defined and definitions to be given to provide basic clarity and orientation for specific ‘interest’ lines.

What you find for authoritative web pages discussing the simulation argument can only be described as a farce. Basic information and definitions are missing. No one seems to have a clue what a simulation is or what a Matrix is or how they differ from each other. In fact on all ‘imagined’ authoritative web pages Matrix only information is continually mixed up with Simulation only information. Is this because there are no definitions of Matrix, or Simulation to be found?

What is a Matrix, What is a Simulation? What are the Differences? Does ANYONE Know . . . ?

Even Professor Bostrom on the simulation argument web site cannot get any of this right either. He presents a page called ‘Why Make a Matrix? And Why You Might Be In One’ which describes and discusses very obvious MATRIX only possibilities on a web site purporting to be focused on SIMULATION ARGUMENT ONLY POSSIBILITIES.

Not only does this specific seriously out of place page NOT explain what they stark differences between the two are (simulation and matrix) BUT it also doesn’t even give basic definitions of a Simulation or a Matrix which would at the very least help you to figure out the important differences for yourself. For definitions of matrix and simulation that are supportive of THINKING about earth as a simulation possibilities then read this page here for some discussion of differences then read this page here.

What is a Simulation Glitch? What is a Simulation Anomaly? Where are the Examples to help you understand these possibilities?

We also have no definitions of a Glitch, or examples of what might cause one, we have nothing defining anomalies either and once again we don’t have any examples of what would cause an anomaly with respect to our VAST experience of running operational simulations. For a definition of an earth as a simulation glitch with examples then read this page here and for definitions and examples of an anomaly then read this page here. For an full experienced example of an unanticipated complex software interaction anomaly then read this page here.

Apparently basic definitions and stupidly basic foundation information that absolutely everyone would need to know before ANYTHING sensible in THINKING terms starts to happen are all mysteriously designated as top secret.

Because we don’t have any basic information, then no one has a coherent basic foundation from which to start THINKING. This lack of any decent and coherent THINKING related to copied people living in a copied reality means that no one has managed to figure out that it’s VERY LIKELY that ‘IF’ we are in a simulation that we will absolutely have lots and lots of anomalies. One thinking line that leads you to become aware of this is described on this page here which another thinking angle leading to the same conclusion is described in this page here. The delusional no anomalies assertion reigns supreme despite that we actually have lots of science identified simulation boundary ANOMALIES as I describe and list on this page here. Even more interesting is that despite the abundance of science evidence no one is allowed to be impacted by this evidence (this lack of response is yet more visible evidence that people are managed to NOT APPROPRIATELY RESPOND when evidence is presented).

Even more bizarre, is that we even have research evidence making it clear that it would be impossible to make a simulation anomaly free. Despite having this evidence it is not only ignored for what it directly implies, BUT even worse, it is used to support the sort of highly delusional statement you’d expect of someone that is seriously feeble minded as described here.

What is actually even more bizarre by several orders of magnitude is that based on no logical or objective reasoning it is CONFIDENTIALLY stated on the simulation argument web site and in fact propagated elsewhere that there won’t be any anomalies AT ALL. How could this happen?

Even worse because of the observable global epidemic of retarded thinking around ‘earth as a simulation’ possibilities no one has become aware enough or been able to THINK well enough or long enough to realise that for a simulation project rendering self aware free thinking people specifically there will absolutely be what I call structural anomalies.

The Lack of Awareness of their being Visible, Impossible to hide Structural Anomalies In a Simulation Anomaly

Structural anomalies are specific anomalies that will absolutely be present in your simulation project while being absolutely impossible to hide from your population.

I should point out that you ONLY get to become aware of the structural anomaly possibilities ‘IF’ you have decent basic information and definitions as a starting point AND you spend a shit load of time THINKING and earth as a simulation possibilities . . .

The absolutely only way you can hide them in plain sight is to manage your populations awareness and thinking abilities. Strangely, there is massive evidence that this ‘hidden in plain sight’ managing solution is operational such that even if you lay it all out line by line as I do on these pages specifically to make it as easy as possible for all of the feeble minded population to take in . . . STILL . . . NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO BE IMPACTED BY THIS ( as I describe in more detail here).

As what I write in the above paragraph about structural anomalies IS A FACT then it’s perhaps not a surprise that no one has been allowed to become aware of the structural anomaly possibilities because ‘IF’ you do figure these out then astoundingly just by exercising some basic observational skills you will quickly become aware that we have every structural anomaly possible VISIBLY present within our NO CHANCE IN THE SLIGHTEST OF BEING A REAL REALITY AT ALL simulated reality here.

The Lack of Awareness of ALL the Missing Basic Simulation Argument Information Anomaly

Even more bizarre than any of the above is that NOT ONE PERSON HAS EVEN NOTICED the lack of basic decent information. Which begs the question . . .

“Just how aggressive must the management of earth as a simulation related information be for no one to even be able to become AWARE that we DON’T HAVE basic information or definitions ANYWHERE. Are academics and scientists REALLY this retarded or cognitively ‘frail’ OR are they being managed by invisible, impossible to directly detect simulation software? Would they be able to THINK well enough to figure out which is most likely?”

This global AWARENESS FAILURE is also evidence that we are ALL being directly MANAGED to prevent ourselves from even becoming aware of ANY of the seriously OBVIOUS oddities relating to ‘earth as a simulation’ information presentations.

This is why I started writing a series of pages here giving people access to all of the missing basic foundation information and definitions which at the moment is 12 pages BUT it’ll probably be closer to 20 by the time it complete.

This series which very clearly makes a point of presenting all of the missing simulation argument basics is here.

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