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Have you read any of the ‘scary’ articles presented HERE Yet?

The below and the next page is an edited/updated version taken from one of my ‘none public’ web sites that presented the original ‘outline’ versions of some of the scary pages presented here.

The scary articles presented are the outcome of about 32 years of drive and research to find out what in god’s fine creation here was responsible for some debilitating personal issues that I wanted resolved.

Facing the Monsters under the bed!

I can say that I am presenting what I write here in the ‘scary’ pages because from my point of view just how bad any ‘real’ truth might be; that’s not an issue for me. What is an issue is that if you don’t have an accurate map then you cannot make ONE decision with certainty and that;


. . . scares me more than any scary truth.

So some would say . . .

“Hey I don’t want to know that there are some shit scary monsters under my bed – DON’T TELL ME!!”

Where as my attitude now is;

“TELL ME – Straight”

Because if I REALLY face the REALLY scary monsters that would scare the living daylights out of me rather than bury my head under the pillow then maybe JUST MAYBE you end up standing in yourself enough that the shit scary monsters spend the rest of their days shit scared that the scary person above will ever go exploring under their bed?

So, that’s what I’ve been doing . . . . meeting the monsters under the bed . . . . and now I’m interested to see if there are any out there whom can lift their head out from under the pillow?

Are you ready to meet the ‘scary monsters’?

Because if YOU are really, SERIOUSLY interested in finding out about reality both within and beyond this little earth sink hole of misdirection then that’s what you’ve got to expect.

The truth, whole truths and the truly HOLEY

Do, you want to know the ‘truth’? Is that why you are here? Well I’m not sure I know ‘the truth’. The thing is that there is quite a difference between putting together some disparate data and deducing a few things that just don’t make sense in terms of what many believe or hold to be true and then of actually being progressively confronted with these crazy things being right.

I was presenting some hints here (the old ‘SoulWork’ articles) of what 10-11 years ago I was strongly picking up on but could not even think about or really accept because it was just too hideously awful.

I just kept on digging for what was responsible for my issues and doing this just kept on revealing ever more seriously worrying ‘holes’ rather than the ‘wholes’ I was told I would find.

So, it took quite some time and a lot of internal struggle before I could allow myself to REALLY come to terms with what I was finding – because simply put it was just too £**#ing horrific never mind seemingly crazy . . . .

. . . I mean have you actually read much of what I write here? Because basically what I am saying contradicts E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G AND E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E here . . . . . EVERYONE and their aunt and their aunts’ dog and probably the dogs’ fleas too.

Would you want to do this?

Do you want to change places? I’ll be very happy to swap with anyone for a Caribbean island, a lounger with parasol and an unlimited supply of Tequila Sunrise. Any takers? Even a small island would do.

What is the TRUTH? Or . . Which ‘Truth’ are you after?

So lets say if you have a ‘truth’ scale of 0 to +10 with +1 being ‘who cares’ to +10 denoting what people would consider BIG in ‘truth’ terms say the big bang or god or ascension or ‘Elvis lives’ or ‘whatever’. And then you start finding some -2 truths – things that are absolutely completely opposite to what you have been expecting or believe or more likely brainwashed into thinking. So, you check it all out and yep £**# they check out; so you realign all your work and research and you update all those working with you with the new ‘truths/understandings’ . . . . and then . . . . just when your getting vaguely settled £**# three months down the line a couple of -3 truths hit you over the head and scare the holy bejesus out of you . . . . . and so ONCE AGAIN!! . . . . I have to reorganise all my data, restructure all my models and tell my colleagues . . . . . YET AGAIN;

“Hey . . . Eh!! . . . you know how it was three months ago? Well Ehhh . . . . it’s not like that any more”.

After a year or two of this happening REGULARLY most got used to it and of course some dropped out when the monsters just got too big and REALLY scary.

So, what’s the Actual ‘REAL’ Truth then. Is there any?

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  1. Toad
    February 17, 2018 @ 7:32 pm

    I have read much more here, and keep nodding my head. This stuff is SPOT ON if my experiences & perceptions are accurate.

    Keep in mind my word choices don’t always work to express what I’m trying to get out. Neurological troubles combined with that which you’ve noted here. Makes life interesting.

    I keep perceiving a ‘usurper’ in the place of ‘Source’ for western spiritual types. Having grown up in the Far East, this doesn’t seem to be as much a problem — hold up. It WAS not as much a problem. In the 1980s. The Christianities are spreading there and that seems to be a part of the spreading tool. Plant that ideology, then spiritual types will rebel from it, but they have the same ideological foundation which the non-physical, not here Usurping Tyrant and their armies use to force compliance by any means necessary so deeply implanted in their psyche that they spread the lies while seeking to dismantle them.

    Is this an accurate-ish summary?


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