Believe & Trust ‘LIGHT Beliefs & Guidance’ Implant

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

On the previous page I describe how I noticed that lightworkers (and myself as a lightworker) were far too accepting of lightworker material particularly from channelled sources. It turns out that this is because ‘lightworkers’ have an implant acting to try and make you;

Accept, Believe & Trust Light & Spiritual Understandings, Guidance, Masters, Channellings

Some of what this implant does;

  • Encourage and support lightworkers to actively engage and involve themselves with ‘light’ spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Light masters and beings AND to actively invite them and give them permission to work with you (because then they can do ‘whatever’ they want on your authority).
  • Encourage and support lightworkers to seek out and engage with direct guidance, readings or channelled material so you can be kept up to date with current ‘light’ propaganda.
  • Make you give attention to such material and to accept it, believe it, trust it never mind to try and have you act upon whatever ‘spirit’ guides, ‘light’ guidance, readings and or channelled material that you encounter.

This is what was responsible for the overly rapt ‘attention’ I’d noticed myself and other lightworkers had toward channelled material never mind the huge bias to accept and believe such material.

The ‘Odd One Out’ ARE YOU CRAZY light gathering Phenomenon

As this implant is ONLY in the energy body of lightworkers then anyone present at ‘light’ gathering whom is NOT a lightworker and whom is therefore not blessed with a device managing their beliefs and negating their ability to be sceptical will almost certainly be very astounded by all the ‘REAL’ Lightworkers aligning to accept and believe just about ‘whatever’ is conveyed.

Which explains why occasionally I’ve been at a ‘light’ gathering were channelling has taken place and someone will actually become increasingly disturbed and not only seriously question what is being channelled but at least in one instance has actually queried as to why everyone else is believing what is conveyed without question. The silence that followed such a question was followed by that person leaving.

The attitude amongst lightworkers often runs along the lines of;

Poor guy; lacking in openness or so devoid of any ‘spiritual’ awareness, that he cannot pick up that this is ‘higher’ information and full of ‘truth’ . . . there is not much we can do about that!!

As opposed to what is actually really going on which is that ‘lightworkers’ by the use of hidden subtle energy implants are both being more than ‘encouraged’ to attend such meetings and being MUCH more than encouraged to accept and believe ‘whatever’ is conveyed as well as of often acting upon it . . .

Disbelieve, React Against Information that Contradicts Lightwork Beliefs

Some MORE of what this implant does;

  • Try and have you ignore and disbelieve anything said against lightwork or lightworkers.
  • Try and have you ignore and disbelieve lightwork, spirit, other realm and subtle energy related information that is independently and directly researched (i.e. is not channelled garbage).

WOW, how fortunate. So, if you have this implant then every effort is made to ensure that you actually don’t have a freewill choice in terms of what you are allowed to take in never mind think about.

Your stuck with being made to only accept ‘official’ light material or channelled garbage and will have fits over someone capable and competent enough to dig past the light fantasy. Fantastic eh . . . well, there you go, you’re officially supposed to avoid and disbelieve what I’m writing here . . . so go on avoid and disbelieve it, that’s so much easier than being confronted with some deeper ‘truth’ . . . isn’t it?

Light Implant erodes the Reputation of Lightworkers & Lightwork

Can YOU reading this REALLY take notice of this AND really think about this, because how this implant works is DESIGNED to erode the reputation and acceptance of lightwork over time. In other words it’s designed to make sure that lightwork and lightworkers will eventually DISAPPEAR.

. . . . I’m VERY serious about this . . .

Would you like to know how lightworkers are kept locked into ‘light’ approved beliefs and ‘truths’ and away from everything else? . . . if you do then keep reading . . .