Human Implant & VR Exercises

These exercises help you to personally engage with the original scripted experiences of the person we are simulating (who you are a copy of). This allows us to directly become aware of the difference between our experiences here compared to the original experiences as lived by the person we are simulating. Just look around yourself now: look at the space around you, the screen you are reading this on. EVERYTHING you see is all defined by software which generates a serious high resolution immersive and interactive environment. In other words, ‘if’ we are in a simulation then the people that designed this reality (that WE ARE COPIES of) would have had access to ultra high resolution immersive environments. In fact, the people we are simulating likely interfaced to and spent time in VR environments daily. ‘If’ this is correct then these specific experiences are being hidden from ourselves here. However as simulated copies, then ALL of our experiences are coded in our ‘data’ scripts and so these specific exercises ‘define’ and then allow ourselves to engage with the scripted experiences of specific VR environments and also high technology neural enhancements directly. Feedback from these exercises allows ourselves to build up a picture of the original environment, including the design environment of the earth simulation project we are living within.