Detailed Descriptions of Negative Etheric Implant Characteristics – How to Identify an Etheric Implant as Negative?

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

So, then . . . which implants would be negative ones and which would be positive ones . . .

I’d imagine that some of you would identify the ‘negative’ ones as those that ‘light’ information from the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy’ go to great lengths to convince you are negative.

OR perhaps the ones that your guides (that are EMPLOYED by the Spiritual Hierarchy) point out as negative . . . and you just automatically trust them . . . do you?

. . . you’re joking right?

While writing these pages then as per usual I’ve had a look around at what others are stating about subtle energy implants in general and negative ones in particular.

What I read is all very surface. lacks focus and detail and is all very ‘naive’ if you ask me, never mind that the different information presentations are driven by different hidden agendas.

As someone with an agenda to find out in a fundamental sense ‘wtf’ is going on then what I myself have found to be important in terms of ‘appraising’ any implant you will find on this page . . .

Here are some Examples of the Characteristics that define Negative Etheric Implants

Here are some examples of what I’dpersonally label as negative implant. A negative implant is ANY implant that is put into someone energy field that;

  • Gives others an advantage or the recipient a disadvantage.
  • Manages that persons thinking, choices, decisions or behaviours.
  • Manages that persons feelings, emotions or mood.
  • Manages that persons intuition or insights.
  • Keeps that person aligned to a set of ideas, beliefs, truths or ideals.
  • Makes that person AGAINST others ideas, beliefs, truths or ideals.
  • Forces an alignment to support a group or anyone’s agenda or goals.
  • Prevents that person from fully and openly using all of their abilities and capabilities.
  • . . . and so on . . .

Basically if ANY implant acts to manage, influence or effect someone as I describe above then I myself would label such an implant as negative.

Bottom line is that virtually ANYONE or ANY type of group with an agenda or a strong stance or a vested interest in achieving an outcome uses implants as well as OTHER MEANS to promote what they want or think is right while preventing actions or thinking or understandings that they DON’T WANT or don’t approve of.

How can you to tell if an Etheric Implant is Negative? How to identify a negative Implant

Any implant or device that acts permanently to achieve what some would consider a successful healing or realignment or that otherwise gets the client into a balanced or good state.

I myself would label such an implant as negative and a healing failure.

Subtle etheric implants are often used as a quick fix by being employed to permanently counteract or negate some debilitating or limiting or disturbing condition. It’s a measure of how much energetic crap is managing everyone that virtually no one can see these solutions as themselves being negative.

Such quick healing fixes;

  1. Are COMPLETELY oblivious to REAL or original causes.
  2. Give people the FALSE idea that amazing healing is easily done and requires no understanding of actual causes.
  3. Give therapists the FALSE impression that they are already using something that gets to the real cause.
  4. They negate investigation and hence deeper understandings of issues particularly what is really responsible for them.

If you are a healer or therapist and you’re any good then you’d have found out by now that some REAL causes of ‘some’ healing issues are actually the result of the repeated accumulation over large time scales of healing ‘quick fix’ implants and energies that have themselves become the ‘current’ healing issue.

What makes an Etheric Implant Negative or Positive?

Here are some more circumstances that I’ve become aware of in identifying and removing implants while investigating the reasons for their original use which includes in some cases problems they caused due to changing future circumstances or events.

So, in my book the following are also ‘negative’;

  • Any implant that is installed in your energy field that you are NOT told about (how many of you are aware of the ‘earth experience’ implants as described HERE or worse how many of you are aware of the debilitating lightworker implants that I describe in minute detail HERE?)
  • Any implant that is installed in your energy field that you ARE told about BUT are not told everything that it actually does (VERY common).
  • Any implant you know about that has hidden or extra functions that for example allows the manufacturers to track you or monitor you or even monitor others through you or do anything else along these lines.
  • Any implant that you actually choose for so called ‘good’ reasons that causes you problems in the future due to circumstances or events unanticipated by the implant designer (pretty common).
  • Any implant that is used as a ‘quick fix’ to address or resolve a healing issue that is left permanently in place.
  • Any implant that is installed as part of a specific incarnation which is then NOT removed after you finish that incarnation (some horrific examples are described further on in this series HERE).
  • Any implant whose presence through design or by accident interferes with any other implants through cross talk or signal interference to cause unanticipated negative or debilitating effects (bit like mixing medication).

More than 95% of all implants fall into the above categories many fall into more than one of these categories too. If you want all types of negative implants dealt with then dealing with these is included as part of what I offer on this page here.


  1. J.
    July 19, 2015 @ 4:56 pm

    Hi I need to know how to remove sacral implants, also astral parasites and attachments that evil people put inside my body. They astral project to my room, then violently stab the attachments into my physical body. I can feel thus and it hurts me. Then they use the implant that has an energy cord on it to drain my body of energy while they astral travel. It is ruining my life. Do you know how to remove the implant?


    • Clive
      July 21, 2015 @ 10:43 am

      As a start ‘J’ you should read this page here because it puts your ‘I need to know’ attitude into the ‘CORRECT’ perspective . . . then you need to have some perspective of what we are actually up against in terms of the shear amount of ‘shit’ most people NEED to have addressed AND the problems of addressing trying to do this when you are a copied person living a copied life in someone’s simulation project . . . which require that you read this entire series here.


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