"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

As described on the previous page, I’ve been consciously focusing directly on becoming aware of very well hidden subtle ‘shit’ for about two years before this session BECAUSE after spending the last couple of years developing this proactive approach I am ‘unbelievably’ still finding enormous numbers of NEW subtle crap.

A decade before this session over the space of a few years I ended up working with 10,000’s of spiritual hierarchy assigned spirit guides/minders. I eventually sacked the whole lot and started making serious efforts to try and attract to myself and to find ANY ‘beings’ in the subtle realities that were IN THE SLIGHTEST competent.

Example of How to Identify Negative Spiritual Influences

If you reading this are ABLE to competently think then the question you should be asking yourself is this:

‘How come the person writing this worked extensively and with dedication with ‘official’ sanctioned and approved of by the so called ‘spiritual hierarchy’ SPIRIT GUIDES for many years BUT with this approved of ‘spirit healing’ help he didn’t become aware of any of the IMMENSE range and variety of subtle shit responsible for his own or his client’s issues when ALL of this subtle shit was in his own AND his client’s energy bodies when he was working with these officially approved of spirit guides for over a decade. How come, they either didn’t know about any of this subtle ‘shit’ OR did BUT deliberately didn’t point it out or WORSE deliberately didn’t deal with it?’

If you’d been working for over a decade with spiritual hierarchy approved spirit guides BUT over this time you develop the skills and abilities to check things out for yourself AND you then start finding AND keep finding subtle shit that when dealt with DOES START TO HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON YOUR ISSUES while strangely all of the previous ‘official’ guides not only failed to deal with these BUT even failed to even attempt to make you aware of any of it 10 years before then wouldn’t you become suspicious as the the motives of these guides AND more so those that are considered to be in charge of them?

In consciously and DIRECTLY stating that you have the intention to engage with ‘anything’ hidden then this GREATLY helps to ‘focus’ your own senses and awareness that helps you to become aware of anything ‘hidden’ while also causing the deliberately hidden subtle things to ‘react’ to being identified which often helps give them away too.

You might have heard of the old saying that energy follows intention and that ‘intention’ initiates change and that you should focus your intention on what you want.

So, rather than intend to have your issues ‘magically’ dealt with by invisible and likely incompetent subtle spirit beings, why not have the intention for you to identify everything that is contributing to your issues directly YOURSELF, AND also then the intention to learn how to properly deal with everything that you find?

‘Experience’ used to require that you spend time learning and it used to be about learning SKILLS and to develop ABILITIES.

In this respect it’s seriously odd that the majority of healers and the majority of presentations of healer initiations and training are supporting and often insisting that healers must just act as channels and that they must STAY OUT OF THE WAY of what is being done AND trust that what is being done is ‘correct’. It’s very odd that for the majority of ‘practitioners’ their skill set and learning curve is limited to knowing where to place their hands on or above a clients body and or of learning to visualize some ‘mysterious’ symbols. In other words the skill and abilities required of most ‘trained’ healers is something that could almost be learnt by a crash test dummy in a couple of days.

Developing the Skills, Awareness and Abilities to Deal with Negative Spiritual Influences

Unfortunately, so called ‘advanced’ healing isn’t that much better because it’s all ‘defined’ as in ‘if you see ‘this’ or find ‘that’ then do ‘the other’ to sort it out.

In other words, ‘EVERYTHING’ assumes that we know or nearly know just about everything (or tells us we just need to trust in invisible others while efforts are made to convince us that these invisible others know ‘EVERYTHING’).

Has anyone else noticed that nothing advises or actually even suggests:

‘Spend time finding things out for yourself, learn how to do this, develop the awareness, develop the skills, develop the abilities to find, identify and deal with what you find . . . you know . . . actually, become self empowered’.

Nothing supports ourselves to even THINK about the possibility to openly explore and to make an effort to find out for ourselves what is REALLY what.

This is still happening despite that the overall ‘measure of success’ as in the mythical ascension ‘shift’ has completely failed to materialize. What would it take to actually get anyone to START THINKING never mind of having them ‘wake’ UP to the horrifying reality that they’ve been well and truly sold out.

You could describe what has and still is happening in subtle healing and awareness terms as ‘a very long ‘spiritual’ con’ perpetrated on good people by invisible others and all managed, supported and maintained by invisible means.

The audio below demonstrates the use of a focused intention that worked very, very well to support myself to become aware of the myriad of subtle things being kept hidden by divine long con artists.

How to Use a Focused INTENTION to Identify Hidden Spiritual Influences

In this audio the focused intent that is used attempts to help identify all subtle ‘shit’ contributing to Shirley’s poverty and money issues.


As we finish doing this I then directly ask for my subtle team to clear what they themselves can now detect and deal with on their own. However, in them trying to deal with at least some of these things, them trying to do this triggers Shirley to start feeling tightness and pain in her solar plexus.

She has also been feeling these sensations in the background in previous sessions.

So, ‘whatever’ is happening in her solar plexus is ‘somehow’ directly related to her money and poverty issues and it is ‘something’ that obviously cannot be automatically cleared at this time which implies that the solar plexus discomfort is something that in our terms is ‘stuck, sealed or blocked’ and as such we need to put our attention and senses on this area directly to try and identify what is stopping our teams from dealing with ‘whatever’ is causing these pains.

In dong this we then become aware that some of the subtle shit is being blocked from being dealt with because there is a vow, agreement or contract associated with this ‘shit’. Which is what we become aware of and then identify those involved and then break these contracts in the audio on the next page . . .

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