How a ‘Matrix Reality’ Model of Subtle Form Interfaced to a Physical Animal Body Explains & Validates many Anomalous, Paranormal & Spiritual Experiences

PLEASE NOTE: This specific page is equivalent to about 20 pages of A4 in length, (i.e. it is very ‘thorough’ in it’s reasoning and logic!!!). So, if you would prefer to download a .pdf version of this page (to read yourself or to e-mail to others) then click: here.

A ‘Google’ search of ‘Matrix Reality’ and likely closely ‘related’ terms brings back 99 million+ web pages (it used to bring back 300+ million before the fixed page ‘limit’ was introduced) . . . in other words there seems to be a built in ‘curiosity / feeling / intuition’ as well as associated ‘speculation’ related to the possibility that we are perhaps living within a ‘Matrix’ reality!!!

So, despite that we have a lot of interest in the ‘Matrix’ reality possibilities it’s been impossible for anyone to join even the simplest of dots or to think in the most simplistic basic ways about the ‘matrix’ reality and or to relate to ‘Matrix’ reality model to either to the abundance of ‘spiritual’ knowledge we have accumulated here OR as part of explaining and validating how various consistent anomalous experiences could arise.

This page does what no one else has been able to . . .

In the most simplistic way possible, the ‘Matrix’ Reality concept represents/describes:

“A Real Person Interfaced to an Avatar Form living in a Separate / Virtual Reality”

I’d like to point out here that despite that we have enormous numbers of ‘catalogued’ and in some cases even well researched anomalous experiences including such things as ‘extra sensory’ beyond what can be physically observed perceptions as well as ‘oddities’ relating to consciousness and memory. However, the biggest anomaly by far, is the ‘unbelievable’ inability of absolutely ‘anyone’ to use starting point ‘commonly’ known about basics to speculate upon and to explore ‘realistic’, never mind very obvious ‘conceptual’ possibilities.

So, let me demonstrate this with the ‘commonly’ known of basics that define a ‘Matrix’ reality!!!

As a start, this configuration directly implies that you would have both a real body and also a remote ‘second’ body that the real body is interfaced to.

Not only does it ‘suggest’ that you have two bodies BUT it also implies that these bodies occupy two different environments. It implies an original ‘real’ environment as well as a second environment that is separate from the original.

Now, it would be ‘conceptually’ convenient at this point to state that the second environment into which the interfaced body is ‘projected’ will be software defined.

However, whether you agree with it or not we also have a massive body of ‘spiritual knowledge’ that is not just suggestive of but is quite adamant that we are ‘spiritual’ i.e. ‘subtle’ beings living in a high frequency / energetic / ‘resonance’ orientated reality whom it is implied have ‘chosen’ to have a human animal form ‘physical’ life in a slower more dense reality.

Strangely, the above ‘implies’ that each of us here may have two different bodies each living within a different environment. It also implies that the physical environment is not our original / home environment. Basically, it ‘implies’ that we may all be subtle beings living within a high frequency ‘energetic’ reality whom have been interfaced to physical animal form living in a parallel more dense physical reality.

So, given that:

  1. We have a decent number of people speculating about, writing about and conceptually ‘orientated’ to the possibility that we ourselves are living in a ‘Matrix’ reality while simultaneously . . .
  2. We also have an extensive base of ‘spiritual’ knowledge very adamant that we are subtle beings from a ‘spiritual’ reality having a physical life experience . . .
  3. AND, we also have a great deal of consistent, anomalous and or ‘paranormal’ type experiences . . .

Then you would imagine that ‘someone / somewhere’ and particularly someone with a ‘broad’ education would have ‘realised’, that our base of ‘spiritual’ knowledge not only ‘fits’ very well with what you would EXPECT if we were subtle people interfaced to a physical animal form BUT that this ‘scenario/arrangement’ is also directly equivalent to what is commonly referred to as a ‘Matrix Reality’, which ‘coincidentally’ many people are attracted to and or speculate about.

We also have 10’s if not 100’s of specific types of anomalous experiences that are not only ‘consistent’ between people BUT have also been ‘consistent’ through long spans of ‘historical’ time. Anomalous experiences including; ghosts, possession, paranormal and ‘psychic’ experiences, nature spirit encounters, none physical ‘presence’s’ and miraculous healing’s to name just a few of the more ‘obvious’ ones.

We also have many people trying to understand and or figure out how these experiences originate and or ‘what they mean’ both in terms of ‘people’ and in terms of ‘how reality functions’.

I will also point out ‘here’ and now at the very start of this ‘long’ page that it is highly anomalous / absolutely NOT realistic in the slightest that as far as I can tell not one person has actually been able to ‘THINK’ about the correlations between a two interfaced bodies in two environments Matrix Reality possibility and the hypothetical subtle body interfaced to a physical body ‘spiritual knowledge’ originated possibility, never mind of then becoming aware of how this arrangement in a:


AS WELL AS . . .


. . . can be deduced to ‘automatically’ give rise to the types of anomalous and or paranormal experiences that we ‘actually’ have presented in our own reality here (and have had for a very long time)?

Are there any ‘Potential’ Implications of having 2 Separate Bodies occupying 2 Different Environments?

What highly plausible things can you deduce and or figure out, by doing nothing more complicated than spending a little time ‘thinking’ about these particular possibilities and specifically with respect to how this two different bodies in two different environments arrangement would impact the interfaced physical body form AND more so it’s EXPERIENCES?

So, just as a ‘thought experiment’ let’s ‘hypothetically’ temporarily assume that we each have a real subtle body and that we are interfaced to a remote physical animal form ‘vehicle’ body.

Your ‘real’ subtle body is in the subtle environment and your physical ‘avatar’ body is in the denser physical environment which is then ‘obviously’ quite different from the original ‘subtle’ environment.

These big differences in your day in day out external environment ‘living space’ could end up with some of those now living as physical forms feeling as if they are ‘a stranger in a strange land’ as I myself personally have during different life phases.

The Origins of ‘Consciousness’ & the ‘Potential’ for 2 Sets of Memories & ‘Therefore’ Memory Recall Problems

Which of the two bodies would you consider to be ‘conscious’?

Wouldn’t it be the ‘subtle’ body in this scenario that was originating ‘consciousness’? If the subtle body was originating ‘consciousness’ then the physical form neural brain structures would be nothing more than an interface nexus for the subtle form?

Wouldn’t this arrangement have ‘potentially’ problematic implications for interfaced to a physical body researchers living in the physical reality whom were investigating these aspects of themselves? Wouldn’t it be ‘likely’ that they would have problems ‘REALLY’ identifying ‘what’ actually is ‘consciousness’ and more so of where consciousness actually ‘really’ originates?

Wouldn’t physical body investigators also have the same sort of problems identifying where ‘memory’ is stored?

Would you allow the physical ‘proxy’ form to store the memories which are then filtered back and ‘saved’ into the subtle real body? It is also possible that the ‘real’ subtle body would have a full set of complete memories inclusive of all experiences of the two bodies (somewhere) while the physical ‘proxy’ body is likely to only be allowed to have memories that are localised to the physical environment.

There is also the possibility that subtle people that are technologically sophisticated enough to interface themselves to a physical body would be able to selectively fade out physical memories faster and or edit out particularly memories and or entire specific experiences that could be ‘worrying’ from a ‘don’t let the physical people definitively figure out what is going on’ point of view!!!

Is there any evidence that we ‘DO’ have faulty, inaccurate and or incomplete memories here?

Subtle to Physical Interfacing Possibilities & Considerations

Well firstly, it should be obvious that for full ‘functionally’ reasons, the interfacing from the original ‘subtle’ body to the physical avatar body would have to be two way. Basically, for the ‘original’ body it is highly likely that the interfacing will be FULLY bi-directional. It will have to be this way to give the original subtle ‘person’ a moment by moment, fully immersive ‘interactive’ physical experience. It will have to be functional enough to get all of the sensory input of the remote physical form while also having its own feelings, thinking’s, decisions etc integrated enough with the remote form to have the remote form seamlessly behaving as a ‘proxy’ for ‘itself’.

At the same time, it is also very obvious that you would ‘absolutely’ not want the ‘avatar’ form to have completely ‘open’ access to the ‘real’ subtle form because if it did have full access it would over time become ‘definitively’ aware that it, ‘itself’ was ‘essentially’ nothing more that a remote ‘probe’, a ‘proxy’ body for a subtle being living in a subtle environment.

However, in thinking about the above (for quite a while) there is no way that you can apply a filter, even a highly intelligent AI ‘managed’ filter that will be able to ‘perfectly’ screen out all possible ‘original’ body feelings, inner states, memories as well as perhaps perceptions of the original environment on a moment by moment basis. In other words the physical body people that personally orientated toward and or whom are naturally ‘highly’ sensitive to themselves will very likely pick up all sorts of ‘worrying’ things.

This also implies that, if any ‘physical’ form was to consistently spend time practicing ‘inner self awareness’ then it is highly likely that they would start to pick up sensations and perceptions relating to the original, real subtle body form. Coincidentally, there is also plenty of research indicating that people whom consistently spend personal time orientating to their internal states, selves, inner landscape have greater numbers of ‘odd / anomalous’ experiences such as being aware of and or feeling and or perceiving none physical presences compared to others that don’t do this? One of the many experience of this type that I myself have had I describe here.

Coincidentally, because I had a lot of very debilitating and limiting personal issues (listed here) then in my early 20’s I started to actively practice holding my attention on and attempting to engage with my internal states, inner landscape as well as any ‘odd’ feeling states. I have averaged an hour every other day engaging with inner states, inner subtle sensations, tensions and blocks for over three and a half decades now. In one phase attempting to identify and understand the origins of persistent feelings of anguish and despair that had absolutely no rational ‘now/this life’ origins I was engaging with these daily sometimes for many hours. This determined effort ‘eventually’ led to myself ‘naturally’ accessing my first past life which of course these ‘unexplainable’ feelings all originated from, no wonder they didn’t relate to anything of this life in the slightest.

I the light of what I describe above, it would not be unreasonable to speculate as to what type of reality you would ‘likely’ be living within that required people to expend a massive amount of persistent effort simply ‘just’ to become aware of themselves, their feelings and internal states. Why are we not ‘naturally and automatically’ aware of and ‘sensitive’ to ourselves and our internal states? Whom would ‘benefit’ from ourselves being disengaged from and in most cases ‘oblivious’ to ourselves?

Is it just a ‘coincidence’ that one needs to make dedicated, monumental ‘effort’ just to become aware of ‘YOURSELF’ in a basic sense?

Is it just a ‘coincidence’ that our ‘official’ researchers whom have a ‘directive’ to ‘replicate’ pretty much everything don’t even think of attempting to replicate the conditions that consistently give rise to certain experiences? Particularly experiences that ‘arise’ because you are ‘rationally’ devoting consistent time learning to PAY ATTENTION to your own inner states, senses and processes? I.e. you are devoting time to do nothing more bizarre than pay attention to yourself.

Which Issues & Health Problems Originate in the Subtle Form & which in the Easily Observed Physical form?

Which mental, emotional, psychological and or physical ‘symptoms’ ORIGINATE in the subtle body and which ones originate in the easily observed physical body? How would you approach appraising the origins of any specific issue or symptom set?

Well, the easiest way of doing this would be to assess if your ‘cure’ actually successfully deals with the issue (whatever it is) completely. In other words, if your imagined ‘cure’ has to be REPEATED indefinitely because it only ‘counteracts’ the physical body presented symptoms ‘temporarily’ then this would strongly suggest that you’re not in the slightest dealing with the ‘actual’ real causes?

As a medical research scientist originally I was rather taken back by the ‘modern’ medical research effort all focused on treating symptoms and even worse they actually don’t even seem to be aware THAT THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. The same type of ‘delusions’ are a popular feature of ‘lightwork / new age’ healing approaches which often also equate feeling temporarily better or having symptoms only temporarily disappear as a ‘cure’ too (I didn’t).

Coincidentally in making an effort to personally ‘directly’ investigate my own debilitating issues by orientating to and spending an enormous amount of time engaging with my own internal body states I’ve not only resolved every single one of my original debilitating issues BUT I ended up accumulating 10,000’s of hours of experience and expertise of accessing all sorts of ‘extended’ aspects of myself, including myself as a subtle being living within a subtle environment.

For an extended, detailed example of myself accessing the subtle form of someone as part of a healing session taking place over the phone then read the 20 odd pages with audio’s that begin here.

What about ‘Potential’ Differences between these 2 Bodies in Senses and Perceptions Terms?

Are the two bodies going to be perfectly matched in all respects and if they are not then what problems / artefacts / anomalous experiences may these differences result in?

Well, as a start, this two body ‘arrangement’ means that you would in fact have two sets of senses.

Would all the senses of the real ‘subtle’ body be equal to and or equivalent of the physical vehicle ‘proxy’ form body? I suspect that this is unlikely as each set of senses will have evolved in each environment and these environments seem to be quite different. The senses evolved for the subtle environment are unlikely to have a direct equivalent to senses of the physical form.

So, ‘IF’ you are a subtle being interfaced to a physical ‘proxy’ body then how would any ‘extra’ subtle body originated perceptions that would be NATURALLY orientated to the subtle environment be ‘processed’ by the interfaced physical body (and particularly by someone spending time orientating to THEMSELVES)?

How would an interfaced physical ‘proxy’ person living in a physical environment react to themselves exhibiting some sort of extra ‘beyond the physical’ senses (which at a stretch might be called ‘extra sensory perception’) which may have them becoming perceptually aware of all manner of ‘weird’ things that are absolutely NOT of their ‘easily’ observed ‘PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT’?

These ‘extra sensory perceptions’ would be unbelievably strange wouldn’t they? And, how could they not be when these perceptions are ‘actually’ being perceived by the ‘extra’ senses of the remote subtle body and will be of the original ‘subtle’ environment and not of the easily observed physical environment that the ‘proxy’ physical avatar body form is ‘living’ within.

You’d almost have to take pity on anyone tasked with ‘rationally’ trying to explain what is ‘extra’ about such ‘sensory perceptions’ when in fact it’s not so much an ‘extra’ sense as a more ‘full’ range of actual senses spanning both the real and proxy environments? It’s possible that ‘rational’ researchers would be appalled if colour blind people were tasked with evaluating ‘others’ whom were seeing colours based ‘solely’ on their own limited scale of perceptions?

So, if specific either naturally sensitive people or others that through effort have learnt to engage with their subtle senses (as I have) can ‘perceive’ details of this second environment then what else may they become aware of or ‘worse’ perhaps even consistently recorded?

What about the ‘Interfacing’ that would be Needed to make the Physical Body an EXTENSION of the Subtle Body?

Well, it should be obvious that to have one subtle body very well and seamlessly represented by another ‘body’ that is likely to be very different in ‘functioning’ terms will likely take some effort and ‘finesse’. In which case, how would all of the ‘functions’ including all of the senses and perceptions as well as the body functions, feelings, mind and memory of the primary subtle body be ‘interfaced’ to the physical body?

Isn’t it likely that you are going to end up with an unbelievable mass of highly complex interfacing to ‘connect up’ all of the functions of the subtle body as well as and as seamlessly as possible to the very different physical body senses, body organs and functions? The interfacing from the subtle body will likely have to be carefully separated out into different categories related to the subtle body senses as well as body functions and organs. These would then have to be matched up with the very specific organs, body functions and senses of the very different physical body form. You are likely to end up with very defined and specific interfacing function ‘nodes’ each of which would then be directly connected into very specific organs, body functions and the senses of the physical body.

It is highly likely that some people that are very ‘sensitive to themselves’ whom are then regularly perceiving aspects of the subtle environment and subtle body, will actually over time become aware of the interconnecting interfacing arrangement between the two bodies. In which case, it is then possible and even likely that they have actually documented and even possible presented graphical details of the complex of interfacing connecting spanning between the subtle form and the physical body.

Below are some pictures that may actually relate to these very possibilities, more of which can be found here.

subtle body to physical body interfacing

In other words subtle to physical interfacing ‘nexuses’ seems to have been viewed and described as ‘energy’ bodies, ‘chakras’ and ‘meridians’ in, I might add easily observed and ‘amazing’ detail (and for much longer than neurological / brain mapping!!). Not only do they describe all of the ‘paraphernalia’ you would expect to be associated with some subtle to physical body ‘interfacing’ structures BUT, these descriptions and images are also highly consistent too.

How would researchers whom have trouble consistently reproducing pretty much anything at all related to ‘people’ and whom against all known varieties of ‘reason’ have ‘enthusiastically’ adopted a basic assumption that doesn’t allow them the option of even THINKING about the possibility of invisible ‘influences’ react to these people’s ‘extremely’ consistent and reproducible perceptions?

Isn’t it ‘stupidly’ obvious that the ONLY reality that this basic conceptual alignment assumption would even be ‘thought of’ in the first place, never mind AGGRESSIVELY adopted would be a reality that is doing exactly this? . . . i.e. by invisible means it is forcibly ensuring that all ‘official’ researchers adopt and stringently ENFORCE a completely irrational and utterly ‘balmy’ assumption. Are we ‘REALLY’ living in a real reality which would strongly suggest that they are actually this INCOMPETENT ‘NATURALLY’ or are we living in a reality that by invisible means has them miss the huge numbers of OBVIOUS clues while making them embarrassingly inept in both basic awareness, ‘joining dots’ thinking possibilities and or logical reasoning terms?

It’s not as if there have been no easily observable global presented ‘hints’ conceptually presenting the possibility of an ‘arrangement’ of reality that has one invisible, well hidden body interfaced to a highly visible second ‘physical’ body which coincidentally is also the body that ‘awareness, attention and consciousness’ are ‘focused on’ and presented through?

Don’t tell me that you have forgotten (or have been made to forget) the highly ‘observable’ ‘Matrix Reality’ depicting film, ‘Avatar’ which was extremely popular and was focused on a ‘character’ having an immersive experience of being interfaced and having their ‘awareness, attention and consciousness’ focused on a second very different ‘physical’ body.

The ‘UTTERLY’ Impossible to ‘Contemplate’ Invisible Manipulations Though Interfacing Phenomenon

About a decade before the ‘Avatar’ film was released we also had the first of the very popular ‘The Matrix’ films trilogy.

In this series each person in the ‘Matrix’ has one highly visible body which in most cases, they automatically assume to be their ‘real’ body. However, it isn’t their ‘real’ body is it? Their real body is lying in a ‘pod’ being tended to by machines.

Each ‘Matrix’ person’s ‘real’ body is not only essentially ‘invisible’ to the ‘remote’ physical body BUT the films themselves also make you aware of the ‘architects’ efforts to prevent the population from finding out that they ‘do’ have invisible bodies. I should perhaps also point out that the ‘architect’ won’t be a ‘real’ person, it will be an artificial intelligence (an ‘AI’) tasked with monitoring as well as defining and initiating strategies in efforts to ‘maintain the integrity’ of the interfaced population i.e. the objectives of ‘The Matrix’.

As part of the ‘tools’ to support it’s programmed ‘objectives’, it will have software defined autonomous ‘AI’ grade ‘security’ agents which it will be able to activate to investigate specific people and or take care of ‘immediate’ threats to ‘The Matrix’.

It is these anonymous ‘Mr Smith’ system ‘security’ agents that can be sent to engage with and take over specific people already interfaced into the Matrix as part of a fast response protocol to confront ‘active and or immediate’ threats. It is these agents and their actions that you can ‘VISIBLY’ see and ‘easily’ observe. However, one can presume with a high degree of certainty that as part of the architect’s efforts to ‘maintain the illusion’ that the ‘Matrix’ population is living in a ‘real’ reality, then the researchers living within this population will have been made to enthusiastically adopt (also against all varieties of reason) a high level, over riding directive of ‘nothing invisible could be influencing themselves. It is also highly likely that anyone in the ‘Matrix’ population and particularly any ‘official’ researcher that directly or indirectly questioned this possibility and or that ‘queried’ or worse tried to investigate or draw attention to anomalous experiences and or question the nature of their reality would at the very least see themselves becoming ‘unpopular, marginalized and or harassed’ perhaps ‘shock horror’ even being described as a conspiracy theorist . . .

Can you remember any of the ‘Matrix’ film scenes that showed:

  1. How disengaging the interfacing and or killing the ‘real’ body resulted in the interfaced body collapsing and dying too.
  2. Even more ‘interesting’ were scenes of the ‘plastic / malleable’ mirror and also the ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ instructions / manipulations originated by those outside the Matrix via remote hacks made into the ‘interfacing’ of ‘Neo’?

“Is that ‘real’ air you are breathing? . . . . . . . Are you sure?”

Can you remember where you left your subtle body? Are you ‘really’ sure that your ‘real/invisible’ body is actually completely secure?

  • How well are you able to think about different and ‘UNUSUAL’ possibilities?
  • How competent are you are at taking in, remembering and or figuring ‘interesting’ things out about possibilities related to a broad spread of topic and knowledge areas?
  • How relevant and or revealing are any ‘spontaneous’ realisations you have about these? . . . and . . .
  • How easily could any of the above or ANYTHING ELSE of yourself be MANIPULATED, . . . and . . . . ‘PARTICULARLY’ . . .

If you ‘actually’ really were the easily seen ‘proxy’ body form living in a ‘Matrix’ type reality, then could you ‘REALLY’ be sure that these ‘FACULTIES’ of yourself would be COMPLETELY secure?

How easy or hard, should it ‘actually’ be for anyone to become aware of possibilities that it would be REASONABLE to speculate upon for the hypothetical scenario where an invisible person is remotely ‘occupying’ and or remotely ‘driving’ a remote physical ‘vehicle’ by REMOTE means?

How easy should it be for ‘anyone’ living in a ‘REAL’ reality to ‘integrate’ this two bodies interfaced ‘model’ into ‘THEIR’ HEAD, and then use ‘logical’ thinking and or basic ‘reasoning’ abilities to deduce ANY POSSIBILITIES AT ALL never mind ‘worrying’ ones? How easy ‘should this be’?

Perhaps a rational as well as ‘fair’ question to ask at this point would be:

“How many academics, scientists and or ‘maverick’ researchers ‘interested’ in the ‘Matrix’ Reality possibility (as depicted in the ‘Matrix’ films series) have completely ‘failed’ to become aware of even one of the enormous numbers of direct and observable ‘ASSOCIATIONS’ that a Matrix reality has to a wide variety of commonly known about as well as commonly RECORDED ‘anomalous’ experiences that we ourselves ‘observably’ HAVE HERE?”

Followed once again by:

“Are you ‘REALLY’ sure that your mental and cognitive ‘faculties’ are actually ‘REALLY’ secure? Because if they REALLY are, then I’d not be the one writing this page now!!! I’d have no need to write it because it would have been written by an ‘official’ academic/scientist over a decade ago”

Have a think about this, as I walk you through yet more ‘obvious’ as well as ‘globally’ familiar anomalous ‘experiences’ possibilities that this one person interfaced to a remote vehicle possibility ‘should’ have had you becoming aware of, even of as you have been reading the above.

What ‘Obvious’ Risks would be Associated with you Interfacing to a Remote ‘Body’ Vehicle?

Risks that any competent insurance company would slap on a very large premium to cover. Any ideas?

Have you used your computer to play any online game which involves you controlling a remote avatar? If you haven’t then let me just describe in detail what this involves.

Playing such a game has you using a device that via interfacing and signals through lines has you controlling your distant, remote avatar while also ‘receiving’ signals that allow you to be aware of the ‘status’ of your remote avatar, proxy ‘game’ body.

So, in the same way that someone determined enough could HACK into your phone line / internet and or (invisible) wifi connection and take control of your game ‘avatar’ and have it do all sorts embarrassing things then someone as a subtle being that was also skilled and determined enough would likely be able to do the same with your physical body. This would result in ‘YOUR’ own personal physical body vehicle having a second driver AND just like a learner driving instructor they could can take control of the vehicle. This second vehicle occupier could force your body to do all sorts of ‘things’ that are not only NOT INITIATED BY YOURSELF but are actually ‘REALLY’ NOT BEING DONE BY YOU.

How would that feel? Would it not be ‘terrifying’?

How would reality ‘have to be’ such that even if one person, AND just one person ‘felt’ that their body was being controlled by someone else you’d imagine that this ‘should’ have prompted a few neurons to kick in such that someone ‘somewhere’ would have figured out that ONLY an interfaced person could have this happen to themselves?

But, it’s even worse than this isn’t it?

Yes, it certainly is!!!

It’s worse than this because not only do we have detailed records and also research of people claiming to be possessed BUT we also have healers and in fact entire organisations offering services to deal with ‘possessions’. We even have films and in fact entire ‘series’ involving people both having these ‘possession’ experiences AND also those attempting to help such people. Anyone watching these would become aware that these experiences are also often associated with easily observed physical objects becoming animated, being thrown around and or in some cases even being directly manifested out of THIN AIR.

How difficult would it be for a subtle to physical being interfacing designer that was disgruntled with some specific person to ‘hack’ into that persons interfacing so that they could take control of this persons physical vehicle? Perhaps even taking it for a ‘ruggedness’ test drive!!!

Examples of Sabotaged Memory Recall, Contained Scale of Awareness, Realisations & Reasoned Thinking?

Let me once again come back to the very popular ‘The Matrix’ film trilogy that sparked huge interest in the ‘nature of our reality’ and specifically the possibility that we are ‘perhaps’ in a ‘Matrix’!!!!

Can you even remember the ‘extremely’ anomalous very specific experience that presented highly consistent characteristics (as behaviours & actions) that were regularly presented by very different individuals in the ‘Matrix’ films. You ‘should’ remember these specific experiences because they were ‘central’ to and were regularly presented throughout these films? I will also add, that not only were they ‘highly’ anomalous as ‘human’ experiences BUT the ‘context’ of these specific experiences ‘within these films’ didn’t make any sense in the slightest either?

Can you remember them?

What were the most ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ experiences exhibited by many ‘general’ people within the three films of that series?

Don’t tell me that you didn’t notice the BLATANT ‘possessions’ of people happening regularly throughout all these series? How could anyone have missed these?

People within the ‘Matrix’ films were regularly presented as being completely ‘taken over’, of being ‘transformed’ into someone else and of then exhibiting both extreme as well as anomalous characteristics.

It is likely that less than 10 minutes ago, you read about ‘possessions’ about people being TAKEN OVER by someone or ‘something’ else and of how they are made to behave in ways that are ‘WAY OUT OF CHARACTER’ as well as often doing all sorts of obvious ‘CRAZY’ things, including even trying to kill others and or doing ‘things’ that their ‘REAL’ self is unlikely to ever even ‘contemplate’ doing?

So, here I am immediately after that section reminding you of a set of films that ‘regularly’ and EXPLICITLY showed people being ‘possessed’ whom then would immediately manifest’ a gun while also starting to chase and even often START SHOOTING AT VERY SPECIFIC PEOPLE. This was all presented in plain sight of ‘everyone’ around them within these films, which ‘theoretically’ means they were also in plain sight of those watching these films to!!!

Before you started to read this section were you under the ‘impression’ that your ‘memory’ was good and that your ability to become aware of directly related and or associated things and PARTICULARLY with respect to ‘things’ you’ve VERY recently read about was good?

Were you?

What else of the Matrix’ films ‘possessed’ characters with ‘respect’ to what they are TASKED TO DO absolutely don’t make any sense in the slightest? AND, which you are very likely to have NOT REALISED EITHER?

Could Invisible ‘Manipulations’ be Applied to this ‘Interfaced’ Body Arrangement?

The defenders of the ‘Matrix Reality’ the ‘Security Agents’, those are ‘tasked’ with dealing with ‘threats/people’, including, the extremely dangerous ‘terrorist’ Morpheus for example? The:


The ‘Agents’ are those that ‘work’ for the ‘Matrix, they are the people that know about and understand ‘The Matrix’ and whom are tasked to deal with people infiltrating it, whom may expose it / cause others to question their ‘reality’?

So, you have in plain sight of EVERYONE in the ‘Matrix’ people being ‘possessed’ whom are ‘supposedly’ the defenders of the ‘integrity of the Matrix Reality’ whom go through this IMPOSSIBLE / UNREAL transformation:


Men, woman, drunks, old age pensioners are all transformed in plain sight into MEN IN BLACK ‘clones’ . . . clones, WHOM rather than be ‘discrete / staying in the background’ immediately start running and shooting? I.e. they immediately attract attention to themselves.

What is even more unbelievable, is that despite the interest in ‘The Matrix’ films and the millions of discussions I’ve never seen anyone question that the ‘defenders of the integrity of the Matrix’ are themselves the BIGGEST THREAT TO THE INTEGRITY OF THE ‘MATRIX REALITY’.

How could it be that for viewers of those films, regularly seeing these highly visible ‘transformations / possessions’ miss the blatantly obvious associations AND that the behaviour of the AGENT SMITHS with respect to their ‘aims’ is utterly anomalous.

What ‘other’ obvious associations may you be missing RIGHT NOW?

If a matrix type reality can possess and ‘puppetise’ the interfaced ‘proxy’ body, and do this ‘specifically’ to have ‘specific’ interfaced ‘physical’ bodied people work to defend the ‘integrity’ of an UNREAL reality by single mindedly and unquestioningly tracking and attacking anyone that is a potential ‘risk’ in terms of EXPOSING ‘The Matrix’ AND do this right in front of the rest of population AND have this scenario repeatedly ‘illustrating/presenting’ these possibilities to people watching this as film series while also ensuring that:

No one watching these films . . .


AND ‘Particularly’ . . .


In the light of the above then is it possible that at this precise moment THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING? In that you are ALSO not being allowed to become aware of direct ‘associations’ related to what I’ve been describing that you are perhaps IN THIS MOMENT NOW being prevented from becoming aware of and or ‘realising’?

Can you ‘figure out / become aware of’ what you are not being allowed to ‘figure out / become aware of’ . . . . ???

I’ll remind you that we ‘DO’ present ourselves as having obvious and recorded examples of ‘possession’ of people in our reality here. We also ‘DO’ have obvious examples of people here that single mindedly and unquestioningly track, attack and even try and DESTROY the reputations of anyone ‘positioned’ that dares ‘question’ the ‘Materialistic, Physical Only’ model?

Rupert Sheldrake and Dean Radin come to mind as obvious examples of people targeted in this way. So, a valid question at this point would be:

“Why would ‘anyone’ never mind researchers whom are obviously way more competent than most be attacked for ANY REASON AT ALL? Never mind that they are attacked for showing interest in and or because they are directly researching, investigating and or speculating on different ‘anomalous’ experiences as well as ‘anomalous’ aspects of our own reality. Coincidentally ‘some’ of what they are researching, investigating and or pointing out can with some MODEST THINKING EFFORT be deduced as the ‘side effects/artefacts’ that one would expect to find if you are living within a; 2 bodies, in 2 different environments interfaced to each other with one being kept invisible ‘Matrix Type Reality‘”

A reality ‘arrangement’ that ‘coincidentally’ one can easily deduce won’t be keen in the slightest to have any of its interfaced residents figuring out that this is the reality type that they themselves are actually ‘REALLY’ living within?

How Equivalent may the Two Bodies ‘Be’ (or not be) in AGE and or ‘AGEING’ Terms?

Would both of these interfaced bodies ‘die’ at the exact same time? Is that even remotely likely?

What would happen if the ‘subtle’ body died while it was interfaced to the physical ‘proxy’ form, perhaps this would result in the physical form becoming permanently unconscious? What would happen if there was an ’emergency’ and your subtle body in the subtle environment was forced to answer the door bell, deal with a business problem or the death of a family member? Well in this case it is likely that the physical form will be unconscious i.e. it will be WITHOUT A ‘REAL’ CONSCIOUSNESS for quite a while, BUT then ‘revive’ months or years later after the ’emergency’ has been dealt with and the subtle form re-engages with the physical reality form.

What about the possibility of the physical body being temporarily damaged and or being critically close to death? At what ‘point’ would the subtle to physical body interfacing arrangement start to disengage?

If it was to disengage then this would likely result in your ‘consciousness / perceptual attention’ shifting away from the physical body vehicle and closer to the subtle form and subtle environment?

In which case has anyone in these types of circumstances reported themselves as being outside of their own body? Has anyone reported themselves as viewing their own body from an external to the physical body view point? Has even one person ‘EVER’ been able to accurately describe details of their ‘dead’ physical body circumstances and environment from a view point that is OUTSIDE of and separate from their physical body?

Is there any evidence AT ALL that anyone has ever had even ONE ‘out of body OBE experience’ and or a ‘near death NDE experience’?

What happens when the remote Physical Body actually does DIE? Is that it?

As relatively large numbers of people ‘believe’ that they have a ‘soul’ which at the very least is implied to be SEPARATE from and independent of their physical body while ‘unbelievably’ it is also (from spiritual sources) described as IMMORTAL then just for ‘fun’ lets speculate on the possibility that the ‘real’ body lives for a very long time compared to the physical ‘proxy’ body form that it is interfaced to.

Well, it would be odd for the ‘real’ body wouldn’t it if the physical body in the fake environment ‘kicked the bucket’. Unless you’ve a weird sense of humor it wouldn’t be as exciting or interesting interfaced to a dead physical ‘proxy’ body form, unless of course you’ve got a really rabid sense of humor such that you decide to spend time animating the dead form for a while!!! You might just end up finding that some interfaced subtle people are convinced that they are actually really dead physically!!!

If the real body form is very long lived it may end up interfacing to another physical avatar form after the previous one died.

On being ‘newly’ incarnated it may then have the impression and in some cases it may even become aware that it has been reincarnated. It is even possible that some entire cultures would take reincarnation AS AN ABSOLUTE FACT!! Some individuals may ‘suspect’ of even feel quite strongly that they have ‘lived’ another ‘past life in the past’, some re-incarnated people may even feel a strange familiarity when visiting certain places, they might even describe this as ‘deja vu’ some people may under particular circumstances find that they can access and or otherwise recall memories of past lives as I myself have ‘naturally’ done.

Based on ALL OF THE ABOVE, just a teensy weensy bit more thinking will make you aware that it is highly unlikely that someone whose physical body form dies will be immediately and seamlessly re-incarnated. After all having new physical bodies spontaneously manifesting in your physical environment may actually prompt one or two ‘suspicious’ thoughts to arise even within our ‘official’ researcher population!!!

What Might Happen Inbetween the Physical Lives While Waiting for the NEXT Incarnation?

It is in fact likely that the interfacing to the physical form will on the death of this form revert to presenting a VR copy of themselves being presented in a ‘FAKE’ ENVIRONMENT both completely different to and well away from the ‘consensus’ physical environment. Within this new environment the newly dead person now being represented by a VR ‘avatar’ will wait with others and with the support of likely software generated ‘helpers’ they could then all be spun a yarn (while being manipulated via the interfacing) to convince themselves of some highly implausible ‘afterlife possibilities’. Possibilities such as they are now in Heaven (or Hell) or that they are part of some ‘spiritual’ process that requires them to be re-incarnated again . . . and again . . . and . . . oh dear . . again . . . and again . . .

Coincidentally, ‘IF’ recently ‘living’ ex physical people are ‘hanging around’ in a ‘waiting for a new avatar to become available’ space then they might want to contact still living physical family and friends to reassure them that they are NOT in fact actually ‘really’ DEAD, and that they are in fact doing quite well and that you don’t need to worry about being dead!!!!

Has anyone else had direct experiences of seeing and interacting with ‘alleged’ dead people ‘After Death, Dead People Contacting the Living ‘Phenomenon’ as described by myself here!!!!

Of course you would also expect that people ALREADY dead and hanging around waiting for the next available human body form will perhaps try and contact others whose human form is about to ‘kick the bucket’ to reassure them that ‘dying’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (End of Life Experiences, Death bed Visions & Visitations ‘Phenomenon’).

What About Your ‘Subtle’ Form’s Personal Origins & History?

Well, what will be the real actual ‘subtle’ origins and ‘real’ historical past of the subtle form that the physical form will be representing?

For example. if your real body is the subtle body interfaced to a remote physical ‘proxy’ body to spend time having a physical life in a physical reality then what did the ‘real’ you do in the real reality?

What was the ‘real’ you’s job? Did it even have a job? Where is your ‘real’ family? Where is your husband, wife or mother? Where are your kids and where are ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS?

Are all of these people also interfaced to a physical body too OR have only some of them done the same OR perhaps none of them made this choice. If it was the latter then once again ‘stranger in a strange land’ feelings may emerge in your physical form because no one that your ‘real’ form knew is here with you in the physical reality?

What other ‘logical’ possibilities ‘should’ the above paragraph make you aware of?

Well, if some of your ‘real’ friends in the real environment haven’t interfaced to a fake avatar body to live in a fake reality with yourself then maybe they occasionally visit the ‘real’ you? If they do, they might sit or stand next to you and talk to your interfaced body, they might ask how you are, let you know how they are . . . AND your ‘real’ bodies senses may even pick this up and via the interfacing be transmitted to your physical form which may then be shocked to find itself being aware of an ‘inner’ voice (clairaudience) trying to talk to yourself, you may under certain circumstances even start to feel a ‘disembodied none physical presence’ or you may ‘internally’ start to perceive a vague figure (perhaps a ghost like transparent form) with your original, subtle body form’s senses.

Alternatively, some of your real friends may have also decided to interface themselves to an avatar form to live as a physical form in the physical reality as yourself. Meeting them in physical bodies in the physical environment would be very strange wouldn’t it? There they are in a completely different body compared to their original ‘subtle’ form (same as you are) BUT, strangely when you meet them, they seem SO FAMILIAR, almost as if you have KNOWN THEM ‘FOREVER’ or you may even perhaps feel that you know them from SOMEWHERE ELSE (instant familiarity, soul mate phenomenon).

What other ‘logical’ and extremely obvious possibilities ‘should’ you have ‘automatically’ become aware of just because you read the above paragraphs?

What About Your ‘Subtle’ Form’s Past Negative Associations & History?

Well what about any invisible subtle person still living in the ‘invisible’ subtle environment that your subtle form in the past didn’t get on with AT ALL or WORSE, deeply hurt and or seriously ‘WRONGED’? Perhaps even before it was interfaced into the physical body and physical environment?

Is your subtle body really secure? Or is it lying on some subtle slab somewhere such that anyone with a grudge could wander over and do ‘things’ to it?

What would it feel like to have someone attacking and or abusing your highly invisible, remote subtle body? Any ideas?

Well at the very least it could feel as if you had a ‘disembodied ghost form’ and or a ‘subtle form/entity’ hanging around yourself, which may be so nasty and or so abusive to yourself that it may even be described as a ”NEGATIVE’ spirit or entity ATTACHMENT’.

Competent people with some ‘clue’ about the make up of reality may have enough experience of accessing the subtle environment and or have established associations with free living subtle beings in that environment (as I personally do) may offer some form of ‘spirit releasement’ service to deal with ‘nasty, abusive subtle forms’.

You know, the type of service that you’d need to actually deal with such things ‘RATIONALLY’!!!!

For all of you having problems of thinking about these extremely RATIONAL possibilities in a RATIONAL and or entirely REALISTIC manner then let me point what you SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF, and particularly so, ‘IF’ you are living in one of those mythical real realities?

What you should have thought of is this;

“Just what would Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and or Tank (and others) attitude be to ‘Cypher’ (if he hadn’t been stopped/killed) whom not only betrayed them BUT was responsible for murdering some of their friends and colleagues? What would a set of people that are experts at hacking into and or are able to directly access people in their pods be TEMPTED TO DO in this scenario? It would just take one of them to use their ‘external’ to the ‘Matrix Reality’ position to their advantage to ‘disturb’ anyone they didn’t like that was wired into the Matrix, wouldn’t it? Anyone with this being done to themselves in ‘The Matrix’ are likely to feel as if they were being attacked by some ‘invisible, disembodied person / force’?

Is the above scenario in the slightest unrealistic? Particularly when we observably have people here that hound and attack others just for being competent as researchers?

The ‘Unethical’ Immersive Physical Experience Kidnapping & Memory Wipe Possibilities

‘IF’ you had a large number of ‘subtle’ people each being interfaced to a human physical form specifically to have an independent fully immersive ‘physical’ experience then isn’t it likely that they will have had their original ‘past’ memories of their subtle experiences either wiped or blocked off?

Personally, this seems highly unethical to myself. It is possible that you ‘could’ justify (or attempt to justify) this as being necessary to give the interfaced people an authentic ‘physical’ experience unhindered or ‘coloured’ by their subtle past.

In other words this potential ‘tall’ story ‘could’ be used to justify the story tellers manipulating and managing those having this experience to prevent them from ‘definitively’ becoming aware of their real ‘UNREAL’ circumstances ‘because’ this would:


Unfortunately, in thinking about this for a while, this is also the ‘tall’ story that would be ‘seeded’ into the interfaced population if you were ‘kidnapping’ subtle people and then memory wiping them to have them say be part of some ‘join my civilisation’ empire building program.

This would fit in with there being a fair amount of ‘spiritual’ propaganda also orientated to describing the ‘physical’ life and experiences as being a ‘gift’.

Coincidentally, I personally know some ‘subtle body / subtle environment’ aware people that are quite adamant that they didn’t themselves choose this ‘physical life’ experience and that they certainly don’t want to be here.

Irrespective of which of the above is ‘correct’ this page ‘should’ have ‘sunk like a brick’ any remaining ‘irrational’ beliefs that our fake ‘reality’ here is in the slightest real . . .

Unless of course, reality itself is determined to make sure that this doesn’t happen . . . is there any evidence of ‘INVISIBLE’ Agent Smith type efforts?

Is there any Consistent Evidence of Matrix Reality to Anomalous Experiences Speculation Correlated with Invisible ‘Sabotaging’ Influences?

It took a couple of weeks and a few major ‘re-writes’ to put all of the above into a form that is not only ‘very’ coherent, reasoned and annoyingly logical, BUT, which also actually reflects what I personally WANT TO PRESENT as opposed to what the ‘management’ efforts being directed at myself would LIKE ME TO WRITE.

I have been intimately aware that ‘reality’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks of the year has been making big efforts to ‘sabotage’ myself for well over a decade now.

When I was actively working with people by phone to explore the subtle origins of issues directly it became ‘stupidly’ obvious that there was a direct correlation between the lines of speculation about how ‘reality’ WOULD HAVE TO BE with respect to how difficult it was to actually become aware of the origins of issues in the first place never mind it then being ‘unbelievably’ difficult to figure out how to approach and then attempt to resolve these PROPERLY because of all sorts of coordinated sabotaging efforts.

Sabotaging efforts, such as the phone line being cut off, the phone card being used by the client with say 2 hours of remaining time suddenly running out / being used up in 10 minutes, someone delivering something and or just ‘happening’ to visit the client while we were talking and or some emergency including one time a fire starting in the building the client was in causing everyone to have to be evacuated.

These types of sabotaging effects were however all ‘irritations’ compared to the coordinated clicks, hissing, static and assorted white noise effects that were all directly correlated with ‘off the edge’ speculation lines. ‘Unbelievably’, these effects were strangely absent from ‘casual’ conversations with relatives and friends whom I didn’t discuss these possibilities with BUT WHOM I DID TALK TO ON THE SAME PHONE / THE SAME PHONE LINE.

In some ways the ‘management’ efforts are ‘stupid’, in that they are ‘locked’ in. On the ‘plus’ side, because I have known for over a decade that if the ‘management’ efforts are not high / obvious then ‘whatever’ line I’m taking / am writing about / speculating upon, then, I know they are ‘unlikely’ to be ‘productive’.

I know this ‘extended’ page is good because a few days ago the ‘test’ page holding this text that I was using as a ‘reality’ response ‘teaser’ on one of my web sites, suddenly reverted to presenting white text on a white background for the ‘edit’ page (sabotage variation 376 – ‘nice try’), all the more ‘odd’ because I could edit all other pages on that private site that are not related to this specific ‘evidence’ set.

Over the last decade, I have had to instigate ‘backup’ internet connections (dial in, a mobile phone internet dongle and for ‘end of the world’ scenario’s, being aware of the closest internet cafe / library), I also use a ‘hard’ line router connection, I’ve two spare routers, I’ve high end security software monitoring all of my web sites and I’ve a second computer and second boot up OS.

Even more promising, yesterday my computer decided it was much better to just present the ‘Welcome . . . ‘ booting up page . . . continuously.

Today (the day I start writing this last section) the router to internet connection decided it wanted to have a rest . . .

Now, from my perspective, these are all ‘positive’ signs with respect to how I ‘know’ reality ‘responds’ when it’s getting ‘extra’ worried . . . and it’s particularly worried because I had been ‘thinking’ about extending the above with . . . what I wrote in the previous ‘kidnapping’ section, this section and below . . . I suspect that ‘this’ is what is prompting the extra and from my perspective ‘beyond’ the normal and predictable ‘business as usual’ sabotaging efforts . . .

I should point out that while working as an ‘official’ researcher, as a medical research scientist I never had these effects. Strangely however, the more I orientated to and ‘via’ investigations of myself while ALSO,  starting to become more and more ‘suspicious’ about the propagated everywhere ‘spiritual / newage’ propaganda that was less and less making sense with respect to what I was personally finding, then the more ‘concerted’ sabotaging effects I would experience. In other words if you are a signed up member of the well supported ‘safe’ and highly popular materialistic ‘delusion’ then quite simply you just won’t be ‘gifted’ with any ‘irritating’ sabotaging effects.

Gosh, having just re-read the above few paragraphs, I can predict that one or two people might be slightly ‘sceptical’ about this . . . that ‘reality’ could ‘REALLY’ and ‘actually’ be deterministically antagonistic to ‘someone’ just because they are investigating and speculating about reality in highly ‘realistic’ and ‘very close to the bone’ ways!!!

Is there any Evidence of Coordinated Invisible ‘Sabotaging’ Influences Correlated with Interactions Between Paranormal Experiences Researchers?

So, let me quash those ‘budding’ delusions NOW!!!

Have you come across the web site called which has been put together by Dan Neiman?

‘Horrifyingly’, he’s set up this web site to record (in detail) people’s anomalous and paranormal experiences.

Interestingly when I first came across this site I was disappointed BUT, NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST surprised that he only had about a dozen experiences recorded. Now, because I’ve a web site ( where I’ve recorded many of my own experiences (50+ pages) whilst also offering exercises to help people become aware of different ‘aspects’ of the subtle reality (10+ pages) then I sent an e-mail to Dan asking if he wanted to do a link exchange?

Dan sent an e-mail back asking if my sites were ‘down’ . . .

“Eh, ‘Nope’ they aren’t!!!”

At that time I had two separate web site ‘uptime’ checking systems, an internal system and the google system each of which would e-mail me if my site was unavailable. So, I’d get e-mails informing myself of problems and at this time all of my sites showed they were fine.

I then sent details of my other sites to Dan. However, he couldn’t access any of them either. He tried different browsers, flushed caches but nothing worked, even doing a search in google with the URL and then clicking on the site link from Google didn’t work either. During this time (over a 2 week period) all of my sites ‘stats’ showed no downtime at all and yet all Dan ever got was:

“This page can’t be displayed”

So, if you doubt that ‘reality’ has this degree of fine control then you’ve Dan’s web site URL and he’s a contact page. Check with him about what I write above AND while you are at his web site then make sure you record any ‘anomalous’ experiences that you reading this actually ‘experienced’ to add to those he’s already collected!!!

How hard should it be to ‘record’ peoples anomalous experiences and or discuss and speculate about ‘reality make up’ possibilities? How difficult ‘should’ it be for two people that are each interested in and presenting ‘anomalous’ experiences to read about and more so THINK about each others efforts?

Even more interesting is that on the web site Skeptico forums specifically a ‘questioning ‘materialism’ and odd experiences’ speculation space there is no specific forum on ‘reality’ / ‘nature of reality’ (despite that I can find three forum threads with people asking for this). Even more unbelievable, there are no forum tags on ‘reality’ / ‘nature of reality’ / ‘anomalous experience/s’ / ‘paranormal experience/s’ / ‘Matrix’ / ‘Matrix Reality’ /nor ‘Spiritual Experiences’ either . . .

In other words the possibilities of threads presenting ‘focused’ speculation that might lead to ‘someone’ even just one person joining some simple basic information dots relating to how reality ‘would have to be’ to result in ‘specific’ odd experiences is UNLIKELY TO EVER HAPPEN.

Just the few threads I looked at included complaints by people because there was no system of retaining and organising ‘exceptional’ comments then decent threads with decent comments faded away, making them difficult to find again at a later date!!!

I’ve also noticed the same too. Have ‘you’ noticed that all of our publishing tools are ‘linear / one dimensional / highly compartmentalized’ we don’t have much in the way of data ‘presentation’ systems that are designed to handle linked interconnections and or of easily ‘highlighting’ and tracking even ‘potential’ associations and or speculative relationships between different ‘nodes’.

Strangely, we have very few tools that ‘support’ people to conceptually join the dot’s say between different experiences and or of how these would relate to different ‘reality’ possibilities.

‘IF’ you want to ‘see’ the best that I have found that allows this to a certain degree then check out the graphical / popup presentation on this page here: 3. A ‘Schematic’ Defining ‘How Reality Would Have to Be’ to Validate Many Paranormal Experiences & Spiritual Realities (Ver-2) that not only demonstrates a none linear more multidimensional visually easier to ‘conceptualise’ presentation BUT even more worryingly I’ve used that particular page to present even more anomalous / paranormal experiences to the two bodies in two different environments / spiritual subtle energetic body to a physical body ‘framework compared to what I’ve used for what I write here.

Can you recall how the detectives in ‘decent’ cop shows quite often use an entire wall space to slap up ‘clues’, connected by bits of string with personal information / peoples movements and so forth in efforts to try and link up and make it easier to determine how the circumstances of the crime scene and or potential people’s involvements / motives and or their movements ‘link’ together?

They do this to ‘rationally’ help themselves build up a ‘conceptual’ picture of how it all ‘joins up in the most ‘coherent / realistic’ way as an aid to help them figure out the most likely possibilities related to all of the accumulated clues.

You ‘know’ actually deduce from an accumulated body of evidence how ‘reality would have to be’ to account for all of the ‘clues’.

Despite that science recently discovered that it was missing quite a bit of the ‘mass’ they expected to find within ‘physical’ reality. I.e. they actually noticed a ‘physical’ anomaly to big to ignore!!! It’s then utterly, amazing the amount of time, effort and money that has gone into trying to explain how ‘reality would have to be’ to account for this. It’s then equally, utterly amazing how disengaged from and incompetent they are such that they’ve not even ‘THOUGHT’ it might be a good idea to try and figure out how ‘reality would have to be’ to ‘rationally’ explain a whole bunch of anomalous but consistent ‘experiences’ that have been ‘consistent’ for quite some time.

How would a FAKE Reality Prevent ‘Official’ Researchers from Figuring Out that their Reality IS FAKE?

Coincidentally, have you noticed that ‘academia / science is ULTRA COMPARTMENTALIZED?

Any ‘close’ examination of the structure and organisation of ‘academia/science’ can only lead to the conclusion that its been pre-designed to keep investigations of different micro facets of ‘reality’ as FRACTIONATED and as ISOLATED from each other as possible. Each tiny fraction also uses it’s own dialect, some overly ‘sophisticated / highly SPECIFIC language’ making it virtually impossible for anyone not focused on that tiny ‘slice’ to ‘easily’ comprehend pretty much anything that gets published.

Despite that the ‘internet’ was originally conceived of and designed to promote and support collaboration and the passing of information between academics and scientists this hasn’t lead to each ‘fractionated’ research part presenting an updated public web site space with plain English descriptions explaining the basics of that ‘bit’, including the current theories / hypotheses / controversies and MORE IMPORTANTLY a list of ‘anomalies AND, EVER MORE IMPORTANTLY how this part connects to, relates to and interfaces to ‘other’ isolated parts. It’s astounding the disconnect of HOW ACADEMIA & SCIENCE ACTUALLY IS and how utterly poor or completely missing each individual ‘bits’ presentations actually are.

Did you know that half the research is never even published? While what is published, is hard to find, is in an ‘incomprehensible’ format while increasingly it is also behind a pay wall (this is despite the ‘fact’ that most research is publicly funded).

So, basically how academia / science actually functions is by having separate part working within a bank vault deposit box, with encrypted notes and with absolutely nothing more than this one dimensional, isolated structure. Not one person is employed to join any dots at all, no one is employed to join up and figure out how any of the many, many, many separate parts actually connect up to other dots. It doesn’t take much thinking before you realise that a ‘rational’ research structure would have less than 15% of the work effort / personnel involved in the isolated research ‘bottom’ layer while the rest would be organised in a pyramid structure above this. The higher up anyone worked the more interconnections they’d be studying to figure out how it all interconnected.

There is absolutely NOTHING even vaguely ‘rational’ about any facet of academia and or science.

However, the ‘comprehensive ness and completeness’ of its all encompassing disorganisation and all inclusive ineptness and utter inability to do anything about any of it is coincidentally ‘exactly’ what you’d expect ‘IF’ you were living within a FAKE reality that by invisible means is making concerted efforts to keep everything known about reality as ‘dispersed’, ‘isolated’ and as ‘inaccessible’ and ‘incomprehensible’ as possible.

Copyright © Clive Hetherington June 2016

This is version 4.80 of this article – 3rd June 2016


  1. Svetlana Skalican
    July 15, 2020 @ 2:44 pm

    I have just come across your website. I feel it is no coincidence that I found you at this time. I am on a quest to understanding myself better and how to manage my debilitating issues. While on this quest I am going down many rabbit holes to find the answers I seek. One thing I cannot find in your large volume of work that you’ve published (which I find very fascinating and accurate) is WHO do you speculate is behind all this? Why would we be kidnapped (which is my hypothesis) to provide energy for some living experiment or ET beings to live off of? Why haven’t we been rescued yet by more intelligent beings than the ones who captured us? I know you are of a scientific mind so you might have decided there was not enough proof of these side theories to make it justifiable to include them on your website. However, I am curious if you’ve come up with any theories yet as to who and why we are in this simulation.


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