In that I’ve already made a decent case for technological developments being slowed down within our specific duplicated reality version here (at least when compared to what I can deduce of the original multiverse/reality version), very specifically because of the multitude of UFO sightings we have presented here then very strongly imply that we are very definitely missing inter planetary, inter solar system if not inter galaxy scale space craft/vessels here.

However, if you spend some concerted time thinking about (and around) these slowed down technology possibilities and particularly with respect to how some delayed and hence then perhaps not yet developed and or ‘missing’ technologies will directly or indirectly impact some specific events and circumstances here then you may become aware that it’s very possible (if not likely) that at least some very specific original multiverse circumstances, incidents and events because (directly or indirectly) they are very, very dependent on some specific ‘advanced/leading edge’ technologies (and or interacting combinations of technologies) are then quite likely to be delayed within our slowed down technology single inhabited planet within an entire multiverse version.

Basically some specific events that involve advanced and or leading edge technologies (within the original multiverse) will end up being delayed here, in some cases to such an extent that relative to the timeline of unfolding circumstances (within the original multiverse) then some very specific circumstances/events will automatically end up happening later here, in some cases perhaps much later here (relative to everything else happening here) i.e. ‘relatively speaking’ certain original multiverse events involving advanced technologies will end up happening in the future here.

The problem then is that the anyone here that are simulating someone that was either significantly impacted by ‘some’ event, and or because they where a news reporter or a writer that actually documented and or wrote about specific types of events means that the person that they are a copy of not only wrote about this event BUT they also had this published too.

If what I lay out above is correct, then some specific people here, whom because they are now living within a technology slowed down reality version, won’t then actually be presented with the HIGH TECHNOLOGY DEPENDENT EVENT that the person they are a copy of originally wrote about. Basically the same event ‘here’ WON’T ACTUALLY HAPPEN FOR THEM TO WRITE ABOUT AT THE ‘CORRECT’ DATE/TIME. However, because they are a copy of someone whom was either DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY SUFFICIENTLY IMPACTED BY ‘SOME EVENT’ WHOM THEN SPENT TIME ABSORBED IN THINKING ABOUT & WRITING ABOUT AND THEN HAVING PUBLISHED ‘SOMETHING’ RELATED TO SOME BIG ‘REAL/NEWS’ EVENT . . . then ‘here’ they will (despite that the event they originally wrote about doesn’t happen) find themselves spontaneously thinking about and then writing about this event/tragedy/circumstances, except that ‘here’ it will end up being written and also published very likely well before the real event it was based upon actually then happens here.

In other words, if what I write above is ‘correct’ then the deducible outcome within our slowed down/delayed technologies reality version will end up with some, perhaps many ‘very significant’ newsworthy events that ‘unbelievably/bizarrely’ have already been written about and published IN THE PAST, perhaps years or even decades before the actual REAL EVENT THAT THEY WROTE ABOUT IS BASED UPON ACTUALLY THEN REALLY ‘ACTUALLY’ HAPPENS (in the future here)!!!!!

Coincidentally, in the 19th century, the famous horror writer, Edgar Allan Poe, wrote a book called ‘The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym’ (which was published in 1838). This book was about four survivors of a shipwreck whom found themselves adrift in an open boat for many days before they decided to kill and eat the cabin boy that was with them (whose name in the book was Richard Parker). However, 46 years later (in 1884), the yawl, Mignonette, in sinking and leaving four crew members in an open boat for many days, eventually had the three senior crew members deciding to kill and eat the cabin boy, whom amazingly was actually called Richard Parker.

We also have Morgan Robertson’s 1898 novella ‘Futility’ matching up very well with the Titanic ice berg disaster (which happened: April 15, 1912); coincidentally this book specifically focused on a state-of-the-art ocean liner called Titan (i.e. an ocean liner whose design and technologies would have been leading edge for there time), which collides with an iceberg whilst en route to New York, inclusive of many dying because of the lack of lifeboats, although other details in this book also coincide with the actual real Titanic disaster.

Because the Titanic didn’t have lifeboats (maybe because they thought it was unsinkable!?!?!) then only about a third of the passengers were rescued. However, you’d expect any reporter/news person on this ship (of which they’d definitely be a few covering this specific voyage) that survived would then write about this experience (wouldn’t you!!!)!!!! However, if they did then because of the technology slow down what they wrote would also end up being written and published before the event here too, strangely, after writing the above ‘Futility’, I then found the following on wikipedia:

Coincidentally, 12 years before Morgan Robertson wrote ‘Futility’ a William Thomas Stead (An English investigative journalist and newspaper editor) wrote and published a short story titled “How the Mail Steamer Went Down in Mid Atlantic by a Survivor” in the 22 March 1886, issue of the Pall Mall Gazette. Stead included this editorial comment: “This is exactly what might take place and will take place if liners are sent to sea short of boats”. Coincidentally, William Stead was later a First Class passenger on the RMS Titanic when it collided with an iceberg on her maiden, he was one of the approximately 1,500 people who perished in the disaster.

In 1914, Morgan also wrote; ‘Beyond the Spectrum’, which was about a war in the future using aircraft that carried what she described as “sun bombs”, i.e. a bomb that was so powerful, it could destroy a whole city. In the book the war begins in December and is started by a Japanese sneak attack on Hawaii. Hiroshima and Nagasaki we’re bombed on August 6 and 9 in 1945.

What happens if you wrote a novel that was very specifically based on very specific people one of whom is genetically enhanced whilst also being of very ‘unusual’ experiences and circumstances including that you are writing about them specifically because you actually met with them and interviewed them i.e. you directly talked to them!!!!

Coincidentally Philip K Dick’s book called: “Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said” despite being written in 1970, he actually met a woman and her boyfriend (years later) that not only both had the same names as the main character’s in the book but the woman was the same age and when they met, she was also involved in a crime ring (equivalent to her character in the book), and she was having an affair with a police officer which coincidentally also matched up with her book character version. Now, in doing a search for a quick summary of this book I found this “The story follows a genetically enhanced pop singer and television star Jason Taverner who wakes up in a world where he has never existed”. Somewhat directly implying that the book was written about a person that was genetically enhanced (within the original population) which because of the technologies slow down reality version we are living within here we didn’t have these in 1970, although this story could also be of someone that was put into an alternate VR world within which he finds out that he’s never existed, i.e. he isn’t on any records and the memories of his real life don’t fit with the VR environment and circumstances he’s found himself in.

Based on the above then it’s perhaps reasonable to assume that the more newsworthy an event actually is to a greater number of people (maybe of an entire country or even the entire worlds population) would result in a much greater number of ‘before the event’ publications being presented within our many worlds reduced to a single world reality version here!!!!

The Bigger Any Advanced Technology Focused Future News Event Is The More ‘IN THE PAST’ Clue’s They’ll Likely Be!!!!

Coincidentally, the internationally covered 911 Twin Tower terrorist attack actually has loads and loads of documented pre-presentations, initially I found more than a dozen presented by various people that have already listed these although there is a video (titled “What is Predictive Programming?”) of someone that has compiled 63 possible instances of the New York based twin towers ‘WORLD TRADE CENTRE’ attack/collapse being presented/depicted in various ways well before it actually happened!!!

Here are few examples of in some cases very blatant pre-hints of 911 from 1963 till 2001

Porky Pig & Charlie Dog cartoon (1963)
The very first instance of the 911 towers collapsing and falling was indirectly ‘alluded to’ within a Porky Pig & Charlie Dog cartoon

“Asi sufre Latino America” (1983)
This book by Jose Borja was written almost 20 years before the 9/11 attacks. Did the author foresee the future or was it plain coincidence?

Marvel Comic Book (1983)
A Marvel comic book “attacked” the Twin Towers, 18 years prior to the real incident, pronouncing a Fascist regime.

The Simpsons – “To Surveil With Love” (May 2, 1997)
The Simpsons family plan a trip to New York in this episode. But wait….doesn’t this magazine advertisement signal of impending doom?

Trade Center Defender Game (Early 2001)
A 1984 comic is pretty much presenting the collapse of the towers in ‘exact’ detail, this illustration on the right was just one of a few comics that includes a plane flying into a WTC tower before it actually happened.

The Lone Gunmen (March 2, 2001)
The X-Files creators came up with this television show called “The Lone Gunmen” with a pilot episode that revolved around an aircraft crashing into The World Trade Center!

Johnny Bravo – “Chain Gang Johnny” (April 27, 2001)
Did Johnny Bravo’s creators send a subliminal message in the episode titled “Chain Gang Johnny”?

The Coup – Party Music (September 2001)
Rap outfit The Coup was set to release their album titled Party Music, in September 2001. Their album art showed a disturbing image with the WTC Towers engulfed in flames. They rescheduled their release and were forced to change their album art.

Coincidentally, if we are ‘really’ living within a less advanced i.e. ‘primitive’ technology reality version such that our earth population here actually includes many originally advanced space faring ‘alien’ cultures, whom also originally lived on many, many different planets (and or disc worlds) then how would this vast inter system trading infrastructure inclusive be translated/converted into our one single planet/world scenario here?

Many Space Faring Alien Cultures All Now on One Single None Space Faring Planet

Is it possible that in translating what would have been a vast inter star system trading setup likely involving a vast number of space craft, space based structures and habitats (perhaps even inclusive of ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ type space based search and rescue infrastructure) that these could perhaps end up presenting some anomalies because they are all now having to be translated into a one single world/single planet surface trading infrastructure version which doesn’t even have any regularly commercially used off planet craft, never mind inter-world trading possibilities?

For example, how would say a ‘fixed’ in ‘stationary’ orbit space trading station above a single planet or disc world, which perhaps had a space elevator to take goods and people up and down be translated into our single earth no space trading reality version?

Can you think of any unusual scenarios or incidents that would perhaps be ‘difficult’ to accurately translate?

For example, what sort of anomalies might arise if some specific worlds orbiting in space trading centre platform was say attacked by some rogue aliens whom after hijacking and taking control of some interplanetary passenger or trading goods vessel they then flew it directly into a worlds orbiting trading station, maybe even causing it to fall directly onto the planets or disc worlds surface?

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