Soul Fragments; Soul Form & Subtle Energy Body Depletion & Recovery

This is the Introduction and Contents page of a 26 page article series covering:
"Soul Fragments, Missing & Lost Soul Pieces. Examples; Stolen, Unwanted, Donated, Used in Spells & Vows, for Voodoo, + to Help others +more. Energy Body Depletion Causes, SF Recovery Advice, Difficulties Discussed of; Finding, Cleansing & Integrating these."

Soul Fragments or lost soul pieces are parts of your energy field that you’ve thrown away, lost or had stolen that now exist separately from and independently of yourself.

What is Soul Fragmentation, what are Soul Fragments and how do you lose these from your subtle energy body form?

There are many ways to lose parts of your energy body which is why there are 30+ pages here comprehensively covering how this happens in detail. Including;

Those that you have thrown because they held something causing you severe problems or difficulties, they can also be given away under different circumstance mostly to cared for, loved or helped others. A great many are lost through the use of automated ‘balancing / negativity’ clearing technologies and we also at times pass material of ourselves to others when making binding vows and pacts. Material can also be used to make super strong or VERY binding spells and you can have energetic material stolen because they held some energetic ability or strength that someone wants. Stolen material can also be used to influence you through a voodoo type practice . . .

This series of articles presents main sections covering two distinctly different types of soul ‘fragment’. These are;

1. Large, Missing, Soul Form Parts & the Subtle Energy Body Pieces; Conscious Soul Fragments

A larger type of soul fragments that have something of an independent consciousness which I’m calling Conscious Soul Fragments. I have the following pages on these types of soul fragments.

Conscious Soul Fragments

Importance of Recovering, Uniting & Integrating Conscious Soul Fragments

As ALL lost soul parts are important to recover then this page points out why, it gives examples of how you might feel if you ARE missing such parts and offers advice on recovering them as well as what you can expect in some instances when doing this.

2. Much Smaller, ‘Cleansed’ & Lost Soul & Subtle Energy Body Pieces; Dispersed Soul Fragments

Then there are another completely different set that are very, VERY small, if not virtually invisible which I call Dispersed Soul Fragments. They are for the most part devoid of any consciousness or at least not enough to function with an independent awareness or memory. The majority of these are created by automated technologies that are used to keep people balanced and to clear negativity building up in their energy field . . . as such they are an embarrassment and a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that no one ever finds out about them . . . however I’ve been a bit persistent in finding the causes of my issues as you might well appreciate after reading these pages.

Dispersed Soul Fragments

Soul & Spiritual Fragmentation: Missing Soul Pieces & Fragments cause Severe Energy Body Depletion

Just to keep it ‘exciting’ then as promised once again there are some VERY scary things presented in these pages not least is that if you’re REALLY lucky you’ll only be missing say 20% of your energy field and if you’re really UNLUCKY it can be depleted by as much as 80% (why do you think many of you need to regularly energetically ‘top up’ to stay ‘right’?).

Recovery of all fragmented souls, soul fragments of all types is included as part of what I offer on this page here.

Table of Comparison of these two Soul Fragment Types

There are 20+ pages covering the different facets of these two different types in great detail. On this page I’m summarising the main differences between these two types with respect to various important parameters;