How Light Transmissions, Psychic Readings & Channelled Information are Facilitated by Etheric Implants

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

If you’ve not then you are recommended to read the previous page as this is a comprehensive intro with real life examples of the effects of this particular Spiritual Hierarchy lightworker implant.

All lightworkers are fitted with an implant that facilitates ‘channelling’; the passing of information from a transmission source to the implant receiver (the lightworker). This implant manages lightworkers connections to ‘light’ information, news and media sources. The aim of the implant is to try and ensure that lightworkers absolutely ONLY connect and take in ‘light approved’ information sources and hence only receive or are made aware of information that light ‘controlling’ authorities approve of.

There are two settings or modes of operation of this implant.

A Passive ‘In the background’ Sock Puppet Mode

As described on the previous page this is what I’d call the ‘sock puppet’ mode where anyone with this implant can be used at any time to pass information received by the implant to any other. This mode is actually NOT activated in a general sense because it takes a lot of personnel to monitor everyone with this implant and so this mode is usually only invoked at specific meetings or events or with specific people.

Official Channeled Information, Spiritual & Psychic Readings Mode

Those lightworkers that have been on some ‘official’ channelling or ‘readings’ course or any means to pass information to others have this implant set to a different mode that then facilitates and actually ‘does’ the channelling. In effect the implant then allows the lightworker to act as a ‘conscious’ receiver to convey defined and specific information from specific lightworker ‘information sources’.

During the times when such people are actually channelling or doing ‘readings’ they are connected to in a separate way that allows them to ask questions. This is similar to the passive mode in that someone else is monitoring the real time circumstances and determining and passing the ‘sanitized’ information.

The Erosion of Abilities to Openly & Directly engage with ALL ‘Spirit’ Sources

This is all quite sad really because with regular and long term practice to orientate toward and engage with your own amazing and very comprehensive subtle energy senses and perceptions you can EASILY pick up staggering amounts of information and gain deeper understanding of just about anything that you direct your subtle senses & inner perceptions toward. A excellent example of this is the unheard of depth of information presented on this site.

On the other hand . . .


How Etheric Implants for Channeling, Psychic Readings & Spiritual Transmissions ALL replace Natural Abilities

By overriding your natural abilities with the substitution of controlling technology not only means that some others can completely control the quality and content of the information you channel and pass onto others BUT more importantly;

By using such technology they actually fool you into thinking you are actually already using your own natural subtle senses to do this and so conveniently make sure that you NEVER ever even try and develop your own inherent abilities independently . . .

. . . because, guess what?

YOU’RE >> NOT <<

Which is yet another means that the Spiritual Hierarchy con artists and chums use to ensure that you NEVER EVER find out what your real subtle senses, awarenesses and perceptions are really capable of.

It’s their highest priority to ‘manage’ what information you are presented with and hence what you will believe and so they absolutely DON’T want people contacting and openly communicating with the huge diversity of beings from a great diversity of backgrounds that are REALLY out there. What a disaster that would be for them, because if you were allowed to then you’d worryingly start to become aware of things confirming what I’m presenting here . . .

The Complete Control of Spiritual Media Sources Acts as a Freewill killing Firewall

This implant combined with the ‘discernment for dummies’ implant (described further on in this series) makes it virtually certain that you’ll not ever even think about independently verifying ANYTHING as big efforts are made to not only steer you away from ‘ENLIGHTENING’ information but if by chance you do stumble across some then the discernment killing implant will try to make sure you wont spend long taking it in never mind that efforts are made to stop you from thinking about anything your ‘controllers’ don’t want you to take seriously.

In effect channelling implants limit the channeller to only receive information from ‘managed’ information sources. In internet or web terms this would be the equivalent of you UNKNOWN to yourself being firewalled and prevented from even becoming aware of never mind engaging with wider streams of information much like the great firewall of China.

You may consider that ‘physically’ presented media is ‘controlled’ but this level of control is decidedly feeble compared to the control of channelled so called ‘higher’ or ‘spiritual’ information.

I can only speak for myself but I’ve been VERY pissed off to find that without my permission or knowledge I was being well managed by the equivalent of internet ‘Parental Control’ software that has had me been treated like a ‘child’ and has been preventing me from encountering or even becoming aware of information outside of very limited boundaries.

Is that what you’d expect from so called ‘Spiritual’ beings? Is IT?

Is anyone ready to GROW UP?